Wolves in the City

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Chapter 33

Envy’s POV

As we approach the helicopter my mouth drops open, I am in shock at what sits before me, which is a UH-60 Black Hawk. Draven purchased it from the government and had it changed for personal use and also for protection. We will use it to head to Minnesota to meet my parents and the rest of our pack. I am not looking forward to meeting my parents so much. After all, I never knew my parents were alive until a few days ago. I don’t even know how I should feel. Lexington helps me up into the helicopter and guides me to the one of the middle seats in the back. There are two permanent sets of 4 seats that face each other. The seats are a soft black leather that you just melt into when you sit down. They made the arm rests to be raised. The carpet on the floor is a dark silver gray. Sitting down, I sink into the comfortable seat. Lexington slides down the back of the seat next to me. He reaches down with his right hand to pull the armrest up. We buckle the seat belts. While waiting, Lexington leans over, taking my chin between his pointer and thumb, raising my head to look into his eyes. As he leans closer, I can feel his warm breath on my lips.

“Envy my love, I am so sorry for the interruption earlier. I am planning on making up for that as soon as we land,” Lexington states matter-of-factly before he kisses my lips softly.

“Oh, I can not wait for that,” I reply as I feel my face warmup.

Everyone else climbs into the helicopter and gets comfortable. We take off and head towards the pack’s territory.

Lexington’s POV

I look out the window and see that the pack warriors have made a makeshift landing site for the helicopter to land. Well, at least someone is on the ball. They all stand outside the area they have made, watching as we land. The pups are jumping up and down, excited to see this massive helicopter landing on our property. Holding on to Envy’s hand, I feel her squeezing it just as she had done when we took off back in South Dakota. Leaning over I kiss the side of her head feeling her relax a bit more. I see her eyes are open wide, looking at the members of the pack. I see in her eyes a bit of shock, surprise, then thrilled. I can feel the happiness rolling off of her. I smile, knowing she is happy about this.

I let everyone else climb out of keeping Envy behind me. I jump out, looking around at my pack members. I see they are all stretching their necks to try to see who is left inside as I have not walked away yet. Canagan has Elizabeth pulled into his side. The unmated females that have crushes on Cana glare at Elizabeth. I let out a growl, letting them all know of my displeasure in them. I will not tolerate that nonsense in the pack, especially after what has just happened in the last few days with Amber and Katie. They all drop their heads showing me submission letting me know they heard me.

I turn back around, taking Envy by the waist and lifting her out gently placing her feet on the ground. I steady her as she gets her earthbound legs under her. I turn around, pulling her into my left side. I feel her tense up next to me as one female lets out a low growl. Envy’s wolf is not having that, so she lets out a growl right back. I whip my head up as she growls back.

“Who dares growl at your Luna, step forward now,” I say in my alpha tone.

I glare at the she-wolf that steps forward; I notice it is one of Amber’s minions. She drops her head, showing me her neck.

“Sorry Alpha, I just do not think it is right that you are calling her our Luna when we all know that Amber is to be Luna,” she says just above a whisper.

“I do not know where you even came up with that. I never stated or ever implied Amber would be anything more than what she was to this pack. She was a pack member just as you are nothing more, nothing less,” I growl out, emitting more of my Alpha power. “Canagan, I want you to let everyone know they are to return to the pack-house for a meeting at 7pm tonight.”

“Yes, Alpha, I will do that as soon as I get Elizabeth settled in our home,” Canagan replied with no hesitation in his voice.

“Oh, what the fuck is going on with you two. Canagan you are Katie’s mate, why are you showing her your house?” asks the same she-wolf that is now glaring at Elizabeth.

Canagan wrapped his arm around Elizabeth’s waist, pulling her with him to his house. He just ignored her and did what he was told to do. Shaking my head, I just take Envy’s hand in mine and head towards her new home. I will let Canagan introduce his mate to the pack later when we have the meeting since they all will meet their Luna. I am so embarrassed by my female pack members. I do not know what has come over them. I always thought they would be happy when I found my fated mate. I am glad that I did not take another female for my mate. But truth be told, I never felt nothing at all towards another female, at all what I feel towards Envy. I never felt the need to have a female every night like most of the other unmated males. It always seemed like a last resort when I just needed to feel something other than my hand. I would do what needed to be done, then get up and leave, never staying longer than that. When they would want to come home with me, there was no way. My home was always for me and my mate, no random females. I never even let them in the house other than the maid that comes two times a week. And then I am not there when she comes but my mothers is always there to make sure they get in and get out. The maids that come are always mated. I never wanted my mate to question a female being in my house before her, so that is the reason for them being mated. No unmated female smells in my house. I smile thinking about that. Amber used to get upset that I would never even let her into my house. She always said she had a right since she was raised partly by my parents. But I had this house built for myself and my future mate.

“What is that big smile on your face for,” Envy asks with a questioning tone.

“Oh my Little Minx, I was just thinking about the things I made sure to not happen before I met you,” I reply looking down at her with a smile that meets my eyes.

“Hmmmm, do you care to elaborate on that statement?” Envy asks.

“Well, do you remember when I told you I never had a female stay the night in my bed?” I ask her.

“Yes, I remember you saying that, but what does that have to do with your smile?” She asks, cocking her head to the side, looking up at me.

“So I went so far as to never allow an unmated female into our home. When the maids come twice a week, my mother is there to make sure they get in and get out along with the maids who are always mated females. I never wanted to have you smell that an unmated female was in your home,” I state kissing her on the top of her head.

“Oh Lexington, that has to be one of the sweetest things you ever did,” she says with a slight pink tint coming to her cheeks.

“Well, I can not have my mate thinking I would want any other female in her house. Also, I only ever was with a female as a last resort. If I just could not get what I needed from myself alone, then I would seek a female but would leave as soon as I was done. Never did I stay for a cuddle or a second time. It was once and done,” I say, shrugging my shoulders. “I knew you were out there somewhere, I just had to be patient and wait. I felt nothing for them at all.”

Envy’s POV

I grab a hold of Lexington’s hand as the helicopter descends. Yes, I have ridden in them for years, but it is still something that has my stomach in a twist. I squeeze his hand for a bit of reassurance. I look out the window and can see that he does not have a small pack, but what should I have expected. He is the King of all Werewolves along with the Alpha of this pack. This is the other half. I am so happy to be here but also a bit freighted. But I can not let them know this. I have to show that I am a worthy Luna for them.

As we are walking towards the pack, I hear a growl and that does not sit well with me. Indigo growls right back with a stronger growl. Apparently Lexington will not deal with that either. I just can’t believe how these females are so blind to the fact that Lexington never showed Amber anything about how they see it. It takes so much in me to not roll my eyes at this female how she states Amber is supposed to be his Luna when clearly if that was the case she would have been made Luna years ago.

I am a bit shocked at what he states about not feeling the need for a female every night and never having an unmated female in his house. Shocks me even more that he never let Amber into the house.

I am looking up at my mate with so much love for him, thinking about me before I was even ever his mate. I just am at a loss for words. I am not really paying attention to my surroundings now. As Lexington pulls me to a stop, I look up and see this gorgeous mansion. My mouth gapes open from the sight. Lexington reaches over to push my chin up to close my mouth. He chuckles at my antics.

“Holy fucking hell, I thought Draven had an enormous mansion” I blurt out as my eyes take in this wonder in front of me.

“Oh my Little Minx, I have plans for this house with you,” Lexington states with so much love in his voice.

Well, I am going to assume with that comment has plans for a vast family. This place is three stories high, all brick. First thing is a water fountain that has a circular driveway with a covered area to drop people off at. The house has varying roof pitches along with what looks like balconies and walkways on each floor. To the left I can see there is a wall that has a driveway that leads to a four-car garage. I am at a loss for words on the beauty of this place. The surrounding plants just add to the luxurious- looking mansion.

“How many rooms are in this place?” I ask like an excited child.

“Lets get inside and I will give you a mini tour on the way to our room,” Lexington states with a smirk on his face.

Just as we are about to walk into the house Lexington picks me up bridal style, I am still in awe of this. It is not too over the top with expensive things. It is just a normal home that you surely would not expect for a bachelor to have, let alone a billionaire. He sets me down upon walking over the threshold.

“There my love, I wanted to make sure no bad luck happened, so I have kept with tradition of carrying you over the threshold,” Lexington says as he leans down and kisses the top of my head.

“There are 7 bedrooms, each has their own bathroom attached. I wanted our children to not have to worry about sharing, so there are no arguments over someone taking too long. We have a formal living room and dining room. Also, a family room. The kitchen has a nice eat in area at a bay window. There are also 4 extra bathrooms with a half bath. There are two theater rooms with seats that are mini loveseats that recline, theater surround sound, and there is a custom mounted tv for the screen.. Each bedroom is the same so the children won’t be fighting over whose is bigger. But ours is the biggest, of course. I made sure that our room is far enough away that our lovemaking will not disturb the children and our room is soundproof. I just knew my mate would be vocal and I am going to make sure that you stay that way forever. There is also an elevator in the back to each floor. We have four sets of stairs with ours being one to just our room. But also has access to the normal route that we are taking now. I have also installed an intercom system that has a special app for it on my cell phone. I will have it added to your cell phone.” Lexington explains in a caring voice.

As we approach a set of double doors, Lexington picks me up over his shoulder.

“What are you doing, you crazy man? You already carried me over the threshold I can walk into our room.” I shout as I giggle. I reach down and smack his round, tight ass.

“Oh, my, so someone wants a spanking I see,” Lexington says with a husky voice as he smacks Envy’s ass.

“Ow, what was that for? You are the one that threw me over your shoulder,” I ask.

Lexington walks over to the bed and plops me down gently on the center of the bed. I sit up on my elbows so I can get a view of the room. As I look around I notice the room is painted in a medium gray and the floor and baseboards are a lighter gray ceramic wood look tile. The curtains are black and there are blackouts on them. The bed is a four-poster bed that is a king-size. It has a black comforter and the sheets are dark gray. There is a 70 inch LED TV hanging on the wall to the left of the bed. I notice there is a sitting area that has two recliners and a loveseat with a table in the middle of them. Also, there is a desk with a laptop sitting on it. I turn my head back around as I feel the bed dip at my feet. I see Lexington is crawling up between my legs.

As he gets closer, he looks at me with so much desire in his eyes. His pupils are dilated, making his eyes look almost black. As he leans in, I can feel his breath on my lips. My breathing picks up as I wait for him to kiss my lips. The kiss is soft and wanton. As he kisses me, I feel his hands glide up my arm. I drop back to lie fully on the bed. This causes Lexington to groan as the kiss is broken. I want to make him have to work at getting to me this time. So I start to crawl backward on the bed to try to act like I am trying to get away. I see a confused look on his face as I smirk at him. I am just about from under him as he grabs my leg and stops me from moving further away. He has his head cocked to the side looking at me trying to see what I am doing and why.

“And where do you think you are going, my Little Minx,” Lexington asks, having a bit of confusion and curiosity in his voice.

“Um, well, I do not know what you are even talking about. I am not going anywhere,” I state in a playful tone.

I start to giggle as he pulls me and encases me in his arms, kissing my neck over and over.

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