Wolves in the City

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Chapter 25

“Envy my minx, I need to hear you tell me that you accept me before I can bring myself to touch you any further,” Lexington says as he looks deep into her eyes breathing heavily.

“Lexington I need you I don’t want to talk right now. I just want to finally feel you deep inside me,” Envy pants as she replies.

Leaning back Lexington shakes his head. He can’t bring himself to claim his minx without her consent. This is one thing that he has always told himself no matter what his mate will give him consent. If not in his eyes it would be like taking advantage of her. He never wanted to think that he would not give her the chance to reject him. He doesn’t think that will happen with Envy but he does not want to take any chances with her. She has to want him as he wants her.

“Minx I can not do this without your consent of acceptance. You have to tell me that you accept me or you need to reject me,” Lexington states with so much uncertainty in his voice.

“UGH, seriously Lexington why can’t you just fuck me and get it over with. I want to feel your massive cock deep inside of my tight virgin pussy,” Envy replies sounding exasperated.

“I will claim you also when I make love to you for the first time. I will not just fuck you the first time. It will be you and I making love. That is why I need you to tell me that you accept me,” Lexington says plainly.

“I will not reject you Lexington. I just need to feel you inside me now. But if the only way I can feel that is to accept you then I accept you,” Envy replies grabbing Lexington by the neck pulling him down into a deep passionate kiss.

Lexington pulls away from the kiss. Looking into Envy’s eyes. He is having a conflict in his mind right now wanting her and needing her so much. The bond is pulling him to mate with her. The torment is killing him right now. He knows how much they need to mate to fully bond but there is so much else going on right now. He has known drama of course and Amber is by far the majority of the drama in his life since she came to the pack. Then this new threat to his mate and his pack along with other people. Rubbing up and down Envy’s arms he searches in her eyes for any type of conflict or uncertainty in her. He does not see any but he still can not just claim her just yet even though Harou is fighting him to take over and claim his mate. He leans back away from her and a huge sigh escapes his mouth. Shaking his head while he rubs the back of his neck. His shoulders drop.

“Envy my beautiful little minx you are just saying that for me to claim you. You are not thinking clearly right now. I know that you think you are but I am pretty sure your wolf is pushing for this also. We need to talk about things. I know I have let this go further than it should have and I am very wrong for that,” Lexington says in a very low voice looking at Envy for confirmation of her understanding what he just has stated to her.

Envy looks at him with confusion and tilts her head to the side.

“Are you serious right now? I just told you that I accept you and now you are saying I am confused about what I want. I have waited my whole life for a man and now that I have found you, you are saying that I don’t know what I want? Is this typical of a man to say one thing then to go and change it? I know I want you Lexington, I have wanted you since you woke my ass up that first night. I swear I just wanted to be with you and now you’re not willing to,” Envy screams at him pushing back away from him to get up.

Lexington grabs her by the arms and does not let her get up. He pulls her back towards him and turns her around so she has her back to him. Wrapping his arms around her waist as he places his head on her shoulder.

“I know, I know what I said and then turned around and contradicted myself. I am just concerned with all the things happening at one time. My wolf Harou has been in torment since he first sensed you were near he is fighting me right now as I am speaking and holding you so close to just claim you. So I can only imagine what your wolf is pushing you to do. I know that deep down you realize I am correct and stopping this for right now. We need to talk to Draven more about what is possibly going to happen. We need to deal with Amber as well as Katie. We will get our time very soon I promise you this. Just please believe me when I tell you that you are the one thing I will always want and I will always protect you even if it means I die keeping you safe. You are my mate/Luna/Queen and nothing will ever change that. Our bond will still strengthen even though I have not claimed you just yet. The reason for that is that I am the King of all Werewolves as you already know but it means I am stronger and our bond is stronger. This is probably why you still felt the pull towards me even with Draven having blocked your wolf from you to protect you. So let us get a few things sorted out first. I also would hate to be in the middle of our lovemaking to be interrupted by something happening,” Lexington whispers into Envy’s ear. Kissing her neck softly so she knows he is not just saying words and not meaning it.

Envy relaxes in Lexington’s hold and leans back into his chest. She lets out a breath she did not realize she was holding in. She knows he is right but still she feels this pull and wants to be with him. She has never wanted anything more in her life than him right now. Why now do things have to change so much altogether? It is all just so overwhelming at one time.

“UGH, I know you are right but like you said I feel this overwhelming pull to you and I want you so much. I know we need to talk to Draven but I am just so upset with him right now for never telling me about any of this. I could have been more prepared. My wolf’s name is Indigo and yes she is pushing me towards this also. She wants to be with your wolf very much so. Can we at least just sit here for a little while so I can feel your arms around me longer, please? I know I might sound childish but I feel I need this right now,” She replies to him soft-spoken placing her arms on top of his.

“Yes, of course, we can stay here for a little bit together. I really do enjoy feeling your softness against me. It is something that I have been wanting to feel against me since I laid eyes on you. But then we have to speak with Draven. I know you are upset with him as I also am just as upset. This will all work out I am sure Minx,” Lexington states in a very soft voice as he pulls her closer into his body.

Envy melts into him even more feeling his hard muscles twitch on her back and his hardness pressing against her ass cheeks. She wiggles a bit to feel it get harder and giggles in her mind. She knows she is playing a dangerous game of teasing Lexington but she doesn’t care right now. She wants to still feel how much he wants her. Knowing she is being childish but not caring. If she is going to have to wait then she is going to make it a very tortuous thing for both of them and tease him every chance that she gets. She has read a lot of books and knows this is something she wants to test out and see if it is what all the books and experts have said is worth it to tease and build up the suspense. She feels Lexington take a deep breath and hold it in before he exhales slowly. He has tensed up also his arms getting a little tighter around her. He growls lowly and presses his face in the crook of her neck while inhaling deeply. This tickles her neck a bit when he exhales on it and she gets goosebumps all up and down her spine while her nipples harden.

“Oh yes you are for sure my little Minx, but you really do need to not move your sweet ass against my cock like this. You are making it even harder for me to break my will and take you now,” Lexington growls out these words against her neck.

“I do not know what you are talking about I was just getting comfortable in your hold is all,” Envy replies with a bit of playfulness in her voice, and she giggles while saying it.

Lexington shifts a bit back so he isn’t pressing his hard cock too firmly against her ass cheeks. He has had to have restraint before of course but it has never been this hard since she is in his arms. Harou is whining in his head telling him to mate her now. Arguing does no good with a wolf. They are animals and can not see a reason for things to be taken any other way than what is natural for them. He will claim Indigo one day and it will be sooner than he thinks. But we have to know at least a bit about what is to possibly come. Lexington never dreamed he would find his mate especially since it is so late in his life. But apparently, the Moon Goddess did this for a reason for Envy and I along with Canagan and Elizabeth. Most werewolves find their mates by the time they are in their late 20s at the latest. He was pretty sure that fate also had a lot to do with this. He was on the verge of canceling the whole trip until Draven called to ask him to keep an eye on Envy and her friend for him. With them both being Werewolves he couldn’t say no. It was a good thing that Draven called and he is grateful that he did or he would have not met his little Minx.

“Minx we should go now and find Draven and let us talk to him about things. This way we can get things in order before your parents get here. I know there will be many more questions when they arrive,” Lexington says as he moves Envy towards the edge of the bed.

Sliding over to the side of the bed Lexington gets up and takes Envy’s hand. Pulling her up kissing her lightly on the cheek. Walking hand in hand downstairs to find Draven. Draven is sitting in the kitchen at the bar talking to Elizabeth and Canagan. Lexington puts his arm around Envy’s shoulder pulling her into his side. Feeling her curve into his side like she was made to fit right there. They are like puzzle pieces that were cut away from each other that you put together to make it one again. Envy wraps her arm around his waist. Harou whimpers inside Lexington’s head as he is loving his mate’s touch. Envy lays her head on Lexington’s shoulder.

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