Wolves in the City

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Chapter 20

Lexington’s POV

I’m enjoying scrubbing my body, thinking about how wonderful my night is going to be with Envy. As I am about to wrap up my shower so I can get to wooing my lovely, beautiful Minx of a mate when I hear her scream at the top of her voice. It is still a bit muffled because of the shower running and two doors between us. But I know that it is her voice that I heard. Harou is getting very anxious running around in my head. He just keeps repeating mate, needs us. Mate is mad and sad. What could have made her mad and sad in such a short time? I know that Amber would not be stupid enough to try to upset her as I already told her she better not try anything. I jump out of the shower, grabbing a towel to throw around my waist.

As I run out the doors; I smell Amber’s scent like it has been in the house recently. This is not good. I shouldn’t be smelling her scent so strong in the house. I hear the front door slam shut, so I run down the stairs and bust out the front door. All I see is Envy running up behind Amber grabbing her hair. I notice that Amber is only wearing a towel. Envy slams Amber to the ground in front of her. I notice that Envy is starting to shake. I assume that she is just upset. Why is she only wearing a towel? She was fully dressed when Envy and I went into the house 20 minutes ago. Shit, fuck no, this can not be good. Envy is going to get herself hurt if Amber shifts. Wow, my little Minx surely does not seem scared at all of Amber. This is shocking as she thinks she’s human, and humans normally avoid physical contact with a werewolf. I can not believe I am seeing this actually happen right in front of me.

“Bitch, if you fucking move one more inch or even shift into your wolf, I won’t let you get away still. I am going to kick your ass. This is the last straw that you have come into my house after you were told not to ever step foot inside again. I am going to give you the beating that you have so deserved over these last years,” Envy screams at Amber.

“Then I am going to kick that piece of shit’s ass that played me for a fool. I refuse to let anyone fuck with my head. And you both have done a great job of that, but that stops right here and now. I know you both are laughing at me behind my back. Lexington is going to regret ever agreeing to keep an eye on me for my father,” Envy screams even louder at Amber.

I see that Envy is glaring down at Amber. Amber is about to shift. I start to hear her bones crack. Her fur starts to emerge on her skin. I am not sure what I am seeing here. I am so shocked just watching Envy. She clutches her hands into fists as her body trembles more. As Envy shakes harder and harder, she thrusts her fists towards the ground. The surrounding ground begins to ripple out all around her. I look around and notice the pack is running towards us. I know they heard Envy’s screams and are coming to see what is happening. I feel the ground shake and I stumble backward. The rest of the pack members fall to the ground from the ripple effect. What the fuck was that?

I am in shock when I hear her say that I played her for a fool. I don’t even know what she is talking about. I would never laugh at my mate or fuck with her head. Something did happen with Amber. What the fuck did she do now? I have to find out.

“Envy what is going on?” I yell for her to get her attention.

She whips her head around and sees me. I notice something strange in her eyes. They are flicking like a wolf does when they are coming to the surface or is that her other half. Is that my little Minx’s “Angel”? No, it can’t be. Oh my goddess her wolf is trying to surface. Envy falls to the ground with a confused look on her face. Next, I see a look of shock as her bones start to crack and reshape into her wolf. I run-up to her grabbing her holding her to me whispering in her ear it will all be ok. I try cooing to her to calm her down. Wow her wolf is beautiful. It is white as snow and her wolf’s eyes are electric blue just like hers. I see Elizabeth get off the ground and run towards us.

“Fuck Lexington what is going on. How is this even possible? I must get in contact with Draven. What is he going to say? Will he think we did this to Envy?” Elizabeth starts just rambling with confusion.

“Envy my little Minx I need you to transform back into your human side,” I whisper in her ear. “Think of your human form to transform back.”

Envy ignores me and gets out of my grasp and heads right towards Amber. Amber never shifted as she was bounced around by the ripples in the ground. Envy jumps on top of Amber pinning her on her back. She has drool coming out of her mouth as she snaps her teeth right in Amber’s face. Amber has a look I’ve never seen on her face. Is that terror? No way can she be terrified. Amber tries to push Envy off her but it is not working. Envy’s wolf is bigger than Amber’s wolf. Amber tries to shift again but Envy grabs her throat, sinking her fangs into her neck holding her still. Envy is still growling. I would have never dreamed that Envy’s wolf would be almost the size of Harou. Harou is jumping for joy in my head that his mate’s wolf has finally appeared and is so gorgeous just like Envy is. I need to get her to let Amber go and for her shift back.

I walk over to Envy and Amber. I kneel in front of Envy. I see a look of confusion in Envy’s eyes along with what I can only describe as rage. I know this has to be playing havoc in her mind. This was hidden from her for her whole life. Over three decades. I can not even begin to imagine what she is going through. Harou is trying to push through so he can help his mate put this bitch in her place. I can’t let him out or that will be the end of Amber.

“Envy my love please listen to me. You need to let Amber go. She will be dealt with. I can guarantee it as soon as you let me know what happened. Please Envy think about your human form and you will be transformed back and we can talk about this,” I whisper in her ear as I rub along her wolf’s head and neck.

I know rubbing her wolf and talking softly will calm the beast. It is the only way I am going to get her to shift back. I hear bones start to crack again and the fur starts to recede. I grab my towel from around me and place it around Envy as I pull her into me holding and rocking her.

“Canagan take this bitch and put her somewhere that she won’t get out. I have to take care of Envy then I will personally deal with her,” I yell towards Canagan with so much hate in my voice in my Alpha tone.

“Yes of course Alpha,” Canagan replies with shock in his voice.

I can see that everyone is staring and shocked with disbelief as to what they have all just witnessed. I look around at my pack. As they stand one by one off the ground.

“I am going to need all of you on the lookout for any signs of trouble. No matter how small it might be. No more drinking for the night until I can get a grasp on everything here. I need you all to split up into groups to patrol the borders of the property. Do not let anyone on the property unless I or Canagan gives the ok,” I say using my Alpha voice.

“Yes Alpha, we are on it,” They all reply in unison.

The pack splits up into their patrol groups and heads out.

Envy has fully shifted back to her human form. I can still see on her face that she highly pissed off about something along with the confusion of the transformation. I am shocked that she didn’t scream and cry when she shifted for the first time. That is the most painful shift each way the first time. It gets easier and less painful as you shift over time. I see in her eyes that she is thinking about something and fighting to understand. All of a sudden she screams out at the top of her lungs and collapses and passes out in my arms. I stand up carrying Envy into the house up the stairs into her bedroom placing her gently on her bed. Elizabeth is right behind me. I look at my mate and I am just wondering about all of the events that just happened. What would cause her to get that angry that she could break the spell? Looking at Elizabeth she looks like she is in a trance. I reach over taping on her shoulder lightly to get her attention.

“ Hey, I am going to run into my room and put some clothes on. Can you get her some clothes and dress her while I am gone?” I speak to her softly.

“Yes of course I was thinking about that already. I was just dropping my walls for Draven so he can feel that he is needed here. He is not going to be happy to find out Envy is a Werewolf.” Elizabeth states in a scared voice.

I walk across the hall to my room closing the door behind me to get dressed. I grab a pair of black Harley jeans, a black under armor shirt, and under armor boxer briefs. I walk into the bathroom to wash off since I got dirty when I ran out of the house barefoot and was on the ground with Envy.

Elizabeth’s POV

Holy shit what is going on. How can Envy be a Werewolf? She should have shifted years ago. Draven is going to be in utter shock when he learns that she is a Werewolf. Maybe her wolf decided she wasn’t ready for Envy to become a Werewolf and stayed dormant. I have never heard of that before but maybe it is a thing. I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I don’t even have to look at it to know that it is Draven calling me. I reach around and pull my phone out of my pocket. Looking at the caller ID I see that it is Draven calling. My hands are shaking so badly with everything going on. I almost drop the phone as I place it at my ear after accepting the call.

“Elizabeth what is going on? Why are you so stressed out? I feel that you are worried, scared, stressed, and many other emotions. Tell me what happened? Was it the two bitches? If it was, I will kill them!” He rambles on in a fast-paced voice.

“Hi Draven, Ummm well I don’t even know where to begin with this call.”

“I would suggest you start at the beginning.”

“Right right that would be the best place to start from. So yea here goes. I was with my mate and the pack relaxing and having a good time. The next thing I hear is Envy screaming at Amber. I get up and start to run towards the screaming. As all of us get closer we all end up falling to the ground. I felt the ground shake under my feet. It was like the ground was rippling under me with waves of earth. As I sit up trying to get up I see an Envy shifting into a beautiful snow-white wolf. Draven I don’t know what happened. How is it even possible that Envy is a Werewolf? Lexington was holding her trying to keep her calm. The next thing that happens is that Envy was on top of Amber with her fangs sinking into Amber’s throat. Lex finally got Envy to shift back to her human form but as she did she screamed to the top of her lungs and then passed out in his arms.” I raddle off everything that I knew had happened.

“Oh, shit, this is not good. I have to get up there to you both as soon as possible. Where is Envy right now?”

“She’s laying on her bed right now. I am about to dress her. But Draven she is passed out. It happened as soon as she screamed then she just flopped over in Lex’s arms. He carried her up to her room and he is not in here right now. Draven why don’t you sound shocked that she is a Werewolf? Draven we do need you here ASAP. Envy is going to wake up and be freaking out about everything and I surely do not know what to tell her.”

“Yes, my sweet girl I am heading out to get the plane and head there right now. Try and keep her calm until I get there. There is a lot that she needs to know. Tell Lexington I am on my way and to help keep her calm. Her emotions don’t need to get all stirred up more than they are right now. Trust me on that.”

I walk over to the dresser and grab a nightshirt to put on Envy. That will be the easiest thing to get on her with her being passed out. As I pull the shirt down and her covers up over Envy, Canagan knocks at the door. Canagan comes into the room and pulls me into a hug. I snuggle into his strong chest and relax a bit. I am still on edge not understanding what is going on.

“Babe, come on, it’s ok she is passed out.”

“What the fuck just happened out there? What made her transform into her wolf? I got Amber locked in one of the storage rooms and it’s being guarded so she can’t get out.”

I pull back out of his hold looking up into his eyes. My mouth is dropped open I am shocked at one of his questions.

“What the fuck do you mean what made her transform into her wolf? You knew she was a Werewolf? And if you did, how could you not tell me?” I scream at him.

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