Wolves in the City

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Chapter 30

Lexington’s POV

Damn this is going to be a very interesting day that is for sure. With all these new daily things that keep coming up. So much has changed in just a matter of a few days. And I can already feel there is way more and we have just scratched the surface of everything. I already know that Envy is going to have a lot to deal with with her parents. But first things first text Draven and Canagan to meet us in the dining room for a serious meeting.

Draven; Canagan: Hey, I need you both to meet me in the dining room in about 20 minutes. We have to have a meeting. Something happened during mating last night that I have never heard or seen before.


Yea I can meet you there in 20 minutes. But can we get at least a heads up beforehand?


On my way. Just getting dressed. Eli is already downstairs.

Draven; Canagan:

This is not something I want to talk about via text message. It’s too much.


Okay, I will see you in 20 minutes then.

Okay, that is done at least. Now to get dressed but need some lovins for my Lil Minx. Getting out of bed I grab my clothes from yesterday and throw them on. I don’t want her to think that I want someone else to see what is hers. I know Amber is gone but I don’t want her to get upset with everything that has just happened. I know I will need to prove myself to her more so she knows I am serious about her being my one and only. I know this isn’t normal but her growing up as a human has a huge impact on how she sees and feels things. Her wolf will help her but I know my human side doesn’t always agree with Harou. I can already tell her wolf is very strong but also cares a lot about Envy.

Stalking over to the bathroom door to wait for Envy.

I grab Envy by the arms so she doesn’t fall as she walked right into me. I look down at her and just am amazed at how beautiful she is and she does not have to even put on a lot of makeup to show off her beauty. Unlike a lot of females that cake that goddess awful mess on their faces.

“Fucking hell you scared the fuck out of me Lexington,” Envy yells.

“Oh, baby I am sorry I just wanted a hug, kiss and to see you before I went to get dressed,” I reply with a laughing tone.

“Oh, my goddess you can’t do that to me anymore,” Envy replies smack my bicep.

I pull her into a hug and kisses her cheeks lightly. Taking a deep breath so I can get the smell only she has that I love so much of Apple Cinnamon. I pull back and look into her beautiful electric blue eyes.

“My Queen I will meet you downstairs in the dining room after I get dressed,” I tell her in a loving voice.

“Ok, my lover I will make us some breakfast and meet you at the table,” Envy replies.

As I back away I notice she is blushing after I called her my Queen. I am glad she likes that. She is my one and only Queen. As I walk into my room I look around and think about gathering my stuff to move it into the room with Envy. Her parents will be here tonight or tomorrow morning and they need a place to stay. But I should ask her before I do that. I know we are mates but I don’t want her to feel like I am pushing her.

Walking over to the dresser I grab out some black Under Armour boxer briefs, a pair of black Under Armour socks. Along with a black V neck t-shirt. Throwing it all on the bed as I walk towards the closet pulling off my shirt and undoing my jeans to get out of them. I pull off my jeans and throw everything in the laundry hamper. Pulling out a dark blue pair of Harley Jeans I walk over to the bed to get dressed.

Walking up behind Envy in the kitchen I grab her and pull her in for a deep kiss.

“EWWWWW, dammit Lex that is just wrong to do in the kitchen,” Eli says shaking her head.

“Love you know I did the same thing to you the other morning so don’t complain about others,” Canagan replies.

“Yeah well that was us with no one else around,” Eli states flatly.

“Still does not matter, but I still love you,” Canagan says as he walks up and kisses her on the temple smacking her ass.

“Lexington stoppppppp not in front of them please,” Envy says blushing.

“But I can not keep my hands off of you my Lil Minx,” I replay smirking at her.

“Now now children there is no need for the bickering over who is kissing who, how, and where,” Draven says as he walks around the corner smiling.

“Breakfast smells great ladies. I know you both know how to cook. I am so glad I paid for the cooking classes when you were teens,” Draven says.

“Yes thank you so much for that,” Both Envy and Eli reply at the same time.

“So are we all going to sit in the dining room and have this meeting?” Draven asks looking around.

“What meeting are you even talking about Draven,” Eli asks sounding confused.

“Yes, we are. There have been some new developments since Envy and I mated last night,” I say looking at everyone.

“Oh, so you mean the tattoos that you and Envy got. Well, Canagan and I also seemed to get our own as well,” Eli says with a shrug of her shoulders.

“What why am I just now hearing about this Canagan? You should have told me when you first got them. That is not something that is normal,” I say in a serious tone not quiet my Alpha tone.

I rub the back of my neck not being able to put this all together. How is this even possible. Both of us when we mated us and our mates have tattoos burned into our skin. I shake my head as I walk over to the dining room table to sit down. Take the head of the table seat. I lean over the table with my head cradled in my hands. I’m trying too hard to wrap my head around this. Now even more has happened. This just cannot be happening.

“Babe are you ok?” Envy asks as she sits the plates of pancakes and bacon down.

I jump up coming out of my thoughts. “Huh, what did you say?” I ask.

“I asked if you are ok?” Envy stated again

“Yeah yeah I’m good just trying to figure this all out is all. It is a lot yeah know,” I reply still in a bit of a daze.

I look around as the others come into the room. Eli sitting the omelets and toast down, while Canagan brings the coffee and juice in. Draven sits at the other end of the table, Envy to my right, Canagan to my left where he has always sat and Eli between him and Draven. I look around at everyone and smile. Everyone fills their plate with the wonderful looking and smelling feast that our mates have prepared for us. Canagan and Eli wait to eat. Draven doesn’t have anything of course since we all know he is a vampire and he doesn’t really need to eat the food.

“Well dig in everyone,” Envy says looking around.

“Ummm we can’t just yet sugar,” Eli replies sounding so meek.

“And why is that? Shit, Eli you always dig in first and scarf down your food.” Envy remarks boldly.

I reach over and take Envy’s hand in mine. She looks over at me with questioning eyes.

“Lil Minx it is because now that you are Luna she is not allowed to eat before you have the first bite. It is customary for the Luna to always have the first bite of food. Then I take a bite then the rest of the pack will eat but not before you do,” I tell her in a gentle voice.

“Well, if that isn’t one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. I am not the Queen of England. So there is no need to wait for me to eat,” Envy replies with a scoff.

“You may not be the Queen of England Envy but not only are you the Luna of this pack but you are also the Queen of all Werewolves. So see you are a Queen so there it is,” Eli states with a smirk.

“UGH, I totally forgot about that. I know you are the King of all Werewolves Lexington but I didn’t even think about me being the Queen. I know I heard you state that yesterday but it still has not all sunk in yet,” Envy replies sounding so deflated. “Fine here let me take the bite so you can all eat your food.”

Envy takes the bite of food as I take mine next and the other two eat. I shake my head and look at my mate in awe. Even when she is frustrated she is still the most beautiful creature there is in this world. I take her hand in mine and squeeze it lightly so she knows I am here for her.

“So first things first. Draven, have you ever heard of Werewolves getting burning tattoos after a mating? I’ve never heard of this happening before and all four of us have new tattoos that seem to be matching our mates,” I ask as I look down at him.

“I had heard of this one time before. It was said that it was a hybrid but never confirmed. I never saw it myself but it has been over 2000 years ago now. So I would have to get with a few of the other older vampires and see if they have any knowledge of this. The mates were Alpha and Luna of a pack in Eastern Europe. I could be nothing since I do not remember more than that. If it had been something of importance or even a big deal I know I would have heard more about it. I was in Eastern Europe back then. Granted Vampires and Werewolves were at each other’s throats back then. Now we just tend to leave each other alone,” Draven informs us.

“So that means there should be something in the archives for back then that the elders have in the vaults,” Canagan chimes in sounding more interested.

“I am hoping that this information is there. But do you remember when there was that intentional fire set to the archives about six years ago,” I say with a questioning voice?

“Oh fuck yeah that’s right. We never did know why, who, or what was burnt back then. But now I wonder if it was what is after Envy that set the fires since we never did smell or see anyone,” Canagan replies

I look over at Envy as I notice she hasn’t touched any more of her food since her first bite. I give her a questioning look but she just looks down at her hand. I reach overtaking her hand in mine again pulling it towards my mouth and kissing right on her tattoo then each of her knucks.

“What is the matter Envy?” I ask in a very soft voice.

She just looks at us all and shakes her head.

“There is just so much happening all at once. I have this feeling inside me that something bad is going to happen really soon. I know have always had feelings of things happening before they do but this is much stronger. Also, my wolf is whimpering a lot. Is that normal for a wolf to whimper so much? She is also growling from time to time,” Envy replies cocking her head to the side.

“It is ok my love we are all here for you to help you transition and with any questions you have. Your wolf is probably feeling something that your Angel feels so she is reacting to that I would have to guess. I have never met anyone that is a hybrid such as yourself. Meaning I have never met anyone that was a Werewolf/Angel before. So this is all new territory for us all here. Unless Draven has met one before,” I look lovingly into her eyes.

Everyone looks down the table towards Draven. He shakes his head as he replies.

“No I have not met your type of hybrid before sweetie,” Draven states.

“But my mother is Werewolf/Angel you said,” Envy looks at Draven with wonder.

“Yes I did say that but I have yet to meet her in person. So I have not met her other than spoken to her a few times over the years. I refused to let her know your whereabouts to protect you. She has never seen a picture of you either. I lead her and your father to believe that I moved you from Venice, Florida. Everything I have done to you is to protect you. Yes I know I should have told sooner they were alive but then you would have wanted to meet him. And that was impossible without telling you everything else. But now that you have broken the spell I do know that bad things are about to start happening. You have a lot to learn in a very short amount of time. This is the reason I made sure you and Eli were well trained in all aspects of combat. Hand to hand and with all the weapons. You can fight in your human form both of you and from what I saw yesterday you will be more than capable of fighting in your wolf form as well. Your wolf is very strong and she is bigger than any other Luna out there or she-wolf. The reason I asked your parents to come is so that maybe your mother can help with the powers that you are starting to reveal themselves. Have you had any more since the earth ripple one?” Draven states along with questioning.

“No, I have not had any other powers come to light so far. Are you sure there are more? But I still do not understand why you told me my parents were dead. I mean I am very upset about that but I am coming to see why you did these things to me. I wish you would have told me sooner or let my wolf come to me,” Envy replies to Draven.

“In my vision, I had of you not long after I was changed. I saw that you would be fighting to save the world and also you would have your mate by your side. So I had to keep your wolf at bay till you found your mate. Why do you think we always went on all those trips all over the place. I wanted you to meet your mate then I was going to remove the spell,” Draven says as he moves to the seat next to Envy taking her hands in his looking her in the eyes.

“So if you saw my mate in your vision then why didn’t you just take me to Lexington’s pack so we could meet?” Envy asks him sadly.

“I couldn’t take you to your mate as I never had a clear vision of his face or name. You know I can only see some people’s future and it was yours that I was seeing so others around you are like a blur if that makes any sense? I did also see that you would have a female by your side that would do anything for you. I am going to assume it was Eli as she had the features of Eli from what I could make out,” Draven remarks.

Draven looks at Eli with love in his eyes knowing that she will do anything to project Envy as she has proven that in the past over the years. Draven looks at each of us.

“This fight that we are going to have is going to be earthshattering. I do also know that you all are going to be making changes. I do not want to reveal it all at once as we need to talk with Jack and Diane to see what they know and can help with. Envy I know you are not happy to meet them but you will need their help. Jack, your father is an Alpha. He left his pack to keep you protected and also his own pack. Diane your mother comes from Alpha blood along with Angel of course. So please give them a chance to help you with the transition that you will be going through. Your mother might know about your powers or at least a way to find out more. She might be able to get in contact with your grandfather that is an Angel. Angels have powers that are beyond what we can even comprehend. They will be arriving late tonight or early tomorrow morning,” Draven says as he leans over to kiss her on the temple.

Harou starts growling when Draven kisses Envy. I try to calm him to let him know that he is her father. He does not understand how a werewolf can have a vampire for a father.

“Yes, of course, Draven I will do that. I want nothing more than to help keep people safe no matter what happens to me,” Envy replies with so much confidence in her voice.

I smile at her. WOW, the Moon Goddess did give me the best mate. She is so caring for others even though I know she has been through so much in her life I am proud she is my mate.

“Now that is all settled and we have a little bit more information I am going to call the elders and have them get what information they can about these tattoos. Also, my Lil Minx after we are done eating would you like to learn how to shift and go run with the pack so your bond forms with the pack? Also, this way Eli can start to form a bond with the pack if you are going to stay with the pack that is Eli?” I ask and state.

“Yes, I would love to stay with the pack I just need to get in touch with my Alpha and parents and let them know I have found my mate. Which I know I should have already done but you all know why I haven’t yet,” Eli states.

“Yes, Lexington I would love to learn to shift and go for that run. I can not wait to be a part of your pack,” Envy replies with the most joyful voice almost jumping in her seat. “I will clean up this mess while you go and make the call.”

“Envy you do not have to clean anything I will be calling the service to come in today. Also, we need to have them bring more food in,” Draven tells her.

“Fine, I will just take this stuff in the kitchen then. Hopefully, Lexington will be off the phone soon I really can’t wait to do this,” Envy says.

I get up from the table walking onto the porch to make the call to the elders.

“Hello this is Lexington, I need to ask you to find out some information for me. My mate, myself, and also my beta and his mate have all just recently mated and we have all formed matching tattoos to our mate. I require knowing if this happened before and if so the circumstances behind it and the outcome. When you get the information please call me back and let me know. I am out of the state at the moment but planning on being back in the next few days,” I tell the elder.

I stick my head back in the house and yell that I am ready when they are so we can go gather the pack and get on with the run we all need so much.

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