Wolves in the City

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Chapter 42

Lexington’s POV

I can not believe her parents would try that bullshit that they did. It was like they thought that just because they were here now that it would change how Envy’s life is going. I know I do not know my mate all that well yet, but I already know she does not take to people all that well. She can speak with anyone, but she watches things before she engages. I can see her point about them not being there her whole life and want to just plant themselves into her life like it is no big deal. Fuck, I would be a total wreck if I went from being human to a half-werewolf/angel with powers, luna/queen/mate in less than 24 hours. To then just after finding this all out that her parents want to meet her when she thought they were dead or just did not want her. I know she is trying to show she is fine, but I can feel her anger that she is pushing down inside her. Now I just have to get her parents out of the building and let them know they are to not try to contact her. If they do, there will be consequences they will not like. I will not have my mate harassed by anyone. Walking them to the elevator, we all step inside. I know they want to say something to me, but I am not acknowledging them to give them opportunity while in the elevator’s confined space. I stare ahead at the numbers lighting up as we head down. As soon as the elevator opens, I jester for them to walk out as I exit behind them.

“The door is just around the corner and to the right,” I tell them, with no emotion in my voice.

“Lexington, can we please talk for a minute?” Sara asks softly while she places her hand on my arm.

I pull my arm away from her, glaring at her. Does this woman not realize what she is doing? She should know better than to touch her King. She steps back, away from me.

“What is there to talk about? My mate has decided, and what she decides is going to happen,” I say, looking at her.

“She does not even know us, and she is dismissing us. Would you do that to your parents?” She asks with hope in her voice.

“She is doing what is best for her. This is not about you as you seem to think it should be. From my observation, you are being pretty selfish. You did not take the time to let her process things, you just wanted her in your arms along with wanting her to act as if she was in awe of her parents being there. I can not even really answer your question as I have never been in the position that she is in. She was a human, as far as she knew, until a few days ago. She was an orphan for all these years. Then in one-day things go from that to her having all this happen at once. So IF I had to answer you honestly, then I would more than likely do the same, but I would not react so politely as she is being,” I reply truthfully, looking them in the eyes.

“So what you are basically telling us is that you will not help with us reuniting with our one and only daughter?” Jack asks as he sighs.

“Yes, that is what I am also saying. If Envy wants a relationship with you, then I will not stop it. As of right now, that is not what she wants. I will not try to persuade her to do something she does not feel right about doing. I will always be right behind my mate and your Queen. She has the final say on this matter. Good day to you both. I must return now, as there are other pressing matters I need to attend to.” I answer them as nicely as I can. They are starting to get on my last nerve now. “Oh, and by the way, there will be notices going out to all the packs that their Queen will be coronated soon. You will be invited to that as you are the head of your pack. While there, do not try to start anything. If Envy wants to speak with you, then she will. But that is up to her keep that in mind.,” I inform them in a serious tone.

“Yes, Alpha, thank you for the heads up and for allowing us to at least part of this day for her. It means a lot to us,” Jack says with happiness in his voice.

I wave them off as I step back to the elevator to go back up to my mate. I can feel that she is bothered by this and I want to comfort her. As I walk into the room, I see her with her head laying on the back of the chair. I look at the others, and Canagan just shakes his head at me as he looks over at Envy. I stride over to her, placing my hands on her shoulders as I kiss her forehead. As I go sit next to her, she grabs my arm, pulling me in for a short soft kiss.

“Is everything ok,” I ask her in a worried tone.

“Yep. everything is just fine and dandy,” she says but not meaning it, I can tell.

“Did you eat anything yet?” asking with a questioning tone.

“I ate some while you were gone,” she says, looking away from me.

“Bullshit she is lying she took one bite, spit it out then threw it all away,” Elizabeth says in a pissed-off tone.

Envy scoffs, looking over at Elizabeth like she is telling her silently to shut the fuck up and keep that to herself. I shake my head. But I understand if she is not hungry after what just happened. I am just glad she at least attempted to eat something.

“No worries I am sure she will eat when she is ready,” I reply to Elizabeth, looking at her. “Now let’s get this all over with Draven what is so important that you think it will be hard for us all.”

Everyone turns their attention to Draven, now that I put him into the spotlight to get this over with. He shifts in his seat and looks at us all. He takes a deep breath as he gathers his thoughts.

Draven’s POV

I look at them all and try to get the words all straight in my head again. It shouldn’t really be that big of a deal. I hope it makes them all happy but some events that are going to happen soon will be a shock to them all for sure. My vision of Envy’s life has become clearer now that they are mated and her wolf was released from its entrapment that I caused all the years ago.

“Where to start, the first thing I want to ask is that you let me get the information all out before you start in with the questions I know you are going to have. Can you all do that, please,?” I ask, looking at every one of them.

They all look at each other and answer me in unison with a yes and a nod of their heads.

“Envy, you and everyone else here know that I had visions of you many millennia before you were born. That being said, I had a hard time keeping this bit from you the most. It pained me every single time that you called Elizabeth your sister. The reason for that is Elizabeth and you are...

Before I could finish, Envy yells.

“What the fuck Draven is, Elizabeth, my sister, somehow?” Envy yells at me with wide eyes.

“No, she is not your sister, baby girl. She is actually your cousin. And no, your parents nor hers know anything about this. I am the one that knows, and your grandmother knew this. We had to keep this quiet for all the reasons that they left you as a newborn.,” I state as hopeful as I can.

They all gasp and look at each other. I can feel that Elizabeth and Envy are getting excited but also a bit on edge. They have always been so close and had this connection no one understood. I am guessing they are putting it all together now.

“The next thing is about your mate’s tattoos. The reason you all four have gotten them is that since each of you is related to Envy and Lexington and also mated together, it is a familiar bond between the four of you. This has happened in the past many centuries ago in Europe. But it was the King’s sister and the Queen’s brother that were mates. I was a bit shocked with your all being cousins that this would happen. I had figured it was because they were actually closer in blood. But I can see that my assumption was incorrect. There is one more thing. But that one I am not even sure about. When the Queen was coronated, all four of them turned into Lycans. I have not seen that in my vision as my vision did not pass your mating with Lexington. So it is a possibility that you both turn to Lycans along with Elizabeth and Canagan. We all know there have not been any Lycans since they were King and Queen. As they had no children because they were all four killed so this is the first that this might happen since then. So if this comes to pass then we are in for a whole new set of circumstances with the Jin. You are also the first Werewolf/Angel hybrid Envy so we are still in new territory here. I am going to assume that at some point your grandfather will show up,” I tell them all with a bit of hope and dread mixed in with all the still unknown elements of things.

I sit back in my seat, waiting for everything to sink into their brains. I can see all their minds trying to process everything. I am still also a bit confused as to the Lycan part. The first one to get it all is Envy she gets a gigantic smile on her face looking at Elizabeth as she gets it next. The guys don’t understand I am sure since they have always been related so they probably don’t understand what this means to Envy and Elizabeth. I smile, looking at my girls. I am so proud of them.

“Holy fuck Eli, we’re related I knew there had to be more to than just us being friends since we were babes. We have always been so much more connected. We always wished we were and now we actually are and it is by blood and marriage. This is just the best news I have gotten in days other than Lexington being my mate,” Envy says to Elizabeth getting up and walking to her pulling her up into a big hug.

“I can’t believe this is real. Draven, are you sure about this?” Elizabeth asks with happiness and confusion.

“Yes, I am sure. Your grandmother told me before she went to be with the Moon Goddess,” I tell them with a sad smile on my face.

Lexington and Canagan both get up and walk over hugging girls they both embrace them for a hug between them. It is a sight to see. These four are going to do things that others have never accomplished before. I know I held back a major bit of information, but I do not want to freak them all out even more. I will let them know when the time is right. This information is going to be a changing point of things for the whole Werewolf society. I don’t want to interrupt this special moment, but we need to figure out about the coronation fast. I want her in her Lycan form before the Jin turns their sights on her. Clearing my throat, they all look over at me.

“So with this new knowledge that you all have, I would suggest that you get to planning the coronation as soon as possible,” I say with a bit of excitement in my voice.

“Oh yes, that would be a good idea that we do that. But I want to take the girls along with you, Draven, to the Clubhouse for a few drinks and let the rest of the club members meet our girls,” Lexington announces with pride.

“I like that idea Lex, I think it will be good for the club members to know who their president’s old lady is,” Canagan says, smiling widely.

“Let us not forget the VP’s old lady here also,” Lexington says while he chuckles.

I look at them all four and the girls are just about to turn as bright red as a sweet Macintosh apple is. These guys are so proud of their mates I am loving every bit. I know my girls have found the best men out there for them. I smile widely at them all as I stand up.

“I think today is going to be a great one,” I state as I smile from ear to ear.

We all walk out of the conference room, heading towards the elevators. As we get there, Kelly pops up out of the blue. She has a look of determination on her face. Something is up with this girl and I can not wait till Envy takes care of her. I know I could drain her, but I want this to be for her. I am handling Amber. Well, will be sending her to another part of the world that is vast and not easy to get away from. Yes, it may seem cruel and petty, but she did threaten my little girl and I will not have that at all. I shake my head, knowing that she going to say something to interfere with us leaving.

“Excuse me, Lexington, but there is an urgent matter with the Russia deal that they want to talk to you about,” Kelly says with a glint in her eyes.

“Excuse me, Kelly, I already told you to never address me as Lexington it is Mr. Bledig always has been. I do not know when you decided that it was appropriate for you to address me like we are friends when you just work for me, nothing more,” Lexington states in a bit stern tone. “What is the urgent matter they have, Kelly? I am sure it is something that I can just email them with. Let me know to email me.”

Kelly blushes as she looks up at him through her eyelashes. Does this human not even see that Envy is standing right next to him while she is trying to flirt? I have even more of a want to drain her blood and leave her for the wild animals in the woods to find her.

“But Mr. Bledig, they said they wanted a video meeting with you and I am sure that you will need me for the notes part so I scheduled it for 30 minutes from now,” Kelly states, almost in a whisper.

I can see that Lexington is pulling Envy into his side closer. As he leans down, he inhales and the tension in his body relaxes. He turns to Envy to face him, looking down at her. Taking her face in both of his hands, he pulls her towards him. He places a tender yet possessive kiss on her lips while looking into her eyes. As he turns away he rolls his eyes at Kelly as she scoffs at the display of affection.

“You know this is a place of business that is rather unprofessional of you to show that kind of PDA,” Kelly announces as she crosses her arms to make her tits stick out more.

Envy does not look like what Kelly just said is sitting well with her. Her arms drop from Lexington’s biceps that she was just holding onto after the kiss. Turning with her back to Lexington, she places herself between the two of them since Kelly has taken a closer step to be closer to Lexington. Oh, this is going to be interesting.

Envy’s POV

You have got to be fucking kidding me right now. This bitch has some nerve. She was told just a few hours ago she is to never call Lexington by her first name. It is so unprofessional of her. He is her boss no matter what she thinks is going to happen between them, which is nothing. I have seen desperate females in my life, but this is on the edge of a stalker. Makes me wonder if she has tried to stalk him. I can feel my blood pressure rising as she moves closer to him. I feel my face becoming hot so that means my face is starting to flush. Lexington rubs my arms to try and calm me down a bit.

I look up at him as to tell him to let me say something. He nods, telling me to handle it from there. I know she is going to freak out over what I am about to say, but oh well. She is not going to be in a room alone with him. Yes, I know I am being possessive, and I am sure they have been alone many times, but that was before. I know she sees me as competition for him. She just does not realize there is no competition at all. He is mine, and she is nothing but a PA to him.

“Kelly I hate to be the one to burst your little bubble of happiness right now but if there is going to be a video call with the Russians then Lexington can record the call and you will be given a copy of it for you to get your notes from that,” I say to her with a smirk on my face. “Another thing if we wish to show PDA then we will it is not unprofessional when it is your significant other. And that is what we are. We are a couple. We did not grope each other. It was a nice, sweet kiss. So if you have an issue that is your problem now ours. I also would not feel right in front of my father if it was more than that. Not to mention he would have made a comment about it.”

“My bubble was not burst. I am his PA, so I will go into the meeting with him. You are not my boss, he is. He is the one that requires me to take extensive notes for his meetings, then put them together in an email and email them to him for his review and future reference,” Kelly replies smugly.

“I would not count on him needing you in the meetings any longer now,” I reply with my smirk growing larger as I know Lexington has my back on this matter.

“We will see about that. Mr. Bledig, are we going to proceed to the conference room so we can get to this meeting?” Kelly asks with hope in her voice.

“That would be a no we are not proceeding to a conference room. I will call them on my own as my fiancee has suggested and I will record the call for you to review later. As for her not being your boss, she is actually your boss now as well. So you might want to get used to the idea of her having a say in things and listen to what she has to say. If you have a problem, then go pack up your desk and leave now,” Lexington says while deadpan looking at her.

I want to laugh out and tell her, told ye so bitch, but that would be so unprofessional of me. I just look at her while leaving back into Lexington’s chest as he is pulling me backward. She looks at me with so much hatred in her eyes that if looks could kill, I would be six feet under. Oh, I wonder if that is a power I will develop?” I think to myself. I do chuckle a bit on that thought out some. Everyone is looking at me with a questioning look. I just shrug my shoulders at them all, as it is not a big deal.

“What? I had a thought about something we talked about earlier,” I say as if it is no big deal. “Babe, go do your meeting I am sure that Canagan should go with you to help. Draven, Elizabeth, and I will wander around checking out the building.”

“Sounds like a plan to me. We should not be that long. You can also go down and get your codes to access the penthouse, then go up and check it out. You ladies might want to redecorate it. Also, I will call and let them know to get the badge for Elizabeth made when you get there and get her a code as well,” Lexington says as he kisses the top of my head. squeezing me into him.

I hear a loud gasp and turn towards it, wondering who it is. Of course, we all should know it would be Kelly. I roll my eyes, waiting for her next comment. She always seems to have one, so this time should not be any different. I raise my eyebrow to her as if to say, what now?

“You can’t be serious now, really. You barely know these females and you are giving them access I was never had. Why would you do that?” Kelly asks with a high pitch whine.

I go to say something, but before I can even get a breath out to speak, Elizabeth walks over to Kelly. Elizabeth grabs Kelly by the shoulders, holding her in place. I know I should be shocked, but this is just how Elizabeth is. This is one reason I choose her for my beta.

“Now listen here bitch, I do not even know who the fuck you are, nor do I really care, but you are being very disrespectful to your bosses. I do not have to be professional and show you any kind of respect. But from now on if you so much as say one thing out of line towards either of them you will deal with me. It is none of your goddamn business what access we have. These men trust us enough to give us this. Apparently, they never trusted you enough so that should speak volumes to you. Now take your skinny skanky ass back to your desk and sit there like a good little PA and wait for your next set of instructions,” Elizabeth yells at her.

Kelly steps back away from Elizabeth, shaking. I know the tone of Elizabeth’s voice and treats are not to be taken lightly. I am pretty sure that Kelly can feel the power that Elizabeth pushed out. Kelly has a look of shock on her face and her mouth keeps opening and closing like a fish taking a breath. I know she wants to say something, but she is trying to process what just happened. I have my hand over my mouth so I do not bust out laughing. This is priceless. I look at the guys and Lexington and Canagan are both shocked as well. They have never seen this side of her. Well. they better get used to it because this is who Elizabeth is. Draven has a look of pride on his face. That is normal for him as well. He is always so happy and filled with pride when we do not let others walk over us.

Kelly scurried away from all of us towards her desk. I just smile widely at the events. Taking Elizabeth and Draven by the hand, walking with them toward the elevators. I wave at Lexington and Canagan. Those two are still shocked.

“Little Minx, you three have a good time. I will text you when we’re done,” Lexington says with humor in his voice.

“Oh, we will trust me. I say to him as I look back and smile.” I reply.

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