Wolves in the City

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Chapter 2

Lexington’s POV

“Hey, Canagan you got these meetings set up so we can take the two weeks and head to Sturgis,” Lexington says.

“Yeah bro I do. We are meeting with the head of the Shilo Pack at 10 am. Then the meeting with the Russians is at 2 pm for the merger talks!” Canagan says.

I really hate these meetings. If it’s not one thing then it’s another. Either pack, MC, or our human business’ having issues lately. I’ve been really looking forward to this trip to Sturgis. It sure feels like it’s been forever since I’ve actually been able to take some time to get away for something other than the business of some sort. Personal vacation which I so desperately need. I get to feel the wind on my face for a long haul ride. I’ll be leaving Jessie my delta in charge. I’m hoping that I can find a nice female to spend the time with while I’m there. I am so not into the nasty sluts that are always around the packhouse and clubhouse. There is this one slut Amber. She is so not my type. With her stringy blonde hair, small B size tits, her forest-green eyes that just look so dull. All she ever does is try to hang on me and sit on my lap like I’m her property. Amber showed up with her parents when she was 14 then. I made the mistake 8 years ago and had sex with her. It was the worst experience of my life. Since then she’s made it her life’s mission to try and get me to claim her since I’ve not found my mate yet. She tells me to give up and just make her the Luna/Queen because she says I am not destined to have a mate. I just ignore her rants and when I’ve had enough I just use my Alpha voice to make her shut up and leave. Between her and Katie, Canagan and I have our hands full keeping them from constantly trying to get with us. Trust me at times it’s hard to not just take Amber and fuck her so I get some relief from my hardons. But I know deep down that would be a mistake. Canagan tells me just to do it but something is telling me to just hold out. He does not understand at all this strange feeling I keep getting as we get closer to leaving for Sturgis. It’s a happy feeling deep down but also it makes me worry something is going down also. I just totally spaced out in that whole pack meeting.

“Okay, so that Pack meeting went better than I expected. The Shilo pack has agreed to an alliance with us” I say to Canagan. “I will let Jessie know so he can prepare a meeting with our pack to let them all know”.

Jessie is my delta and he does a great job, I trust him enough to leave the pack in his hands while I, Canagan, and some others head to Sturgis. We should be gone for two weeks with travel time. I’ve also been contacted by Draven to tell me he has a ranch on the outside of town that he rented out and wants us to stay there to keep an eye on his adopted daughter. I reluctantly agreed since I really do not trust vampires, especially ones as ancient and powerful as he is. But, when I found out his daughter is not a vampire but in fact, a werewolf that he has suppressed her wolf for unknown reasons. I am assuming it is for a good reason and I will agree to help him out since my pack/MC is the strongest in the world. I am technically the top Wolf but hate to be addressed as King. Things are getting harder to manage without a Luna/Queen by my side to help me keep calm and to also help me keep the packs in order. I just hope I am not one of the unlucky wolves to not be blessed to have a mate. And if I do not find a mate I surely won’t let Amber worm her way in. I’d rather be alone. I am brought out of my thoughts as Cana smacks my head.

“Dude, what the fuck has you all spacing out?” Cana asks.

“Nothing new just thinking about if I’m one of the unlucky wolves to not get a mate,” I say.

“No way in hell would the Goddess do that to the King of Werewolves” Cana states with a matter of factly look.

“Man I hope you are correct because I will end up ruling alone,” I say to Cana. “Oh, yea I got a call from Draven earlier. He has asked that we stay at the ranch he rented out of town from Sturgis to make sure his daughter is protected and to bring extra guys.”

“Why the hell would a vampire call on you to go and protect his daughter? Can’t vampires protect themselves?” Cana spouts out with a disgusted look on his face. “It’s bullshit man why do we get stuck doing this shit?”

“Well, first things first she isn’t a vampire nor his biological daughter. She is a werewolf that he suppressed her wolf from coming out so she doesn’t know she’s a werewolf. He adopted her when she was a newborn. She is aware of the werewolves and vampires so we won’t have to worry about that at least. Also, we are to keep her from being a werewolf to you, and I. Draven does not want anyone else to know she is a werewolf, especially her.” I tell Cana.

“Oh fuck that’s some messed up shit right there dude” Cana says.

“Yes it is but her being a werewolf means we can’t say no to him. Especially since I am King you know the number one rule,” I say.

“Yea I do, always take care of a werewolf that’s in need, unless it is a Rogue,” Cana states the number one rule. “Oh wait isn’t she a Rogue since she has no pack?”

“Technically no since she is not aware of herself being a werewolf so we have to protect her. He also said he has made sure she has had all different types of physical, martial arts, gun, knife training. You name it she has been trained. She has a lot of physical strength because of her wolf genes, just not the full strength nor any of the healing,” I tell Cana.

“Well, guess we got a job on our supposed vacation. I just hope she’s not some dip shit slut like Amber and Katie are.” Cana mumbles.

I look at Cana like he’s an idiot. “Seriously do you really think that Draven would even allow that to be true. He would be so overprotective.” I say.

“Okay well, our next meeting is going to come up soon. This merger has to go well. It will make our company also the top across the world. So we will be on top of everything.” I say to Canagan.

We go into the meeting holding our heads up high so the group of Russians don’t try to think we are pushovers. They don’t look to be in too good of a mood today. Damn this meeting is not going the way I intended it too. These guys think they can play hardball with me. Humans just have no idea we can tell when they are lying with their heart rate increasing and the sweat starting. I start to get pissed off and glaring at the Russians when I’m about to blow up for them wasting my time Canagan intervenes.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen please let’s all calm down. There is no reason to start yelling” Canagan says yells to get everyone’s attention. “Since we cannot seem to come to an agreement why don’t we all take a few weeks to see if we can come up to an agreement?” They all nod their heads in agreement. “I will call you in a few weeks and set up another meeting” I state while shaking their hands.

Canagan’s POV

Lexington looks at me and gets up, giving me a bro hug and thanking me for saving the deal as I knew he was about to blow it if he blew up on them. I have learned over the years to keep an eye on how Lex is handling things. He’s a great cousin, best friend, Alpha, businessman, and King. But lately, he has had so much going on and worrying so much. I know he thinks he does not have a mate but I am sure he does. Things are meant to happen at a certain time not when we want it too. Hell, I have yet to even find my mate. I wish it would happen soon. I am tired of being alone at night. I gave up sleeping with the Pack and MC sluts. Way too much drama from them. There is a human Katie at the MC that keeps trying to get with me again. Yea I have to admit I have hit that a few times. A man does get desperate at times. She really is something I would not ever consider gorgeous to me. She is fit in every way. She has shoulder-length brown hair, dark brown eyes, toned all over with a fake-tanned body. The only thing going for her is her size D tits. She’s a bit too tall and too skinny. I am with Lexington on what a woman should look like. We both love our women to be extra curvy. With Katie being human also isn’t what I want in a mate. So I will just keep her out of my bed and everything else. The problem we are having is that both Amber and Katie are going to Sturgis. It was funny when they asked to go. Lex said he doesn’t give a flying fuck they have to figure out how they are getting there and back. They both looked at us and in unison said you both are taking us we decided. Both Lex and I just about hit the floor in laughter because they both lost their minds. I was the first one to stop laughing long enough to tell them both not happening. We only let our women ride behind us. Amber thought she was cute saying well we are your women. I reminded her of her place and told them both they have never been our women and never will be. They were just a piece of ass for us to fuck. They both had their mouths hit the floor and started to cry. Everyone that was around us in the MC started to laugh at this point also. I say there are other guys you both been fucking you can ride with. But it’s not our problem how you get to and from. With that being said I stated we are done. Lex and I got up and walked out. I can’t wait to get out on the open road on my bike. The only open roads we have been using lately are from the Pack House out near Twin Lakes to St Paul. Nice drive but not long enough. I realize I am in my own little world like Lex has been in today so I snap out of it.

“Hey Lex did the new MC patches come in for the new members we might acquire at Sturgis?” I ask him.

“Yeah we got some in but they fucked up the name. They put Bleeding instead of Bledig. I swear people just have to keep fucking up.” He snaps at me.

“Are you a serious man? What the fuck, we have been using them for years.” I say all confused looking.

“New stupid bitch there thought someone wrote it down wrong,” Lex says giving me a deadpan look.

“We might just need to invest in our own machine for this stuff. It would be one less headache.” I state to Lex.

“We can check on that when we get back from Sturgis,” he says. “So you are ready to head over to the MC then out to the Pack House since we have to leave tomorrow and everyone there can follow us back to the MC when we get ready.”

Lexington’s POV

We start to head out of the 50 story building that we have for all our human business dealings. As we are leaving, as usual, all the women stare at us with their take me home and fuck me looks. I look at Canagan and we both just roll our eyes making the same comment “they are some thirsty women″. We do not even think about the females that work for us. 95% are human so we try to minimize how many humans know about us. That’s why we named the MC the same as the Pack name (Bledig), so no questions asked. We walk into an office that is basically a mini apartment that we keep clothes in since we don’t ride our bikes typically in our suits. The mini apartment has three bedrooms each having their own bathroom, and one extra for others. There is a living room with all the state of the art equipment of course. There is a dining room and kitchen, Canagan and I have our own rooms. The other is very rarely used. We change from our Armani Suits. We put on our Harley jeans, t-shirts, boots, and doo rags. We grab our Cuts and put them on. As we walk out of the building we always get stares from people. Today was a bit different than most days. We had a set of twins walk right up to us and start pushing out their chests while biting their bottom lips eye raping us. They asked us if we can give them a ride to anywhere we want so they can feel our bodies. I just shake my head as I throw my leg over my 2016 V-Rod. “Sorry girls we are not interested,” I tell them. Canagan just ignores them while getting on his 2015 Road Glide. We start them and head over to the MC. As we pull up we see Amber and Katie come strutting outside. We see them walking towards us so we ride to the backdoor of the club so they can not make it to us before we get inside. Walking inside the MC we hear the normal loud music and talking.

“Hey, guys”. I yell over it in my Alpha voice so that I am heard. “Turn off the music and I need everyone’s attention now. I need to tell you what’s going on with the trip and some things have changed.”

I hear the mumbling of some that do not seem too happy. But I do not care. They have to listen to me or they get dealt with by Canagan.

“What’s changed in the last 24 hours that’s so important?” Bruce asks.

Bruce is one of the Omegas from the Pack. He’s a good wolf most of the time.

“Well, we will be staying on a ranch outside of town instead of the campgrounds. I was called and asked to keep an eye on a girl for someone. I have agreed so that’s how it will be. No questions to be asked by anyone. She does know of werewolves and vampires’ existence so no need to worry about that,” I tell them.

“Oh, so this is some little wimpy bitch you have to babysit huh,” Amber says in a snide voice.

“Shut the fuck, Amber. I am not going to be having your mouth and shitty attitude on this trip.” I say to her while giving her a deadpan look.

“Okay everyone we will be here at 7 am to head out of town by 8 am,” Canagan says.

“Okay Hawk we will see you and Savage bright and early,” Bruce says.

“Later everyone” Cana and I say in unison.

Amber and Katie walk to us as we are opening the backdoor. Amber starts to whine, I look at her with a don’t fucking start look.

“Savage, can you give me a ride back to the Pack House so I can get ready for tomorrow?” Amber asks in a high pitched whiny voice. “And can Hawk drop Katie at her place?”

“Fuck no you have already been told neither of you will get on the back of our bikes,” I tell her while walking away.

She is still whining as we start our bikes and pull out she’s throwing her arms up in the air. Savage is my MC name and Hawk is Canagans MC name. We ride to the house from St Paul to Twin Lakes. We get into the Pack House and grab a beer each and head to our rooms for the night.

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