Wolves in the City

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Chapter 26

Lexington could feel Envy stiffen as they walked into the kitchen. He leaned over and kissed her on the top of her head as he lightly squeezed her waist while looking down at her.

Envy looked up at Lexington wanting him to know that she trusts him to keep by her side.

Everyone looks at Envy and Lex. They all have a look of confusion on their faces.

“Um, that was a very fast mating,” Elizabeth comments.

“Well, there was no mating just yet. I thought that we should talk to Draven about Envy and what is possibly to come!” Lexington says as he chuckles while he shrugs his shoulders.

“What do you want to know? I figured we would talk about everything when Envy’s biological parents get here. That was things do not have to be repeated,” Draven replies with a seriousness in his voice.

“I want to know why you thought that you had the right to suppress my wolf from me all these years? And refused to tell me about that and that my parents are actually alive. I have gone my whole life thinking they were dead. Do you think that was fair? Where you ever going to tell me? Or were you just hoping I would never find out?” Envy asks with so much hurt and sadness.

“Okay so let us answer these questions. First I had every right to suppress your wolf to keep you safe. This was something that I have seen since I was first turned. I have waited for many many years to have you come into my life. The reason I never told you about your parents is that I had to keep you safe. The things that are after you would have found out about you. You have always been a secret. The only ones that knew of your existence are your mother, father, the witch that put the protection spell to hide that your mother was pregnant with you and me. The Angels may know of your existence but I am not sure. I have kept your parents informed of your life this whole time. I just never let them know where you were or send anything to them that would lead anything back to you. I do feel that it was very fair. You have a lot of things that are coming your way and I wanted you to be as prepared as I could get you. Yes, I was going to tell you. As soon as Lexington won you over to love him. I needed you protected and I never wanted you to feel that he wanted you just because you are mates. I wanted him to get to know you and you to get to know him with no bond influencing it. I told Lexington that he had to get you to love him for him not because there is a bond between mates. I was never even really sure he was or is your true mate. I have never seen who your mate is. I just know that your mate would be very strong and someone that you. would be able to lean on and trust him fully to protect you, love you and be there for you over anyone else. You are actually a Werewolf/Angel hybrid. You will be getting powers along with your wolf. I do not know the extent of your powers. I am really not even sure anyone knows. I just know that everyone thinks that your mother was/is the one that has the powers. But your mother was just a genic carrier to pass the powers on to you. Your parents have been on the run for over 35 years now. I know you are mad at me but I have only ever wanted to protect you so that you can fulfill your destiny. Envy my little one you are a very special lady. I have done everything I have been able to train you in your human form so that you will be able to protect yourself in every form that you will have. I really was not sure that you would ever get so mad to break the spell. I would have removed it when Lexington won you over. I never thought it would take so many years for you to find your mate. Why do you think I have made sure that you travel all over the world. I was hoping that you would find him. I am very happy that you have found him.” Draven states with so much confidence in his voice. He wants Envy to know he is not just saying things she wants to hear. “Now I need to know why you were so mad that the spell broke. What happened?”

Envy just looks at Draven as she almost drops to the floor. Lexington holds her tight so she does not fall. He moves over to a chair and helps her sit down on his lap as he sits down. He knows that close contact with her will keep both of their wolves calmer as she processes what she has been told. She just shakes her head and leans back into Lexingtons hard chest and hugs his neck. Lexington keeps his arms around her waist to comfort her. He can feel that she is shaking and trying to hold back her tears.

“It was that fucking bitch Amber that pissed me yet again that made me snap. As I opened my bedroom door she was walking out of Lexington’s room in nothing but a towel and she was still wet. I saw red he was already lying to me and using me is what I thought. So I wanted to rip her head off. She got away from me till we were outside. I was able to get a hold of her in the driveway. I yanked her back making her fall so I can get be over her. I heard people talking but I could not figure it out as at that point I did not care. All I could think about is what would you want me to do. Then at that point, I did not care to be honest. There was no one around to keep me calm this time. All I could think was now is that I can see what my training has thought me. Was I able to hurt a she-wolf? You always told me I was meant for something big so I just figured this was it. Then my mind went blank and I do not know what happened after that. I woke up in my room with you there and everyone else.” Envy says just as calmly as she can.

“So you still have kept that bitch around here Lexington. After I told you that if she did anything to Envy I will deal with her myself. I would have thought that you would have had enough sense to banish her from the pack. She has done nothing but treat my daughter like shit and threaten her. What is the reason she is still here?” Draven asks with such hatred in his voice and his eyes going red.

“Let’s keep calm Draven. I never thought Amber would do anything this drastic. She has had a crush on me since she was first brought to my pack when my parents were Alpha and Luna. I have already explained everything to Envy. I was planning on sending her to another pack far away when we returned home. I know that there is some kind of game that she and Katie have been trying to play. As I stated Envy and I talked all about it already. I had Canagan take Amber and confine her someplace she can not getaway. I think that I want Envy to be by my side when I tell Amber her punishment. I do not want her killed as she just needs to learn that Envy is her Queen and she just needs to get over this childish fantasy of her and me together and her ruling by my side. I am going to inform the whole pack at the same time that Envy is my mate and their Luna and Queen. If that is acceptable to Envy,” Lexington says as calmly as he can, looking at Envy.

“Yes, I very much want to be by your side when everyone hears of this and when the punishment is given to that fucking bitch. She needs to know I will not stand for any more of her bullshit. She is a fucking adult and needs to stop this childish behavior of her she is doing. This is the stuff that a high school teenager would be doing. But, if this continues I will not think twice about ripping her head off or ripping her throat out. I am letting you know that right now Lexington. I will not put up with so much district towards me, nor towards you,” Envy states flatly.

“Ok let us do that right now. I want as much taken care of before your parents arrive,” Lexington says as he starts to stand and move Envy off his lap keeping constant contact with her. He pulls her back to his side after he stands tall. “Canaghan where is Amber at?”

“She is in the storehouse. It is partially undergrown with only one way in and out. That was the securest place I could think of here that she would not escape from. I have four guards that do not like her at all watching so she can not talk her way out.” Canagan informs Lex.

“Good I am glad you thought of that. I knew I had you for my Beta for a reason. Let’s go and pull her out and have the rest of the pack convene around so they know exactly what is going to happen,” Lex says as he walks with his arm around Envy’s waist.

As everyone is circling Lexington, Envy, Draven, Elizabeth, and Canagan. Amber is stood in front of them with the four guards surrounding her. Amber looks around like she is trying to find figure out a way to escape. One of the guards places a hand on her left shoulder squeezing it enough to let her know that she is not going anywhere. Amber looks up at him with pitiful eyes.

“So, I want first of all to let every one that is here with us on this vacation. I know most of you have been confused as to why I would have agreed to keep an eye on a human. The reason is that she is not just a human. The majority of you all saw that she transformed into a very beautiful white wolf. I knew she was a Werewolf when Draven here (Lex points towards Draven), asked me to keep an eye on her. Envy and I have learned that she is my mate your Luna and Queen since we met. I knew before she did but was asked to not let her know by Draven. There is a reason for that but for now, I wanted you to know about her. I will inform everyone of the reason after this other matter is handled. Amber, you are accused of threatening your Luna/Queen. For this reason, you are guilty as I and others have heard you multiple times. You were given multiple chances to stop your antics but you choose to keep them up. Normally this is something that you would be put to death over but I know that you need help. I am going to ask Draven if his men can take you back to the Pack for me and keep you guarded in the dungeons. I will be contacting a few other packs far away from here to take you in. If I can not find one you will be deemed as a rogue and banished. Those are your options unless you want to be put to death. Do you have anything to say?” Lex says in his Alpha tone as he looks around the pack and then lands his eyes on Amber.

“I actually do have a few things to say. First, she is not my Luna or Queen. She is nothing but a fake fat Werewolf. I bet she had a spell placed on her to make her turn into a wolf. After all, Draven is a Vampire and has powers. Second I am the true Luna Queen here. It has always been known that I would rule by your side, Lex. Your mother primed for that job. She wanted me for your mate not some weak fat whore. I am stronger and prettier not to mention I can do things to you that no other has ever been able to do to you. I can please you, you screamed only my name ever. The Moon Goddess made me for you. You just did not accept that when I was 18. But you fucked me all the time after that so that right there would show everyone that you wanted me and not her. Oh, yea and Canagan is supposed to be mated to Katie. Not this other fat whore. You both really need to learn your place in this world. You are not wanted here. This pack will not accept you. They want me for their Luna and Katie for their Beta’s mate,” Amber states with so much confidence and smugness in her voice. As she looks around and nods at Katie.

Draven stiffens and starts to jump towards Amber. Both Envy and Elizabeth grab each of Draven’s arms. He looks at both of them with his eyes red and his fangs showing. Draven has a look on his face that he wants to kill Amber.

“Draven please do not do this,” Envy whispers so only he can hear.

Draven looks at Envy and nods at her. Envy lets go of Draven’s arm and pulled away from Lexington as fast as she can. Her claws extend as she jumps on top of Amber pushing her to the ground. As she straddles over Amber she looks her in the eyes. Amber looks back at her with a look of hopelessness.

“So you still think that my mate is your mate. Have you lost all your brain cells? Lexington is my mate/Alpha/King. I will not tolerate you any longer. You and your little cunt of a friend will not be allowed to ever step foot on the pack’s lands again. Draven’s men will be taking you to his compound and keeping you till we figure out where you are going. The next time I will not stop him from draining your blood. He does not like whores blood but I am sure he would make an exception for yours. He might not even drink he just might drain you like you drain a deer. With that being said here is something else for you to think about,” Envy says with an amused look on her face. Envy draws her claws down the left side of Amber’s face all the way down to her stomach and down her left leg to her foot. “Draven can you put a spell on her that cannot be broken ever so that she will have these as scars for the rest of her life?”

Draven looks at Amber and says words in an ancient language that is no longer spoken. As Envy gets up she pulls Amber up as she is screaming in pain and pushes her towards Draven’s men. Draven’s men grab Amber holding her.

“Take her to the compound and put her in the room that is encased in silver. I will call you with further orders when we get it all taken care of.” Draven tells his men with a menacing look on his face.

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