Wolves in the City

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Chapter 27

Envy’s POV

I look at Lexington. He has the biggest grin on his face I have ever seen. Well, I assume he is not mad at what I had to do. I walk back over to Lexington and hug him. I stand on my tiptoes and pull his head down to kiss him. I turn around and lean into Lexington’s chest. He wraps his arms over my shoulders holding me close to him.

“Little Minx I am so proud of you right now. You are showing the pack that you are the perfect Luna and Queen,” Lexington states as he looks into my eyes with so much desire and lust.

I look around at the pack. I see them all looking at me, with amazement and shock on their faces.

“Lexington who put Amber into the storage area?”

“It was Canagan, he also put four guards on her so she did not escape. Why?” Lexington replies, turning his head to the side looking with curiosity.

“Well, I need to find out what happened to the towel she had on when she was taken away? She came here in a bikini. Did someone namely Katie give that to her to wear?” Looking up at him with a questioning look.

I hear the pack talking amongst themselves. Not hearing exactly what they are saying word for word but I hear a few of them say they are happy that Amber will be gone. More of the females seem relaxed now that she isn’t walking around freely. Some of the men are not happy she is gone. I associate that with they were fucking her so now they have one less to fuck and soon it will be two. Katie will be kicked out and banned from the MC. She better stay far away from Eli she will beat her badly. I can already see how possessive Eli is over Canagan. I also hear how happy they are that I am Luna and Queen. This makes me very happy on that last part the most. I know I am meant to be this and it will not be easy but I will do my best. I want to let them know this. Lexington clears his throat loudly to get everyone’s attention. Everyone quiets down and turns their attention to Lexington.

“I want to know who gave Amber the bikini she was wearing when she brought before us?” Lexington asks with his Alpha tone as he gazes all around the pack.

“Ummm Alpha she was wearing that when Canagan put her in the storage. She was not allowed any visitors.” Bruce says flatly.

“What the actual fuck do you mean she was wearing that. She only had a towel on when she left the house,” I just about scream.

“Envy, when I was taking her to the storage area the towel, fell off of her and she was wearing the bikini below it,” Canagan replies.

“Oh, that sneaky fucking bitch. She tricked me into thinking that she was in the shower with Lexington and that he was just using me,” I scream.

I am so pissed off again for even believing that. I should have known better after everything that Lexington had told me on our walk. Also the way he kissed me and held me in his arms. But you have to trust what you see with your actual eyes. This just shows the lengths she will go to. She has to be sent to another part of the world so she will not be tempted to come back here and try anything else. Because if she does come back I will kill her myself. And I will not feel bad about doing it. She has caused me way too much stress these last few days. I have never had one person put so much stress on me. I just feel the need to strangle some. I can feel my face going red from all the frustration and my claws are starting to extend.

“Little Minx, what is wrong?” Lexington asks with shock on his face. He grabs a hold of me and comforts me.

“I am just thinking of the bullshit that fucking cunt did to me the last few days. I want to strangle someone or something,” I say with hatred in my voice.

Lexington holds her in his arms rubbing her back to calm her down and relax her beast inside. He knows that he is the only one that can calm his mate from doing anything.

“Little Minx let us go inside, you need a relaxing soak in the bath then we need time to spend with each other before your parents arrive tomorrow,” Lexington states matter-of-factly.

“I really just want to sleep. My body feels like it needs it. But, then again a bath does sound relaxing enough,” Envy says in a whisper only Lexington can hear. While she grabs his hand and pulls him towards the house.

Lexington runs a bath with her favorite bubble bath. It smells just like her. As he walks out of the bathroom he looks at Envy in awe. She is so beautiful he thinks to himself. He is so happy he has a mate that is so strong even without all her powers. She is going to make the best Luna and Queen to all the werewolves. He does not think that the Moon Goddess could have picked a better mate for him.

“Your bath is ready for you. I will go to my room and leave you to soak and relax. If you need me just call me and I will be right here by your side in two seconds,” Lexington states as he holds his head down and walks past her.

As he walks past he feels a hand on his bicep. He stops and looks around over his shoulder towards his little Minx.

“No please stay with me, I want you to come and soak with me in the tub. It is big enough for both of us. I need to feel your body’s warmth on me while you hold me,” Envy says just above a whisper looking down towards the floor.

Lexington turns around reaching towards her he takes her chin in his hand moving her head up to look him in the eyes. “Are you sure you do not want time for yourself to process with all that has just happened in the last few minutes?”

“Yes, I am sure. I not only want you here with me I need you here with me. I don’t want to be separated from you at all. So yes I am positive. Come get in the bath with me,” Envy states with the most certainty in her voice.

Lexington walks into the bathroom with her. He watches as he slowly starts to remove her shirt to reveal her every so luscious tits in her bra. She looks up and he notices her cheeks are a lite pink. His lips curve up into a panty-dropping smile. Walking up to Envy Lexington reaches around her as he kisses her on her cheek unhooking her bra. He kisses down her jaw as her bra drops to the floor. Kissing her neck softly he reaches down and unbuttons her jeans. Hooking his fingers into the belt loop he slides them along with her panties to the floor. Reaching down he picks her legs up one at a time to remove her legs from the jeans. Stepping back he looks her in the eyes with so much lust his pupils are dilating so much they are almost all black not showing his beautiful eyes. Looking slowly down her inch by inch just taking in the full features of her body.

Envy looks at his eyes and watches as he soaks her into his eyes. She turns a bright shade of red. She looks down at herself and covers her tits with her right arm and her lower region with her left hand, as she slowly turns to the side so he can’t see her full-on frontal or backside.

Lexington grabs her by the shoulders softly turning her back around. He has a look of sadness and concern on his face.

“Envy my love what is the matter?” He asks with the same sadness and concern in his voice.

“I know we were close earlier but I was in a state of intoxication for you that I did not have time to think about you seeing me. And now you are looking at me like a predator after its prey. I have never had this happen before so it is all new to me. You already know I am a virgin and that is bad enough that you know that since I am in my 30′s. That is just unheard of these days. Everyone has had sex before but I just never had the desire to be with a man the way that I have for you,” Envy says she has a softness in her voice that he has never heard before.

“Oh my love, you are my prey (he says as he chuckles), but I would never do anything that you are not comfortable with. You are all I have ever dreamed of having in my life and my heart’s desire. You were made just for me. I just can not stop admiring what is mine. It feels like it is has been many lifetimes of me waiting for you. Harou knew you were here before I even knew it. So yes I am going to admire you and want you so much for the rest of our lives,” Lexington looks her deep in her eyes so she sees he is true to his words.

“Thank you for saying that. It means so much to hear you say that,” Envy says as she steps into the tub. “Now there are just two problems I can see as of right now.”

“Oh what are these problems so I can fix them and make the problems disappear for you?” Lexington cocks his head to the side looking at her wondering what they could be.

“First is you are still fully clothed while I am not and second you are not in this tub that I am waiting for you to join me in,” Envy replies with certainty.

“Well, that has to be the two easiest things to rectify,” Lexington says with certainty in his voice.

Lexington thinks nothing of ripping off his clothing in one swipe and stepping into the tub with Envy. As he sits down and leans back he reaches for her and pulls her back into his hard chest as he massages her shoulders. Leaning forward he kisses the back of her head. He feels Envy relax from the massage. She melts into his chest. He reaches up grabbing a washcloth pouring some body wash on it. He gets suds all on the washcloth and slowly starts to wash Envy’s back. Slowly moving his hands around her waist he washes her stomach moving up gently the washcloth rubs across Envy’s tits. She lets out a soft moan. Upon hearing this Lexington starts to get hard.

Envy feels his cock start to press against her lower back getting harder and bigger. She slowly moves her back away from his hardness. She turns around in the tub to face him and lean back away. She looks him in the eyes and smirks as she looks down seeing his hardness starting to peek out of the water. She takes both of her feet and starts to stroke his cock with her feet slowly. He moans out from the feeling. Looking deep into each other’s eyes there is a lot of lust each can see. Both of their wolves are jumping around their heads as they get pleasure from the touching of each other. Envy leans forward-moving her feet and takes his swollen cock in her hands. He is so big she can’t get her fingers all the way around his hard shaft. He is at least 10 inches long and as round as a dollar bill is long. As she continues to stroke him he moans louder.

“MMM that feels so good where did you learn to do this from?” Lexington asks through a growl.

“Nowhere I just am doing what feels right,” Envy replies as she shrugs her shoulders.

Grabbing Envy under her shoulders he pulls her on top of him. He can feel the heat from her core on his hardened dick. Taking the washcloth he slowly moves down her stomach washing it again. As he gets to her pussy he can feel the heat on his hand. He washes her softly letting his thumb rub her swollen clit in circles. She moves up some. He pushes her back down on his shaft. He moves his hips up as he pushes her down so she feels his length slide between her lips. He is teasing her with his length while he still rubs her clit softly. She slowly starts to move her hips back and forth to match his teasing. Moving fast Lexington knows she is getting close to a climax. As he rubs her clit faster she starts squirming and moaning louder with each movement. He pulls her down into a passionate kiss. As he runs his tongue against her lip asking for entrance she lets him in. They are both exploring the other’s mouth as they both pant from the edging they are doing to each other. Just as she is about to climax Envy deepens the kiss. She releases her nectar all on his shaft. He keeps rubbing her clit to draw out her climax. They are both panting hard now. As she finally comes down from her mind-blowing orgasm so moves off of him.

Reaching for his cock she starts stroking him. Leaning down to kiss the swollen mushroom head of his cock she licks the tip to taste his precum. Stroking him faster with one hand she sucks just the head into her mouth. Her other hand she reaches down and slightly squeezes his balls and rubs them around massaging them. She feels his balls tighten in her hand. Envy is looking up at Lexington as she is sucking harder on his head. He keeps rolling his eyes back into his head. But he wants to watch her at the same time so he keeps opening his eyes back. He is at the peak of releasing his pent up warm juices. Envy smiles around his cock head and squeezes a bit tighter on his balls. With that, he reaches to her head and holds her head still with both hands as he releases a strong power force of his cum down her throat. His hips jerk up into her. She is swallowing all of his excesses. As Envy feels the last of his cum slide down her throat she looks up at Lexington and releasing his cock from her mouth is a popping sound.

“Holy fucking shit baby I am in awe of you even more now. That was the best blow job I have ever had in my life,” Lexington says as he pants breathlessly pulling her into a hug.

“I am glad you liked that. I was not sure I was doing it right. Eli has told me the gests of what I should do,” Envy says shyly.

Lexington rests his forehead on hers looking deep into her eyes.

“I hope that you feel good too my little Minx,” Lexington says.

“Oh, goddess yes I have never climaxed like that before. I can never fully making myself climax. I get right there and the sensation has always been too much to fully finish.” Envy says as she turns various shades of red.

“Well with me here now you will not ever have to touch yourself that will always be my job. Now let’s get out of this water and go to the bed and cuddle,” Lexington says as he helps her stand and pulls himself up.

Lexington steps out of the tub and grabs the towels. He turns back around helping Envy out of the tub he pats her dry wrapping yet another dry towel around her. He wraps a towel around his waist leaving his V to show the way down to his love area.

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