Wolves in the City

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Chapter 45

1 hour till the announcement…..

Elizabeth’s POV

“So Envy, what do you think of the guys introducing us to the company even though we have not formally been given any type of job?”

“I have not really thought about it. If I had to remark which I know you want me to, then I would say it will be a bit awkward. You know there will be some kind of remark from a few, of course. So we have to be prepared for that.”

“True, people always have to remark on something these days.”

“Do you still have that recording from yesterday?”

“Yeah, I do. Do you need it now?”

“Not right this moment, but I will need it in a bit.”

“Oh, are you going to play it for Lexington?”

“Something like that.”

Oh wow, I can see Envy’s little devilish mind working on something. I can just imagine that it will not work out too well for Kelly in the end. I can’t wait to see what it is. I know she will tell me before she goes through with it. She has to get all the details sorted out first. She is not one to just go on a whim when it is something like this. I love that about her.

I still do not understand why Kelly would lie about her and Lexington. Does she not realize that the truth always comes out in the end? And in an office with all these humans that love drama and lies. Human women are something that I have never understood. They will lie, connive, and scheme to get a man. Then wonder why things did not end up working out in the long run. Well, I have to say there are a few she-wolves that do the same. Take Amber and Katie, for example. But then again, Katie is human. But Amber should have known better than to say that Lexington was her mate. There was no way that he would not have claimed her years ago IF she was his mate. But we’ll all see that it was not true. Just because she wanted power, and to live the high life but see it backfired in her face.

I am pretty sure that Lexington would have never thrown her out of the pack if she would have not been acting the way she was. Especially after Envy told me the story of her life growing up. He is the type of leader who would have made sure she was taken care of until she met her mate and then still treated her properly. But alas, she was a dumbass and fucked it all up for herself. Now Draven is going to send her away to another country far from here. Oh well, I do not feel sorry for her at all. She brought it all on herself. Katie is lucky that I did not kill her for all her antics. At least they were not to the point of what Amber did.

Okay, this is a bit weird Kelly is not at her desk. I hope she isn’t up to something with this announcement coming. I hate for her to try to ruin this. I will ask the guys where she is once we get up to Lexington’s office.

“Hey baby, sorry we took so long to get here. We took a bit of a scenic route to get here. We did not realize it would take as long as it did.”

“It’s okay you made it in plenty of time before we are due to go downstairs.”

“Weird question, where is that crazy psycho Kelly at, she isn’t at her desk?”

“Lexington sent her down to help with the setup. He did not feel like putting up with her and ruining his good mood.”

“That was smart of him.”

I hug and kiss Canagan. I have missed him this morning. I never realized how much I would enjoy having a mate. I dislike the feeling of loss when we are not together. I have always heard that there would be a longing, and that is a fact. I always saw my parents together, and it was rare they were not too far from one another when they were at home. I never thought to ask if they had this feeling. They have a love that has to end.

Envy’s POV

Walking into the building was not as bad as I thought it would be. I figured a lot of people would stare at me since I do not dress up. And with Eli and I walking in our jeans and boots could make people wonder what we are doing here. Draven, of course, is dressed in his black dress pants with a red dress shirt and black skinny tie. He always knows how to dress to impress. I just am not the type that feels comfortable dressed up all the time. I dress up when I actually have to. But growing up in Florida with the heat and working at the beach did not give me cause to have to dress up all the time. I would dress up if Draven asked me when people would come to the house or we would go to eat at someplace that called for it.

I notice as we walk past Kelly’s desk she is MIA. Wonder what that is all about? I am glad she isn’t here. I really was not looking forward to seeing her before I saw my handsome mate’s gorgeous face. Walking into the office, Eli is the first to ask the question I was just thinking about. Funny how she will just come out with something without warning. I love that about her so much. She does not hold back if she is in protective mode and she has been in that mode for over a week now. I will have to assume she will stay that way when we are out and it is just her and I. She is my beta after all now and my protector. Granted, I don’t really need protection, but Lexington made it clear she will protect me.

Lexington jumps up off the couch and grabs me. Hugging me tightly, peppering kisses all over me. I just giggle at his antics. It is so sweet to see a man like him act like this. I never dreamed in all my years that I would have a man that is so devoted to me. I love him so much, it is crazy. I assume part of it is the mate bond. I know it can’t all be that.

“Wow, that was a great way to be greeted.”

“I have been waiting hours to have you back in my arms.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I will never complain about that type of greeting from you.”

“Good, because I will always greet you with kisses and hugs. Then at times it just might be more. Now come sit with me on the couch till we have to go downstairs.”

I try to sit on the couch and try is the operative word here, but Lexington isn’t having any of that. I have to apparently sit on his lap. I hate that I feel like I am going to crush his legs, but he always tells me there is no way that is possible. I do not weigh as much as I say. Which is total bullshit. I always make sure to not let all my weight land on him when he pulls me to him. Then he jerks me down so I have to be fully in his lap. He pulls me back into his chest as he wraps his arms around my waist. Canagan does the same thing to Eli. She has the same look on her face as I do.

“Hey is there a way that there is a Bluetooth to hook up a phone down at the announcement area?” I ask no one in particular.

“There isn’t anything at the moment, but if you want, I can call down and have tech support get something for you,” Canagan replies.

“That would be wonderful. Thank you.” I say to him.

“Sure, I will call them now so they have time to get it set up,” Canagan says.

“Is there something important that you think we will forget?” Lexington asks with a confused look on his face.

“Nope, nothing at all that I think you will forget. It is just a bit of a surprise I have for you and a few others that work here is all.” I say, smiling with an innocent smile.

I look over at Eli and see her eyebrows shoot up like she is having a realization. I know she knows me so well, but I just wonder if she can figure out what I want to do?

“Oh, that will be nice then, if it is a surprise,” Lexington remarks.

“Yes, it will be a huge surprise and I am going to enjoy delivering it very much so,” I say.

I look over at Draven, who has a confused look on his face. He has no idea of what Eli and I heard yesterday, and apparently, she did not tell Canagan last night either. I am glad the guys do not know. There would have been hell to pay, that is for sure. Draven would have gone and drained her blood since she is a human. I do not want her dead, just want her to know that she does not mess with what is MINE. I may want her dead one day but that day is not today.

“Envy, what are you planning?” Draven asks.

“It is just a surprise, is all. It really is not a big deal,” I say shrugging my shoulders.

“Are you sure? I see that look in your eyes when you have something up your sleeve,” Draven asks with a serious tone.

“Yes, I am sure. Trust me daddy you will love it also,” I smile wide.

We all sit here in silence as everyone is apparently in their own thoughts. Mine is still on what is happening here soon. I smirk as I think about things. I look down at my watch and notice it is after 1400 now.

“Babe, isn’t it about time we head downstairs?”

“Oh, shit yeah, I did not even realize the time. Let’s get down there so you can get whatever it is hookup and read before we start things.” Lexington replies.

“Sounds perfect to me. Let’s get on with this.” I say, smiling as I jump off his lap.

When we get downstairs, I pull Eli aside.

“Eli, hand me your phone so I can set it up. I don’t want the guys to know it is your phone till after I have you hit play.”

“Here it is. What are you going to do?”

Don’t worry, it will all be perfect.”

I explain to Eli my plan and she is all for it. It is going to be such a surprise.

As we walk inside, I am in utter shock. My mouth drops open. I have never seen something so beautiful in my entire life before. The color scheme is perfect. It is a mix of what Eli and I both like. Along with one of our favorite flowers. I look over and see Eli has the same shocked expression that I have on my face. I feel tears wanting to escape my eyes. I can not believe they did this for us. These men seem to know just how to amaze me and Eli with something every single day. But how did they know the colors and flowers? I know I did not tell them and I am pretty sure Eli did not either. She would have spilled the beans to me; they know our favorite colors and flowers. Well, it seems they only know one of each. Most only have one favorite, but Eli and I could never just pick one. It was three. I have a few more flowers, but there are three that are on the top. That just means dad is on this somehow. Everyone is just standing around talking as we get up to the stage that Lexington had set up.

Lexington and Canagan both stand in the center of the stage. I am to the right of Lexington, and Eli is to Canagan’s left. We stand a few steps behind them so we do not call attention to ourselves. Draven is standing down right in front of the stage like he is a guard. He crossed his arms over his chest. He dwarfs most of the people in the front. He shows his authoritative power. I just love my dad. He is so protective of me and Eli.

“Good afternoon, can I have everyone’s attention please,” Lexington says?

Everyone stops their conversations and turns towards the stage. As I look out over the crowd of employees, I see Kelly is slowly pushing her way towards the front of the group. I just roll my eyes. I can see this is not going to make her happy. We already knew this.

“I am so glad to see that everyone is here. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves so far today. After I make a few announcements, we are not requiring anyone to return to their desks or to engage in more work for the day.”

Everyone claps and hoots in appreciation of that.

“The first thing I would like to introduce two of our newest members to the company.”

Lexington looks back at me and Eli smiling.

“Envy Reznik and Elizabeth Stark, please give them both a warm welcome.”

Eli and I step forward to be next to the guy. Everyone is clapping and smiling big. Won’t mention who isn’t. I just smile and wave at everyone. Eli and I say in unison, thank you. Lexington holds his hands up to calm everyone back down.

“Now if the waitstaff will please hand everyone a glass of the apple cider please,” Lexington says.

Everyone, including us, is handed champagne glasses. I look over towards Eli to see if she is looking. She is and I mouth to her to be ready to push play.

“Canagan and I have met the women that we have been waiting all our lives for. These beautiful women right here are our fiancée's. So if you would all raise your glasses and drink to this wonderful occasion and toast with us.” Lexington announces.

I look out at everyone and I hear the voice that I was waiting for.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me, Lexington,” Kelly shouts out.

“Excuse me?” Lexington says with a pissed-off voice.

“There has to be some kind of mistake here. We all know the type of women that you both like. It surely is not these fat cows that are standing up there. You both have to be playing a trick on them. Especially after our feelings….”

I cut her off right there mid-sentence.

“Who the fuck do you think you are talking to Lexington that way. Eli now.” I say loud so everyone is paying attention.

The recording of what Kelly told Darlene yesterday about her and Lexington plays. I look down at Kelly with a smirk on my face. I know she was not expecting this. Looking back up at Lexington, I can see that he is getting redder by the second as he hears what transpired. Kelly’s face goes pale as tears start to stream down her face. I jump down from the stage and grab her as she starts to run off. I pull her back towards me and get in her face.

“Now look here, you fucking pencil-thin Barbie bitch. You are nothing but a liar and you think that just because you are so thin that every man will want you, but you are nothing but skin and bones. So you are sadly mistaken. I am going to tell you this one last time. He is my man, my fiance, as you have heard officially. You are also fired as of this instance. If I see your face around here again or even if you contract Lexington again, I will beat the living shit out of you,” I yell in her face so that everyone can hear and see I am serious.

I pull my arm back and punch her right in the face, hearing a crack in her nose. She falls to the floor screaming in pain as blood rushes out of her nose. I smile in satisfaction. The next thing I know is that Lexington is reaching down to take her arm and pull her up, holding her still. Kelly gets a gigantic smile on her face as she is standing next to Lexington. She is trying to move to his side. He holds her out away from him.

“See, he wants me. Come on Lexington, let’s leave this place and go have some fun,” Kelly says, trying to sound seductive.

“Have you lost your mind? I just announced I am engaged. What would even make you think that I want anything to do with you?” Lexington says with disgust in his voice.

“You helped me up and are holding on to me. So of course you want me instead of this fat bitch that is standing here,” Kelly replies.

“I am only holding you till security gets here. I don’t want you loose in my building after that little stunt that you just pulled. Envy is my soulmate and the love of my life. She is not a fat bitch or cow. She is perfect. And these women are just our types. We have loved curvy women and these two fit perfectly with us.” Lexington states matter-of-factly.

Kelly’s eyes go wide in disbelief. I just smile and I walk over towards them. I tap Lexington on the arm for him to look at me. I grab his beard and pull him down for a quick peck on his lips. Security shows up.

“Take her out of the building. Send someone up to get her purse. I want you to get the cellphone, badge, and keys from her. Also, wipe all her codes out that are left along with informing the front desk she is not allowed past there Monday when she comes to get her personal effects that will be boxed and ready for her down there. Then she is to be escorted out again. I do not want to ever see her in the building again.” Lexington informs the guards.

“Yes sir Mr. Bledig, we understand and will take care of that immediately.” One guard says.

“Kelly, as for you, never contact me again. I would also suggest that you find some other type of job, as I will make sure that you are blackballed, from working for any prestigious companies or any other type of PA position. You will not get a letter of recommendation. I will give you a month’s severance pay and nothing more.” Lexington says.

“You can’t be serious, Lex. I have worked for you for so many years for you to do this to me. I have done anything and everything you have ever asked of me.,” Kelly replies with shock.

“I am very serious. You made a fatal mistake and messed with my fiance along with lying about us. As for you doing anything and everything for me. It was your job to do those things. I have paid you well for your job performance. Then you had to go and do things to make me take these actions. Now good day,” Lexington says as he turns to walk away.

Kelly is being dragged out of the room and the building. She is screaming as she goes that we all will pay and that she is going to kick my ass soon. I just laugh at that. She is lucky there are humans here because I would have let Indigo out to play if not.

Lexington walks over to me, hugging me tightly.

“I am so sorry about that, Little Minx. I never dreamed she would do that,” Lexington whispers in my ear.

“It is okay. I was actually expecting something from her. That is why I had Eli record her conversation yesterday,” I tell him.

I stand on my tippy toes and kiss him again while hugging him tightly. Canagan announces that the bit of drama is over and that everyone can go back to having a good time. With that being announced, I look around to see everyone enjoying themselves again. They get food and drink and just enjoy themselves. They escorted us around the room for us to meet everyone. Even though we won’t remember everyone’s names but we will attempt to try to remember. There are still some females that give us fake smiles, but that is to be expected. As long as they keep themselves in check, they will stay employed here.

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