Wolves in the City

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Chapter 28

Lexington took Envy by the hands and pulled her into his hard muscular chest. Feeling her warm skin against his she melted into him. Leaning down he kisses her lips softly slipping his tongue between her lips wanting entrance. Envy parted her lips to let his tongue slide inside. As their tongues danced with each other in tandem they tasted each other, sweetness. While kissing slowly and passionately Lexington reached down and picked her up bridal style. Envy gasped, throwing her arms around his neck to help keep her weight off his arms so much.

Lexington pulled away from the kiss looking at her.

“Why are you holding my neck so tight my little Minx,” Lexington asked in a confused voice.

“Because I don’t want you to strain your arms with all my weight. I weigh too much for you to be carrying me,” Envy says softly looking away from him.

“What are you even talking about you weigh nothing, I don’t like you talking like that about yourself. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life,” Lexington states matter of factly.

Lexington kisses Envy on the cheek as he carries her out of the bathroom into the bedroom placing her lightly on the bed. Looking into her eyes he leans down kissing her lips softly.

Pushing her back onto the bed to lay down as he crawls over the top of her covering her with his body. Kissing her deeply as he uses his knees to part hers sliding between them.

Envy slid her hands up around his neck running fingers through his hair pulling on it. Lexington lets out a soft growl.

Lexington reaches down and pulls his towel off his waist then pulls Envy’s towel open. He looks down at her chest and growls out that her breasts are perfect. Kissing down her jaw, neck making little love bites as he moves down to her right tit. He is on his knees looking down at her tits as his mouth waters. His eyes go wide as he stares watching her nipples grow as they get hard as blows softly on them taking turns. He gets a grin on his face as he looks up into Envy’s eyes

Envy’s already pink cheeks turn red from her insecurities. Turning her head to the side she feels embarrassed as Lexington stares at her huge, not perky tits.

“Minx, look at me, your breasts are so much more than I even dreamed. I know I just saw them in the tub but to be able to just look at them and make your nipples grow makes my mouth water and I want to suck on them,” Lexington says with lust in his voice.

Lexington takes her left nipple between his thumb and pointer fingers rolling them around and pinching them softly. Licking his lips he sucks on her right nipple. Nibbling on her tit as he sucks harder and harder on her nipple.

Envy moans reaching to run her hands in his hair. Holding him in place so he will keep sucking her nipple. She feels her insides start to tighten deep in her core. She wiggles her hips. Wetness starts to seep out onto Lexington’s abs. She moans a bit louder this time as her hips move in a grinding motion needing the friction.

“Oh Lexington that feels so good please don’t stop, that feels amazing,” Envy moans out.

“MMMM baby you’re so wet for me I can feel the warmth. You smell so sweet my love I want to eat your sweet pussy so badly,” Lexington says.

Sliding down to the floor next to the bed getting on his knees. He reaches up grabbing my legs pulling me to the edge of the bed. Throwing my legs over his shoulders. He kissed each of my thighs licking between the kisses. Slowly making his way up to my hot wet center. He was looking at my pussy like it was a meal he was waiting forever to get a taste of. Running his tongue up my lips with the flat of his tongue. “You’re so sweet tasting my little Minx,” he says.

My body arches from the pleasure that I am feeling from Lexington. He has me so hot as he continues to lick my pussy. He sucks my clit as he tweaks my nipple with one hand.

Sliding one finger inside my tight hole. I gasp at the new feeling. Letting a moan out as he slowly moves his finger in and out slowly of my pussy, as he flicks his tongue around my clit altering sucking on it. Sliding a second finger inside me I wence at the extra full feeling. The pleasure he is causing me feels so good. I have never had this feeling before. He curls his fingers in a come hither me move rubbing up against my g-spot. I feel his grin as he laps at my clit. He moves his fingers faster and faster in and out of my pussy. My hips move to meet his fingers. I feel the pressure building inside me.

“OMG Lexington I can’t take this anymore you need to stop the pressure inside is too much,” I beg him to stop.

Looking up at me he gets a smirk on his face as he continues to slide his fingers in and out of me.

“That will not happen. I won’t stop until you cum for me. You are getting closer and I will make sure you actually cum,” Lexington says.

I feel my stomach muscles tense and my inside walls tighten around Lexington’s fingers. He sucks my clit between his teeth and flicking my clit.

Not ever climaxing from someone finger fucking me before I scream out in pleasure as my nectar coming rushing out of me soaking Lexington’s hand. He slows the movement down of his fingers flicking his tongue over my clit in figure-eight movements to draw out my climax. I am panting so hard after my release.

Slowly as my breathing evens out he pulls his fingers out and starts to lap up my nectar. Sliding his tongue into my pussy to get as much as he can out of me.

He looks up at me as he stands up. I notice his muscles tighten and loosen on his forearms. I look down and see he is stroking the length of his cock. He has a look that says I want you to touch it. I slowly sit up and scoot back on the bed some. I reach out and touch the helm of his head. I look up at his body and all the muscles. Scanning back down to his cock. It is the biggest cock I have ever seen. I have seen them in porn videos and pictures but never one that would match what Lexington was packing.

His cock is at least 10 inches long and it has a slight curve up, the veins are pulsing. He has no extra skin so he is circumcised not that it really matters since I have never seen one either way just know what they are supposed to look like. I have read that when they are not circumcised they are more sensitive but that is what the internet says and I know you can not always believe what you read there. I feel a bit of drool on my chin as I did not even realize that my mouth was hanging open as I stared at him. I know I just had my hands and mouth on him in the tub but I didn’t get a chance to really look at what he has.

Lexington lets a little chuckle out, “I assume that you like what is at your eye level, my little Minx?”

Not able to form my words properly I just mumble an mhmmm.

Reaching out I take the length into my hand. It is too thick for my whole hand to go around the shaft. I start to stroke him slowly. He sucks in his breath. “Careful baby I don’t want to release too soon. I want to be buried deep inside you when I let this load shoot out deep into you.”

I look up at him through my eyelashes as I can feel the heat on my cheeks. I take my thumb and run over the tip rubbing the precum down his shaft to use as lubrication. Stroking with one hand and taking his balls in my other hand I play with them like they are a set of handballs they use for therapy. I see that he is leaning forward more and starting to throb in my hands. Squeezing slightly on his balls he jerks back from me. I look back up at him again.

“Did I hurt you?” I ask with a worried look.

“No baby you didn’t. You are doing everything right and that is the problem right now. You are edging me so close. I need to be buried in you,” he states with clenched teeth. “Crawl back up on the bed for me.”

Crawling back up on the bed I watch as he reaches up grabbing a pillow. I cock my head to the side wondering why he is grabbing a pillow. He pulls my legs up and slides the pillow under my hips.

Leaning over her he kisses her softly on the lips. Asking for entrance to her mouth. Opening to let his tongue into her mouth so they can taste the other they both start to breathe heavily again. He pulls away and rests his forehead on hers. Looking into her eyes. “This is going to more than likely hurt which I am sorry for. I will take my time so it is less painful for you since it is your first time,” he says as he kisses her nose.

Reaching down he takes his cock into his hand and rubs it up between her wet folds from the tight hole to her clit. Rubbing the head longer on the clit she starts to moan. Slipping down he places the head at her entrance. The head enters her and she gasps for air.

“Sorry baby oh my goddess I am so sorry,” he says.

“Fucking hell you are so tight baby, this feels so perfect,” he blurts out.

She grabs his arms and digs her fingers into his biceps. “It is ok, I will be alright keep going it does feel good and painful but it is a good pain,” she says between breaths.

Sliding another inch inside and pulling back out to slide another inch in. As he gets halfway inside he feels her hymen stopping him.

“Ok hold on this is where it will hurt the most I am about to break inside of you,” he tells her as he kisses her pushing at the same time to distract her from some of the pain.

“Holy fucking hell,” she tries to scream but it is lost in his mouth as they kiss deeper.

Sliding all the way inside he is buried to his balls against her wetness. He just stays still for a few minutes so she can feel him inside her. Looking down at her he is searching her eyes to make sure she is ok. With a nod from her, he starts to slowly move in and out of her. He feels her start to loosen up some to mold to his cock. He leans his head down to the crook of her neck where he will mark her as he slides in and out. She starts to move in tandem with him.

“Oh Lexington, I never dreamed sex would feel like this,” she says with her eyes wide.

“We are not just having sex, my love we are making love so it feels different,” he tells her with a smile on his face that shows how much he loves her. “I want us to mark each other.”

Lexington lowers himself a bit more towards her to keep going slow as he wants this to last. He is not ready by any means to be parted from her. This is the best he has ever felt in his life. He thought just being around her, kissing her, and making her cum already was mind blowing. But this is something that he dont thinks he will ever tire of.

“Lexington I need to cum so bad move faster,” she states while panting hard.

“I can feel you are starting to get tighter and I am loving it,” he replies.

They both start to move at a fast tempo. As they edge closer to their release both of their fangs extend out and they each let their fangs sink into the other's neck.

Feeling her insides tighten around his cock milking it for all its worth. He feels her warm gush of sweet nectar around his cock. As soon as he feels this he starts to throb harder and faster inside her as he shoots stream after stream of liquid gold deep into her womb.

As they are coming down from their climaxes their fangs retract. Both of them are breathing hard. Lexington lowers himself on his forearms looking Envy in the eyes. He smiles, kissing her lips softly.

“What the fuck ouch,” they say in unison as their eyes shoot open looking at thier hands.

Lexington rolls off of Envy sliding out of her warmth that is still wrapped around his now flaccid cock.

“Lexington what is happening my arm and hand are burning. I don’t ever remember hearing about pain like this after a marking,” Envy cries out in pain.

“I am not even sure love this is new. I don’t understand myself,” Lexington replies.

As they both look at their hands and see a light under the skin.

Envy has a queen crown very detailed with Lexington’s name under it.

Lexington has a detailed king's crown with Envy’s name under it.

Both of their eyes widen as they see this appearing.

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