Wolves in the City

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Chapter 21

Canagan’s POV

Oh shit, I forgot Elizabeth didn’t know about Envy. I am in some deep shit now. I can see it in her eyes. I look over at Envy as she is passed out. What the fuck happened between her and Amber to make her get that mad. And that ripple on the ground that threw us all to the ground. I’ve never seen anything like that before. So much has happened these last few days. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been around this much drama. It’s sad that at one time it would have turned me on with two females fighting, but it seems now that I’ve found Elizabeth I guess it does not affect me. That is a good thing, though. I don’t want to look Elizabeth in the eyes, but I have to.

“Yes, Precious, I knew. I could not tell you because I was not allowed. Draven made sure that it was kept quiet. He would have come here and killed me if I told anyone. The only reason why I know is that Lexington told me since we have one major rule that applies to all Werewolves unless they are rogues. Our first and only rule we can never break is that we are sworn to protect a werewolf no matter what. And her being a werewolf, we could not say no to doing the job that ultimately you and I met because of. Please do not be upset about me having to do what I had to do. I am not sure of the reason her wolf was suppressed. That is something that Draven would have to explain to you, Precious,” I look at her sheepishly.

“That is bullshit Canagan and you know it. We are mates and you should have shared that information with me,” Elizabeth says curtly towards me.

“Elizabeth, I was bound by the word of my Alpha and King that I would not tell anyone, even my mate. I am Beta of this pack so that you should know I can not go against my Alpha or my King.” I state matter-of-factly.

“Fine, whatever, I will be having words with Draven. I can not believe he kept this from Envy and also from me,” she states as she looks away.

“Precious, do you want anything from the kitchen? I am going to go down and get some water and aspirin for when Envy wakes up. I have a feeling she is going to wake up with a headache.”

“No, thank you, babe, I am good. I am going to call Draven back.”

I look at her as I walk out of the room. Knocking on Lexington’s room to see if he has any idea what is going on.

“Dude, what the fuck happened? Why was Amber coming out of the house in just a towel and wet?” I ask.

“I have no idea what the hell is going on. I just know I heard screaming, and I jumped out of the shower and grabbed my towel, and ran towards the yelling. Next, I saw Envy grab Amber and pull her down. The ground shook, and I almost fell over. Then Envy shifted into her wolf and when I grabbed her, she calmed down and passed out shifting back. Did you see her wolf is white as snow?” Lex said with confusion in his voice.

“Holy shit, Lex. What was that shaking? I know I fell to the ground like everyone else.”

“I wish I knew. But I need to get in touch with Draven to get him here. Envy is going to want answers that I can not provide since he refused to tell me anything of use.” Lex says in an annoyed voice.

Elizabeth’s POV

“Draven, it is Elizabeth. Could you call me back before you head up here, please?”

Goddess, do I hate leaving messages. I am going to guess that he is in another meeting and will get the message later. I just hope he hurries up and gets here.

I could hear Lex and Canagan talking when I ended the call to Draven. Well, apparently that bitch Amber is still coming on to Lex. I really thought something was going on with Envy and Lex after him wanting to make dinner for her tonight. I was so happy when Canagan told me. Well, now that we know that Envy is a werewolf, I know for a fact they are mates after what she has told me about the pull she has towards him and the way she got so upset in town. And Lex knew this whole time he was her mate. I just want to smack the fuck out of him for not telling her. She had the right to know. You can’t just keep someone’s wolf away from them. Draven was so wrong. I hear footsteps behind me. Looking around, I see it is Lex walking into Envy’s room.

“What do you want?” I snap at him.

“I am going to stay with Envy and you can go with Canagan and whatever,” Lex replies flatly.

“Oh fuck no, I am not leaving my best friend for nothing, especially with someone that would lie to her all this time!” saying it with so much hate in my voice.

“What the hell are you talking about? I never once lied to her. I never would lie to her,” Lex states with a sharp tone.

“Oh, so not telling her she is a werewolf and also your mate is not lying to her, then what the fuck is it?” I ask with a look of disbelief on my face.

“Wait, what how the fuck do you know she is my mate? I only told Draven, did he tell you?” Lex asks with astonishment in his voice and on his face.

“Nope, I have not spoken to Draven about you since we left Florida. But from what Envy told me, the pull she had towards you and the feelings she had every time Amber gets near you. Then when Amber hugged and kissed you that hurt Envy so much it confused her. Now it all makes sense. Her wolf was trying to get her to go to you. But instead, she took it as needing to get as far away from you as possible, I am sure of that. She has never had feelings for a guy before, so I am assuming she just didn’t understand that it was more than her just liking you. She is going to want to kill Amber when she wakes up and finds out she is a werewolf. I just hope that Draven gets here before that happens,” I state as calmly as I can even though I want to punch him in the face.

“So you think that her wolf was trying to come out and claim me? And then Amber just made it worse for her to pull away from? But why wouldn’t she just say that she had some kind of feelings for me?” Lex asks, confused, cocking his head to the side.

“Well, the thing is, Envy was brought up that you do not mess with another woman’s man and vice versa. When we first got here Amber and Katie made it known to both of us that you were Amber’s and Canagan was Katie’s. So for that fact right there, Envy would not say anything about any feelings for you. Draven brought her up with morals unlike Amber and Katie do not possess. And Envy would do anything rather than disappoint Draven. He dotes on her so very much. He loves her like she was his actual child, not one that he adopted. So you can see why she has run from you each time things with Amber have gotten out of hand. I want to know what happened to make Envy lose control. She is one of the most in control people that I know. Draven has made sure of that. And now I know why he always made sure to keep her calm and handle things so she didn’t get upset,” I replied with a heavy sigh.

“Well, that is a bit of interesting insight into this whole matter. I need to call Draven to get him here for Envy. He has a lot to explain to her,” Lex replies softly.

“I already talked to Draven and called him back again and left a message asking him to call me back before he heads up here. He is probably in a meeting and will get the call when he is done. I know he feels how stressed out I am since having dropped my walls for him. I want him to know how serious this is all that is happening so that he hurries to get here,” I reply with a serious tone.

I feel my phone vibrate in my jean pocket. Pulling out my phone looking at the screen, I see it is Draven returning my call. I am shaking as I tap the call button.

“Hi Draven, I am glad you returned my call,” I say in a whisper.

“Elizabeth, what is going on? I am making plans to get out of here as soon as I can,” Draven asks in a calm but serious tone.

“That’s the thing, Draven. I’m so scared right now I don’t even know why I called you back, I guess it is because I am freaking out and we needed you here like 2 hours ago,” I say to him, still in a low whisper.

“Oh, fuck, did something else happen to my daughter? Where the fuck is Lexington. I left him in charge of making sure she was safe. Could the one thing that I asked him to do not get done correctly? She hasn’t been under her watch for more than 3 days and something already has happened to her. I am going to kill him when I get there. I will be taking the jet to a nearby airport, then I will have a helicopter bring me out to the ranch to save time. Let Lexington know that he has a lot of explaining to do to me when I arrive. I will be leaving as soon as the helicopter gets here. So I should be there in a matter of hours. You keep yourself safe and a watchful eye on Envy. Do you understand me, Elizabeth?” Draven tells me in a very serious tone of voice.

“Yes, Draven I understand every bit of what you said. I will let Lexington know and I will be keeping an eye on Envy. She is sleeping right now, but I am not sure when she will wake up. I won’t leave her side for anyone or anything till I see you in her room. But Draven, you will have a lot to explain to Envy when you get here and she wakes up. She is going to be freaking out. So please just hurry and get here,” I reply in a worried voice.

“I am still trying to figure out how her wolf came out. What the fuck is really going on up there? This is very bad, Elizabeth. Tell Lexington to make sure that he has guards posted all around the perimeter and also outside the house. Let him know to watch out for the unexpected and don’t let anything or anyone near Envy that he does not know. And then only let the most trusted in the house. She has to be protected at all times. Promise me you won’t leave her side till I get there, Elizabeth. Her life is in danger now,” Draven spats off all the overwhelming information in a rushed tone.

“Yes, Draven I promise I won’t leave her side till you get her,” I tell him flat out. “I will see you as soon as you arrive.”

“Yes, the helicopter has just arrived. I am leaving out the door now. Be safe Elizabeth and pray to the Moon Goddess I get there before anything dire happens,” Draven says as he ends the call.

“Shit Lexington, Draven said to tell you the following things. Please let me get it all out before you say anything. I am not really sure why he said this stuff, but here it goes. First, he is going to kill you when he sees you. (I laugh at that one.) Second, he said for you to get guards around the perimeter of the property, along with outside the house. Third, do not let anyone in, only on the house that you do not trust the most. Fourth, he said to watch out for the unexpected. Fifth protect her as her life is in danger now and lastly pray to the Moon Goddess nothing dire happens before he gets here. He is taking a helicopter right now to the airport and taking his jet to the nearest airport here. Then he will get a helicopter to bring him right to the ranch,” I say as simple and direct as possible so that he understands this is very serious.

“Fine, I will get this done, but I will be back to stay by her side as well. If her life is in danger now, then I will not let anyone near her. Canagan, you, and I are the only ones I will allow into the house. I will not take any chances with her life. She is my mate and I will protect her with my own if I have too,” Lex says looking me in the eyes meaning every word he says.

I look around the room and take in everything so when it gets dark I will know what is a shadow and what is furniture. I need to make sure that I know what is what. If Draven is worried about Envy’s life being in danger and to watch out for the unexpected, it has to do something with the paranormal. Not much bothers Draven. This has to be what it is. I walk over to the love seat that is in the room and sit down, grabbing a pillow to hug and get comfortable.

I watch over Envy as she sleeps along with Canagan and Lexington. I watch as Lexington rubs Envy’s head while he is lying next to her in bed. It is sweet how he is with her, caring, and loving. I can see that he will make the perfect mate for Envy. There is so much that I do not know about him. But if he is anything near Canagan, then he is perfect for her. I know I haven’t known Canagan that long, but the bond that we do have already is very loving and caring. Most mates would not care about their best friend in distress and would have wanted to mate right away. But Canagan knew I needed to be there for Envy when she was ready. He did make sure that I was taken care of, even though I didn’t realize it when I was sleeping. Waking up to my body being relaxed and having the feelings of pure pleasure from it was one of the best feelings I have ever felt. I am glad that he got me off. I needed to relax and my body felt a bit better.

All of a sudden, I hear a helicopter in the distance. I look over and see Lexington just barely move and Canagan goes over to the window to look out to see if it is Draven. Canagan turns around with his eyes open wide like he has seen something he has never seen before. I look at him with a questioning look. Then all of a sudden the door bursts open and there stands Draven looking around the room. I assume to make sure that everything is ok. Envy is still sleeping. I guess all that happened to her took a hard toll on her body. I just up and rush over to Draven. Hugging his waist. I hear Canagan growl looking up at Draven; he is smirking at Canagan.

“Oh, my goddess, I am so happy you made--

“Shhhhh Elizabeth, I am here now. Let me take a look at Envy now, run along and get her some Barq’s and some sweets. She will need the sugary substance when she wakes,” Draven tells me in a calm, assertive voice.

“Yes Draven, I’m on my way now I will be right back,” I say rushing out of the room.

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