Wolves in the City

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Chapter 47

Lexington’s POV

Hmmm, this really is not helping me any. There isn’t really information other than the human’s name on the property. I have checked everywhere I know to check to see what type of people these are and they come up clean. But there is something totally off about that place. I don’t get why they would build so close to our property. We have never had this happen before. Last I checked, that property was not even available to be sold. It was government property. There has to be more to it than that. If I would have known the property was up for sale, I would have purchased it. The woods on that land are perfect for hunting. Maybe I can talk to the owner and see if I can buy the land. If I have to, I will pay two times as much as they paid for it. Money is no object when it comes to the safety of my pack and people. I think that the day after tomorrow I will take Canagan with me over there and see what we can find out. I am going to have to come up with some kind of excuse to purchase it. This is going to be a hard one. There really is no reason I need more land and if they check, they will see how much I already own. It has been in the family for hundreds of years now. He seems to have paid $250 thousand for the 200 acres of land. I guess if I have to pay more than double, I will. I am sure we can buy it from them. Money seems to make humans weak and will sell anything for the right amount of money. Hell, I will even pay them cash. I am sure that will spark an interest in them.

“Hey, there handsome.”

“Oh fuck, hi hunnie. You scared me.”

“My bad, I didn’t know you were so deep in thought. I knocked a few times on the door. When you didn’t answer, I just walked in.”

“Sorry I didn’t hear you. I was doing some research and trying to figure something out. I am glad to see you. Now come over here and give me some kisses.”

I close my laptop, placing it on the table next to the couch. I can’t believe I was so deep in thought I did not hear her knocking or even opening the door. Envy walks over towards me. I reach out, grabbing her hands pulling her down on my lap. My arms automatically go around her waist. Looking her in the eyes, our heads move towards each other like a magnet. I softly kiss her lips, sliding my tongue across her lips to ask for entrance. She opens her mouth a little to allow my tongue to enter her mouth. We have a very sensual long deep kiss that makes us both moan simultaneously. She has the best kisses there are. She tastes so sweet. As I pull her closer to me, I move my hips a bit and push her hips down to let her know just how happy I am to see her. Pulling apart, I look into her eyes as I place my forehead against hers.

“Wow, I do not think I will ever get used to kissing you.”

She giggles a bit and blushes. I love when I can make her blush. It really isn’t that hard for me to make her blush. I think it is sweet.

“You will tire of it soon. We have only been together for just over a month now. It is still a novelty for you.”

“Nope, far from a novelty. This has never been that. It is as real to me as it is to you. There is nothing I would not do to make you happy. I have told you many times that I have waited for you for so long. Even when everyone expected me to just choose someone to be my Luna/Queen, I never gave up. I may have wondered if I was ever going to get you. But I would have chosen no one else to be in your place. I would have ruled alone.”

“You can not say that. The council would have made you pick someone at some point.”

“See, that is where you are wrong. If that was the case, I would have given in many years ago. They have been on me to choose someone for over a decade. And you see where I was when I meet you right. I was alone and in no way wanting anyone else to be my Luna/Queen. I was perfectly happy alone and would have stayed that way if I had not met you. That is a fact.”

“Wow, I would think that you would have been looking for someone to be mated to if we had not met.”

“IF and only IF I had chosen someone to be the Luna/Queen I would have never mated with them. I would never have marked them either. That is a very sacred thing to me. It would have been wrong to mark someone that is not my mate. I firmly believe that you should only mark your mate. I will not enforce that belief on others, but that is how I was raised by my parents.”

“That is amazing that you feel that way. Just because someone is brought up one way does not always mean they will keep that in mind and do that. I have seen in Eli’s pack that a few have marked others as their mates and then, a time later, they finally meet their destined mate. It was a true cluster fuck. There were so many issues and so many fights. There was heartbreak and the children to me were the ones that were affected the most. It always tore me up when Eli would tell me the stories.”

“They did not inform me of this information. I am going to have to have a talk with Eli’s old Alpha. This is information that he should have consulted with me. As I said, I do not believe in marking someone, if they are not your mate. That being said, there should be talking about the consequences of this. I think it is something that needs to be taught in school or at least have meetings with the pack members if they do not have a school for just werewolves. There is a lot that you are making me think about that I have never considered before.”

“What do you mean, I make you think about things? I know for a fact that there is not a school for just werewolves in Venice.”

“That is what I mean. I never thought about having a school for just werewolves. The issue with that is it will then separate the children from their human friends. I like they have human friends as it makes life easier for them to work alongside humans as adults.”

“That is a good idea, as well. It would separate them. Maybe we can come up with some sort of idea to keep them with the humans. There is always a solution to every problem, even if it is not what we want it to be. I know for me I would have been lost without Eli if she was not in school with me. She helped me so much and protected me from bullying. So there has to be some sort of compromise.”

“See, my Little Minx, you have enlightened me on yet another thing. You are already showing your true potential as a Luna and also a great Queen.”

“Thank you, hunnie. I am just lucky enough that I can see things from the human aspect and the werewolf now. Being raised as a human did not put the stigma of just being a werewolf. So I can see things from both perspectives.”

“I think we should go to the dining room and have some dinner with the other members of the pack tonight. Then we need to get some rest as tomorrow will be a long day with us being out checking out the territory.”

“That sounds great to me.”

I kiss her cheek and lift her off my lap, taking her hand in mine. We walk out of my office. I lock the door and we head to wash our hands before making our way to the dining room. As we enter the room, everyone stops talking and looks up at us. I nod at them so they know they can go back to eating and enjoying their conversations. We sit down with Bruce and some of the other unmated pack members. We try to make it a habit to sit with a different group each time we eat here. This way Envy gets to know the pack members. They brought us in our food as we engage with everyone at the table. There is a mix of males and females. It is nice to see that so many have accepted Envy already, even though she is not officially their Luna. We will always have someone that is jealous of her. She just does not let it get to her, as she has learned now that there is no one else I would rather be with than her.

When we make it back to our house, we are both so exhausted we jump in the shower.

Pulling her back into me, I hug her tightly as she is wet from the rain shower head that is above us both. Once she is all wet, I grab her shampoo taking it in my hand; I wash her hair. She moans at the massaging I am doing to her head. Her moaning makes my cock lengthens. She steps away from me, turning to face me. I look down at her and smile. As looks up, her arms go around my neck, pulling me down for a kiss. We have a deep, long, passionate kiss.

I help her rinse the shampoo out of her hair and then add the conditioner to her hair. She grabs the body soap and lathers her hands and starts to wash my chest. As she moves down lower, I moan at her soft touch. When she reaches my cock, she looks up at me, smirking. She slowly takes my cock in her hand and gently strokes me. I throw my head back at the wonderful feeling of her hand wrapped around my swollen shaft. The water rinses away the soap on my chest. She leans in, kissing my chest softly. She kisses her way to my peck and I feel her tongue flick across my nipple that is getting harder as she teases it. She sucks on my nipple as strokes my cock. Her free hand goes down to my balls and plays with them, making me groin out more. She has learned now to get me to a point of bliss, but not letting me go over the edge. She nips at my nipple as she strokes a little faster. I feel my body start to jerk as I am getting closer to my orgasm. She abruptly stops, letting me go. I whimper at the loss of her touch.

“UGH, what the hell, Little Minx?”

“I don’t want to waste any of your seed. I want it inside me.”

I look at her with a huge smile on my face. That is why I call her my Little Minx. She knows how to tease me to the point of almost no return, but then stops. With her saying that she turns around and bends over for me, placing her hands on the wall without me even having to ask. I know exactly what she wants. I reach down, running my fingers between her folds towards her clit. I slowly circle my finger around her swollen nub. I reach down, stroking my cock a little bit to keep it to the length I want it. Rubbing the head up and down her folds, she moans out loudly. Pushing her ass back towards me,, wanting me to slip inside of her. I move my hips back some as I am not ready to give her what she wants just yet. Two of my finger I place on each side of her clit and move them up and down. She moans louder as I move faster with my hand. As she is moaning and really getting into me playing with her clit I step forward and thrust my whole length into her. Se is not expecting and gasps as I fill her full of my rod. I stop as soon as I am fully sheathed inside of her. I savor being inside her tight, wet pussy that is pulsing around my cock. I place my hands on her waist and hold her still. I want this to last she got me to the edge and I don’t want to go over before she cums.

“Fuck Lexington, don’t just stop and stay still.”

“I want to savor every second I am deep inside of you.”

I feel her tighten her muscles around my cock, trying to spur me on. I flex my ass muscles and my cock expands a bit more. She tightens even more around me. I slowly pull back with just the head inside of her. She tries to push back into me but I won’t allow that. I reach down, taking a hold of my shaft pulling the head out I rub it up and down her folds around her clit to tease her more.

“Oh, my goddess. I love when you tease me, but not now, baby. I want your cock inside me so bad.” She whines.

I slowly slip back inside her. I start to move slowly in and out, helping her keep the rhythm with me. I go faster with each thrust. She is screaming out my name as I am now pounding into her. Her muscles tighten and I feel her cum all over my cock. This just spurs me on more. I go harder and faster. I know she can cum one more time before I let my seed explode and coat her insides. I reach down, rubbing her clit. As I thrust.

“Fuck, I can’t cum again you need to cum.” She screams out.

“You will cum for me again before I let my load spray your insides.”

I feel her shaking so I hold her hold with my free arm as I continue with my assault on her clit and pounding her deep. I pull her up into my chest as I feel her start to cum again. My thrusts are now uneven as I am at the edge of the cliff. I finally go over as soon as she cums for the second time for me.



I slide out of her and turn her around, kissing her softly, as I hug her close to me. I reach out, grabbing a towel to wrap around my waist. I step out of the shower. Reaching for a towel, I wrap it around her body and help her out of the shower. I take another towel and dry her hair some. WE walk into the bedroom and crawl into the bed under the covers to cuddle.

“I love you so much Envy. You are my world.”

“I love you as well.”

We let the darkness consumes us as we fall asleep in bliss Envy in my arms where she should always be.

Envy’s POV

I wake up feeling cold. There is no weight around my waist as there normally is each morning. As I stretch out, I feel that Lexington’s side is still warm. I sit up, looking around the room for him. The bathroom door is closed, so I figure he is in there. Laying back down, I pull his pillow over to me, taking in his scent. I feel my body relax. I hear the door clicking open, so I roll over quickly to see who is walking in. It is Lexington with a tray with looks like breakfast.

“Oh, you are awake. I thought I would make it back up here with food before you woke up so I could have my breakfast before you had yours.”

“I actually just woke up. Want me to pretend I am still sleeping for you?”

“No, it is okay. I made you some eggs, toast, bacon, home fries with a cold vanilla frappuccino. Eat up so we can start our day exploring.”

“It smells so good.”

I eat everything that he has brought up to me. He is a wonderful cook. I make my way to the bathroom to do my daily routine. I pull on my robe as I still do not have clothes on. As I walk out of the bathroom, I see Lexington sitting on the love seat. He is sitting there in all his naked glory. I look him up and down, just taking in the view of my gorgeous mate. He smirks at me when I finally make eye contact with him.

“Is there something that I need to change?”

“Fuck, no, you are just right. I would change nothing about you.”

“Since we are right at the border of the woods, I don’t see any reason for us to get dressed. I had Canagan take a few of your outfits and place them around the pack land, so when we transform back you will not be naked.”

“Oh, thank you so much that was so sweet of you to think about me like that.”

“To be honest, it was more for mine and Harou’s peace of mind. I do not want anyone to see you in that compromising position. So if you are ready we can head out now.”

“I was ready like a month ago. But, I did not want to bother you with it.”

“You should have said something we would have gone sooner.”

“It is okay I have been so busy trying to plan for the two upcoming events, there really has been no time.”

Lexington takes my hand and we walk out to the woods. I pull off my robe and let Indigo take over to transform into her. I look over and see that Lexington has already transformed. He is much faster than I am, of course. At least the pain isn’t so bad now. Indigo practically purrs as she sees her mate. It has been a few weeks since they have seen each other.

“Oh, my sexy as every mate, how have I missed you.”

“Careful there, little one. I just might have to mate you right here if you keep that up.”

“Do you think I would stop you?”

“I am not sure you just might. We are not out here to mate. Let us go check out things. I want you to see how perfect our territory is.”

Harou takes off running and nips Indigos tail as he runs past her. She yelps and chases after him. IT has been a few hours of running and chasing one another when Harou stops suddenly. HE sniffs the air.

“What is the matter, mate?”

“Do you not smell that? I do not know what it is. It is coming from the humans that have built just the other side of the northern border here.”

“I smell something, but I do not know what it is. We should go and see what it is.”

“No, we can not. It is not within our borders, so we can not go looking around. Lexington is going to check on things tomorrow with Canagan.”

“Hmmm, he did not tell Envy anything about this.”

“I am sure he will talk to her when he gets things figured out. Now, my mate, I have something I want to do.”

“Oh, really what would that be?”

“I want to mark you if you will let me.”

“You can if you can catch me.”

Indigo turns and runs off. Harou is right on her tail. She weaves and jumps, dodging him. After about 10 minutes of chasing his mate, Harou jumps on her back, grabbing her neck, and rolls so she lands on him as they slide to the ground. Still holding her neck, she stays limp. He stands, letting her go as he leans down, grabbing her sweet spot and biting down on her to mark her as his. She whimpers at the pain but then purrs feeling pleasure. After Harou is done Indigo marks him in the same manner. Both are happy and content and just lay next to one another. After some time, each wolf gives control back over to Envy and Lexington. They make their way back to the house to have a nice relaxing dinner and night of vegging in front of the tv watching horror movies

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