Wolves in the City

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Chapter 31

“Are you all ready for this run,” Lexington asked, all excited.

“I am really excited to do this, I have always wanted to run with a pack before. I always envied when Eli would go with the pack,” Envy stated with so much excitement in her voice.

“Okay, so how do you want this to work?” Canagan asked.

“I think we should get the pack together and let them all know this will be her first time doing this. I have to help her to do her change, then we can run. But I want to talk to them all first, so if you can go gather everyone near the barn. I will have Envy change in there since they have let out the horses for the day. I don’t want her to feel like she needs to be naked in front of everyone. So go get everyone while we head inside the barn,” Lexington states.

“Okay, that sounds like an excellent plan,” Canagan stated.

Lexington looked down at Envy, wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling him into his side. Leaning down, he kissed her temple.

“How do you feel about the change in the barn?” Lexington asked.

“Thank you, babe, I am glad. I thought you would want me to change in front of everyone. That I was not feeling too comfortable about,” Envy replied.

Let’s get this done so we can get you attached to the pack.

Walking to the barn, Envy snuggles into Lexington’s side with her arm around his waist. With her head leaning on his side.

“So is this going to hurt? I have heard that it is very painful and I do not remember either of the last two times I did the change since I was so mad and my wolf took over and made me do it,” Envy asked curiously.

“Yes, baby, it will hurt a lot so I just want you to be prepared. I will not lie to you, but I do not know how much pain you can take. Some say it hurts very badly then others; it isn’t so bad,” Lexington states.

“So what I am going to want you to do is imagine a wolf starting with the hair and yours is white so think about that, then how long the tail and legs look. Then next the ears and snout along with your fangs. That will be what you will think about each time until you get used to shifting. It is not a hard thing. I also want you to try to ignore the popping your bones are going to make while they break and reshape into your wolf form,” Lexington says in a soft and caring voice.

“Well, that does not sound that hard. I am normally able to handle more pain than most can. At least that is what Draven has told me my entire life,” Envy says.

As they walk into the barn, Lexington closes the doors behind them. He leans down and captures Envy’s lips with his. Swiping his tongue over her lips, asking for access. Envy allows access. Their tongues caress each other. The kisses intensify deeper and more passionately. Pulling away from each other, breathing heavy. They look into each other’s eyes. There is so much love already they can each see. They hug. Lexington kisses the top of her head as he pulls away. Lexington grabs one of the blankets that is hanging over the stall door. Laying it down on the floor so Envy has a clean place to lie when she shifts.

“Go over there and undress so you do not tear your clothes when you shift. I will be right here with you baby, you got this,” Lexington says with so much love in his voice.

Envy walks away and takes off her boots, socks, jeans, t-shirt, panties, and bra. Looking over at Lexington, she lays down on the ground on the blanket. She thinks he is so caring and loving for thinking about her, so much for her first change that is her actually wanting to do. She thinks about what he told her too, White wolf hair, tail, legs, ears, and snout. She feels the pain from the bones starting breaking and she screams out in pain. As the bones are reshaping into her wolf form.

“Just relax Envy so the process will go easier on you and me. You are doing great. I am glad that you have Lexington here with us for your real first time-shifting on your own. I know I should not have taken over the other two times. But I am glad that I did so that you did not have this pain as I was so mad. I wanted to kill that fucking whore,” Indigo says in Envy’s head.

Lexington is standing there watching his love change into her beautiful white wolf. He is still in awe as he has never seen a white wolf before her. He loves they are both so different. Harou being jet black and she is white as snow. He is thinking of what their pups will look like. He gets a sad face as he watches her change and she screams in pain. He wants to go over and comfort her but he knows she needs to experience this as it will get easier the more she shifts. He grabs his cellphone to take a picture of her wolf so she can see who beautiful she is when they get back from the run.

As Envy stands up on all fours, she looks down at her paws seeing that they are white. She looks over at Lexington, who is in the process of snapping pictures of her with his phone. She cocks her head to the side, watching what he is doing. She jumps around in a circle, trying to get a look at herself. But when in reality it looks like she is chasing her tail. As she continued to try to and see herself, she did not notice Lexington shift into his wolf. Hearing a man’s gruff voice in her head, she stops spinning and jumps. She looks around to see who is there. Staring at the huge black wolf in front of her. She drools. Shaking her head to get her head on right. Indigo pushes Envy to the back to take over.

“Well, hello there handsome,” Indigo says in her most sultry she-wolf’s voice.

“MMMM, you sure look sexy there, and hello right back at you mate,” Harou says.

Harou walks over to Indigo and rubs all on her, putting his head over the top of her. He is making sure the other wolves know she is his. Indigo rubs back on Harou.

“Let’s go mate and run with the pack now so we can bond more,” Harou states.

Harou jumps up unlatching the door, pushing it open with his shout. As they walk out of the barn, the pack is all standing there waiting for them. They all bow their heads as Harou and Indigo walk out of the barn side by side. Harou puts his head under Indigo’s showing the pack that he will submit to her and her only. Harou stands tall, looking around at the pack.

“This is your Luna. We will take the first partial pack run with her tonight so her bond with the pack can become stronger,” Harou states to the other wolves, as he looks around at each of them, making sure they are all looking towards her and not showing disrespect by putting off his alpha scent.

They all bow to Indigo, showing their submission and respect for her as their Luna.

“I am very pleased to be making this run with everyone,” Indigo states in a very confident voice, holding her head up high.

“Thank you, Luna, we are very glad to have you with us,” The wolves all say in unison with a playful yip at the end.

Harou looks around at his pack and puts off a sense of pride in his pack for showing respect to their new Luna. He turns around and howls into the air, letting the pack know it’s time to run and play together. They take off in front of the pack, leading them out into the pasture towards the woods.

As the pack runs behind Harou and Indigo, he could the pack yipping and nipping at the others in the pack. That alone made him burst with so much pride at how his pack comes together. This in turn made him nip at Indigo’s tail as a sign of playfulness towards her. Indigo jumped from side to side playfully with Harou. As they ran playfully with each other and pack behind them, she could hear them all muttering how happy they were that Lexington and Harou found their mate. And they could tell how much they both loved her and Envy. They all had hoped that he would find her and that she would soothe his souls. They all loved him as their Alpha and King, but he had still needed his Luna and Queen by his side to make him happy. This made Indigo and Envy thrilled to hear what was being said. She was proud to be their Luna and Queen, even though she had no earthly idea what the fuck she was doing or what was expected of her. She could now start to feel what the pack was feeling as she became bonded with them. There was so much for Envy and Indigo to learn about each other, not to mention about pack lives. It would not be easy, but she was willing to learn everything.

The next thing she noticed when she looked around was a river that Harou was slowing down as he came closer to it. The rest of the pack also slowed down. Harou let out a howl to let everyone know to relax for a little while. Harou walked over to the river and looked over to Indigo as he turned his head back, he drank from the cool spring water from the river.

“Come, my love, and drink and see yourself in the river’s reflection,” Harou stated, licking his lips as he gazed at her.

As Indigo walked to the river’s edge, she looked down and gasped. She did not think she would look so beautiful.

“Oh my Goddess Harou, I never realized how cool the water would be. It is amazing, but not as amazing as my mate is,” Indigo says in a low soft shy voice.

Harou stopped drinking and started jumping around in circles behind Indigo. He was so happy his mate felt so at ease with the pack. He knew she would fit in perfectly. After all, the Moon Goddess did choose her for him. Indigo lays down as Harou walks up beside her and wraps himself around her body.

“Okay everyone just relax and enjoy yourself for about an hour then we will head back to the ranch,” Harou says as he lays his head over Indigo protectively as she closes her eyes to nap.

“Yes, Alpha, thank you for this run. It means a lot to us,” Bruce says for the rest of the pack in a chipper voice.

When everyone has had their rest, they head back to the ranch with Harou and Indigo leading. They all frolicked like a bunch of deer enjoying this pack run. It was the first of many to come, and so this would be a memorable run.

As they get back to the ranch Harou runs to the barn.

“Come, mate,” Harou says in a low gruff voice.

“Coming,” Indigo says chipperly.

“Now to change back, think of what Envy looks like so you have a picture. Starting with her hair color and the shape of her body,” Harou says.

“I can do that,” Indigo replies as she walks over and licks his snout then rubs her head on his neck and underneath it.

Indigo walks over to the blanket that was still lying on the floor of the barn and lays down on it. She imagines each feature of Envy as the bones begin to crap and reshape into her human form. She closes her eyes as she holds back a scream of pain. Laying down on the blanket after she is done shifting back Envy just lays there.

Envy feels a large warm pair of hands wrap around her waist and pulls her onto his lap. She snuggles into Lexington’s chest listening to his heartbeat. Lexington hugs her tightly into him feeling their bare skin connect with a feeling of warmth. He had never had this feeling before and he enjoyed it so much. It felt like getting a shock from a light socket all over his body. She felt the goosebumps form on his and Envy’s body. He lays his head on the crook of her neck taking a deep breath to get her scent.

“Lil Minx, I am so proud of you. It means so much to me that you have accepted being my Luna and my Queen,” Lexington says with such warmth and love in his voice. “You did an amazing job of shifting along with the bonding run with the pack.”

Envy blushes hearing him praise her.

“Thank you. It felt amazing to be able to run like that and the feeling of the pack was so heartfelt and warm,” Envy replies. “But I can tell you it was one fucking painful shift to and from.” She says as she giggles.

“It will get easier to where you will just shift without thinking and not need to lie down to do it,” Lexington says with confidence in his voice.

“Well, I guess we should get dressed now before someone walks in on us sitting her stark naked,” Envy states matter-of-factly.

“Yes, let’s, or I will have to kill someone for seeing you like this. Also, I have something to show you when we are done dressing,” Lexington says. “I think you are going to be very pleased.”

After they are all dressed, he walks over to her, strapping his arm around her waist with his left, and pulls his cellphone out of his back pocket with his right hand. He taps the screen to turn it on then scrolls to the photos where he pulls up the pictures he took of Indigo showing it to Envy.

Gasping, Envy grabs the phone and inspects the picture as she has never seen such a beautiful creature before in her life.

“Oh my Goddess, Lexington, she is so beautiful. I know you said she was white and beautiful, but I didn’t dream she looked like this. I love her so much. I know I have only had her for about 24 hours now, but it feels like I have had her my whole life,” Envy states in an excited voice.

“Yes, she is beautiful. I have never seen a wolf like her before. White wolves are rare, along with her blue eyes that are the same shade as yours that is even rarer. There has not been a white wolf in hundreds of years. The closest that I have ever heard of is yellow tawny ones. And those are nowhere near white they have more yellow and brown in them,” Lexington says with a smirk on his face. “My gorgeous mate.”

She blushes as she turns in his arms and presses her redding face into his chest hugging him tightly.

Lexington reaches around her and swings her up bridal style making her squeal as he spins her around laughing.

“Put me down now I weigh too much you will hurt yourself,” She screams as she laughs smacking his shoulder.

“Nope, I will carry you like this all the time if I choose to. You weigh as light as a feather,” He stated with a serious tone in his voice so she knows to not argue with him.

He carries her out of the barn to where everyone is standing around talking with each other about how much they enjoyed the run with the new Luna. Hearing this just made Envy blush more and bury her head in his neck. They all sit around just having idle chit-chat while relaxing.

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