Wolves in the City

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Chapter 4

Envy’s POV

I woke up out of a dead sleep with people screaming at each other. I do not recognize the voices. As I am about to get out of bed Eli busts in my door. She jumps on my bed shaking.

“Who is that screaming?” Eli asks me, whispering. “His voice is scaring me.”

“I do not know but I intend to find out,” I say to her with a pissed off voice.

I do not like being woken up as it is. But to hear people screaming in a house they are not paying for just pisses me off to no end. As I get out of bed in my shorts and tank top both of them are black. I feel Eli grab my back and follow closely. I always thought it was a bit funny her hiding behind me when she’s the werewolf/vampire hybrid and I’m just a short curvy human. I walk as quietly as I can on the old floors that are creaking as we walk.

“Who do you think that man is?” Eli whispers in my ear

“Don’t know, don’t care, the fucker woke my ass up I’m pissed,” I say to Eli. “But he’s yelling at them bitchs so that makes me happy.”

We got to the stairs and I saw the back of the man. He is very tall, has broad shoulders. Holy shit he has tattoos all on his arms and back. He is shirtless. The muscles are so yummy looking. I just want to go rub all of his back and feel the muscles. What the fuck? Why do I feel like this? This is so not normal. I shake my head and stop thinking about these things. We slowly make it to the bottom of the stairs.


Lexington’s POV

Cana and I finally made it back to the ranch. It is just before 11 pm. We pull our bikes up to the extra cabins and bunkhouse. Seems everyone has found a bed to crash in. I can smell all the alcohol the Pack has drank. Cana and I keep walking to the field to go shift and let Harou and Marcel out to run. We run hard for about 3 hours and head back to the ranch. We head to the main house to grab showers and crash for the night. As we get closer to the house I see a brand new Softail Slim that I do not recognize. I run into the house to see fucking Amber and Katie in the house. Cana is right behind me.

“Whose bikes are those out there?” I yell at Amber. “You better not have some guys in this house.”

“There are no guys here beside our men that just busted in the door,” Amber says seductively. “Those bikes are the two cows that are here,” she says with disgust in her voice.

“Why the fuck are you disrespecting them?”I yell at Amber.

WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THIS GOD DAMN SCREAMING GOING ON?” a female yells at the top of her lungs.

I have my back to the stairs and I hear the most wonderful voice scream at me. I smelled apple and cinnamon. As I turn around I am looking at the most beautiful woman. She has the curves in all the right places, she is very short just like I love. She has long straight blonde hair with black streaks in it. Her electric blue eyes and ivory skin are so perfect. I shake my head because she has no reaction to me. Harou is flipping out yelling “MATE” in my head. She’s my mate and she’s not reacting. This is not good.

“Who are you?” I walk over to her asking softly. Not realizing it is Envy.

“I’m Envy Reznik and who the fuck are you?” she yells at me. “You woke me up and that’s not a good thing.” mouth closed as tight straight lips with her eyelids tight and straight.

“I’m Lexington Bledig,” I say to her in a non Alpha tone.

“This is Elizabeth, my friend that’s behind me.” Envy snaps. “Well, it is about time you show yourself. I know Draven wouldn’t be too happy to know you were not here when I arrived. Then I have to deal with this mangy mutt and her human.

I whip around to glare at Amber and Katie.

“What the hell did you two say to Envy?” I use my Alpha tone on them.

“Ummmm well, we just told them that they need to sleep in the bunkhouse since you paid for this place,” Amber says trying to be cute.

Envy and Elizabeth both keep coming down the stairs. I stand next to them as a possessive idiot. I could not claim Envy as mine as she does not know she is a werewolf/Angel hybrid. I look between Envy and Amber and I smirk at Amber. I have just thought of the way to keep Amber away from me. I will also be getting closer to Envy to get to know her as a person before I can claim her as my Luna and Queen. This is perfect as I have a feeling she will not take finding out she is a werewolf very easy. I snap out of my thoughts.

“Is what Amber says true?” I ask Envy as I turn to look into her electric blue eyes.

“Actually there is a lot more that this female said,” Envy tells me. “If she wants to keep lying to her Alpha and King then you will just have to get the correct information yourself. It is not my place to say as I am not a werewolf so I do not have to do as you say.”

I look at Envy with wide eyes and I am at a loss for words. I turn to look at Amber and Katie.

“Both of you get your shit together and get into one of the bunkhouses,” I announce towards Amber and Katie.

“Oh good you both better hurry your fat ass and get your shit out before Katie and I do it for you,” Amber says with happiness in her voice and eyes. “See Katie told you that Lex does Love me.”



As I am going off on Amber I didn’t even notice that Envy and her friend go back up the stairs. I glare at Amber as I walk to the door and open it and point for her and Katie to get out. Amber and Katie both look at me shocked with their mouths open. Amber scoffs off grabbing her bags while trying to not cry. She mumbles that she will make Envy suffer.

“By the way, Amber did you forget that I can hear you and if you dare lay a finger or a paw on Envy I will personally kill you myself,” I tell her sternly.

I turn around looking for Canagan, hmmm wonder where he went off too. I take a look around and notice the house is actually rather beautiful. I walk up the U shaped stairs. I walk down the hall to the second door down. The door is standing open so I walk in and close the door. The room looks like it was kept in a time warp. The bed is a queen with four posters, The mattress looks very full and comfortable. There is a walk-in closet. The walls are dark brown with photos of long ago hung on the walls. There is a 48 inch LCD Smart TV. The curtains are light cream colors along with the sheets and comforter on the bed. The ensuite has a standup shower with a single sink. The colors in there are red and white. There is a chest of drawers and a night table on each side of the bed. The room seems cozy enough so I strip down to nothing as I sleep naked. I brush my teeth and hop into the bed. The bed swallows me up and I fall asleep into a sleepless dream.

Canagan’s POV

As I follow Lex into the house I know he is pissed off at Amber. I do like it when he is putting that bitch and her little human into place. I just look over at Amber and Katie. I smile as I make my way into the kitchen to find a snack. I hear Lex yelling at Amber and Katie. Shrugging my shoulders, I proceed to make me a huge ham sandwich. I see that Draven does not spare any expense on what he had brought into the house. There is nothing that is not a brand. I grab me a Barq’s (rootbeer) and sit down in the dining room to eat. I hear a scream from a female voice that makes me lookup. That must be Envy or her friend. There are footsteps coming down the stairs.

Marcel is getting jumpy again but I push him back as I am not going running again right now. I listen to what is going on in the living room and chuckle at it all. Funny how Envy stands up to Lex. That surely would not happen if she knew she was a werewolf. I get a whiff of Bergamot and Jasmine. That is weird, guess it’s just that since I am in the country, I am smelling unusual smells. I finish my sandwich and clean up the mess. As I walk into the foyer, I notice everyone is gone.

I am so tired I grab my bag and head upstairs. I walk to the first door that is open and walk inside. The walls are yellow in color with blue curtains and bed coverings. I open the closet and it is of normal size. I turn to see the bed is a double bed with a headboard and footboard. There are nightstands on each side of the bed and a seat at the foot of the bed. There is a normal dresser with a 40 inch LCD Smart TV on top of it. The ensuite is also yellow with blue towels. There’s a stand-up shower with a single sink. I brush my teeth and strip down to my Tommy Hilfinger boxer briefs that are blue. I jump into bed and get comfortable, I turn on the TV to fall asleep to the noise.

Elizabeth’s POV

A very loud Alpha voice has awoken me. I ran into Envy’s room. Envy was getting out of bed, she looked very very mad. She doesn’t like to be woken up. I get behind her as usual. I can take care of myself, but I don’t really like confrontation unless I have too. We get to the stairs and Envy being Envy lets out a scream letting the people down the stairs know she’s not happy at all. We slowly walk down the stairs. I get a smell of Doughnuts and Black Licorice.

Zeva (my wolf) is acting up and I push her back as right now is not the time for her to be coming out. I remember seeing doughnuts and various licorice that Draven had in stock. I listened to Amber, Lex, and the nasty bitch while I stayed behind Envy. After Envy has had enough we go back upstairs to head to the bedrooms. My room is right next to Envy’s. My room is dark blue on the walls with light blue curtains and bedding. My ensuite has a tub/shower combo with a double sink, it is green in color on the walls and the linens are yellow. I wash my face and then crawl back into my bed. The bed is king size and very comfortable. There is a 48 inch LCD smart TV also in the room.

Envy’s POV

I am still pissed off, but for some reason, I have this pull towards Lexington and it is nothing I have ever had before. He is so sexy I want him so bad. I shake myself back out of my thoughts. I walk back into the master bedroom. The room is light blue in color and the bed linens are red. The bed is a king-size with four posts. The walk-in closet is rather large with a dresser inside. There is a 55 inch LCD Smart TV hanging on the wall. Also, there are old fashioned photos on the walls. The ensuite has a jacuzzi tub that would hold four people. There is a separate shower. The colors are white and blue. I wash my face and hands. I walk back and crawl into my bed. Falling asleep in a comfortable bed.

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