Wolves in the City

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Chapter 24

“So let us start with this list of things that you have asked me just now. The first thing you are going to do is relax in my arms while we talk all this over. As for Lex, you should accept him as your mate. He was only doing what Draven told him to do and threatened him. He really has been concerned with you from when we first got into town and that guy at the light said something to you. Then when you went and poofed on us all. He had a heart attack worrying about you. Granted, I did not understand at the time it was because you were his mate, which no one knew. So you really shouldn’t hold that all against him not telling you. Hell, Canagan didn’t even tell me you were a Werewolf. And he knew the entire time. I almost kicked his ass over that, but then he made me see he was doing his job. So I forgave him. So sweetness think about that before you go and do something crazy like not accepting him as your mate. He did not lie to you are all. He did not tell you what you were. You also did not ask him what you were so as you did not understand either, so he did not lie. I can almost say with certainty that he does not want you because of your powers. He wanted you before he knew you were Angel as well. That was something that Draven did not even tell Lex. So don’t think he wants to use you for powers. He is strong enough without power so that is not what he wants I am pretty sure about that. For sure you feel a pull towards him that is the mating bond,” Eli answers the questions one by one.

“I guess you are right on these points. I can’t hold things against Lexington. I am just so mad right now I could beat someone’s ass right now. I don’t think I have ever been this mad before in my life,” Envy replied at a whisper.

“The next thing is your parents. That one I am really at a loss of. If it was me, I would just treat them as someone new, not that they are my parents. I know they gave you up for reasons, but I would never give up my pup like that. I would not run into their arms. I would just be cordial towards them. Your mother might be able to help you with your Angel side and things. Draven he was doing what he thought was right to keep you safe till you could handle things. Granted, it wasn’t the way he wanted. Things happened because fate wanted it to happen. You got so mad that you broke the spell. Now I totally can see why Draven always jumped in when someone started to piss you off. I used to think he was wrong, but now I get it. So I say you should really think about trusting him. As he said he will always be by your side till the end. I am guessing that means he will be there to help you deal with whatever is out there after you and your powers. As for your powers, I think you will get them and as you do, you are a strong woman and you will figure out how to use them. But I think that your mom might be able to help, well hopefully know more about all that. And if not, then I am still here to help you as well,” Eli stated all the rest of the answers with so much confidence in her voice.

Envy snuggles closer into Eli’s arms. She is trembling as she cries more, letting all the emotions just come to a head. Eli’s shirt is soaked through from Envy’s tears. Envy looks up at Eli.

“Eli, I know you are right on all the points. I was thinking the same stuff, but I really needed to hear it from someone else. I don’t get why I would be the one to get these powers. I am not someone that is great or all mighty. I am not that strong of a wolf either,” Envy says, shaking her head.

“Oh Envy, but you are a powerful person. You have more strength than you give yourself credit. Fate has certain things that need to happen and you are one of them just as we all are. You were just chosen to be stronger than all of us is all. I can already see you are going to do great things just as Draven said you were,” Eli states with so much conviction in her voice.

Eli sits up, pulling Envy to look at her. Eli can see all the thoughts and then some in Envy’s eyes. There is still confusion, but also she sees the determination in her eyes.

“Are you okay?” Eli asks Envy.

“I guess I have to be okay. What else can I be? I do know that I have to take care of Amber for sure. She is not going to get between Lexington and me. She may think she has won, but she has not. Draven taught us how to fight, and I am going to use that to my advantage. I know that Indigo wants a piece of Amber also, so she is going to get her wish. Amber must go along with Katie. I will not have them two around any longer,” Envy states flatly. “I am going to go get another shower to get clean again. I want to know why Amber was just wearing a towel as she came out of that room. If she was not in the shower with Lexington, then she has a lot of explaining to do before I put her in her place.”

“Yes, go and grab a shower and I would say put on some shorts and a t-shirt you do not mind getting torn as when Indigo comes out your clothes will shred. I will go and talk to the guys while you do this,” Eli lets Envy know.

Envy goes into the bathroom to get a shower. Eli bounces down the stairs like a kid on her way down to the Christmas tree for presents on Christmas morning. Eli comes to stop at the bottom of the stairs. She looks at the guys all sitting there, not saying anything to one another.

“Okay, so Envy and I talked. Wait, who died? Looks like a funeral happened since I sent you all down. Lex, I think you should go and talk to Envy. You both need to get this mate thing out of the way first and foremost,” Eli states.

“Huh no one has died,” They all say in unison.

Eli goes over and grabs Lex’s arms, pulling him from the couch. Pushing him towards the stairs.

“Is she going to kill me for what Amber did?” Lex asks with a worried tone.

“Holy shit, the big bad Alpha Lexington Bledig is scared of his mate! This is just priceless to see and hear,” Eli says, laughing so hard that tears are coming out of her eyes.

Everyone in the room snickers at how Lex is reacting.

As Lex gets to Envy’s room he knocks softly. Waiting for her to tell him to enter. There is no reply so Lex slowly opens the door waiting to get something thrown at him. When the door opens all the way he realizes that Envy is in the shower. Lex goes to the couch and takes a seat to wait on Envy. Hearing the shower turn off and Envy open the shower door, he relaxes on the couch.

“Little Minx, I am in your room waiting for you,” Lex says with a deep voice.

“Oh, great, I am naked with no clothes in here with me,” Envy states with a bit of embarrassment in her voice.

“It is ok my little minx, I will look the other way so you can get your clothes and dress,” Lex says with a deep sexy voice this time.

Envy dries her body and her hair some. Wraps the oversized towel around her to walk out and get clothes. Looking at Lexington, she sees he is actually looking the other way. Envy realizes that this man has so much chivalry in him that she would have never thought he had. She has heard so many awful things about him. And so far from what all she has seen, it is nothing like this man sitting in her bedroom. The only thing that she has seen is him be stern with pack members. Never raised a hand to anyone. Showed concern towards her. He is even more of a godly looking man than he was ever given credit for. Grabbing the shorts and t-shirt as Eli suggested, she also grabs some a panty and bra set. Heading back to the bathroom to get dressed, she looks back at Lexington again.

“Thank you for looking away,” Envy says in a shy voice.

“You are welcome. I did not and do not want to make you feel uncomfortable around me,” Lexington replies. “When you are done, will you please come and sit with me and talk to me?”

“Oh yes, of course, I will, we do need to talk about this mate thing. Along with a few other things,” Envy replies a bit lowered this time.

Envy walks out of the bathroom heading towards Lexington. As she nears Lexington, he reaches out and grabs her wrist pulling her towards him. Envy stumbles and falls on to Lexington. She looks up at him as her face turns pink with embarrassment. Lexington just looks at her with a panty-dropping smile. He pulls her up onto his lap so she is facing him. He cups each side of her face with his hands and has her look him into his eyes.

“I King Lexington Bledig want you, Envy Reznik, as my mate/Luna/Queen,” he states with so much love in his voice. “Please tell me that you accept me, Envy I have waited so long for you.”

Envy’s eyes go wide, looking like a deer in the headlights. Her mouth drops open. She takes a deep, sharp breath.

“Lexington I, I Ummm that is one of the things I wanted to talk to you about,” Envy says.

Envy shifts around on Lexington’s lap. Lexington looking at Envy in the eyes, still waiting for her answer. He clears his throat and moves around some. Envy’s eyes get bigger than before. Her eyes shift down towards Lexington’s crotch. She is feeling him stiffen, pressing up against her pussy. Lexington tries to move, so she isn’t directly on his hardening cock. Envy looks back into Lexington’s eyes. She sees lust, love, and desire in his eyes. Leaning towards Lexington Envy plants her lips on his. Envy places her hands on his shoulders pulling him in for a deeper kiss. She feels her core getting hotter and hotter. She hasn’t had this kind of desire or want for a man like she does for Lexington. Envy moves her hips around over Lexington’s grown dick. She lets out a moan so low it causes Lexington to stiffen even more. Kissing him deeper, she feels him begin to relax. Envy leans in more so her tits are now pressing against Lexington’s chest. He feels her hard nipples pressing first against him. Letting out his own moan into Envy’s mouth. Pulling away from the kiss Lexington looks Envy in the eyes again. My little Minx, I need to hear you say that you accept me as your mate. Envy closes her eyes and kisses his lips again. She isn’t ready to answer him just yet. She is more interested in tasting him and feeling his body against hers. She needs his warmth and strength right now more than she needs to talk. She grinds her hips down onto his cock more making him groan out louder than before.

Envy reaches down and places her hand over his stiff cock and rubs him through his basketball shorts. She looks up at him smirking. Shoving her hand into his basketball shorts she gets a better feel for his cock. Moaning out a little bit she leans back to kiss him again but she goes for his neck and nibbles down it causing Lexington to moan louder. Sucking on his neck as she strokes his cock ever so slowly. This is the first time she has ever touched a cock before. It is huge and she smiles into Lexington’s neck then kisses back up to his lips. She plays with the head of his cock feeling the wetness from the precum that is starting to seep out of his head. Taking the tip of her thumb and rubbing around the mushroom part of this cock she feels him jump a little bit as he groans. She feels him start to slowly move his hips making his cock move in her hand more. Sucking Lexington’s tongue into her mouth making it feel like he is fucking her mouth she strokes him a bit faster. Lexington reaches down and grabs her wrist making her slow down. He is not ready to cum just yet but he can’t talk to her with his tongue in her mouth. He moves her shorts over some so he can rub her clit through her panties. Envy jumps a bit at the feeling. She starts to move her hips against his fingers. Moaning loudly.

“Little Minx we should take this to the bed. I don’t want this to happen here on the couch. I want this to be special for you,” Lexington says in a husky voice.

Envy doesn’t say anything she just looks him in the eyes and nods her head in agreement. Lexington stands still holding Envy. She tries to slither down off him but he refuses to let her down. Envy is in shock that he can carry her like she weighs nothing. As he reaches the bed he lays her down softly kissing her neck breathing in her Apple Cinnamon smell. He nips her neck and makes her squeal.

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