Wolves in the City

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Chapter 32

Envy’s POV

I can not believe that I had that run with the pack. I have never in my life felt so alive. I know I have probably said that before, but this was whipped cream on top of the ice cream. Yes, I know I should say cherry on top, but I know there are still a few more that will even top this. So I have to save the nuts and other toppings for those. So whipped cream it is. As we all sit here around the bonfire, it is nice to have this feeling that I belong to an enormous family. Leaning on Lexington as he keeps me pressed into his side, I can’t get over this overwhelming feeling of love that he has for me. Yes, he has told me multiple times and I know this is how it is in the werewolf society, but this is still new to me.

Lexington’s POV

This is so nice to have someone that I can actually call my own and show my love to her. The pack has been so welcoming to her so far, and I really appreciate it so much. I just hope that the rest of the pack will be just as accepting. I am sure we will have a few that won’t want to accept her since she is a hybrid. They will just have to deal with it. After all, she is my mate along with their Luna, not to mention she will become Queen when we have the mating ceremony that will be combined with a coronation for her to be crowned Queen of all Werewolves. That is going to be a huge deal. That will take sometime or prepare for. I will call the elders later tonight to let them know that they will need to start preparing for that, along with seeing if they have information for me.

“Hey Savage, so how much longer do we have here now that you have met your mate?” Bruce asks with his eyes full of curiosity.

“I really can’t answer that since we are waiting for Envy’s parents to arrive later tonight,” Savage replies, shrugging his shoulders.

“So would it be ok if some of us go back into town?” Bruce asks with hope in his eyes.

“I do not see why, not at least for a few hours. I am going to have a meeting with Envy, Hawk, Eli, Draven and Envy’s parents about what we need to do when they arrive,” Savage states.

Bruce stands up, looks around at the pack.

“So who wants to head into town with me? This was before we can see what we can get into, before we head back to pack territory,” Bruce asked with a lot of enthusiasm.

“Oh, hell yea lets get on with this,” various members yell with hooting and hollering.

Most of the pack got up and headed to get changed to head into town to see what was all going on tonight.

Draven comes up to Envy and Lexington watching them cuddle up together. He has a gigantic smile on his face. Loving how Lexington looks at Envy. He can see how much he cares for her already.

“So we need to talk in private if you both will come with me,” Draven says to Envy and Lexington in a serious tone.

Both of them looking at each other as they uncurl from one another getting up.

All three walk to the barn so they could have a private conversation.

Draven’s POV

As they walk inside the barn, Draven makes sure that they are alone. This is not for all the pack just yet to know about.

“I received a call from my pilot. They had to stop at LaGuardia Airport as they had some strong headwinds and used more fuel that they expected. So I just told them to head to Minnesota and we will all meet there. I do not see a reason to not just handle this all at the pack’s property,” Draven states flatly.

“That is a good idea. We can leave tomorrow this way we can consult with the elders in person. I also dislike the idea of the pack being separated with the potential of my Luna being attacked. We are stronger in numbers. I will call one of my hotels and get a room for Envy’s parents till we get there,” Lexington replies.

“So are you sure that I am going to be attacked? I do not know why everyone thinks I will be attacked and I would love to fucking know what is supposed to be attacking me. This is bullshit not being informed of information that is vital for me. All this male testosterone is pissing me the fuck off, keeping shit from me. Draven, you know that you have taught me to fight and I am capable of taking care of myself. So just fucking spit it out already. I don’t need anything from my so-called parents,” Envy stated matter-of-factly.

“Little Minx, I am sure there are reasons that things have been kept from you. I do not see Draven as the type to just keep secrets from you. He seems to be the type that will be straightforward and honest. At least that is what I have gotten from him. He has never lied to me and told me right up from what was on his mind. But this is all something else, not something that is normal in the everyday scheme of things. He made sure I knew exactly what he wanted me to know upfront,” Lexington replied to her, looking her in the eyes so she knew he was being honest with her.

Envy looks between Draven and Lexington trying to figure out if she should just let it go for now or not.

“Let us just take a bit to think things over and get ready to head to the pack territory and we can talk about all the things that are going through your mind with your parents. Is that ok with you baby girl?” Draven asked, looking down at her with hope in his eyes.

“Fine, but when do we leave?” Envy shrugs her shoulders, looking at the men.

“I will make the arrangements for us to be flown back to the pack house, so we don’t have to worry about being possibly attacked while we are driving,” Draven states.

Envy and Lexington head out of the barn towards the house to get ready to leave as soon as they are informed.

Draven pulls out his phone to call and orders the helicopter that will take him and the others to the pack house. This is the best course of action in his mind as he wants to get there as soon as possible to make sure his daughter is safe as can be. Knowing that her parents will already be in the vicinity will bring the Jinn hot on their asses. Not to mention they probably feel that Envy has gained at least one power. I am sure she will gain more as she learns more about herself. It seems that for now her powers are based on her emotions and that is not always a good thing. But it might save her life at first, but then might hurt others around her not knowing how to control them. I will have to see if anyone knows how to help with her powers since her mother is the one that was the carrier. Not really sure how the realm of Angels handles things of this nature. Dropping his shoulders and shaking his head as he is not sure how things are going to go down and he does not handle things well, not knowing the outcome or at least having a good idea of the outcome. Tapping on the phone, he sends a message out.


I have the helicopter coming in one hour, so be packed and ready to go.


Fine, but what about my bike?


Where do we meet the helicopter?


I will have the bikes picked up and shipped to the pack house. It will land here.


That sounds good on both counts. I will let Canagan know to get the others ready to head out also when they get back from town.


That is fine. But you know I really do not care to ride in helicopters.


Yes, I know babygirl but it will be the fastest and safest way to get there.


I think we should also have Canagan and Elizabeth come with us.

They are both very much involved, deeper than you both know.

There is more that we all have to discuss.


I will let Canagan know to pack his stuff and Elizabeths.

Lexington’s POV


I need you and Elizabeth to get your things packed.

We will head out in an hour via helicopter back to the pack house.

Draven will ship our bikes back.


Um, okay. I will let her know now.

What about the rest of the guys?


I will send a mass message out to let them all know we are leaving.

And they are to leave first thing in the morning to get back ASAP.


Anything else you need us to do before we leave?


No, just be ready.


I need all of you to be ready to head back in the morning.

Canagan and I are leaving in one hour.

I am leaving it up to Bruce to lead everyone back.


Okay Alpha, see you back at the pack house.

As they walk into the house, Lexington slides his phone in this pocket as he stops Envy at the door. Turning to face Envy at the doorway he gave her a smirk and leaned down kissing her cheek.

“So do you have anything down here we need to grab before heading up to pack?,” Lexington asked with a mischievous look on his face.

“Um, nope, all my things are upstairs. Do you have anything down here to take up with us?” Envy asked with a confused look on her face.

“Oh yes, I have one very important thing to grab and take upstairs with me,” He replied while wiggling his eyebrows.

“Well then, I suggest you grab and I will head up,” Envy shrugged her shoulders and went to walk around him.

Grabbing Envy by the wrist, he pulls her back to him, leaning over and throwing her over his shoulder.

“Oh, my god put me down, you brut. I weigh too much for you to carry me up the stairs.” Envy screams while kicking her legs.

He smacked her on the ass. “You do not weigh anything, you are as light as a feather so get used to it.” Lexington says laughing while taking the stairs two at a time.

Once he rounded the corner to the bedroom, walking up to the bed, he places her down in the middle of the bed. Looking at her with full lust in his eyes he crawls up the bed placing his arms on each side of her not letting his weight down on her. Kissing her gently on the forehead, each cheek, then her eyelids, the tip of her nose and then barely brushed her lips.

“So we have a bit of time. What do you want to do with this time, Lil Minx?” He asks with a husky voice as a low growl comes from deep down in his chest.

“Hmmm, I think we should get off this bed and get packed and ready like Draven said,” Envy replies as her breath increases. She wraps her legs around his waist, pulling his groin to press against hers.

“Is that so? Seems to me someone is being a bit cheeky right now,” he says while capturing her lips with his.

Envy looks up at him through her hooded eyelids. “I don’t know what you are even talking about,” while she grinds on him. A soft moan escapes her throat; she didn’t know it was there below the surface. Slapping her hands over her mouth as her eyes become as wide as saucers.

“Lil Minx, seems your name is starting to really suit you,” he says he chuckles, reaching down to unbutton her jeans. Looking into her eyes as he does this to watch her reaction.

Envy starts to squirm trying to get away from him.

“Oh, no, you are not going to get away that easy. I want to taste you.” He says as he leans on his right forearm next to her.

Reaching inside her jeans, he slides his left hand between her soft creamy skin and her lacy panties. Feeling the heat that is there already. Sliding his middle finger between her wet folds, finding her swollen bud. Rubbing it softly, he leans in kissing her lips, running his tongue along to ask for entrance. She grants him access. Their tongues move in unison, neither trying to fight for dominance. His finger moves from the swollen clit, rubbing up and down her folds. His thumb finds her nub and rubs it softly as he slips his finger deep inside her hot, moist core. Pumping his finger in and out as his thumb rubs just hard enough to elicit a moan from Envy.

She starts to move her hips in rhythm with his fingers pumping in and out of her.

“Does that feel good baby?” he asks, looking in her eyes that has pure love in them towards him.

“Oh Lex yes, goddess please don’t stop,” She pleads with him.

As he pulls his finger out, he adds his ring finger to feel her tighten around them.

Gasping as she feels the extra finger intruding inside of her.

He pumps faster and harder with each push. She is breathing harder with each push inside her. She starts to tighten around his fingers. Knowing she is about to explode, he stops and pulls out his fingers. Looking up at her with a smirk.

“What the actual fuck did you stop for I was so close.” Envy screams between gasps of her breath.

Lexington gets up on his hands and knees and moves between her legs, pushing them apart. He reaches up and pulls her jeans and panties off in one fluid motion.

His head descends between her legs, kissing each thigh right near her hot wet core to tease her some. Wrapping his arms around her legs so she can’t move. He starts nipping between kisses. She gasps for air. As she does this, he pulls her folds apart with his fingers and pushes his tongue inside her pussy. She bucks a bit to try to get away, but he has her pinned to the bed so she can’t escape. Lapping at her core, thrusting this tongue in and out of her. He alternates his tongue sliding in and out and teasing her clit. Running his tongue flat over her pussy, she gasps.

Moving his right hand from her leg, he slips two fingers palm up inside her wet pussy. He does a come hither motion right on her G-Spot as he sucks on her clit.

“Holy fuck Lex your about to make me cum,” she whispers as she is trying to breathe.

“That is the idea my queen I want you ready to take me in a minute,” Lexington says looking up at her.

There is a loud bang on the door.

“What” Lexington yells out in a pissed off voice.

“The helicopter will be here in five minutes,” Draven announces. So I suggest you get your shit out here now.

Envy scoots away from Lexington to jump off the bed and pull up her clothes. Walks over to the door, looking up at Draven like she did something wrong.

“Okay, it will just take me two minutes to get the stuff in my bag,” Envy says, not looking up at Draven but something on the floor.

“Seriously Draven, I know you could have waited a few more minutes.” Lexington says glaring at Draven.

“Yes, I could have waited, but I want to get back so we can sort things out,” Draven replies with a chuckle. He walks away laughing a bit more.

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