Wolves in the City

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Chapter 38

Lexington’s POV

I lay here, watching my beautiful mate sleep in my arms. You would never imagine how strong she really is. To look at her, you would think that she is a shy, meek person. She does not have any issues with stating what is on her mind. I love this about her. I know she does not want to offend anyone from the pack. She has kept her temper in control. Draven has warned me that she has the possibility of letting her temper get the best of her when she gets at her wit’s end. He advised me that he has always made sure that someone has taken care of anything that would piss her off to make her flip out like she did when she broke the spell Draven had put on her. He knew that she would eventually break it, as he had seen some of her future. I wish he could see everything, but I guess it is just bits and pieces here and there. I never understood what the special powers the older Vampires have and with him being one of the oldest ones still alive, he has a few of them.

I reach up and move the hair off of her face. She starts to flutter her eyes open. She has the biggest smile on her face.

“Good morning, handsome. Why are you staring at me while I am sleeping? It is kind of creepy, you know.” she looks into my eyes smiling.

“I can’t help it. I woke up and did not want to disturb your sleep. It is still a bit early, so I just wanted to take in all of your beauty I have missed over the last years before we met,” I say, shrugging my shoulders.

“What time is it?” She asks, trying to look at the clock on the nightstand.

“It is 7 a.m. so it’s still early,” I inform her.

“Wait what, didn’t you say we needed to go to the office today to take care of Kelly? What time do you normally go into the office?” She asks with a questioning look.

“Normally we are there around 8 a.m. if we have things scheduled for the day but seeing as we don’t have anything set up no need to rush in,” I say.

“Well, I think that we need to go in as soon as possible. But I was thinking about something.” She says with a smirk on her face.

“Oh, hell what does she have up her sleeve.” I think to myself. Shaking my head, I have to ask, not really wanting to know, as I already know she can be very devious. I know I will love whatever she comes up with.

“And what have you been thinking about?” I arch my eyebrow, looking at her.

“Well, she has no clue who I am or that I am your mate. So I was thinking that I should come in after you and see how she reacts to me. I know this is being a bitch, but I want to see what she actually does to keep people away from you even though I am going to fire her afterward. I have this overwhelming feeling she tells females that you are hers and I want to set her straight so that she does not pull this same shit on another handsome boss she ends up working for,” she tells me, smirking the whole time.

I know that she has not told me everything she is planning on saying, but I can imagine. Kelly is a strong-willed human, but she is nowhere near as strong as Envy is in the will department. Envy has this power that radiates off of her. She had it before we mated, and now that we have mated it has just grown stronger.

She pulls out of my arms and leans up, kissing my cheek.

“I am going to grab a shower and get dressed so that we can leave. I only have jeans and t-shirts here with me. As that is all that I brought. Will that be fine to wear into the office? I guess I will have to get some suits for the office when I do go in with you. So this will be interesting for people to meet me dressed down,” she says as she hops off of the bed.

“It is fine for you to wear whatever you please, my love. There will be very few times that you will be required to dress up. I don’t care about dressing up myself but for the office I do. Well, at least for the office building and some of the upper-class nightclubs, but for the others, I just wear my jeans, cut and jacket. Most of my suits are at the penthouse, anyway. So wear what you want, babe,” I reply to her.

Her mouth drops open when I get to the office and the upper-class nightclubs. I forget that she has no idea of the vast business that we run.

“Holy fuck, how many businesses do you have? I knew about the office building, no clue what that is even about, and a few hotels that are classier. But I had no clue about you having nightclubs or anything else. How in the world will I ever figure out what you do in reality?” She asks, dropping her head to her hands and sighing out.

“Babe, it’s okay you have plenty of time to learn whatever you want to know. I am not expecting you to do anything you are not comfortable with. You can even have your own business if you would like. You do not have to have anything to do with what we already have, but I would prefer that you work right by my side.” I look at her with pleading eyes.

“We will see. It depends on what all is involved. I do have a business in Venice with Elizabeth. It isn’t anything big, but it gives us something to do, of course. We have a little shop that we make things for tourists that are beach-related. We closed it up good and tight when we left,” she replies, smiling with pride in her voice.

“That is great babe, I am so happy for you, I knew you were smart, I just had no idea you were so business-minded.” I look at her, pulling her across the bed into me for a hug.

I kiss her softly on her lips, my tongue rubbing across her lips, asking for access. She denies and pushes away from me.

“Nope, not going to happen right now. It isn’t like I do not want to, we just have a lot of things to sort out and as much as I want to feel you deep inside me we do not have time for that right now,” she says as she shakes her head jumping off the bed.

I watch her walk over to the closet, grabbing her clothes for the day. I admire her walking towards the bathroom. She closes the door behind her. I know it won’t take her long to get ready, which I am so glad she does not take forever.

I jump out of the bed as soon as I hear her get into the shower. I am going to surprise her. I walk quietly into the bathroom and walk into the shower as she is rinsing out the shampoo from her hair. As she opens her eyes, they go wide, seeing me standing in front of her. I just smirk at her. I reach out and turn her around as I grab the conditioner and put it in her hair and massage it in. Taking the poof I put the body wash on it. I start to wash her back, taking care to be gentle with her. I turn her around to slowly wash her, starting at her shoulders, moving down towards her breasts. I take extra care of washing them, rubbing my thumb over her nipples as I watch them getting hard. I move the poof down her stomach, then down to her bikini line, missing her core where I know she wants me to wash. I hear her breath hitch as I crouch down and blow softly on her stomach. I see goosebumps appear all over her body as she shudders. Looking up at her, she is looking down at me with so much wanton in them. I slowly spread her legs as I wash down them. Grabbing a washcloth, I put soap on it. I look up again into her eyes as I slowly wash the outside of her folds. She starts to breathe heavily as I run my fingers lightly over her clit. She gasps, and I move my finger in circles around it. I drop the washcloth as I grab the water and rinse off the soap from her folds and clit. I rub my fingers between her folds, slipping a finger inside her warm, wet pussy. Pumping my fingers in and out of her slowly, I slide a second into her, feeling how she becomes wetter and tighter for me. My thumb rubbing her swollen nub as I thrust my fingers into her. She is starting to breathe harder.

“Look at me, my Little Minx. I want to watch your beautiful eyes as I make you cum for me,” I say to her with a low growl mixed in my voice.

“Oh Lexington, holy fuck, that feels so good,” she grunts out as she gasps for air.

As I keep thrusting my fingers into her, I take my free hand and stroke my hard cock. Leaning over, I kiss her stomach. The faster I slide my hand up and down my dick, I thrust into her the same rhythm.

“Are you really going to jack off while you get me off right now?” She asks.

“Oh yes, Little Minx, I want us to cum together. I can feel you are getting closer so cum when you are ready and I will cum right behind you,” I say to her just above a whisper, holding off from going over the edge myself.

“Oh My God, fucking hell, Lexington, I’m going to cum,” she screams as she orgasms.

I feel her walls start to tighten around my fingers, then a gush of warmth over my fingers and hand. I smile at her.

“Holy shit,” I yell her name out as I let my seed pump out.

I stand up, pulling her towards me as I felt her legs start to shake from the orgasm that she had. I lean down, kissing her softly on her forehead.

“MMMM, that was so great. I love both of us going over the edge together,” I say between breaths. Hugging her tight.

“WOW, that was crazy, but it felt so good. Thank you,” she replies as she hugs me back.

I feel her become more stable on her legs as our breathing comes back to normal.

“Turn around I need to rinse out that conditioner for you then you are all done and can get ready while I wash,” I say as I am helping her turn around.

As she gets out, she grabs a towel, drying herself off. Along with drying her hair some. Washing my hair and body before I get out. Grabbing a towel drying off, I then pull the towel around my waist. I don’t see Envy in here any longer, so I assume she is all dressed and ready to go now.

Walking out of the bathroom, she is sitting on the love seat, just staring at the ceiling. I walk over to her, kissing her forehead.

“Baby, are you okay?” I ask with concern in my voice.

“Oh yea, I am good just thinking over what just happened. I was not expecting you to come in with me and surely was not expecting you to wash me. I never thought I would find someone like you. You are my dream man. I have dreamt of it all my life. I just couldn’t focus on your face to see it clearly. I always saw your body clearly and eyes, but the rest was a blur. I am just so happy,” she says, looking me in the eyes.

She smiles up at me, reaching to pull me down, kissing me gently on my lips.

“I need to get dressed so we can meet up with Canagan and Elizabeth, along with Draven, so we can head to the office,” I tell her as I slip out of her hold.

I grab a pair of black jeans, a dark blue v neck t-shirt, socks, and my boots. Pulling my jeans on, I stop mid-pull-up by Envy’s voice.

“I hope you are putting on some boxer briefs. I don’t want any of the females to see the outline of what you are packing,” she says with a giggle afterward.

“Fuck I wasn’t going to wear any but since you want me to I will,” I tell her, laughing lightly.

Pulling back off my jeans, I reach and grab a black pair of Under Armour boxer briefs pulling them on, then my jeans. Walking out of the closet, I sit next to Envy on the love seat. Pulling on my socks and putting on my boots. I go to put on my shirt, leaning over, pushing Envy with my shoulder, smirking at her since she is staring at me. I can see how much love she has for me in her eyes. Pulling my shirt on, I smack my legs as I go to stand up.

“Are you about ready to head out of here?” I ask her, reaching out for her hand.

“Yep (popping the p) as ready as I’ll ever be,” she says smiling at me.

Taking my hand, I pull her up. I wrap my arm around her waist as we walk out of the room towards the front door of the house where my Cadillac Escalade ESV should be waiting for us.

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