Wolves in the City

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Chapter 44

Envy’s POV

A few more hours have passed….

It smells so much better in here with these candles and the air spray. I have to be sure to tell that bitch she better not spray any more of her cheap ass perfume in the office. I thought I was going to stop breathing from that smell in there. It smelled like a whorehouse.

“This is crazy. We have been waiting for over five hours now. Have you found anything good?”

“Not really, I am sure that Canagan knows of something good.”

“I can’t believe that it is honey, crisp apples, and wild rice that is the food here. I love the apples but the rice I am not too sure about.”

“I have to agree on that. I guess a nice porterhouse or prime rib would be good with that. And then some apple pie would be a good meal!”

“Oh, that sounds good with some broccoli to go with it.”

“Yes, that is a perfect meal.”

“So now it is time for us to see what the deal is with this meeting.”

“I think Canagan will be happy to see me.”

I put my phone in my back pocket as I get up to put out the candles. I reach for the can of spray to leave it smelling good in here. As we exit out of Lexington’s office, I walk over to Kelly’s desk with Eli right on my heels.

“Kelly?” I say, looking at her sternly.

“Yea, what do you want now?” Kelly replies all snarky.

“Look, you need to lay off your snarkiness. You are just about at your last straw before we throw you out of this office,” I tell her matter-of-factly.

Kelly scoffs. “What can I do for you?”

“I want you to stay out of Lexington and my office. I especially do not want you spraying any more of your cheap ass perfume in there. I almost died from the smell. Is that clear?” I tell her, glaring at her.

“What are you talking about, I do not wear cheap perfume? It is Christian Louboutin’s Loubicrown. It smells great, and it costs $300 a bottle.” Kelly says with a smug look on her face.

“I do not give a flying fuck what it is or how much you spend on it. It stinks and I do not want to walk into the office and smell it in there again. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?” I tell her as I slowly raise my voice as I hold her look.

I did not give her time to make a response as I walked away towards the elevators to head down one floor to the conference rooms. I look over and see Eli with a big shit-ass eating grin on her face.

“What is so funny?”

“I knew you had it in you to tell her off like you do others. I am so glad that you did. You also kept Indigo under control, and that was amazing. You are doing so good with things so fast. I am so proud of you.”

“Thanks. That means a lot coming from you. You also have to remember that I grew up with you and your family, so I guess I picked up a few things.”

As the elevator doors open, to my surprise, Draven, Lexington, and Canagan all stand there talking. We step on the elevator with the guys.

“Hey, we were just about to head down and see how much longer you would be,” I say, smiling at them all.

“Hey babe, yea, we figured you ladies would be getting hungry, so we stopped the meeting to take you out to eat,” Lexington replies as he pulls me in for a hug and kisses.

Canagan does the same thing to Elizabeth. These two guys are the sweetest, that is for sure.

“Hi Dad, how did your phone calls go?” I ask, cocking my head to the side.

“They were eventful, that is for sure,” Draven says, chuckling.

“That is good. So where are we going to eat?” I ask no one in particular.

“Well, there is a nice diner just down from the office that makes some really great food,” Canagan replies.

Both the guys pull us back into their chests. With their arms around our waists. We descend to the first floor and get off. We end up walking to the diner since it is relatively close. We have our dinner and it is actually really tasty. As we eat, Lexington and Canagan are talking about how they had sent an email out to all the employees that there would be a company-wide meeting in the afternoon tomorrow.

“What is the meeting about if we can ask?” Elizabeth inquires.

“You and Envy are to attend the meeting tomorrow. It is to announce to everyone that you are the two newest members of the company along with being our fiancee’s,” Lexington says.

“Oh, okay, that would be rather interesting for sure,” I reply.

“Wait, what does that mean?” Lexington asks with his eyebrow furrowing.

“Nothing really. Maybe it will finally put Kelly in her place. But I highly doubt that really,” I say, shrugging.

“She was put in her place more than once, and the last one should have been it,” Lexington states flatly.

I look at him as well as the others at the table and just laugh sarcastically.

“Sure, sure she was,” I say, smiling.

I see Elizabeth understands what I am referring to. She does not say anything. She and I have to have a conversation later or tomorrow before the meeting. I will need her help with something that I am planning on doing. This is going to be good.

We get done with dinner, head back to the parking garage, and get the Escalade to head back to the house. I fall asleep as we are heading back. I open my eyes to Lexington, carrying me into the house. I rest my head on his shoulder. He lays me down on the bed pulling off my shoes, socks, jeans; he pulls off my shirt. Reaching around me, he unhooks my bra, pulling it off me. I am so relaxed with him. It actually shocks me. The next thing I know, he put on a t-shirt that smells just like him on me. I inhale deeply and sigh. Rolling over, I pass right back out.

OH MY GOD, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT NOISE?” I yell out as I try to sit up.

Of course, I can’t sit up since I am ensnared with a muscular arm that is attached to Lexington. I look back at him and he just barely moves. I push his arm to get out to grab his phone since that is where the offending sound is coming from.

“Leave it,” Lexington says in a sleepy voice.

“No way it’s too annoying.”

“Yes, it is annoying. It is Kelly’s ringtone, so I know not to answer it.”

“Give me that damn phone. It is not even 6 am, and she is calling. GRRRR, that pisses me off,” I say through gritted teeth.

“Nope, you are staying right where you are. I want you in my arms as long as possible. It will go to voicemail. See, it stopped ringing and there is the voicemail.”

“I am going to strangle her if she keeps this bullshit up.”

I snuggle back into his chest, and we both fall back asleep for a few more hours.

Lexington’s POV

I hear my annoying ringtone for Kelly and groan inside, wondering what in the fuck could she possibly be calling me for at this time of the morning. I hold Envy against me as I don’t want her to be stressing as soon as she wakes up. I know I should have answered it, but I am way too comfortable with her in my arms. I get her to go back to sleep but just lay here as I know I won’t be able to go back to sleep. I just take in Envy’s smells that keep me calm. I know I have to get up soon since I need to get things set up for the announcement at the office later this afternoon. I want to have some refreshments for all my employees after we tell them about the girls. It won’t be anything too extravagant, since it is not a full-on party. But I also want it closer to the end of the day so that people do not have to return to work after such a joyous announcement. I just need to get with the event planner and see what he can get done on such short notice. He got the email as everyone else, but I added that I wanted a few ideas without telling him exactly what was going to happen.

My alarm goes off, so I reach over and grab my phone so Envy does not wake up. At least it isn’t as bad as Kelly’s ringtone. I set up a song to play so that way it would be a bit more pleasant to wake up to instead of a screeching noise. I slowly slide my arm out from under Envy’s head and she stirs some. I stop, so she stops stirring. Ever so slowly, I pull the sheet from me and slide out of bed. Covering her back up, I lean down and kiss her temple. Looking at her sleeping in my bed is the most rewarding thing I have seen in I do not know how long.

I go into the ensuite and get my shower, along with doing my morning routine. Walking out with a towel wrapped around me, I look over at Envy and see she has not moved. Grabbing my Harley jeans, t-shirt, socks, boxer briefs, I get dressed. I pull on my boots and walk over to grab the notepad out of the nightstand. I proceeded to write Envy a note.

Little Minx,

Good morning, I did not have the heart to wake you this morning. You looked so peaceful sleeping. I am going to head into the office, so I can get things prepared for this afternoon’s announcement. I am riding my bike today. I know Dravin had Elizabeth and your bikes brought here. So why don’t you and Elizabeth ride into the office as well. Unless you want, you can have someone drive you both in and then ride back with me on my bike. That is totally up to you. Give me a call or a text when you get this, so I know you saw it. See you at the office, my love.

Love with all my heart,


Placing the note on the nightstand under her phone so she will see it. I look down at her, kiss her one more time on her temple and walk out of the room, grabbing my cut that is next to the door hanging. I text Canagan to meet me at the bikes so we can head into the office.

As we get to the office, we head up to the penthouse to change into one of our suits we keep here for this reason.

“So what do you think the Planner has gotten for ideas since you failed to let him know what he was planning for?”

“To be honest, I do not know. I know we need to add at least one of each of their favorite colors and flowers so the girls feel special.”

“Oh yes, for sure. That sounds great. Do you know anything about Envy’s because I do not know about Elizabeth’s yet?”

“Fuck, I did not even think of that. But I am sure that I can get that information from Draven.”

“Damn, I didn’t even think about asking him. I will text him now. I don’t want him to be with the girls, and they overhear anything. I know that they know about the announcement, but this part is going to be for them from us.”


Good morning Draven. I have something to ask you.

Can you let me know one of each of the girl’s favorite flowers and colors?

I want to add that for a special touch to the announcement today.

So I will need to let the planner know so they can get this done.


Good morning Lex.

Sure that will be no problem at all.

Envy’s - Queen of Night Tulips, Black Iris, and Bat Orchids

Colors - Black, Red, and Grey

Elizabeth - Blue Moon Wisteria, Purple Orchids, Purple Hydrangeas

Colors - Purple, Black, and Blue

I love this idea of yours. They will love this added element for them.

What time should I make sure they are there?


Oh sweet I was just expecting one not multiple. That will be of more help.

Thank you, I want to always make her feel special.

Let’s say no later than 14:30.

They do not need to dress up and Envy already knows that.

I left her a note before I left so she can either ride her bike in or drive.


Okay, they will be there no later than that.

Knowing her, she might ride in. But who knows? LOL.


Okay, see you all later then.

“Okay, he gave me more than one of each, so at least we have that information for use at a later time as well.”

“Send me Elizabeth’s information so I have it.”

“Sure, no problem. Let’s get to the planner so they can get the color and the flowers.”

As we walk into the planner’s office, I see a bunch of papers all over a conference table. I am actually surprised there are so many ideas already to choose from.

“Good morning, Mr. Bledig and Mr. Blaz. I have been trying to figure out what to do, so I have some ideas already here. I just have one question though, and that will help make it easier. What color scheme am I working with?”

“Good morning, Mr. Jackson. I have one other request also. I am not sure which flowers are in season or what you can get but we have six flowers and want two to be picked from. They need to be one of each of the ladies’ favorite flowers. I am picking the color grey as that is one of Envy’s favorite colors. The three flowers she loves are Queen of Night Tulips, Black Iris, and Bat Orchids. Canagan can pick the color he wants to use for Elizabeth.”

“Well, the Queen of Night Tulips are only in season in late April or May. The other two are for fall but can go to spring. I will see which is available now. Mr. Blaz, what would you like for Elizabeth?”

“I think we should go with blue for Elizabeth’s color. The three flowers she loves are Blue Moon Wisteria, Purple Orchids, and Purple Hydrangeas.”

“With her flowers, only the Orchid is the choice. As the others are not in season now. I do like this color scheme I have to work with. But would it be an issue to use silver in place of the grey so it does not look too dull?”

“Um, I guess that would work. I do not think she would mind using that in place. We are going to have them open the ballroom downstairs so that we can have a mix of the inside and outside as everyone is going to be here. Do you have enough time and employees to get things set up by 14:30? I want to start at 15:00. This is going to be more than one announcement. I also do not want alcohol served as we are still on the clock. So just some simple appetizers and non-alcoholic champagne for the toast.”

“Oh yes, I have enough hands on deck to get it all set up. Come hell or high water, I will complete everything. It is only 08:00, so plenty of time. I will also get each of you the flower of your lady so it can be placed on your lapel.”

“Wonderful we will be in my office if you need anything else.”

“Yes, Mr. Bledig, just come down if you feel the need to check and see if you are happy with everything.”

We head to my office to just chill till we need to check on things. I know it’s early, so Kelly should not be in yet. She does not start till 09:00. As we step off the elevator, I can hear her talking to someone. I run my hand down my face and look over at Canagan.

“Can this not be happening today? Why would she be here so early?”

“Dude, that girl has it bad for you, so sure she is going to be here before you.”

I shake my head as we continue to my office. But to my dismay, we are not lucky enough for her to not speak.

“Good morning Sirs. Is there anything that you need me to do for you this morning?”

“Good morning. No, there is nothing we need. But thank you for asking. I do not want to be disturbed other than by Mr. Jackson, Envy, Elizabeth, or Dravin. Other than that, do not come to my office or call me.”

“Yes, sir, I understand.”

I can hear the disappointment in her voice as she answers me, but I could give a fuck less. She has been nothing but a pain in the ass these last few weeks. We get into my office and I notice there are candles all over the place. It smells so good in here. That can only mean one thing. Envy had a hand in that. But what would her reasoning be behind it? I will have to ask her later. I sit on one couch and stretch out. As Canagan does the same.

“So why are there candles all in your office?”

“I was just thinking the same thing. I am going to assume it is Envy that did it. But for what reason I do not know. I am going to be asking her later.”

“She is going to make this into a girly office. You know that, right?”

“Envy is not a girly type. I think she just likes the fragrance. I have no problem with her changing some things, as this will be her office as well. You are the one that got the girly one of the two.”

“Oh, I have noticed that about Elizabeth. She can be girly girly or not. But I do know she is going to change a LOT in my office.”

We both just laugh at that as we are not really even bothered if they change anything. I jump up and grab each of us water as we just relax. We settle into just having random conversations as we don’t want to get into anything with the announcement coming later. While we wait for our mates to show up.

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