Wolves in the City

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Chapter 3

Envy’s POV

“Wake up Eli you lazy goose,” I yell at her as I jump up on the bed on top of her. “We are going to be late leaving. You know it’s going to be a long-ass fuck trip.”

“UGH get off me woman!” Eli whimpers. “I’m moving but, I can’t get up with you on top of me.”

We end up leaving two hours late (well not really I know how Eli is so I wanted to leave at 7 am so I told her 5 am). Before we could even get out of the house Draven was already trying to pull the overprotective dad card. He asked at least 100 times if I knew how we were going? If we had places already booked? Saying to make sure to call him every time we stop. All that jazz as a dad does. I told him it should take us about six days to get there with our intended stops we are making.

The trip took six days I had planned for it to take seven days. That is due to us being lucky and having great weather all the way there. Also opting to not stop one day deciding we st on our way back home. The bikes were a great ride. Draven, of course, outdid himself on the bikes. Making sure we had bigger tanks and very comfortable seats. Nothing is ever too good for my girls. As he puts it. We stopped a lot to take photos of the trip. This trip is going to be so great. A girl’s vacation like no other.

Lexington’s POV

I walk out of my bedroom and see everyone is up and having coffee and breakfast. It actually shocked me. I usually have to start yelling to get the Pack moving this early. But then again they all have been waiting for this just as long as I have been. I see all the bags are all over the living room. I drop my stuff on the recliner closest to the door. I walk into the kitchen and grab my cup and pour me a bit of coffee. I drink my coffee black. I look around at everyone and they all look dead tired. I smirk at them all.

“Well, I am very pleased to see I’m not having to get upset at first thing,” I announced. “Will you all be ready in 20 minutes to leave for the MC?”

“Yes, Lex everyone will be ready,” Canagan says happily.

“That’s good let’s keep this up for the rest of the trip,” I say as I chuckle at Cana. “I know it’s just a bit over 11 hours to the ranch that’s been rented so we will be there in the daylight still.”

I drink my coffee and put the cup in the dishwasher. I look around and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and grab my Cut to put it on. It’s been about 20 minutes now so I just walk down the stairs and grab my bag walking out the door. I do not have to say anything they all know to follow suit. We pull up to the MC and park. Walking inside we start to look around. Seems this lot is also ready, to my shock yet again. I motion for everyone to get on their bikes so we can head out. As we ride together all 50 bikes it’s a long line for sure.

We decided one of our stops would be at Sioux Falls, SD. I spot a sign for a Flying J Truck Stop and I look at Cana nodding my head at him so he knows this is where we are stopping to get food and refill. Cana waves his hand up to jester so everyone knows to follow. We pull up and park the bikes. Some of the guys just want to get food from the store. I, on the other hand, am going to eat a good meal.

“Look, everyone, I do not want any problems here,” I tell them in my Alpha voice so they understand. “I am going to get a meal, not sure if there is stuff at the ranch so keep that in mind.”

I notice more than half of the Pack then decides they do not want to chance not being hungry as soon as we get there. I walk into the Denny’s here (Not my first choice but the only thing Flying J has here), I look at the hostess and tell her they will be full in a minute and I will be paying the bill for all that is with me. There are almost 100 of us in total. The hostess looks at me with the biggest blue eyes with her mouth hanging open in shock I assume. I just shrug my shoulders and sit at the counter with Canagan. We make sure there is no spot next to us so the two pain in the asses can’t sit near us. We order the Philly Cheesesteak Omelet with coffee. Cana and I were discussing how we would keep an eye on Envy and her friend when low and behold the slut appeared.

“Sav, why didn’t you sit at a booth so Katie and I could sit with you guys?” Amber whines.

“What the hell don’t call me Sav that is NOT my name Amber!” I yell at her. “And that is the exact reason we sat here. We do not want you sitting with us!”

“Fuck you Sav I will call you that since I’m your Luna.” Amber protests.

“Oh hell no you did not just say you are my Luna.” I flip out yelling. Grabbing Amber by the arm dragging her outside. “Who the fuck do you think you are? You will never ever be my Luna. I will be mateless before that ever happens. Now, don’t come near me again!”

Amber runs off crying looking back at me with the “come chase me make it better” look. I just shake my head and go back to finish my food. I get the bill and hand the hostess my American Express Black Card. She is in shock yet again. I just chuckle.

“Thank you for stopping in,” the hostess says seductively to me eye raping me. She writes her number down. “Call me sometime sexy!”

“Ummm how do I say this without hurting your feelings. I am sorry I am not interested in speaking to you again. Thanks but no thanks I am flattered.” I say to the hostess whose name I see now is Fran.

“Yooo everybody lets get off your asses and head out,” Cana yells in the restaurant.

We all get on our bikes, Cana and I take the lead of course. We ended up at the ranch a day before Envy was supposed to show up. I tell everyone that they are not allowed in the main house. Only Cana and I are. Cana and I just drop our bags on the floor and head into town to check out where we want to head tomorrow. Bruce calls me to let me know the place is fully stocked with everything we could need or want. That’s great I think to myself. I need to remember to call Draven later and thank him for the place to stay and the food and drinks. I was not expecting that at all. Cana and I end up staying in town longer than expected. I get a funny feeling. Harou is getting jumpy and that is so not like him. Harou is my wolf. He is trying to push to the surface but I keep him back. “Harou stop, I’m riding you want to kill us?” Harou whimpers and settles down. I notice Cana is having issues also. I pull over as does Cana.

“Hey, you okay Cana?” I ask him.

“Yeah man but something is up with Marcel (Cana’s wolf). I’ve not ever had him so riled up before.” Cana tells me.

“Wow, I’m having the same issues with Harou,” I state. “Well, let’s get back so we can let them run. Maybe that is what is wrong we haven’t run in a while being so busy.”

We start back to the ranch again.

Envy’s POV

Pulling up to the ranch my mouth drops as I see over 50 bikes parked all over. I nor Eli are too happy at the moment with all the eyes on us... We stop.

“I am not liking this, they are here first,” I tell her. I know that they didn’t take the bedrooms yet because we got the first pick.”

I do not care if the Werewolf King is here. I am taking the Master Bedroom and you get the room you want. All the others need to figure out sleeping arrangements. We continue up the driveway pulling up in the front of the porch. Everyone stops everything they are doing and stares at us. This is nothing new to Eli and myself, but little do they know we are comfortable with ourselves. Yes, we get constant snickers and rude remarks. I glare at the people and always say take a picture, it lasts longer, or do you like what you see since you are ogling me. My favorite is when I am in a mood, I just flat out tell them to get their eyes off me if they intend to use them in the future. That one always seems to make their mouths gape open and I just laugh at them. As I smirk and walk away. Eli always gets a kick out of it. We get off our bikes grabbing our saddlebags and head into the house.

The house is just gorgeous. Draven knows how to pick things out even if it is just to rent for two weeks. It is a classic style farmhouse. It has two stories, wrap-around porches on both floors. There are wooden rockers, tables, and two-seater seats all along the bottom floor with ceiling fans up. There is a screened door and the other door is open. The outside is red with red pillars and a black roof. As we walk into the house looking around we are in shock at how beautiful it is.

All of a sudden I see out of the corner of my eye a female sitting on the arm of the couch. She sees Eli and me and gets up swaying towards us. She is about the same height as Eli. She has short black hair with hazel eyes. No tits to speak of. She has a very small waist and an ass that is round. She is wearing daisy duke shorts and a crop top with boots. She is glaring at both of us but throws on a fake smile. I know them no matter what people try to act nice or not.

“Well, well, well look what finally got here,” she says. “I’m Amber by the way,” Amber says in a whiney voice. She looks back and says. “That’s Katie over there” pointing.

“Hi, I’m Envy and this is Elizabeth,” I say to Amber, giving her a deadpan look. “Can you tell me where Lexington Bledig is?”

“I can but the question is will I tell you?” Amber says snottily to me.

“Don’t matter anyway,” I say to Amber. “We will just go to our rooms.”

“Oh you need to wait for Lex he will tell you where you are sleeping which is probably in the bunkhouse.” She says laughing.

I stop dead in my tracks and turn to Amber and look at her while scowling. Eli puts her hand on my shoulder to try and keep me calm since Draven isn’t here to intervene.

“Oh hell naw, I get the Master Bedroom and Elizabeth gets whatever room she wants,” I scream at Amber. “I don’t think you even realize who is the one paying for this place.”

“Bitch please we all know the King is paying for the place that means you and her are in the bunkhouse, while we stay in the main house,” Amber yells back.

I shove off Eli’s hand and start to head up the U shaped stairs. Not wanting to get physical with this nasty bitch. Eli follows me up the stairs. I walk down the hall to the Master Bedroom (I remember where it is from the plans Draven gave me). I see female clothes all over the place. I walk over and start picking up the clothes. Walk to the stairs and toss them down with the bags. Eli takes the room next to the master. Next, we hear Amber screaming she’s going to kick my ass for touching her things. We both just look at each other and laugh. We plop across the King size bed and relax before we get our showers.

Elizabeth’s POV

I tell Envy to get some rest and I will go check and make us a snack. I know Draven will have everything we want plus more. He treats Envy so great. I love Draven like a father. He is always there for me if I need him. I had to do some real hard talking to Draven so he would agree to let just Envy and myself come up here. There is always someone following us. I can smell them. I just ignore it since I know I can’t do anything about it. The trip up wasn’t any different. I just didn’t tell Envy because she would get mad and go back home. I walk down the hall to the stairs. Zeva (my wolf) starts to stir which is weird as she normally only gets wound up when she wants to run and this is not the same reaction. I push her back because I do not want her snapping on them two bitches here in the house.

I take the U shaped stairs down. I look around and see how beautiful this place really is. There are 6 bedrooms in the main house. I walk through the Dining room that is cream in color. It has old rustic photos on the walls. The table is long and seats 10 people. The color is black along with the wooden high back chairs. The chairs have brown seat cushions and on the back. The arms are wrapped in the same brown leather material. There is a stone fireplace, desk, and chair. Also a gossip table. As I walk into the kitchen my mouth drops open. It is a chef’s dream kitchen. All steel appliances that are commercial grade. The fridge and freezer are both stand-alone. The counters are quartz black in color with gold and silver specks. The stove is a gas six-burner. Two double ovens one being convection the other is traditional. The sink, of course, is a farmhouse type.

I go to the fridge and pull out the black forest Boars Head ham, Colby/jack cheese also Boars Head, romaine lettuce, Roma tomatoes, and Miracle Whip. I walk over the bread box and grab the Italian sandwich bread. I proceed to make Envy and myself sandwiches. I go and look in the pantry and find there are White Cheddar Natural Cheetos. I grab the bag as I know Envy will be happy. Also grabbing two paper plates and napkins. I place the sandwiches on the plates and turn to put the sandwich makings away. I grab a 20 oz Pepsi for each of us.

As I turn around the two bitches walk in. I grab the plates, Pepsi's, and chips. As I go to walk past them one of them stops me.

“So what do you think you are doing you cow eating our food the King paid for?” Ambers says turning me around.

“Excuse me, bitch.” I spat at her. “The King did NOT buy these items. It was Envy’s father so you best be getting out of my face. Also, get your mangy mutt ass out of this house before I do it for you.”

“We will see about that when the King and his Beta (my boyfriend) get here,” Katie says in a snarky voice.

I just turn around and head back up the U shaped stairs to Envy. I walk in the door looking at how peaceful she looks sleeping. She was so mad when she went to sleep because of the two nasty bitches that are in the house.

“Wake up you goose,” I say to Envy. “Here is your food.”

“Awe thank you suga for the food. I was only expecting maybe some chips or something small, not a whole sandwich and chips.” I say to Eli.

We eat our food in peace which is shocking. After we eat we both go into our own bathroom and shower throwing on our PJs since it is around 10 pm now. We got here a day earlier than what we figured since we didn’t stop at one of the places we were going too. Opting to stop on the way back to Venice Beach, FL. After we get our showers we tell each other goodnight and crawl into bed.

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