Wolves in the City

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Chapter 36

Lexington’s POV

“Babe, there is no reason to tense up,” I say, whispering into her ear.

“Oh please, we all know when things start we need to have a talk, conversation, or some sort of shit like that it is nothing good,” she replies matter-of-factly.

“Well, okay, I get that but, this time I am serious. I told you I would always be honest with you and I intend on doing just that.”

“Fine, I will listen then I will make the judgment that is needed from me.”

“To start, yes, that was my PA. Her name is Kelly. She is a human. She does not know we are werewolves. None of our employees know what we are. She has been my PA for seven years, as she stated. She is very good at her job. She fields my calls and makes sure it is not nonsense that is sent through. She does not let anyone see me without an appointment, no matter what the reason. I know that she has wanted me to ask her out, which I would never do. Not to mention she is not my type. I know she is a power-hungry female wanting more than the position that she is in at the company. That will never happen. One time when I was exhausted after a long and hard negotiation, I was up in the penthouse of the building to sleep and she showed up. I smelled her before she even got into my room and I was at the bedroom door before she could step foot inside the room. She was dressed all scantily. It gave me bad chills when I saw her. She tried to tell me she had something she needed to tell me and it could not wait. I knew what she wanted, but it was not going to ever happen. After I grabbed her by the arm and shoved her out of the penthouse, all the while she was protesting. I informed her if this ever happened again I would blackball her as a PA from many high-profile companies. It humiliated her at that point but I did not care. This just recently happened so I am not sure what she was thinking and nor do I really give a flying fuck. I have been considering getting another PA but was just putting it off as we have an enormous deal that is going on before we left for the trip. That is the only reason she is still here. We left her to get the paperwork in order while we were gone. But now hearing how she has spoken to you, I will be finding a new PA. Or actually, I would rather you find me a new PA since you will be working closely with me and it will also be your PA. I have also been thinking about changing how there is access to the penthouse. It is a place where Canagan and I have clothes there for when we come into the office on our bikes, so we change into our business suits there. Rarely do we sleep there, but we can do that as well. There are a few bedrooms there. I have my own and as does Canagan. So I wanted you to know this. You will of course have access along with Elizabeth. And you both will need to leave your clothes there as well. I have, well Canagan, and I have a lot of businesses, not sure that you know this. And we are planning on expanding. All the businesses are for the pack.” I calmly say all of this to her. “So what do you think?”

“That is a lot to process for sure. I am still not happy about Kelly speaking to me that way. As long as she really will not stay as your PA, I will let you handle her tomorrow. I am glad that you are honest with me.” She replies, laying her head on Lexington’s shoulder.

“I will always be open and honest with you. I do not want anything like what happened with Amber to come between us. Yes, I have a past, but it is a past. You are my now and my future.” I whisper to her.

Pulling her out of the hug she has on me, I want to look her in the eyes when I tell her the rest. “You are the only one that knows what happened with Kelly in the penthouse. I never told Canagan, as he has just as much on his plate as I do with these negotiations that we are doing with the Russians. They are being difficult, so I did not want to add on to him. He does not really care for her, never has, but he tolerated her for me as she is very good at her job. That is the only reason she has been there. I will inform him of everything tomorrow at the office or on the way there,” I want you to know that you will know everything about all our businesses and anything else that you have questions about.”

“I believe you and I appreciate that you will answer any and all questions that I ever have. I will do the same for you. Not that I have much to ask. I have never had the issues with males that you seem to have with females,” she says with a light chuckle.

Leaning down to kiss her cheek and then her lips as I step away to finish getting ready. I button and zip my jeans, pull on my t-shirt, sit down to put on my socks and boots.

“So, are you ready for this meeting of the pack? This will be a first that both a Luna/Queen and a Beta will be introduced to the pack at the same time,” Lexington comments, reaching out to take Envy by the hand to walk out with her.

“As ready as I’ll ever be and so very nervous at the same time,” Envy says as chills run over her body.

I pull her into my side, wrapping my arm around her shoulder to have her close to me, as I feel so very protective of her. Walking down the stairs, I notice that there are indeed guards at the door. I feel Envy pull me to stop as she hides her face in my chest. Looking at the guards, then looking down at my beautiful mate, I turn her and myself away from the guards.

“What is the matter,” I ask with a worried tone in my voice.

“Have they been here this whole time while we were upstairs making so much noise?” She asks softly. I could hear the embarrassment in her voice.

With a light chuckle, I smile at my sweet mate. “Yes, they have my love, but remember, our room is soundproof. I am pretty sure they did not hear the moans of you that are only for my ears.” I tell her with reassurance.

I feel her arms wrap around my waist, hugging me tight as she looks up at me with a meek smile on her face. I hug her back, kissing the top of her head. I clear my throat as we turn around to head to the guards that are inside my house. Both of the guards look up at me, as I am taller than they are. They both smile at me, not in a way we know what you were doing kind of way but in how you would smile, showing you are happy to see someone.

“The next time you are on guard duty, unless otherwise specifically told, do not come inside my home, I am sure you were told to guard the doors not to do it from the inside. That is no way to guard and you both know this.” I say flatly with authority in my voice.

“Yes, Alpha, sorry about that. We just wanted to make sure that our new Luna would be safe inside and out. There are also guards outside the doors around the house.” I am informed as they bow their heads in a show of respect and submission towards us.

“That is fine. Just remember you are not to enter the house unless you are told otherwise,” I reply, walking past them.

As I open the door, there are in fact two more guards at the entrance walking around under the covered parking area, making sure to keep an eye on things. I smile and feel so much pride in my pack. I hear a whistle and look behind me. The next thing I know, 10 more guards are standing in front of us. As we start to walk past them, they all bow towards us. Four guards are now in front of us and one on each side, while the rest are behind walking. I just chuck inside so they can not hear shaking my head. This is not something that has ever happened before. Never have I had so many guards walking surrounding me. I assume they are doing this for Envy to show that she is well protected and that they respect and cherish her as their new Luna.

I lean down and whisper into her ear, “this is all for you my love, they already feel protective of you just as I do.”

She looks up with a shocked look on her face. Her blush started from her neck to the top of her head. It is so cute looking. She is embarrassed when she should not be. She leans into my side and whispers back, “I do not need all of this protection, I can protect myself.”

I just lightly squeeze her into my side, showing her I know. She will have to be told that this is how it will be from now on. The Luna is always protected but with her also being the Queen it is even more important that she stays safe. This is one of the things that I will have to explain to her. I have to remember that she is not used to werewolf ways, let alone Royal ways. I have not taken the Royal way of things too seriously with it just has been me in the past, but now things will have to change to some degree. As we get closer to the packhouse, people are all staring at us. Most are bowing, with some of the females just standing there glaring at Envy. I let out a growl so they know that I am not pleased and they reluctantly bow their head towards us but walk away as soon as we pass. The others are clapping their hands and shouting how happy they are for me that I have finally found my other half. As we get closer to the entrance I see that Canagan and Elizabeth are standing outside talking to a few of our members. They are all laughing and talking. I am so happy that they are taking to Elizabeth as well as they are. It has been a long time coming for us to find our mates but to find them at the same time is rare. And for them to know each other and are best friends and sisters at heart that is even better at least that is what I think. We won’t have the issues a lot of other packs have with the females taking a long time to get along. I thank the Moon Goddess she did this for us all. It will make all of this much easier and with what is to come it will be a lot more help.

We make our way over the group. When they realize it is myself and Envy they make an opening for us. Envy and Elizabeth hug each other and kiss each other’s cheeks. Envy stands next to Elizabeth and I am on her other side. Canagan looks over and nods his head at me. The conversation continues as if we have been there the whole time. Envy joins in with ease and I can already see that this is going to be easier than I thought it would ever be. I look down at Envy and smile when I see her and Elizabeth are now holding hands. I assume that it makes them both more comfortable to know the other is there for each other with so many unknown things that are to come. I hear my pack members all talking in low whispers that are not around us. “Hmmm that is weird,” I think to myself as I look around. Then I see why. I just laughing on the inside. They are talking about Draven I am sure since he is the one they are all looking at. I know I need to let them all know he is not going to do anything to them.

“Excuse me for interrupting this conversation but I need to make an announcement to everyone,” I say to the group.

Clearing my throat loud enough for everyone to hear knowing they are werewolves they will hear me. I hold my hand up and wave for Draven to come to us. As he gets to us we shake hands and do a man hug. I see that everyone is shocked at this gesture towards a vampire. I way my hands for everyone to walk closer to us that is around so I do not have to yell.

“This is Draven, he is Envy’s adoptive father. Yes, he is a vampire but he is not here to hurt anyone and I know for a fact he will not cause harm to anyone in this pack.” I tell them in my Alpha voice so they know that I mean what I say. “I expect you all to show him respect and if there is any rudeness I will not tolerate that as he is family now that Envy is my mate.”

I hear a lot of soft chatter. Most of them say hello. I accept this as they all have to see that he does not hold any ill-will towards anyone here. There have been vampires in the past that we have had attacks from so I understand why they are skeptical. But in time they will see he is here for us and will do whatever it is needed to protect the pack.

“Hello everyone, thank you for acceptance of me here. As Lexington has stated I am not here to cause anyone harm. I will show you this over time so that you will believe this.” Draven says with confidence in his voice and his stature.

Draven walks over and hugs Elizabeth and Envy kissing each of them on the cheek. I can see how much love he has for both of these women. The conversation continues again while some of the others just watch Draven and his reactions and how he just seems to join in with ease. We are all laughing and having a good chat when I hear Canagan’s cell phone ringing. Looking over I see Canagan make a pissed-off face but presses ignore button and put his phone back in his pocket. As he looks up we lock eyes and he rolls his eyes at me shaking his head no. I know that it is Kelly calling him from that look. His phone goes off again. He ignores it but it rings a third time. He reaches and pushes the quiet button. When he does not answer the text messages start. I all of a sudden feel a buzz in my back pocket. I already know these are both from Kelly. I had already put my phone on mute. I look over at Canagan. He is clearly irritated as he pulls Elizabeth closer to him and leans in kissing her head and takes a deep breath of her scent.

“Canagan just put your phone on mute and ignore the calls and messages,” I tell him looking serious at him.

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