Wolves in the City

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Chapter 22

Draven’s POV

“Lexington, shit man, this is not good that Envy has broken the spell. I am going to have to tell her everything when she wakes up. But if she doesn’t wake up soon, I will have to wake her. It might be better if I just go ahead and wake her so we can get it all out in the open now. There is no denying anything now that she has changed, and she has one power for sure. I need to get in touch with her parents and get them here so her mother can help her the best that she can.”

“Wait, what the fuck Draven her parents are alive?” Lexington asks with confusion in his voice.

“Yes, she was left at a Fire Station, the eve that she was born. I had been waiting for years for her. This is something that we should talk about with her when she wakes,” I reply simply.

I look over at my sleeping daughter. She starts to stir in her sleep, moving like she is about ready to wake up. Leaning down, I softly whisper in her ear a spell to keep her asleep a while longer. I can’t have her waking up just yet. I know I just told Lexington I will wake her soon if she does not wake up, but there is so much I need to get together. I need to decide what I am going to do and how to explain to her what is happening. I know I should have already had this thought out, but I thought I could keep her from having to live this reality. But I should have known that fate has other plans for her and Lexington. I will stand by her side for the rest of her life as well as mine.

Sitting down next to Envy on the bed I move the hair from her face tucking behind her ear. Looking at her face, she is so innocent in all this mess that is about to happen. I know she’s going to be highly pissed off at me for keeping this from her all these years. I hope that she will understand why I had to do it. Sighing, I stand up, pulling my phone out of my pocket. I open my contacts and search for Envy’s parent’s number. I hit send as I look around at Lexington and Canagan.

“Hey, it’s Draven. Yes, Envy is doing good, but we need to talk. There was some kind of incident that I am not aware of the details of just yet, and now Envy is no longer under the spell I cast for her. So now you are going to need to make sure the Jinn are not following you and get to this address I am about to text you. Where are you two located now?” I state to Jack in a serious tone.

“We are in Stockholm. Figured for now this was far enough away they wouldn’t be bothered if something happened with Envy,” Jack replies

“Damn seriously you’re there. Ok, I will send my jet to get you and bring you both here,”

“We can catch the next flight to the states and meet you wherever you are. It is no big deal.”

“No, no, it is fine. That will be too long to wait for you to get here. My jet will be faster, with no layovers or anything like that. I will give my guy your number with the time that the jet will be there. Get some sleep while you can. There will be a lot to explain to Envy when you arrive. I will let her know that you are on your way here. See you tomorrow.” I state as I end the call.

“Lexington what he fuck happened with this bitch that pissed off Envy?” I ask him with a pissed off tone in my voice

“Draven, man, I have no fucking clue. I was in the shower and I heard screaming which I recognized as Envy’s so I jumped out of the shower and grabbed a towel and headed towards the voice. Next thing I know, Envy is screaming all kinds of things that I couldn’t believe. Then the ground shook. I almost fell. Then Envy was turning into her wolf. As I got to Envy pulling her off Amber so she didn’t kill her I got her to change back to human form. She screamed out and then passed out. Brought her up here to her bed and before I could call you, apparently you and Elizabeth connected. Then you are here now that is all that I know what happened,” Lexington replies shaking his head in disbelief.

“Okay that’s fine at least I know a bit more than before. I will wake Envy up and see if we can’t get to the bottom of this before the shit storm hits,” I state matter-of-factly.

Sitting down on the bed, I pull Envy up towards my lap so she is laying her head on my lap. I rub her head as I speak the awakening spell into her ear. I watch her wake up. She has a look of disbelief on her face and a bit of shock as well.

“Baby girl, are you ok?” Looking into Envy’s eyes as she stares blankly at me.

“Ummm to be honest, I’m not really sure how I feel since I have no clue what even happened to me. Can someone explain to me what the fuck happened?” Envy looks around the room confused.

“We will all get together and piece everything together from the start and go from there. I think that will be the best way,” I say flatly.

I can see the look of confusion on her face and in her eyes. Damn, this is killing me for her to be like this. I never thought it would be this hard for me to try to explain what was going to happen to her.

“Let’s all go downstairs and sit and talk so all of this can be figured out. We have a lot to discuss,” I look at Envy, Lexington, and Canagan.

We all take our seats, Elizabeth and Canagan sit on the love seat cuddled together. I maneuver Envy to sit in the middle of the couch so that Lexington and I can sit on each side of her. I reach over and grab the Barq’s and the package of mini animal crackers for Envy to eat and drink.

“Thanks, Eli, for grabbing the drink and cookies for me. I really needed this.” Envy sighs as she leans back on the couch.

“Okay, so I need to know what happened to make you chase Amber down the way that you did and start to yell and scream getting overly pissed off,” I ask Envy with concern in my voice.

“So I was walking out of my room to go wait for my dinner date with Lexington over here. As I opened my door, I saw Amber walking out of his room with just a towel wrapped around her wet body. I realized what a fool I was to think that he would really care about me over someone like her. As I started yelling at her because I had had enough of their games, she ran down the stairs and out the front door. That really pissed me off because she couldn’t be woman enough to face me. So as she was running towards her pack I grabbed her and pulled her backward. She fell to the ground as I was yelling at her that she better not shift, I’m going to give her the beating she has deserved the last few years. And that I am going to kick Lexington’s ass also for playing me for a fool like that both of them. After that, I black out from what I remember it’s like there is nothing there that happened. I remember hearing Lexington’s voice but I am not even sure what was all said. Next thing I know I am waking up with my head in your lap,” Envy replies as she deadpans at Lexington.

I notice that Lexington stiffens and is about to say something.

“Wait a minute Envy I did not know….”

“Quite right now Lexington. I don’t want to hear from you just yet. I need to process what Envy just said,” I yell at Lexington cutting him off mid-sentence.

I look at Envy to try and gauge what she is thinking. I normally can get a read on her feelings but for some reason, I can not figure out the expressions that are on her. There are so many changes in her face as she looks between everyone and thinks about what happened. I don’t know if it is because she has gotten her wolf or because of the Angel in her. She shifts to face Lexington. Oh shit, this can’t be good. I know she has a temper and I have been able to keep it under control by keeping her calm all these years. If I’m going, to be honest right now I don’t want to hold back her temper. She needs to see what she can trigger to remember the rest of what happened. I need her to remember her wolf on her own.

“Babygirl do you want us to leave you two alone to speak?” I ask her glaring at Lexington.

I don’t know why he had the girl in the shower with him but I will get to the bottom of all of this. I am going to have two of my guards take her back to my house and put her in the dungeon I have built there. I’m glad that Envy does not know about it or where it is located so I can keep this girl away for now till we sort this all out then I will find out how Envy wants to handle this she-wolf. I feel it is best since she has apparently done some things that I can’t even think about to my daughter.

“Yes, please daddy I want to have this talk with Lexington alone. There are things I have to say to him that I would rather just him and I be in the room alone for. Thank you,” Envy states with so much sadness in her voice.

“Lexington where is this girl that has done this shit to my daughter? I am going to send her back to my house and put her in a special dungeon till Envy can decide what she wants to do about her,” I cock my head to the side waiting for his reply.

“No, you are not taking her anywhere. She will be dealt with by me since she has done some type of harm to my mate. I will not stand for anything less,” Lex says scowling at me.

“Fine, for now. But if Envy wants her off this property she will be taken to the dungeon to await her fate,” I say looking at him with a straight-face. “Come you two let us give them some privacy.”

Lexington’s POV

“Envy, I don’t know what you think happened between Amber and me but I can guarantee you that nothing did happen. I don’t know why she was coming out of my room with a towel on. I was alone in the shower. I could never cheat on my mate like that,” Lex looks at Envy with a grave look on his face.

“Bullshit I know better. How the fuck could she be wet if she was not in the shower with you. I was seriously considering taking the next step with you, But now I know that cant happen. You are a liar and I can’t be with someone that will lie to me. Let alone someone that will play games with my head like you and Amber keep doing to me. I had really believed you wanted to spend time with me after our time together today or was that yesterday now? I knew I should have never let you get close to me. How could you even want to be with someone like me when you have someone like Amber. Was this some kind of game for you to have a huge laugh about fucking with someone’s feelings? And as for cheating on your mate well, I would say kissing me earlier was cheating on your mate” Envy replies shaking her head with her hands over her face, not even looking at Lex.

Grabbing Envy’s hands holding them rubbing softly on the top of her hands. I want to make sure she can not get up and run off when I tell her the truth of the matter.

“My little Minx no. Truly I do not even know how you can think any of that. I can not stand Amber. I would take her head off right now all you have to do is say the words and I will personally do it. As for cheating on my mate by kissing you well I was kissing my mate Envy. That is you and only you. I have known you are my mate since that first night I met you here. But I did not understand why you did not feel the mate bond. I knew you were a Werewolf so I thought you would have at least felt the mate bond even though your wolf was suppressed from you. I asked Draven to remove the spell but he refused saying it was keeping you safe so I did not push it. He asked me to win you over by love not just because we have a mate bond. So believe me when I say that you are my other half and I would never treat you badly. I could never bring myself to do anything to harm you in any way. Look at me please Envy I want you to see that I am telling you the truth. You are my other half. I have always dreamed of having someone like you for my mate. The moon goddess gave me my heart’s desire. And that embodiment is you, little Minx,” I tell her with sadness in my eyes and voice.

Envy is looking down at our hands and is trying to pull out of my grip while she shakes her head in disbelief I am sure of.

“Lexington, how am I to not believe what my own eyes saw? Amber came out of your bedroom with just a towel on wet. I need to process this all. How can I be a Werewolf and not know it? There is just too much that has happened all so fast at one time. Now you’re telling me I am your mate. How can I know this is true?” Envy looks at me with a confused look in her eyes.

“Envy, look deep into my eyes, you will see Harou is just below the surface. Let your wolf see him and she will know we are mates. Just listen to her. She will never guide you in the wrong direction. Harou has been calling to your wolf since we first laid eyes on you. It has been so hard to not claim you. I couldn’t tell you that we were mates before for two reasons. Draven threatened me while also letting me know you would be in danger, I was not about to put you in danger ever. The second is that only Draven, myself, and Canagan knew you were a Werewolf everyone else thought you were a human. My whole pack knows I would never claim a human as a mate so I couldn’t say that you were. It killed me every second that I couldn’t tell everyone that I had finally found my mate, their queen. I have waited for so long to find you I was almost giving up and I am glad that I hadn’t. I was going to rule alone if I had never found you. Amber has tried for years to get me to claim her as my mate but I’ve always made it clear only my true mate would be claimed and rule by my side. And now that I have found you and everyone has seen that you are a Werewolf I can now claim you when you allow me too. I won’t expect that right away with everything that has happened. I do hope it is sooner rather than later. If there is anything else you want to know from me just let me know and I will tell you everything,” I say to Envy with all the love that I can show her and let her hear in my voice.

“I thank you for that mini-speech that you gave me. It has eased my mind a little bit but there is so much I still do not understand. I am going to have to find out from Draven. I would like it if you were there when I ask him my questions. But I still need some time to process it all. I need to take a walk alone so I can think things over,” Envy replies.

“My Minx, I can not let you go for a walk alone. There are unseen dangers out there that are after you and I can not take that chance with your safety. Draven would also have my head on a platter if I let you leave this house alone. Pretty sure he already knows all of what we are saying,” I say to her shaking my head.

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