Wolves in the City

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Chapter 46

One month later...

Unknown’s POV

This cage is something that I really hate being put into each and every day. I feel cramped inside it. They made it for a dog the size of a Samoyed. They let me out three times a day to stretch my legs and muscles. I am glad about that at least. I do not know how I got here or why. What did I do to deserve to be treated like this? I have always treated others good. It is like they enjoy keeping locked up like this. I get the worst food there is. I think they just want to keep me barely alive. I feel like I will not wake up after I pass out from lack of food. They feed me the leftovers and some days it is barely enough for me to even fill up a little bit of my stomach. I hope that someone comes and finds me. I am a captive here. I miss my family. One day I was with them, then suddenly I was taken and put into this cage. I am always told to be quiet as I cry for my parents and my sisters and brothers. I am so cold there is no blanket for me to cover up with. I am just on this hard metal flooring. I hear someone coming. Maybe it will be someone to save me from this horrible place.

“Are you ready to come out for a few minutes?”

I look up at the man whose name I have no clue of. And I look at him with a sad face, hoping he will take me out of this small area. He opens the cage and pulls me out. I just look up at him, not making a sound, as I don’t want anything else to happen to me. I have learned my lesson to not make a sound or fight back or I will be beaten. I stretch out my sore muscles from being cramped inside that cage.

“I will be back in a few minutes to put you back in your home.”

I hang my head down, hating that I am so weak I can not fight back to escape. There is no way I can get over the wall. It is solid, with no way for me to grab anything to try to climb free. I walk in circles as there is really not much room to do much of anything else. At least out here I get fresh air and feel the sun on my body. It is such a great feeling. My body is so sore from the beatings I have gotten. I have cuts and scrapes all over me. It seems the time has gone by so fast as I hear him coming back to take me back to my cage.

He grabs me and pulls me while beating me as I still try not to move. I know I should not do that, but I don’t want to go back in.

“Move it, you piece of shit. You are worthless. I do not even know why I grabbed you. It was the worst mistake I have ever made. But I am stuck with you now. I will break you.”

I finally give up and let him drag me back and lock me away again. The next thing I know, he is wetting me down with a hose. I cower in the corner to try to get away, but it is not something that is even possible.

“This is because you have fought again to go back in and you also stink. I am tired of smelling you. Now, I do not feel like feeding you tonight, either.”

I just lay down shivering as I have lost so much feeling with the cold water spraying really hard on me. I just give up as I know now I won’t even get any scraps now. I pass out from everything he has done to me.

Lexington’s POV

It has been a few days since I let Harou out for a run. He has been on edge, so I will run the perimeter of the territory. I need to find Envy and let her know I will be gone for a few hours. I know she is busy getting things ready for her coronation along with her being officially announced as Luna to my pack. There have just been a few she-wolves that have tried to cause issues, but we shut them right down. I will have no one disrespecting my mate. There is no reason for that. Not even if these think that Amber is my mate and their Luna and Queen. I know Amber has said since she turned 18 that I was her mate. They all should know if that was the case I would have claimed her then. I walk right over to Canagan’s place and not really even paying attention as I am thinking. I just walk into the house, as it is normal for us to do this with each other’s place.

“Little Minx, are you busy?”

“Yep, of course, I am. There is so much to do. It is not like I have one thing to prepare for. I have two. And that means double work.”

She looks so adorable with her hair all a mess from her having her hands all in her hair. I know she does these when she thinks a lot. I smile at her as I walk up and pull her up into my arms. I lean down, kissing her.

“MMM, you taste so good.”

“Oh my god, not here.”

I smirk at her. She is blushing. I know she thinks I am going to try and take her here. But that was never my intention.

“Aren’t you just too sweet? I was not even thinking about that. I came to let you know that I will be going to run the perimeter of the territory. Harou has been on edge for a few weeks now.”

“Oh, my bad. What is bothering him?”

“I am not sure. I am guessing he wants to run more than I have been letting him. With everything going on, we don’t run as we used to.”

“I can see that. Indigo has also been bothering me to run. But I am just too exhausted at the end of the day. I do need to let her run. How about we go for a run together tomorrow?”

“I like that idea. We can take our time. I will show you the territory perimeter. We can spend the entire day with each other. Letting Indigo and Harou enjoy time together.”

“That sounds perfect. She is saying she will really enjoy that and she can not wait. She wants to get to know Harou more.”

“Harou has been asking when he gets more alone time with her. So that will be perfect then. They can hunt and do whatever they want tomorrow.”

I hug her tightly as I kiss her softly. I look at her as I let her go and walk outside to go for the run. But before I do that, I pull my phone out and call Canagan.


“Hey, I am going to run the perimeter. Would you like to run it with me?”


“Oh, yea that would be perfect. Marcel needs to get out.”


“Cool, I will meet you behind your place at the wood line.”

As I wait for Canagan to get here, I look around, just admiring my pack members that are walking around doing what they do best. Some are helping others, some are working and others are just enjoying themselves. I have a very well-balanced pack. I know there are some packs that have issues with pack members. I think that after the coronation is over Envy and I should visit packs. I will suggest this to her so that she is meeting other members and not just the Alpha’s and Luna’s that will come for the big events. I have taken time over the years to go to each pack so that they all know that I am there for them if they need me. Being King is more than just a title to me. I want my people to know that I appreciate them and I am willing to do whatever it takes or they need of me. I want them to know that Envy feels the same way. I know it will take time for her to get to each pack. I won’t rush her. I know she is still really apprehensive about meeting so many people. She has such a big heart and is so loving I know most will love her. There are always the few that are the troublemakers. But that is normal even in humans.

SMACK “Dude, what the fuck. Where is your head at?”

“OW, what the fuck, Cana? Don’t smack the back of my head like that again. I was just thinking about a few things.”

“I can see that. I actually walked right up on your not even being quiet and you didn’t even hear me.”

“Yeah, I have a lot of things on my mind and Harou isn’t helping. He is on edge over something that I just can’t figure out. He does not know what it is, just that he needs to run to try and figure it out”

“So let’s get to it then. Marcel is dying to run.”

“I think I am going to let Harou have full control so maybe he can figure out what is up.”

“Sounds good. I will let Marcel as well. They need some bonding time anyway.”

We strip out of our clothes and turn into our wolves. Harou is a bit bigger than Marcel, but not by much. I know it is the royal blood we have both have, but me being the King makes me bigger by default. We let them have control.

“Marcel, have you noticed anything different while you have been on patrol?”

“No, not really. But we have not actually run the north perimeter in a few weeks now. I want to be with my mate so we do half.”

“Okay, we will run half of the north first, then make our way to the west, south, east, then back to the north half.”

“Okay perfect.”

We are running the west half of the northern area and nothing seems different. We keep running around and there are a few of the guards that just look and nod at us as we pass by them. Apparently, nothing is out of sorts since they have not stopped us. Something is still bothering me and I just can not figure it out. We make it around the west, south, and east side. As we get closer to the northern area, I get a feeling that something is off.

“Marcel, do you feel something off?”

“There is an unfamiliar smell. It smells like humans are close to the borders.”

“Why would there be humans here? And why have we not be informed of this?”

“I am not sure, but someone is going to answer to this. There seems to be some slacking going on.”

As we come up to the guards on duty, we transition back into our human forms. Grabbing the set of clothing nearby, we dress.

“Hey there Alpha,” Samuel says.

“Don’t hey me. What the fuck is going on around here?” I use my Alpha tone.

“Nothing Alpha. Everything is going just fine.” Samuel replies.

“We smell humans close to the borders. What is happening with that?” I deadpan at him as well as at Tyrone.

“The humans have been there for a few weeks now. They have built a compound there,” Tyrone states.

“Why have I not been informed of this new information?” I ask both of them.

“Umm, I am not sure Alpha. We informed Jessie about it when we first smelled them. He said it was not a big deal since they are doing nothing wrong.” Samuel says.

“Well, it is a big deal. Everyone should know this. We do not need humans to find out about us. Also, something is off with the smells coming from that compound. I want a really good eye kept on them and if you see, hear or smell anything off you are to let me or Canagan know directly. I will be speaking with Jessie about this lack of information.” I say in my Alpha tone again.

“Yes, Alpha, anything that you say. We are sorry. We will make sure to keep an eye on it. We will inform our replacements as well.” Tyrone says, both of them bowing, showing their necks in submission to me.

“That is good. You both have a good night.” I say as I look over at Canagan.

I walk away with Canagan right beside me.

“Fuck Lex. This isn’t good. We don’t need humans this close to our borders.”

“You are not kidding there. But something is off there. That is what Harou has apparently been on edge about. But until they do something we can not go there.”

“I will make sure that I and Marcel do at least one run up here a day to make sure nothing changes. If something changes I will inform you.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that a lot. I need to do some research to see who they are and if they are any type of threat to us. Let’s get to Jessie and find out why he failed to inform either one of us about this recent development.”

We run in human form back to the packhouse since it isn’t but a few miles from the northern border. We walking into the house and I see Jessie sitting with Cherry on his lap kissing her. “What the hell is he doing he should be checking on the guards.” I think to myself. Canagan clears his throat. Both Jessie and Cherry jump.

“Jessie, my office now. Cherry, I suggest you get back to whatever you are supposed to be doing at this hour of the day. I know it isn’t sitting on your mate’s lap and sucking his face off.” I just about shout as I am so pissed off right now.

“Yes, Alpha. I was just on my break.” Cherry replies.

“That is still no reason to be on his lap like that. Jessie shouldn’t even be here right now.” I deadpan at her.

Cherry practically runs out of the packhouse. I have not been this upset with these two in a long time. The last time was when they found each other and couldn’t keep their hands off each other and it was interfering with pack things. We all walk down the hall to my office. I open the door, walking in I sit at my desk. Canagan sits on the couch that is to the left of my chair. Jessie stands there looking like a lost pup. I look at him and look at the chair in front of my desk. He notices this and takes a seat there. I lean up on my desk with my arms on it. Looking over at Canagan, I see the smirk he has on his face. He just loves when I get upset and put someone in their place. I then lean back and place my elbows on the arms of my chair, my hands coming together in a steeple position I place my fingers to my mouth contemplating how to say this so that Jessie gets it in his head he has fucked up big time. I can see that Jessie is sweating.

“Jessie, I first want to know what the fuck you were doing here in the packhouse instead of doing your job and checking on the guards that are on patrol?”

“I just got back to from checking on them. I knew Cherry would have a break, so I wanted to spend a little bit of time with her.”

“Well, Canagan and I just got back from running the perimeter and I know I do not remember smelling your scent.” I look over at Canagan. “Did you smell his scent on the run?”

“No, I did not smell a recent scent of him.”

“Okay, so it was not something that I missed on that run. Why have you not done your rounds today?”

“I did not think it was that big of a deal to take one day and go a bit later.”

“Jessie, you are my Delta should already know the importance of keeping up on things like this. It is your job to make sure things go smoothly on the perimeters.”

“I know I am sorry. I just had this overwhelming need to spend time with Cherry.”

“I do not care. Do not let that ever happen again or there will be dire consequences. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Alpha I understand. Is that all?”

“No, it is not. Why were we not informed of the humans that have built a compound near the northern border?” I give him a stern look.

“They have not come close to the perimeter. I told the guards if something was to happen to let me know. They do not seem to be doing anything that would interfere with us.”

“That is not the fucking point. I am the Alpha and should have been informed. If I was not available, you should have informed Canagan. Humans that close to our territory can be a tremendous problem.” I glare at him.

“I was handling it. They have done nothing for us to be alarmed about.”

“You do not make the decisions. It was not your place. Something is off with them. Harou has been on edge and now I know partially why.” I yell at him.

I see out of the corner of my eye that Canagan is holding back a laugh. I look over at him, glaring at him. He just smirks and shrugs at me. I hold in my laughter. He knows how to make me laugh at the worst times. I look back at Jessie. He is slouching some in his seat. I can tell he is very uncomfortable. I hate to make my Delta feel that way, but he is slacking on his job. This is out of sorts for him. Something is up.

“Since you have failed to do two important things, you will make three runs today and four tomorrow. I want you to check on each set of guards. You will inform them all that if something changes with the humans that are near the northern border to get with you or Canagan. I want to be informed as soon or if something changes. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Alpha. But why do I need to do three runs tonight and four tomorrow? My two runs should be enough. That means I will be away from Cherry a lot.”

“That is your punishment. Cherry will just have to live with that. If she has a problem, tell her to come to me. Now out of my office and get to your duties.” I tell him flat out.

Jessie gets up and walks out, holding his head down. I look over at Canagan, that busts out laughing a few seconds after the door closes. I know that Jessie won’t hear him laugh since the office is soundproof. I laugh, also looking at him, holding his stomach. He looks like he is about to fall off the couch laughing.

“Dude, seriously, why would try to make me laugh when I was trying to be serious so he knew how much he fucked up?”

“Because it is always funny to see other’s faces when they know how upset or disappoint you are in them. I can’t help it. It has always been funny to me.” He says, shrugging at me.

“Man, something is going on for him to slack like he is. I need to find out what the deal is.”

“I’m sure it isn’t that big of a deal, man. He will pull his act together after that talking too. Not to mention he has to do the runs. That means interrupted sleep for him. And we both know he hates to not get straight sleep. That is a huge punishment alone.” Canagan laughs about that.

“True, he hates that more than anything. Okay, you can go back to whatever you were doing. I am going to start this research on the humans and what they are up to.”

“Sure want to do a run tomorrow and check on things?”

“Tomorrow Envy and I are letting Harou and Indigo go spend the day together and bond. I want to show her the perimeter of the territory.”

“That is a good idea. I need to do that with Elizabeth. She has been so wrapped up in the planning and the security of Envy on the coronation. I tried to tell her security will be taken care of. But she says Envy is her responsibility and she won’t slack on that.”

“Oh, that is great. I am glad that Envy choose her as her Beta. I didn’t think she would choose anyone else but it is nice to see that Elizabeth is taking it seriously. So how about the day after tomorrow we get together and head up to the northern border and check on the humans.”

“Perfect. I will take Elizabeth also tomorrow and spend some time with her and let MArcel spend time with Zeva. See you later man.”


After Canagan leaves I grab my laptop and go sit on the couch to get comfortable while I do the research.

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