Wolves in the City

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Chapter 23

Envy’s POV

I pull my hand out of Lexington’s as I need some space to breathe and think. Standing up, I walk towards the door. As I reach the door and open it there stands Draven, looking at me like I have lost my ever-loving mind. Now I am even more confused as to why he is blocking me from going outside. I am trying really hard to get a grasp on everything that Lexington has already informed me of. I still need more answers about everything. I also want to get my hands on Amber and strangle the life out of her.

“Oh yes, please let me rip her throat out!”

What the hell was that? I look around, looking for the source that voice is coming from. I have never heard the voice before, but it seems so familiar to me.

“I am Indigo, your wolf Envy. You hear me in your mind. I am here for you, whatever it is that you need. I will always be here for you from now on. I have been trying for years to get you to hear me, but there has been a magical barrier that has kept me from you. Where is our mate at? You walked away from him. I am so happy he is our mate. He is very strong and sexy as hell as well. I would like to meet his wolf soon, please.”

Wait, what Lexington is our mate? I knew I felt something, but I would have never guessed it was that. I shake my head, looking up at Draven since he towers over me. I have never feared him, and I still am not afraid of him. I am more pissed off than I want him to know right now. I just can’t process why he would put a spell on me. And to not tell me that I am a Werewolf is even more mind-boggling to me since he knew I was with Eli all the time. How would that have been bad for me to have my wolf?

“Dad, I need to go for a walk and clear my head before it explodes. I need to try to figure things out. Let me pass so I can walk the property and think,” I say looking him in the face while pleading.

“I can not let you do that right now, Envy. We need to talk about a few things, so you will understand why I did what I did along with some other things that you are unaware of that are about to all happen in a concise amount of time,” Draven says to me sternly.

“What more is there to say? You put a spell on me to suppress my wolf and I just can’t even believe you would do that to me, how dare you!” I raise my voice at him, glaring at him with my arms folded across my chest.

“Please, just come back inside and sit down so we can talk about this calmly. I don’t want you upset again so your powers stay under control this time,” Draven calmly states as he takes my arm and pulls me towards the living room.

“Wait, what the fuck are you going on about my powers. I don’t have any powers. I am a Werewolf, not a witch,” I say out of confusion as I plop on the chair. “You are just confusing me more and more as you speak.”

“This is going to take a bit to explain it all to you. So if you will just hear me out fully before you start with the questions and that way it will go faster. Is that ok with you both?” Draven looks at both Lexington and myself.

“Yeah sure whatever” We both reply in unison.

“I do not know if either of you know my powers so that I can see certain people’s future. After I was turned into a Vampire, I had a vision of a baby that would be in my life. I did not know when it would happen, but I saw that I needed to adopt a little girl and place a suppression spell on her to keep her safe from the Jinn. The Jinn are any class of spirits, lower than the angels, capable of appearing in human and animal forms and influencing humankind for either good or evil. They are said to be created from a mix of fire or smokeless fire. They are invisible to humans but can take human form or other forms, they also live and die, able to have babies, they live for thousands of years, unlike angels they have free will. Envy you have powers that are sought after by the Jinn as they want to take over the earth. Not only are you a Werewolf, but you are also an Angel. It is rare that a Werewolf and Angel would be mated, but it happened. Your father (Jack) was the Alpha of Cobalt Pack. Your mother (Sara) is Werewolf/Angel. Being that our mother is part Angel, the Jinn automatically assumed that she has the powers they are after. Well, she was only a carrier, not able to use the powers that were meant for you. After Sara’s father, who was the Angel, mated with your grandmother, they made him return to heaven. He was permitted to return 2 times a year for a week at a time so he could be with his love. When the Jinn found out that he had mated with a Werewolf they assumed the powers would be transferred to your mother. Your grandmother had a spell cast on her and your mother to keep the Jinn at bay for the rest of your grandmother’s life. Upon her death, the spell would be broken. Your grandmother lived longer than most Werewolves since she was mated to an Angel. Your parents were mated and not long after war broke out and your grandmother was injured too severely to heal herself. As soon as your grandmother’s life force left her, the spell was broken, and the Jinn found your parents. Your father did not want any harm to come to his pack, so he left his Beta in charge in case he was ever to return. His Beta would give him back his rightful place. Your parents ran for over 5 years and during that time you were conceived. As soon as your mother learned about you she found a witch to cast a spell to mask that she was pregnant to protect you. Your parents left you for your safety. They are on their way here to help with all of this. I have kept them informed of your life since I adopted you. I never let him see you or any pictures of you just in case they were captured so that you would be safe. But as I was saying before I knew I had to wait for you to be born which I did not know what time you would be born in. As soon as you were on this earth I felt it was you I was to bring up. I know you have powers but I am not aware of what they are or how powerful they are. When your mother gets here she should have more information about everything. At least I am hoping she does. You are going to need help to learn to weld your powers. You are meant to do great things Envy and to protect so many of the earth’s living beings. I will always be by your side until the end of our time. I am not sure how long that will be but I have foreseen it is many years to come. I did not know Lexington was your mate until he informed me the morning after you both met. He wanted me to take the spell off of you but I couldn’t. You need your true mate by your side during these upcoming life-altering events. I needed to be sure he was your mate as I was not able to see his face or know his name. I will like you to let me know if your wolf says he is your true mate or not. So the Jinn more than likely have already figured out you are the source of powers they desire. I am surprised they have not tried to make an appearance yet. I am going to assume it is because you passed out not long after your power was released and you transformed into your wolf and back to human. I already know that you are beyond pissed at me even more than you were before now. Just please keep calm Envy I do not know the extent of your powers. If you have already had one power that was enough to make everyone fall to the ground from the shaking of if that is pretty powerful in itself. So you need to be cognizant of what is happening to you,” Draven takes a deep breath and sighs as he breathes out he looks at me trying to gauge how I am going to react.

I sit here with my mouth hanging open with all this overwhelming information. There is no way possible I am an Angel along with a Werewolf. I am at a loss for words since I don’t even know where to begin. My parents, Lexington being my mate, I am meant for something big, I’m a hybrid Werewolf/Angel, Jinn like what the fuck, I have powers. It is all just too much. I feel my blood being to boil inside me as I just can’t believe all of this.

“Oh, my fucking goddess Draven. I just want to reach over and punch you in the face a few million times. How dare you suppress my wolf and keep all this away from me all these years! It was not your place to do that. I don’t care if you saw my future you had not mother fucking right,” I scream at him glaring, I feel my body start to tremble. Placing my hands over my head as it feels like it wants to explode right here and now. I grit my teeth together, looking at Draven. “Yes, Lexington is my mate, but I am not claiming him right now. I have a lot to think about.”

“Envy I will wait for you, you are worth waiting for but keep in mind that our wolves will push to be mated as soon as possible. And you just got our wolf now you might not be able to control her when the pull gets to be too much. Harou is already fighting me to get to her. I have been keeping him from you and it is not getting any easier. I am not trying to pressure you, I just want you to understand. You can ask your wolf if you feel I am pushing you too hard. What is your wolf’s name?” Lexington looks at me with adoring eyes.

“Her name is Indigo. I will figure out on my own what I am going to do about all this information,” I said, gritting my teeth as I stand up and run to my bedroom to be alone.

Slamming the door as I run into the room, I look around to see what I can punch. I am so pissed off I could strangle both Draven and Lexington. I walk over to the wall and punch it two times. I know I shouldn’t be mad at Lexington, but he still should have told me all of this before I got so mad. I have been through hell these last few days, all because everyone thought I needed to be kept in the dark about me being a Werewolf. Well, not only a Werewolf but a hybrid Angel in the mix. What does this even mean? Laying down on the bed, I place my arm over my eyes. As I am trying to process everything, my mind is on overload. I scream out in frustration. Slamming my hands down on the mattress, I feel the house shake. Fuck, what was that? I sit up in bed, looking around. That can’t be an earthquake, they don’t happen here in South Dakota, do they? I hear footsteps getting louder towards my room. As I look up the bedroom door slams open. I see Lexington, Draven, Eli, and Canagan all crashing into my room.

“Oh, my goddess Envy, are you ok?” they all say in unison.

“Yeah, I am just great. Can you all just leave me alone?” I spat at them.

“We heard you scream then the house shook,” Draven says

“I just want time to process Draven please just leave me alone,” I beg him and the others with pleading eyes.

“Envy, can I stay with you and talk to you? This way these knuckleheads won’t come barging in at the littlest thing,” Eli asks me.

“Of course you can stay with me, I actually would like to ask you a few things about life as a Werewolf,” I replied to her.

Eli pushes the guys out of my room and slams the door in their faces as she yells at them to stop being so overbearing. Goddess, I love my best friend. She still has my back, even though things have changed with me. I should not expect anything different. This might just bring us even closer together as friends. I hear the guys arguing, but I can’t make out what they are saying. Sitting on the couch, I wave Eli over to sit next to me. When she sits down I slide close to her and snuggle up into her. Her arms go around me to comfort me. This is normal for us to snuggle up together. She knows it will help me relax, think things through, and talk to her about it all.

“Oh Eli, what am I supposed to do? Do I accept Lexington as my mate with all the bullshit that has happened between us in the last few days? He basically lied to me about us. Let me think he would accept a human as a mate. Now that I am a Werewolf/Angel does that make him want me more knowing I am going to have powers? Will he want to use my powers to rule over the world? You and I both heard all the stuff said about how ruthless he is. Indigo wants to accept him and his wolf. But is it only because of the mate bond that she wants him? I feel a pull towards him don’t get me wrong but why? I felt it before I knew what I was. And my parents are alive and on the way here. How am I supposed to accept them since they abandoned me? Do I just run up to them and give them hugs and kisses like nothing has happened? How am I to trust Draven now that I found out about all of this? What powers do I have? How will I figure that out, and how to use them? Eli, I just don’t know what to do!” I say as tears of frustration run down my face.

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