Wolves in the City

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Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Lexington’s POV

As I go to open the door, my cellphone rings. I grunt at the sound. Grabbing it out of the back pocket, I look at the screen. It is Canagan calling me. As I climb in behind Envy, I answer the call.

“Hey what’s up?” I ask him.

“Well, we just woke up so we will just meet you at the office if that is cool with you?” He replies.

“Yeah, that is cool. We are just getting in the car now. I will have Bruce drop us off and come back for you both. We have Draven with us as well.” I let him know.

“Oh, sweet, that will give us time to eat and get dressed. Apparently, Eli takes a bit to get ready.” Canagan replied with a chuckle.

“Okay, we will see you when you get here come to my office,” I say to him with a laugh in my voice.

As I press the disconnect, Draven walks up.

“Draven, just grab the front seat next to Bruce unless you want me to move out of the way for you to climb in the back?” I state.

“I will just ride upfront then. No need to climb all the way back there if there is a seat up here free.” Draven shrugs his shoulders, opening the front car door.

As I close my door, I look over at my Little Minx. She is just looking out the window. I gently grab her arm, pulling her over for a kiss.

“So Draven, I take it that Envy’s parents are at the hotel I set up for them?” I ask him.

“Yes, they said they are very comfortable there and feel safe.” He replies.

“Good, I am glad. I want them to be comfortable,” I remark.

“I want to have them come into the office today at some point so we can all get a meeting. I think that would be the perfect place for Envy to meet them. It is not an established place for any of them just yet. We need Canagan, Elizabeth, Envy, you, and myself to be present with them. Is that going to be a problem? There is a lot that needs to be discussed along with information that is going to be a bit shocking for some of you. I don’t want a lot of preying ears or eyes with this. Do you have a room that is away from everyone that we can do this?” Draven asks.

“Oh, yea we have a conference room that is soundproof. I made sure to have it so that some of our business dealings can not listen in on. I also have it so I just flip a switch and all cellphones or devices are not able to transmit,” I let him know.

“Wait, what do you mean there is going to be some shocking information for some of us?” Envy asks with a not-so-happy tone in her voice.

“Yes, baby girl, there is some information that only I know, so I guess it is safe to say that everyone but myself will be shocked,” Draven replies.

’Hmmm, Dad, you know how much I dislike to be thrown information all of a sudden, especially if it means that I just might flip out on someone. And seems that I am going to be flipping out on you from the sounds of it,” Envy counters back.

“I would not expect anything less from you,” Draven states.

Envy has a look of shock on her face and seems a bit upset already. So I reach over and pull her out of her seat onto my lap. I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her into me. I pull her head down to my shoulder with a free hand. Then wrap that arm around her waist as well. I feel her breath on my neck it is warm. I can feel her body start to relax from its tensed-up feeling. I kiss the side of her cheek. Her shoulders drop and I know she has relaxed the most that she will. I stare out of the window, watching the scenery as we pass it, heading into the city. At this point, I wish I had my bike and was riding Envy into the city, just us two. I know I have more than one bike, but since Draven is here, then I choose to have Bruce take us into the office today. I keep Envy close to me and whisper in her ear that it will all work out just fine. Not that I am actually believing that it will work out just fine. Things like this do not happen every day, but if I can keep her calm, then my job is done.

I see the city starting to appear in front of us. I push Envy back a little bit so she can see that we are coming up to the city. As she leans back, her mouth opens a bit. I chuckle at her and push her mouth closed.

“It is rather beautiful isn’t it?” I ask her.

“Wow, yes it is. I never would have thought it would be this pretty. I can just imagine what it looks like at night.” Envy replies.

She gets out of my lap and slides into her own seat. There are four bucket seats and a bench seat in the back. I thought it would be a good idea, so people don’t have to sit on top of one another on our trips anywhere. Well, that is except for who rides in the rear seat. I love this ride so much. It is black metallic with a light gray interior. It is all-wheel drive since the weather here can be horrible in the winters. As we make it towards the city, I start to point out the clubs and hotels that are ours. We have to go through both parts of the city to get to the office. So they get to see the not so upper-scale club and hotels. I know the hotels here are not the greatest but I also keep them clean without any issues such as drugs or insects of any kind. I want people to come and enjoy even if they can not afford the higher-priced hotels. Along with the clubs for the same reason. We just have one club that is the MC that is up for debate on all of that.

Envy’s eyes go wide with so many questions just running in her head at this point. I can hear Draven saying his hmmm and uh-uh’s as we pass. I don’t expect him to be in awe or Envy I just want her to realize that there is a lot more to us than just the pack and the MC.

“Hey Bruce, just drop us off at the front, then head back and bring in Canagan and Elizabeth, if you don’t mind. Or just ask Canagan to drive themselves in if you have something else to do today,” I say to him.

“Oh, um I am not sure if there is anything pressing just yet since we got back early this morning unless you want to let me get some sleep that would be wonderful,” Bruce replies with pleading in his voice.

“Oh fuck yea dude, get back and get some rest. I will call Canagan and having him just bring themselves in,” I let him know.

As we pull up to the office building, I see that Envy is looking up out the window, just staring.

“Are you serious this is your building? It is fucking huge,” Envy replies in amazement. “Draven has business and stuff, but you top even what he has that I know of, at least. And his building is surely not this tall.”

“You are right baby girl, I choose to have a few offices but with my line of business one just would not work since I have them in multiple states and countries. I know I have not told you all the work that I do as it is not always a good thing when I needed to keep you safe and under the radar, so to speak.” Draven says nonchalantly.

“Well, to be honest, I never thought about what you did since I know you have stock in a few of the bigger companies,” Envy says, shrugging her shoulders.

“We are here now, let’s head up to the office, and Draven, we can check and see if I have to cancel any meetings today. I am pretty sure that Kelly has scheduled some things and I will just have her cancel them all till we get things sorted out.” I tell them both.

As we get out of the car, I grab my phone to call Canagan.

“Hey man, Bruce is heading back now but could you just drive you and Elizabeth back into the city. I did not even think about the part that Bruce and the others got back early this morning after that long ride when he drove us in.” I tell Canagan.

“Oh, shit yeah, I have no problem with that I will let everyone know that they can get some rest today since they got back not long ago.,” Canagan says.

“Okay, sounds good. Going to make sure all of our meetings are canceled since there is some pressing information we need to get sorted out with Envy and her parents. Draven wants you and Elizabeth there, as well. He said he has some shocking information for everyone,” I say.

“Shit, more than what just happened to Envy. That poor girl. But yea, as soon as he gets back we will head out. I will send a text to everyone about the rest and relaxation today. See you all in a little while,” Canagan replies.

“Okay, cuz, see you in a bit. Drive safe.” I say, then disconnect the call.

As we are walking into the building, I pull Envy into my left side with Draven on her left side. Walking over to the door behind the receptionist’s desk, I open it. It is the tech room.

“Good morning, gentleman,” I say as I see them jump up to bow at me.

“Good morning Alpha, is there anything we can do for you this morning?” they both ask me shocked.

“Yes, I need to get two badges made for Envy here and Draven, along with I want you to get the way to the penthouse changed for access. I do not want anyone to have access besides Envy here your new Luna, Canagan, his mate Elizabeth and myself, along with the guards. Just let me know the new procedure when it is completed. I do not want any more mishaps of PA’s or anyone to be able to access it.” I say to them in a serious tone.

“Yes, Alpha right away. If Luna and Mr. Draven would come over for their pictures to be taken for the badges that are all we need to get them done and sent up to you.” The techs state.

I nod my head at them so they know that it is ok with me. I look down at Envy and I can already see this is not something she wants to do.

“What is the matter, Little Minx?” I ask her.

“I just hate my picture taken is all, and I was not expecting this. But I should have known you would have this procedure with all the information here,” Envy says.

“Yea, Canagan and I hated to do it but to keep the information from getting into the wrong hands we had to do it. The lower levels of the building do not require a badge since they have separate elevators. To get up to our floor and some of the others there are other elevators for that.” I say as I look into her gorgeous eyes.

She blushes as I look at her. She is so adorable when she blushes like that.

“Hey after I get this picture done, where is the ladies’ room. I need to use it.” Envy says.

“Yea, when you go out this door, head to the left and it is the third door on the right. After that, the elevator to get up to my floor is on the same side as the receptions desk. Later I will show you to the private elevator.” I wink at her and smile.

“Perfect I will meet you and Dad in your office then,” Envy replies.

With the pictures done now, Draven and I head up to the office, leaving Envy to do her thing. As we get off the elevator, I see Kelly. Rolling my eyes as she makes a beeline towards us. This is going to be one interesting morning for sure. She isn’t going to be happy when I tell her that she has to cancel all my meetings for the next few days or until I tell her I am ready for them. And also I can just imagine what she is going to say to Envy. I already know this was what was on Envy’s plan even if she failed to include me in what she wants to do so that it looks like I am not aware of anything. She is one smart woman and yet another reason to love her even more.

“Mornin Kelly, I have someone coming up in a few minutes send them in when they come in please,” I tell her as I walk past her ignoring anything else.

“Um, ok sir, but there are a few things we need to go over first,” Kelly says as she tries to get between Draven and me.

“Not now Kelly, I have other things to handle right now,” I say in a flat tone as I open the door for Draven and myself to enter, closing the door in her face.

Envy’s POV

Man, I hate to take pictures but I guess it is an evil necessity. Now to check out this ladies’ room. I just want to make sure my hair is not out of place when I get upstairs and plus I wanted to enter his office without him by my side. I want to see for myself how this bitch Kelly is going to treat me. I come out of the ladies’ room and head back to the tech room. This will give them more time to wait for me so Lexingtons PA does not realize I am with him. I will get the badges for myself and Dad. I knock on the door. As the door opens, I look at the same two guys.

“Hello there, are the badges ready I can just take them up with me for myself and Draven then I don’t have to bother you to let me up to the floor,” I say?

“Oh yes, Luna, they are actually just printing out now. Alpha has no idea how long it takes, which is a short amount of time, so we just get them done and sent to him as he requests,” the blonde-haired tech says. “Oh, yea with the new way to get into the penthouse we are going to need a six-digit code from each of you so you can get up there. They will need to be different so we know if something happens who accessed to get up there.”

“Sure, that sounds good I will let Lexington know this. And then you for the hard work you are all doing,” I reply with a smile.

“You are welcome Luna and it is great to get to meet you face to face, and that Alpha has found you,” Blonde-haired tech says smiling.

Walking out of the room with the new badges, I head towards the elevators. I swipe my new badge and the doors open. As I walk inside, I press the button to the designated floor and lean back on the wall. This will be very fun, I think. This girl is not going to know what has hit her. The ride is smooth and fast. When the doors open I see Kelly sitting at her desk staring at the door which I assume is Lexington’s office. Looking around the walls are all glass with modern decor. I slowly walk up to her desk. She still has not seen me which is not a good sign she should be paying attention to see who comes towards her. I clear my throat and she just about jumps out of her skin. She gives me a scowling look with so much disgust. I know it is because of how I am dressed but to be honest I don’t care as this is me and she better learn to accept it.

“Can I help you seem to me you are a bit lost,” she asks me with a snotty voice?

“Actually yea, can you tell me where to find Lexington Bledig, please. I need to speak with him he is expecting me.” I say in a sweet tone.

“Mr. Bledig is actually in a meeting right now. So if you can make your way back downstairs to reception they can call me to set up a meeting time for you.” Kelly replies with an arrogant tone.

“Actually, that will not be acceptable he told me to come up and you would show me to where his office is. I am pretty sure he let you know I was coming up,” I say in a ballsy tone.

“Well, I can not let you in, as I am not even sure you are who is supposed to be here. Look how you are dressed. Who would come to a business office for a meeting looking like you are?” She says in a sarcastic voice.

“If you do not call him and let him know I am here, then I can do it myself,” I say to her flat.

“HAHA, good one. Like he would take a call from the likes of you. There is no way he has a meeting with you,” Kelly says, laughing.

“Actually, I never said a meeting was being held I said I needed to know where he was and needed to speak with him so you should get your information correct,” I tell her seriously.

She just looks at me and scoffs, turning away from me to get on her computer. I just stare at her. Well, if this is how a PA is going to act then she has no business being the PA of a high-profile person. I just shake my head and text Lexington.


Babe, can you please come out to Kelly’s desk please She is being a bit indignant at the moment?

Within me hitting send and less than one minute later, his office door swings open. I watch as Kelly twirls around in her office chair. I can see she is admiring him a little bit too much. Why are men so oblivious to how women look at them? Or is it their ego that gets bigger before cause actually know they are being eye fucked?

“Ah, there you are. Took you long enough. Thought you might have fallen in the toilet,” Lexington says laughing.

“Nope, sure did not I stopped at the tech room and got mine and Dad’s badges. And came right up.” I say, watching him walk towards me.

As he gets closer, I watch Kelly keep a close eye on him. I laugh inwardly, as it is actually rather funny. You would think after so many years and him turning her down not long ago that she would get her head out of the clouds and move on. I bet she has been holding out on dating, thinking she can seduce him. I just shake my head. As he stands in front of me looking down I see her out of the corner of my eye. I reach up to him and grab his hair on his chin pulling him down into a kiss that I know he was not expecting.

The kiss is soft at first as I feel his arms come around my waist, pulling me into him tighter. He slips his tongue into my mouth to deepen the kiss and a groan comes from deep within him. I pull back looking into his eyes. I lick my lips.

“Oh, Mr. Bledig, I have never in my life been kissed that way,” I say seductively.

“Well, then Ms. Reznik I will just have to make sure I do that more often,” Lexington replies in a husky voice.

“Um Sir, can I ask who this woman is?” Kelly asks, sounding a bit pissed off.

“Of course you can ask. But I want to know why I had to come out of my office to get her when I told you to send her in when she comes in.” Lexington asks in a stern voice.

“Oh, yum yea about that. If you take a look at her and just what would possess someone like her to walk in here thinking she should be here. She is disgusting dressed like that. She should be dressed properly to cover up her body better than that. And not to sound rude, but Sir what would you even think about being with some overweight beast like her. When you could have someone that looks like me nice and thin that you will be proud to have on your arm at all times,” Kelly says with no remorse in her voice.

“Well, not that it really matters, but I am very comfortable with myself, so all your remarks just go to show how you are not the type of person who should be the first person who is seen by potential business clients. Seems to me you have just put on a front,” I say to her glaring at her.

“Actually, that does not have anything to do with you. This is Lexington and Canagan’s business and not yours, so I do not care what you think,” Kelly says with a shrilled voice.

I just start to laugh at her, looking at Lexington. I shake my head as I look at my Dad, that has appeared next to me.

“Babe, so can I do what you told me last night, or should I wait and see how she acts when she realizes she has no standing. While I have more of a say than she does,” I ask Lexington.

“Well, if we can hold off, since there are some things to get figured out today, that would be great,” Lexington answers me. “And Kelly just so you have all the information this is Envy Reznik and my fiancee so you will show her respect and she has all the rights to do and say what she wants. So if she tells you something, then I expect you to listen and do as you are told.

“Yes, Sir if that is how you want things, sir,” Kelly says, sounding defeated.

“By the way Kelly if I catch you eye-fucking my fiancee again I will make sure your eyes are removed do I make myself clear,” I ask her deadpanning at her.

“Yes Maam,” Kelly replies with hate in her voice.

Lexington wraps his arm around my shoulder, pulling me along with him towards his office. As we get there, Dad closes the door behind him, laughing out loud.

“Now that was a sight to see, baby girl. I never thought you would be this way,” Draven says with humor in his voice.

“Oh, yea dad you don’t know how she spoke to me on the phone last night. She was one rude ass bitch she pissed me off to no ends,” I say flatly.

“I told Envy she could be the one to fire her when and if that is what she wanted to do. That was until I need her now with this bomb you dropped on us this morning. So that will have to wait a bit. As long as she keeps her attitude in check, that is.” Lexington remarks.

“Yeah, about that I called Envy’s parents before I walked out and asked them to be here at 12 pm so we can get this sorted out as much as we can,” Draven says.

“Sounds good to me Canagan and Elizabeth should be here by then. I will just have someone else make sure there is drink and food in the conference room instead of the normal person who is Kelly do that. I am going to limit her interactions of things from here on out so that when it is time for her to leave, she won’t have any more information than she needs. Babe, do you think we could hold off on firing her till after my meeting with the Russians, as she could fuck that up as I am seeing now how she really is?” Lexington looks at me with hope in his eyes.

I pull Lexington down closer to me so I can whisper in his ear.

“You know that if my Dad was not here, I would have drug you back in here and made you and myself scream out our passion over and over as that is a fantasy of mine to have you take me over your desk,” I say to him seductively.

“Oh, Little Minx, I would love to make that fantasy come true for you, and I will for sure. You have me no hard right now I feel like I am going to explode out of my zipper,” Lexington says with a smirk.

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