Wolves in the City

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Chapter 41

Draven’s POV

I watch as Envy’s body tenses up as her parents walk into the room. I never would have thought she would react this way. I always imagined that she would be happy and want to meet them. This is the only reason I said she should meet them. I know she really does not need them but they are her parents and I am just her adopted parent. I sit here waiting to see how she will react to them once everyone is seated down talking. There is so much to go over.

As I had suspected, her parents want to embrace her. I know it has to hurt her mother to not be able to hold her in her arms. I know I would feel that way if I had actually had my own child. But I feel Envy is my child just as much as I would my biological child would have been. My body tenses up as they go for a hug and I notice that Envy isn’t having it. Lexington getting in the middle of them makes me stay seated. He is her mate, so I will let him handle it. When they sit back down, I get to introduce them. Thinking that we can get on with the conversation, I go to say something after their hellos but her parents jump up again. Lexington gets between them again as Envy jumps up and runs out of the room. I look at Lexington to see what he will do or if I should go after her. True to his words to me that he will always be there for her he is right behind her.

I shake my head at Jack and Sara. I steeple my hands in front of me on the table. I look around at everyone and see that Elizabeth is beside herself.

“So, what would possess you two to try to embrace her for a second time after Lexington just came in between you all for her?” I question them.

“We just want to feel her in our arms is that so wrong?” Sara asks sadly.

“Well, if you had known her you would know that she is not the type to just huge a stranger. And to her, you are both strangers. It does not matter you are her biological parents. She just found out about it a few days ago. So what do you think she should be all mommy, daddy I have missed you shit,” Elizabeth says sternly glaring at them.

“I do not know who you are so do not speak to us that way. We are an Alpha and Luna still. You are not in a position to speak if not spoken to,” Jack says trying to use his Alpha tone.

I just laugh some to myself. "This is going to be interesting for sure." I think to myself.

“My mate will speak how she likes. She is Envy’s best friend and also since Envy is the Queen, she is her beta. Your tone will not work on her. She is above you in rank as I am since I am the King’s beta,” Canagan says looking at them showing the power that he has over them.

“Everyone, please calm down. This is no way to start out Envy is going to need to see there is no tension in this room when she returns with Lexington. Elizabeth, you know her as well as I do she will not tolerate anything being rudely directed towards you, so please get it under control for her sake of this meeting,” I say to her as I touch her arm to help her relax.

“Sure fine Draven, but I will not let anyone hurt her in any way emotionally or physically it is my job as her best friend and beta to protect her in every way,” Elizabeth states.

“We agree with Draven,” Jack says relaxing into his chair.

Now, this is going to be harder than I thought. Her parents are strong-willed as Envy is. They are going to have to abide by what Envy wants, it is not up to them. She is my priority and I will not have them trying to bully her into what they want.

“So this is how things are going to go when they return. Jack, Sara you both will not attempt to get up and engage her. She will be the one that makes the decisions here. She is the Queen, after all. You will abide by her rules even if you do not agree. She is a strong-willed woman and once her mind is made up there is no changing it. You will not be able to manipulate her in any way. She is too smart for that. You will not try to use the mom and dad card that won’t work. Just answer her questions. Is that understood?” I tell them flat out.

“Fine by us. But she is our daughter and she will feel that pull towards us it is only natural. Also, we don’t see the need for these two to be here even if they are the Beta’s,” Jack replies looking hard at Elizabeth and Canagan.

“That is up to Envy and Lexington if they are here and they both want them here. So they will stay until they are dismissed, which I do not see happening,” I tell them flat out.

“We will see about that. She will listen to her parents. She has some sense of family, as I am sure you taught her that Draven,” Sara replies.

“Oh, I taught her all about family and to keep them close and look after them. You also have to remember she has just learned of you so you are family by blood, but not in her inner circle. She does not take many people into her inner circle. For years it was just Elizabeth, her family, and myself. Now she has added Lexington and Canagan. So you have to earn that from her. Now let us just sit back and have something to eat and drink while we wait for them to return,” I tell them with a shrug.

I lean back in my chair and wait for Envy and Lexington to return. ”I hope that this meeting goes better than what it has already started out,” I think to myself. I look at each couple sitting here at the table. Each couple is talking in low hushed tones but I can hear what they are saying. After all these years of speaking to Jack and Sara, I would have never thought they would be so selfish. It seems that they think this is about them. I know they left her for her safety, but they should realize that it is her life that is being thrown for a loop. They have lived with the knowledge of her for her whole life and she did not know about them. Yes, it is my fault I admit that. I now know that I should have explained things to Envy sooner, but I was just hoping that my vision would be one of the times that it was wrong. I guess that was just some hopeful thinking on my part. I will take whatever lashing that Envy gives to me. I will never hold anything against her, and I will always be there for her when she needs me. I hear the doorknob being grabbed. I sit up in my seat awaiting what is to come. They both walk back into the room and take their original seats. Envy gives her parents a tight smile and looks at everyone.

Envy’s POV

As we walk back into the room with me tucked tight against Lexington’s side and his arm at my waist, holding me tight. I am on his left side, furthest away from my parents. He knows this will keep me calm. I look at my parents, not wanting to give them a sense of me wanting to love them, so I just give them a tight-lipped smile. I look at Elizabeth and Canagan and I can see in their faces that something is the matter. I take the seat Lexington has pulled out for me. I notice it is not the same seat I was sitting in before I ran out but it is the one he was sitting in. It is one further away from my parents. I am now in between Lexington and Canagan.

“Eli, is everything ok with you?” I ask her, my eyebrows raising in a questioning look.

“Yeah, sure, what could possibly be wrong?” she asks me shrugging her shoulders.

“Eli, I know you better than that. I can also feel the tension in the air here. Tell me what is the matter.” I give her a stern look.

She sighs, looking at me. “Fine, your parents don’t think Canagan and I should be here. They think this is only a family matter and we are not welcome,” she says, raising her eyebrows.

I look at my parents like they have lost their minds.

“So we are going to start off this way, I see. So let me first say this. Eli is more family to me than either of you are. She is just as close to me as a sister would be. We have been best friends since we were in diapers. She has never thought of me anyway other than family, as I have done the same. I am not going to get into specifics with you over how close we are that is none of your business, so they both will stay. Canagan is not only Lexington’s beta, he is also his cousin, so he has every right to be here, not to mention he is Elizabeth’s mate,” I tell them with a deadpan look.

“We have already agreed that they can stay as we want you to make the call,” Jack replies.

“Good, because if I had to I would have pulled the King rank over you and made it come to that. I will not have my mate or our betas disrespected. With that settled, let us get on with this meeting,” Lexington states sternly.

Lexington places his hand on my right knee, giving it a slight squeeze to reassure me that he is there for me. I look over at him and smile. He smiles back and nods his head for me to continue. I turn back to my parents.

“Could you explain to me why you left me within hours of me being born? I know what Draven has told me but I want to hear it from your mouths,” I ask Jack and Sara.

Jack starts to open his mouth but Sara places her hand on his shoulder, looking at him as she is asking for permission to explain herself.

“Envy darling. We did not do it to be malicious. There were a lot of extenuating circumstances. The first is we were being chased by Jin. And if they knew that you were born then they would have come after you and killed you. They were chasing us because they think I have powers that they want to get by killing me. I do not have these said powers, so I could only assume that you would have inherited them. It seems that when your Grandmother my mother, mated with an Angel some of his powers were transferred to her. She was able to keep them at bay as she had help from my father. And as soon as I was born her powers became non-existent so everyone assumes I had the powers transferred to me in the womb. We were afraid that you would inherit them from me and you being a baby they would not be active yet so I chose to leave you at the Fire Station. Your father here was against it. He thought we could keep you safe until we figured out if you had the powers. But I thought I knew better, and this was the best thing. The Jin did not know you were even conceived as we had a powerful witch come and put a spell to hide the pregnancy. So as soon as you were born I separated myself from you so the Jin would not learn of your birth. We let them think I had the powers all these years,” Sara says, with tears welling in her eyes.

“So let me get this straight. You did not have powers, but you thought I might have them. So when I was born, you left me with humans that could never protect me. So if I had the powers they could have been active even if I was a baby. Then what would have happened? I would be dead if it was not for Draven,” I give them a menacing look as I am not pleased with her explanation.

“I am so sorry, baby. I never thought of it like that. I just wanted you to be safe.” Sara replies.

“Please do not refer to me as baby. I am not your baby. Thank you. If Draven had not have seen this vision of me as a baby and knew where to find me, then I would not be here today. I would be dead. Why do these Jins want the powers, I have which is only one, and it isn’t that big of a deal, really? I can only give minor earth shake to the ground,” I reply with a question.

“You are actually our baby so we will call you that if we dem fit too. The Jin want these powers so they can take over the world of the living along with the shadows,” Jack answers.

“Excuse me? I told you that you will not call me that and that is final. I will not have you disrespect me," I glare at them."What do these Jin look like?” I ask anyone that will know.

“Jin are spirits that are lower than angels. They are capable of appearing in human or animal forms. They can influence humankind, along with paranormals, to do good or evil. From what we have learned over the years they are made of a mix of fire or smokeless fire. They are invisible to humans, but not to paranormals. They also do live and die, they can have babies. They can live for thousands of years, unlike Angels they have free will. So they want to take over the earthly plain so that God has no say-so over what happened to the living on earth. And with the powers that you have inside you, they would be able to do that. You are the only one that can kill Jin or help others to kill them. We do not know much about the powers you still have yet o acquire but we will be here with you to deal with the Jin,” Jack answers me looking like he has just won me over.

“I know you are not going to like what I am about to say but here goes. Thank you for the information that you have gathered and the explanation of why you left me as a baby. I appreciate that you “thought” you were going the right thing to keep me safe, but I feel you were wrong in your actions. As parents, you should have been there for me no matter what the danger. I would never leave my child as you did. So with that, I would really appreciate you just going back to your pack and leave your life without any thought of me as your child. You went all these years so you will be able to keep on moving forward in your life without me. IF I am ever to need your help, I will let Draven know to contact you. I no longer wish to have contact with you. Have a glorious life. Goodbye.” I say to them with a blank look on my face.

My parents both have shocked looks on their faces. Their mouths are open, their eyes go wide and their eyebrows raise. It is like they can’t even believe I would dismiss them so easily. They both just sit there stunned. I turn my head towards Lexington.

“Could you have someone escort them out of the building? I do not want them here any longer,” I say to him.

“I will show them out then we can get on with the other bit of business Draven has for us. Go ahead and grab you something to eat and I will return as quick as possible,” Lexington says as he stands up motioning for Jack and Sara to get up and move out of the room.

They both stand up and look at me, not moving. Sara's mouth opens and closes a few times looking like she is trying to think of something to say before they leave.

“Are you really going to dismiss us like we mean nothing to you? We are still your parents along with your subjects,” Sara asks with a bewildered look.

“That is correct. You have not been my parents for 32 years so I see no sense in your starting now. Draven has done a wonderful job as both a mother and father figure to me. I will not trade him for anyone,” I look at them with my reply.

“But how can you just dismiss us I do not understand. You should be happy we are back in your life now. It has been some years but we are still your parents,” Jack asks.

“It is actually rather easy. Thinking that my parents did not want me or they died all these years makes it easy for me. You may not understand that but that is how I feel. Good day,” I say nodding to Lexington to remove them.

I get up out of my seat to grab some of the finger foods that were brought in and a drink. As I go to sit back down I see that Draven, Eli, and Canagan are all looking at me with shocked faces. I smile at them all as I sit back down. I am about to take a bite of my food when Draven speaks.

“I am in shock here Envy. What would possess you to dismiss your parents like that and do not give the same lame crap excuse you gave to them. I am the one that kept you from them and put the spell on you not them. They did not know who had you until I tracked them down,” Draven says shaking his head.

“As I told them it was easy as they have been absent my whole life and 32 years a long time for them to be absent and not insist you tell me about them. I actually never thought they were dead I just thought they did not want me. So why change that now? It is not a lame-ass excuse it is how I feel. I will not change my mind. I have nothing for them and they have nothing for me. I am not thrilled with you at the moment either just so you know. I am actually very furious. I am only staying right now as you said there was something else to tell us. But as soon as Lexington returns let’s get this over with so that I can leave and have some time to think about everything. There is a lot of research I need to do. I will need Elizabeth, Canagan, and Lexington to help me. I am glad that you found them and informed them that you had me and what you did but they did not even come and try to see me. So eh fuck them. I am also glad that you raised me I do not think I would have turned out as well as I have with them as parents. So thank you dad for what you have done,” I answer him the best I can hold back the anger I feel bubbling inside of me.

I try to eat the food that I have in front of me but I just can not get it down. I am so pissed off I just want to punch something or someone. I feel Indigo scratching at my mind wanting to take over but I have to keep her pushed back. We are in the city and it would be an utter cluster fuck if people saw a wolf running rampant throughout the city. Not to mention one that is of abnormal size since we are rather larger than the wild wolves. I get up and put my plate in the trash and just sit back down sighing out.

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