Wolves in the City

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Chapter 29

Lexington’s POV

Holy shit this is unreal. This shit hurts worse than any tattoo that I have ever gotten before. I can take pain but this has taken me by surprise. This is very interesting. I would have never thought to get this kind of tattoo. I kind of like it. Her name on my hand and mine on hers. There will never be any mistaking that she is mine and I am hers. I have to talk to the elders and see if they have ever heard of this happening before. Draven might even know a bit so we will have to speak with him in the morning.

Looking down at Envy that is cuddled up in his arms he is just staring and taking in all her features. He has never seen any female that will be as beautiful as Envy is. She is so sweet and shy to a point but also very fierce. This is one thing that he had hoped for in his mate.

I don’t even know how I got this lucky to be able to have her as a mate. I am wondering why she has never been with a man until now. It is almost unheard of. This is one of the many things that we need to learn about one another. But we have many many years to learn everything about each other. I will make sure that she is taken care of and protected. I know she can protect herself but she is my everything now. She didn’t know she was a werewolf so she will have to learn how to fight in her werewolf form. Draven told me that he had her trained in human form in a lot of various types of physical training along with weapon training. I will train her myself. There is no way that I will anyone touch her ever again. She is mine and mine alone.

There is just so much we have to find out about her powers. I am going to be right there by her side to deal with whatever there is to come. I will for sure have to do research on these jinns that are going to be coming after her. I have only ever heard stories about how cruel they are. Never have seen one myself which I am glad of but it does not matter what they try they will never succeed to harm her. We will start to deal with that in the morning when we wake up. Her parents should be here by the time we wake up. She has so many new things to deal with. I already can tell she is strong and will deal with it all but just how will be something that she is going to have to learn to lean on me for. She can’t do what she did when she ran off all those other times. We will talk about this also.

Pulling Envy even closer into his hard chest he rests his head at the crook of her neck to inhale her scent as he closes his eyes. Letting sleep take over him.

Envy’s POV

I feel so warm and cozy. I have a feeling I have never had before I try to move, but I am held in place. I’m afraid to open my eyes to see what could possibly be holding me down. A moan escapes my mouth. I hear a muffled chuckle and feel a vibration on my pussy lips. My eyes shoot open and I see Lexington down between my legs. I try to wiggle away, but he holds my waist down with his arms.

“Wh-What are you doing?” I ask him while breathing hard.

Lexington looks up at me and smirks. “Baby, where do you think you are going before we finish my breakfast?” as he raises one eyebrow.

Dropping his head back down to slide his tongue up my slit. I feel he has flattened his tongue out to spread my lips open more. His tongue coming to a stop at my swollen clit. I moan out again. Running his tongue over my clit in a figure eight. He removes one of his arms off my waist. Feeling him slide a finger down my wet lips he slips a finger inside me. Slowly pumping it in and out while he sucks on my clit then flicks it around. Taking my clit between his teeth and he sucks hard on my clit. I feel like I could just melt at the feeling he is giving me. Another finger slips inside of me I gasp. Lexington does a come hither motion inside me. I just about come off the bed at the sensation I have building up inside my core. I feel my insides start to tighten while getting warmer. Moaning louder and moving my hips in tandem with his fingers thrusting inside me.

“Oh, Lexington I’m about to…..”

I feel the wet start to slide down my lips towards my ass. My legs press together on Lexington’s head. He licks and sucks the wetness away while still pumping his fingers in and out of me. My body is shaking and trembling. I am breathing as I have just run a 10k marathon.

“Oh fuck that was like nothing I have ever experienced before,” I breathe out as I try to calm down.

“Good I am glad. I wanted to wake you up in the best way possible. I am glad that you approve. I will do that more often than not in the future.” Lexington says as he wipes his face of my honey sliding up next to me pulling me into a hug.

I reach up and pull his head down to kiss him. I taste myself on his lips. I taste sweet as honey. I cuddle into his chest laying my head on the crook of his neck.

“I would love to be woken up that away in the future for sure,” I whisper out.

“So who do you think would know about these tattoos that we have? Draven maybe?” Asking as I lean back.

“I was thinking that he might have some knowledge. But also the elder might know more about this.” He suggests.

“When we finally get out of bed I will make a call to the elders to see if they have any knowledge or if they need to check the archives for this.” He states.

“Good idea I didn’t think about the elders. This being a werewolf thing is all new to me still. I have so much to learn,” I say, sighing out a breath.

“It is ok my little Minx you have time to learn and I will teach you and I am sure that Elizabeth will also be willing to help you,” Lexington says.

Lexington holds me as he scoots up in the bed and leans on the headboard. He pulls me up against his chest and wraps his arms around me placing his head on the top of mine. This feels so natural to me. I have never sat like this before with a man but it feels like we have always done this. I relax into his chest holding onto his hands. I don’t want him to ever stop holding me like this.

“I have always been very curious about werewolves and pack lives but Elizabeth’s pack never accepted me enough for me to learn. The Alpha said since I was just a human that I was not worthy of knowing anything about it. And he forbade anyone from telling me anything. I could only get bits and pieces when I was around Eli and her family. I was not even allowed on the pack’s land,” I say with a sadness in my voice.

“Oh, Envy I am sorry about that. I wish I had known about that. I have no problems with trusted humans knowing about pack lives. I have humans that are always at our Packhouse and hanging out on pack lands. I will have to talk with the Alphas of the packs. That will be one of the first few things we put into order when we get back to the pack,” Lexington states seriousness in his reply.

“It is ok Lexington I get that some Alpha’s are just not trusting. There are a lot that are just cruel and mean rulers, which is normal because everyone is not nice in the world” I reply.

I move out of Lexington’s arms, turn around straddling over his legs. I look deep into his eyes. I see nothing but love for me deep in them. I grab both his cheeks in my hands and pull him down for a soft kiss on his lips. As I pull back from the kiss I wrap my arms around him. Leaning into his neck to smell his essence.

“I think we should get up now. There is a lot that we need to get done today. Starting with meeting with Draven, Elizabeth, and Canagan,” I whisper in his ear as I kiss him while pushing off of him.

“Yes, my love we will do that. Can you hand my phone to me so I can text Canagan?” He asks.

I reach over to the nightstand. Unplugging his phone I hand it to him.

Walking into the closet. I grab my black jeans that are precut with holes. A black Harley Davidson t-shirt from one of the stops on the way here. Reaching down I grab my Harley boots. Walking over to the chest of drawers I pull out a black lacy bra and panty set along with my black Fruit of the Loom ankle socks. I make my way over to the bed, placing the clothing on the bed while I pull on my panties, socks, hook my bra, and pull on my t-shirt and jeans. Leaning down I pull on my boots and zip them up.

I walk into the bathroom putting on deodorant, some black mascara, and eyeliner. Brush my teeth, floss, and rinse with mouthwash. Brushing my hair I pull it back into a ponytail. I go to walk out of the bathroom and walk right into Lexington’s arms. Startled, I looked up at him when I just back some. He grabs my arms to steady me from falling backward.

“Fucking hell you scared the fuck out of me Lexington,” I yell at him.

“Oh baby I am sorry I just wanted a hug, kiss and to see you before I went to get dressed,” He says with a laughing tone in his voice.

“Oh my goddess you can’t do that to me anymore,” I say while I smack his bicep.

He pulls me into a hug and kisses my cheeks lightly. He pulls back and looks me in my eyes.

“My Queen I will meet you downstairs in the dining room after I get dressed,” He states.

“Ok my lover I will make us some breakfast and meet you at the table,” I say as I blush from him calling me his Queen.

I make my way downstairs as he goes to get dressed. Walking into the kitchen I see that Elizabeth is already down here.

“Good Morning Eli, how did you sleep last night?” I ask her.

“Wonderful, I love sleeping in Canagan’s arms and waking up to him each morning,” Elizabeth replies as she blushes.

“Soooo how was it for your first time?” Elizabeth asks softly.

’Oh my goddess it was amazing, I have never had such a feeling deep inside me before!” I tell her excitedly.

“Envy, what is that on your hand?” Elizabeth asks with shock.

“Oh, shit yeah I totally forgot about this. I have no clue why we got this. Lexington has one also but my name is on his hand. Have you ever heard of this before happening to anyone?” I ask her

She takes my hand in hers and examines the new tattoo that is there.

“Actually I have only ever seen it on two others. But it is not like yours but they are different,” Elizabeth replies as she pulls up her sleeve and shows me her tattoo.

“Holy shit is that a heart with a chain on it?” I ask as I examine her tattoo.

“Yea it is, Canagan has a chain with a key on it. When we stand next to each other they make one tattoo,” Elizabeth says. “But I do not know of anyone else that has ever had this happen to them before.”

“Lexington wants to have a meeting with Canagan, you, and Draven about this. But now that we all four have tattoos we for sure need to find out what this is all about.” I say to her. “But until they all get here let’s make a nice big breakfast.”

“Sounds good I will grab the makings for omelets and bacon and you make some pancakes and toast,” Elizabeth states.

“Okay, that sounds like a plan to me.”

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