Wolves in the City

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Chapter 1

WOW, you are here. Why don’t you have a seat and get comfy for this wild story of Werewolves, MC’s, Billionaires, and other Paranormals along with some wild sex.

Envy’s POV

Hi, I’m Envy Reznik. Well, this is a story of my life as a werewolf and I didn’t know I was one till I was an adult. Unlike most werewolves, I was not brought up in a pack or with other werewolves. I was raised by my adopted father who turns out to be a very old and powerful Vampire (Draven). As I was saying I was not the typical werewolf since my birth parents had to give me up to save my life. Let’s get this story started.

It was All Hallows Eve when I was born. My parents were on the run from the Jinn. They were under the perception that my mother had powers that are very ancient since she is/was a werewolf/angel, while my father is/was a werewolf. When my birth parents found out I was conceived, they found a very powerful witch to mask that my mother was carrying me. They had been on the run from the Jinn for over 5 years.

The night was a very calm night for it being All Hallows Eve. Mom went into labor in a little town in Florida called Venice. It is a very nice calm and quiet tourist town on the West Coast of Florida. I do not know the details of my birth as mom left me at a local fire station after I was born.

I was put into CPS and then adopted by a very kind man named Draven Rezink (the name is kinda ironic since he is actually sweet to me). I was raised as a human and Draven never told me I was a werewolf/angel. Draven put a spell on me so that I would not shift at the normal age nor could my wolf talk to me. These are things I later find out, of course.

Draven named me Envy to be funny apparently since I’m not the type for anyone to envy in my opinion at least. I am 31 years old, with straight blonde hair down to my ass, I have electric blue eyes, I am 5′3" and approximately 185 pounds. I have tattoo sleeves now I’m starting my back. So I am not the skinny model type I have curves galore. Which I am coping with most of the time. I ignore the nasty comments of the tourists as the people here in Venice are so nice and I know almost all of the locals all because Draven is very rich and powerful. I own a little shop on the beach that people come to buy locally made items and soaps. Well, my best friend Elizabeth Stark (Eli) owns the shop with me.

Elizabeth is a very beautiful woman I call Eli. She is 5′7" approximately 200 pounds, she has Dark brown hair and dark jade eyes with flecks of gold. Oh, yea she is a hybrid also but she is a werewolf/Vampire. Eli has the most beautiful wolf. It is dark brown with light brown amber eyes with a white star on her chest. Her name is Zeva. Elizabeth has a few tattoos, not many. She does not really like needles but she loves art so she gets them.

Well, it seems to be winding down from all the tourist season since the summer is over now that it is the end of July. Eli and I were talking and we made a wild decision. We will close up the shop and head up north for Sturgis. Oh, yea we both are very much into riding Harleys. We also decide we need new ones since ours are basically ancient since Draven had them for years in his garage. Draven is not too happy about us packing up and heading to Sturgis as there are rumors of a lot of werewolf MCs up there.

Draven has never hidden the fact that he is a Vampire from me so I do not get why he is so worried about the Werewolves since I also know that Eli is a hybrid. I know she will protect me if I need it which I should not since Draven has made sure that I am well versed in all kinds of fighting and defensive techniques. You name it I’ve had to learn it since I was 3 years old. Yes, a bit young for most but being that I am a hybrid and don’t know that I am. I still have a lot of strength and always have. People get scared of me when I get upset as my eyes flicker to black.

Well, first things first Eli and I have to get the shop all locked down and of course, Draven being the overprotective dad he is, he has to be here to help and make sure there is extra security to keep things safe. Draven calls in his personal security to get it all secure with cameras and alarms all over.

“But Draven we do not need this done as this is a safe town,” I tell him.

“Well my lovely Envy you can never be too safe,” Draven says to me.

I just roll my eyes at him, something I do very often. It’s a bad habit I know.

“Draven since you seem to have everything under control here Eli and I are going to go shopping before we go pick out our new Harley’s,” I say to him.

“Sure little one I have this all handled but here take my card with you and get what you need,” he says to me.

I look at Draven like he is out of his mind since I do have my own money. He forces me to take the card by giving it to Eli since she knows better than to not tell him no. I can tell him no since he lets me get away with it being that he loves me more than anything in this world (his words not mine).

Eli and I jump into my 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited hardtop 2 doors. It is a shiny black clear coat. I look over to Eli “So, where too first Jack and Jill’s Adult Superstore or The Mall at University Town Center” I asked Eli.

“Hmmm, I guess we should go to The Mall at University Town Center first since Jack and Jill’s stay open much later” Eli replies to me.

“Yea that sounds good, I did not even think about that,” I say to Eli, “oh yes we can also eat at Ruby Tuesdays while we are there” I finish.

We make our way to the Interstate and start heading North to The Mall at University Town Center. Thirty minutes later we arrive and get a good parking space which surprises me since people are doing back to school shopping. We jump out of the Jeep and lock it and I wrap my arm in Eli’s and we have lots of pep in our step and we are just laughing and having a good time heading inside. We walk over to the store’s maps to make a plan of where we want to go so we aren’t going back and forth like we normally do. We are on a mission, not a lazy day.

We got done with the shopping excursion and we ended up purchasing some make-up (Clinique from Macy’s). A few sexy panties, bras to match, and some new Oakley sunglasses.

Next, we head to the local Harley Davidson Dealer, so that we can pick out our new bikes for the trip. We have wanted new bikes since we learned how to ride on Draven’s 1969 Harley Davidson XLCH Sportster which he has 3 of. I have had a feeling for the last year that I and Eli need to make this trip to Sturgis. As if something big is going to be happening up there to us.

As we walk into the dealer we hear a familiar voice yelling. It is Kline he is trying to get our attention as he has always been the one to help us when he started coming with Draven to the dealer. Kline is the owner and Draven made it perfectly clear it is only him who is allowed to help Eli or myself.

“Hey, Kline how are you today?” I ask him.

“It’s been okay, but better now that you both are here,” Kline states as he winks at me. “So what can I do for you ladies?”

“Well Kline, Eli and I have both decided it is time for us to get new bikes and some clothes of course!” I say to him.

“Yea Kline we need to look good and sexy for our long trip,” Eli says in a super high pitched excited voice.

“So ladies do you have any idea what you are looking for?” Kline asks.

“Yep” I state popping the p. We both want the Softail Slim. I want mine a shiny black and Eli wants a shiny blue.” I let him know.

Eli proceeds to ask if our boots have arrived yet since she ordered them last week.

Kline looks at us both with a serious face. “What boots? You did not order any boots last week.” He has a smirk on his face. We both look at each other and smack him at the same time. “Ouch, what the fuck was that for?” Kline squeals.

“Okay enough with the jokes now get our boots,” Eli says.

“I will get them when it is time to pay for everything.” Kline lets us know.

“So Kline do you have the bikes we want in stock?” I ask him.

“Oh yes, of course, Draven had them specially made for you both.” Kline lets us know.

“What the fuck when did he do that?” I state.

“Well over a month ago, he said he heard you both talking and wanted to have them perfect for you both,” Kline tells us.

“Okay, well I will deal with daddy later then,” I say.

“Envy, since we don’t need to worry about the bikes, let’s get to our shopping for clothes now,” Eli says to me.

We grab the jeans, t-shirts, jackets, gloves, hair wraps to hold our long-ass hair and saddlebags for our new bikes. We walk up to the counter and low and behold there stands good ole dad.

“So dad why are you here?” I ask Draven.

“Well, little one I am your dad so I am here to pay for whatever it is that you need and want of course,” Draven says to me.

“Ugh dad I told you I was paying for my stuff, I am more than capable of this,” I whisper/yell at Draven.

“Well too bad, also here is my Black Card for you and Elizabeth’s use on this trip you are both taking!” Draven states. “And if you do not take it I will make sure Elizabeth has it. Or I will be sending one of my guards to make sure things are paid for.

I roll my eyes at him since I know I have no choice in this so I just give up rolling my eyes more.

“Is there anything else I can help you with sir?” a slutty cashier says to Draven while drooling over him.

“Ummm no I got what I needed and you can stop drooling and eye raping my dad already bitch, you are not his type anyway.” I flat out tell her.

She glares at me and gives me a snide remark that she thinks I did not hear. Not only did I hear it but Draven did also. He’s not happy at all.

“Bitch if you tell me to fuck off under your breath again I will beat your slutty ass right here,” I yell at her.

I yell for Kline to get over here now. As Kline approaches, I give him a very pissed off look. And proceed to tell him what’s up.

“For fuck’s sake Kline. You need to get this slutty bitch you are fucking, in check before I beat her ass.” I tell him.

“Huh, what are you talking about Envy?” “You are the only woman I want,” Kline says.

The slutty cashier looks at Kline in utter shock. Then looks at me, Draven, and Eli like a deer caught in headlights. I start laughing so hard at Kline while looking at him. Draven shakes his head in disbelief, while Eli grabs the bags and heads to the Jeep.

“What the fuck Kline? I really cannot believe you just stood there and said that bullshit. We all know you are fucking this slut. And she has the nerve to drool and eye rape Draven right in front of me. Then she says under her breath to fuck off. You are lucky I am holding back from beating the fuck out of her.” I yell at Kline.

Draven is pissed off and his eyes are changing colors while he is holding back from ripping this bitch’s throat out for cussing at me. See Draven is extremely protective over me. He doesn’t let anyone disrespect me. But he has gotten better at letting me handle how things are with people and my interactions. Before she would have been dead right there for saying that to me. I look over at Draven and give him a smile of gratitude for him letting me handle the slut. I see he is calming down since I blew up on her and Kline.

“Kline I am giving you one chance and only one for you to leave my daughter out of your thoughts from now on. She is off-limits. She has a destiny that she will fulfill and you are not in that” Draven flat out tells Kline. “Also Kline you need to fire this slut if you want to stay in business. Nobody disrespects my daughter and gets away with it so easily.”

Kline drops his head in submission and tells the slut to get her shit and get out for her own good. She scoffs and walks out.

Draven grabs my hand and starts to walk out of the building. Eli is already outside waiting at the Jeep. I smile and kiss Draven on his cheek. I open the door to my Jeep and jump in.

“Thanks, dad for letting me handle most of that back there,” I say.

“You are welcome little one! You know we are connected and I know when I need to step in. Now that you are older I am trying to let you deal with things. But I do not want you to get too upset, you know. I do not like not seeing a smile on your face” Draven says. “Kline deliver the bikes to my house” Draven yells back to Kline who is standing at the doors watching us.

Draven’s POV

Little does Envy know that I have to intervene so much so she does not get upset. If she gets too upset the spell I put on her as a child will be broken and her wolf will come out in her. I’m trying to keep her safe from the Jinn. I have a feeling she knows she has a spell on her but she never asked. I have been a Vampire for so many centuries now. I know the future pretty much for Envy since I have been gifted with the sight of the future for a limited amount of people. Envy has been part of my future since I was changed. I did not know it would take so many years for her to come into my life. But I made sure I was there to get her from CPS. Her destiny is to marry a very strong werewolf that will protect and make sure her powers come to pass, she has no idea that is suppressed. I just wish my sight would let me see who her actual Mate will be. I love her like she is my own child. I will do anything in my power to keep her safe. I have been in contact with her birth parents over the years. Her mother only carried the powers and has never had use of them as they are not for her to use. I’ve let her parents know of her progress over the years but refuse to give them photos or her exact whereabouts since the Jinn are still chasing after them thinking Envy’s mother has active powers. Little do the Jinn understand that if Envy’s mother had power they would be dead. The powers that Envy has can kill anyone she wants and that even goes for me and I am one of the most powerful Vampires that are still alive.

“So where are you two headed now?” Draven asks “Might I join you to pay for the things there?”

“Ummmm, that would be a bit awkward if you are with us when we get to Jack and Jill’s” I state with a look of embarrassment on my face.

“Oh yes, I do agree with you so I won’t be going there. How about we head to Ruby Tuesdays for some dinner before you head there?” Draven asks.

“Oh yes, that sounds great dad. You know I love that place” I state looking at him with excitement.

We all head to Ruby Tuesdays and have a very nice dinner together. I know what you are thinking Draven doesn’t eat. Which in fact yes he does. His body has been conditioned over the centuries to be able to eat food. He only eats small amounts so he does not attract unwanted attention. Nothing, like having to be around humans and never be seen eating, is what he always told me as I was growing up. So he orders food and basically picks at it. Also, in case you are thinking he goes on killing sprees for blood. Well, then you are sadly mistaken. He does have his own blood donors as he calls them. He prefers AB-Negative as he says it’s the sweetest. But I say it is because it is the rarest blood type in the world. And Draven has a thing for rare things in life.

“Well, thanks for dinner dad. We are off to Jack and Jills now.” I tell him.

“Okay, little one I will see you when you get home later” Oh yeah will Elizabeth be staying the night?” Draven asks.

“Yes if that is okay with you Draven,” Eli states.

“Of course it is. It’s never been a problem just curious is all ″ states Draven.

Envy’s POV

Draven has always looked at Eli as his daughter also since she was a child. We met when we were two years old at the local city park. Eli was there with her mom and Draven was there with me. I’ve always admired Eli’s home life. Her parents made it seem human even though they are all Werewolves. Typical American family, they act like from the 1960s. Always have dinner at 6:30 pm as a family at the dining room table. No cell phones allowed at the table. Always having actual conversations. That’s what I want my family to be like when or even if I have one. I have yet to find any man to understand me and care for me other than Draven and Eli’s family. That’s not why Draven cares so much about Eli though. The reason he cares so much is he had to give her some of his blood when she was attacked by Rogue Werewolves and her werewolf had yet to come out so she didn’t have her full healing abilities. Nope, she is not a Vampire but she says she’s a hybrid now that she does have Vampire blood in her. So Draven has a connection with her but a bit different than ours. I am brought out of my thoughts as Eli parks my Jeep at Jack and Jill’s.

“Okay bitch what are we here for?” Eli askes with so much excitement in her voice.

“Well you know we will need condoms, lube, and some mini toys,” I tell her while opening the door to get out.

Jack and Jill’s is a one-story Pepto-Bismol pink building. It’s not very big but they carry the items we are after. The inside has black and white strips on the upper walls, the lower walls are covered with all kinds of items. It does smell like latex with all the toys they have everywhere. We walk over and get some flavored lube (watermelon, strawberry kiwi, and cherry). I go and get me a Bullet Vibrator. Eli wants to get the Royal Rabbit Kit. She wants to be prepared for anything. Eli is a bit more experienced with sex than I am. She has had a few boyfriends so she has had sex. Whereas for me nope no boyfriend ever for me. Draven would scare off any guy I brought home or even tried to go out on a date with. So yes I am a 31-year-old virgin. You wouldn’t know it from how I act. Who wants people to stare at you funny if they hear that. But that’s why I am only getting a Bullet as I’ve not had any reason for anything to go inside me that deep. I will wait and see what happens this year. If no prospects of a man then I will just say fuck it and find a guy that’s decent looking to have sex with.

“Oh hey Eli, why not get some crotchless panties? I’m going to get me a pair or two you never know with so many hot bikers.” I blurt out to Eli blushing bright red.

I grab a pair of Scalloped Embroidery Crotchless Panties in black along with a pair for Eli. And I found a pair of Cage Black Lace Panty black/red for Eli. I grab me a pair of Rene Rolf Hat Hook Crotchless Boyshorts in black. Last Eli grabs her a pair of Crotchless Thong w/Pearls in red. As we are checking out I grab a couple of boxes of Trojan Magnums.

“So are you ready to blow this popsicle stand?” Eli asks me.

“Sure am since we have been shopping ALLLLL day. I am exhausted, time to head back to the house and get some snacks and watch a movie or two” I tell Eli.

We get to the house (mansion really). It is three stories tall. It looks modern since Draven had it remodeled. It is white with a grey roof. It has pillars out of the front door. The windows are tall to let in natural light. The shape is not typical. It is of an X shape with a screened-in pool in the back between two of the wings. One wing is actually the garage on the first floor that is attached to the house that has four spots. There is also a detached garage Draven has the bikes, 4 wheelers, and seadoos stored in. The house sits on 200 acres of land so that people don’t get too close. There is a stable with my favorite Black Arabian Stallion which I named Sin, that I got when it was a colt and raised it myself. The inside of the mansion has 20 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, and two half baths. Yes, every bedroom has its own bathroom. There is a formal living room, casual living room, Draven’s office, security room, theater room that has double recliners together so you can cuddle. There is one whole wall for the movie so you can get a great view. The surround sound is state of the art (Bose is Draven’s favorite and he has tons of stock in the company). Outside also has a tv with surround sound. Each bedroom beside mine has its own theme. Too many to describe. My room is black and red. I have black tiles, the king-size bed has 5000 count Egyptian cotton sheets that are black or red depending on what the maid puts on. There is a 70 inch LCD/HD TV in front of the couch and recliner that is in their own space. I have two walk-in closets, one for clothes the other is for shoes and accessories with my vanity in it. I have a minibar also in the room for drinks and snacks. My bathroom has a walk-in shower that I swear 10 people can fit into it. I have a jacuzzi bathtub that is big enough for four people. The bathroom is all red. The towels are black. Draven’s room is still in its Gothic form. He will never change that. The kitchen is huge with Black Stainless Steel LG appliances. The fridge is my favorite. You knock on the door and it turns on a light so you can look inside. The dining room is long as it has a table that will seat 26 people, which is only used when Draven has the council over or for special occasions. When you walk in, there is a large foyer that you face two sets of circular stairs that lead up to each side of the second floor and then lead to the third floor. There is also a huge game room. You name it Draven has it in that room.

“Eli go grab the snacks out of the kitchen that we know are not already in the theater room, while I take our stuff to our rooms. I say. “Then go change and I will meet you down there.”

When we get to the theater we discuss real quick that we want to leave the day after tomorrow since the bikes will come tomorrow. We just want a day to chill out at the pool before we leave at 5 am the following day. Also, time to pack things. Granted we are not taking a lot due to no room. We start the first movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, then we will watch Warcraft. We love Henry Cavill and Travis Fimmel. Well during Warcraft we both fell asleep and Draven must have come in as we are covered with blankets when we wake up and the snacks are all cleaned up. We walk out of the theater room and just chill and pack all day to get ready and relax before we head out.

“Girls I’ve got a few things to tell you before you leave, do you have a few minutes?” Draven calls out to us.

“Sure dad we are coming” I yell at him. “What’s up dad?”

“Well, girls I know I promised to not send any of my men, but I have rented a ranch outside of town for you girls. Also, I contacted Lexington Bledig the werewolf, King. He is going to Sturgis this year so he will be staying at the ranch with his pack members. I’ve asked him to keep an eye out for you ladies.” I tell them looking at them so they know they have no choice.

“Fine dad but it’s not fair we are not teens. We can take care of ourselves, you made sure we are trained in everything possible.” I look at him pouting.

“Yes I know but please just do this for me!” Draven says. “I love you.”

“Of course you know we will love you Dad,” I tell him.

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