Wolves in the City

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Chapter 49

Envy’s POV

I am in utter shock. I have always wanted a puppy. Draven said that I didn’t need one since I had him and Elizabeth. He said Elizabeth would always be happy to turn into her wolf when I wanted to play with a puppy or dog as we got older. He was right. She turned when I had the want for a puppy to play with when I was a child. As I got older, I just felt bad for having my best friend turn into a wolf since I wanted to play. I felt like I was being selfish asking her to do that. She always told me it was okay. She was happy to see me happy.

I had asked her when we were older why she never had a dog growing up. She explained that dogs and wolves did not get along. Dogs fear wolves as the wolves were higher on the pecking order of the canine hierarchy. As she explained it to me more in-depth. If a dog was a puppy and was raised in a wolf pack, they would forever see the dog as a puppy in the pack. No matter the age of the dog. It is just how it is in the wild. I understood then, but I still did not understand why I couldn’t have one since I was a human and Draven was a vampire. That had nothing to do with me. But of course, now I understand why he wouldn’t let me have one.

So why did Canagan get him for me? Oh, damn, where did he get him from? I know they went to the humans that are on the northern border of our territory. Did they purchase him? I will have to get that out of Canagan when they get back.

I give Kol a lot of hugs and kisses on his cheeks. He seems to love it. He is rather skinny for a Great Dane puppy. He is at least six months old, so he should be at least 70 pounds (31 kg) by now if not 100 pounds (45 kg). And I can hold him so he can’t weigh over 25 pounds (11 kg). He is just about the correct height for his age. I hate to see that he is nothing but skin and bones. I will for sure fatten him up to his proper weight. Also, him being black; he comes from the line that is on the larger side. With, as long as his legs are now, I can just imagine how tall he will be. With me being short, it will be great to have a dog that is larger.

As I get up to the bedroom, I set Kol down. He looks up at me sitting down. I take my cell phone and text Lexington about the brand of dog food I wanted for Kol. I let him know the bags won’t be bigger than 22 pounds and it will not be cheap. I let him know to get four bags. Along with some canned food that has bison in it. I want him on bison food. It does not have a lot of fat in it. Lexington does not question me, to which I am surprised. I inform him to not forget the puppy shampoo. I realized I could not bathe him till the guys were back. Sighing, I sit on the floor with my ever so sweet and adorable puppy. Thank the goddess for ceramic tile floors and not carpet or the carpet would have been ruined with how dirty my sweet Kol is. I end up laying down and he places his head on my chest as I pet him.

I am awakened by Kol growling.

“What the fuck is that?”

I hear a scream? I look up and see Kol standing between me and Elizabeth. I reach out and touch his back leg, and he turns to look at me. He looks right back at Elizabeth.

“His name is Kol. He is my puppy. Canagan got him for me.”

“That is not a puppy. That is a full-grown dog right there.”

I start to laugh as I pull Kol towards me, petting him. I coo in his ear and let him know she is a friend and will not harm him or myself. He seems to understand, so he walks back to me and lays down at my feet. Sitting back down next to him, he lays his head on my lap.

“He is a puppy. He can’t be over six months old. He is a Great Dane.” I informed her.

“Why would Canagan get you a dog? Aren’t there plenty of us around here?” Elizabeth says, laughing.

“Wow way to go Eli talking about us that way.” I laugh with her. “I have no clue why he got him for me. I have to ask him when they get back from the pet store. They went to get food and shampoo, along with bowls for him. SHIT. I forgot to tell Lexington to get raised bowls. I need to call him to tell him to grab it if he has not left yet.”


Hey, babe. Have you left the store yet?


Nope. Was there something else you wanted?


Yes, actually I forgot to tell you to get the large raised bowls. Kol needs to eat this food elevated, so he does not get sick.


Okay, I will ask if they have any that will be good for him.


Sounds good, babe. See you soon. Love you.


Love you more than life, Little Minx. See you soon.

I hung up, looking over at Eli.

“So, what do you think of Kol?”

“He looks adorable if I have to be honest.”

“Yes, he is. I can’t wait till I can get some weight on him. He is so underweight right now. He should weigh at least 50 pounds (22 kgs) or more than he does right now.”

“Are you serious? I know he looks a little too thin, but wow, that is a lot. Knowing you, he will be taken care of properly.”

“Let’s take him outside to see if he has to go.”

“Sounds good to me.”

We walk down the stairs and I look back and notice Kol still at the top of the stairs. He is looking at me, scared. I walk back up to him and help him learn how to navigate the steps. It takes a few minutes for him to get the hang of them. When we finally get to the bottom, he looks back up the stairs as if he is proud of himself, like he just accomplished something huge. Technically, I guess he did. We walk out the back door and the two guards stiffen when they see Kol. I just shook my head. Kol looks around the backyard and sniffs the air and ground. He takes off running and I look at him in shock.

“Kol, come back baby,” I call to him.

He stops in his tracks and turns to look at me. He comes running back and holds his head down in shame and drops to my feet. I am taken aback by this. I look down at him, confused. I crouch down to him, taking his head in my hands. I soften my eyes and pull him towards me, hugging him while I pet his back.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you.” I whisper in his ear.

I am not even sure he really understands me. I wonder if Indigo can talk to him? Or if Zeva can?

“Elizabeth, do you think our wolves can talk to him?”

“I would say yes since they are all canines.”

I look back down at Kol and pat his head.

“Go potty boy so we can go back inside the house and wait for daddy.”

Kol looks up at me and runs over to a tree and marks it with his scent. We head back into the house as he gets back to me. I look at the guards as they are staring at Kol.

“Excuse me. Is there a problem?” I ask them both.

“Why is there a dog here Luna?” the taller one asks.

“Because he was a gift to me from your Beta!”

“Ohhh,” they both say at the same time.

We walk inside the house, closing the door behind us. As we walk into the living room, Lexington and Canagan walk through the front door. I am in utter shock. They both have their arms full of dog things. They have beds, toys, bowls, treats in their arms. My mouth drops to the floor as I am in shock at everything these two have in their arms

“What the hell did you guys buy out the entire store?”

They both look at me and Elizabeth sheepishly.

“Well, we couldn’t decide what to get for him. After all, this is the first dog we have ever had.”

I shake my head along with Elizabeth and we both smile at our sweet, adorable mates.

“I would have never taken the big bad King and his Beta to be so softhearted for a puppy before,” I say as I chuckle.

“So, where do you want all this stuff?” Lexington asks.

I look at him like he has lost his mind. I shrug my shoulders.

“I do not know. I guess in the living room for now. Did you get the shampoo so I can give him a bath? Then we need to talk Canagan!”

“Yes, I got some good smelling shampoo for this adorable pup,” Lexington replies.

“Oh, what do we need to talk about?” Canagan asks.

“You will see. Now come on, Eli, let’s give this baby a bath.”

“Sure sounds interesting and we just might get one ourselves,” Eli replies while laughing.

“Babe, can you wash Kol’s water and food bowls and set it up for me please in the kitchen?” I yell to Lexington as we make it up the stairs.

“Sure can. Good thing I got two, one for down here and one for upstairs,” He replies.

Shit, I never thought to get one for up here so he can have water up here. Thank the goddess my mate was on the ball. But I am sure he just got more than one since it seems he got so much other stuff. Eli and I get Kol into the shower, so it is easier. He actually did rather well. I was expecting a fight from how dirty he is. I thought the other owner just didn’t want to deal with a dog that fought when getting wet. As we finish rinsing him off, Lexington is standing at the door, looking at us, holding a towel. “Well, fuck, I didn’t even remember a towel.” I thought to myself.

“Thank you, babe. I totally spaced on the towel for him.” I say as I take the towel and whip Kol dry.

“I also got a Dremel for his nails.” Lexington states. “Want to get that done now while his nails are wet still? I will help.

“Oh, that would be great. I am glad you got that so his nails do not get cut too short and bleed.”

“You can thank Harou for thinking about it.”

Kol is all clean and nails short. We take him over to his water bowl that is in the bathroom. We put it there so that when he drinks the water and drool does not get all over the floor. There is a mat under his water bowl. We head downstairs to the kitchen to show him his water and food bowl. I notice there is food in the bowl already. He looks at the bowls and then us like he is asking permission to eat. I tell him to go ahead and he devours the food. I am shocked he ate so fast.

“Let’s take him outside and we can talk out there,” I say to everyone.

I watch Kol as he wanders around the yard. I call out for him to come and lie down beside me after he does his business. I will start this now so he learns that it is not playtime after he eats. He will need to lie down and relax for an hour after he eats for his own safety. I explain this to everyone and they all are confused.

“The reason he needs to rest for an hour at least after he eats is so he does not get sick. It is called bloat. This is when a dog’s stomach swells up and turns itself and it can kill him. So I want him to be as safe as possible.” I explain a bit more in-depth to them.

“Oh, I never knew that. How do you know about this?” Lexington asks.

“I did a lot of research all the years that I wanted a Great Dane,” I say with a smile.

“So Canagan, what made you get this dog for me?”

“Well, to be honest, it was not something that was planned. The human told us that they train dogs after we heard a dog whimpering. Marcel was trying to get out to see what was going on. So I had Lex distract the man so I could get a better look at things. When I saw that Kol was locked in a cage that he barely fit in, I broke the cage and took him. Marcel and he talked. He was abused and fed scraps. I could not leave him there, so I took him. So I thought he could be a protector for you.” Canagan says.

“You stole our neighbor’s dog? You realize that is wrong and they will come looking for him, right? I say with shock in my voice.

“Let them come. He is not getting him back. I will kill him before that happens. No animal deserves to be treated the way Kol was. Kol is just a puppy that was actually stolen from his parents and siblings. So I am sure they won’t say too much since they can not report it if they stole him first.” Canagan says, sounding so sure of himself.

We all sit outside talking more about random things as the day goes on. We end up having a bar-b-que. I inform everyone Kol is not to get human food. I want him on a balanced diet. Kol can have treats, but they won’t be in excess. While Eli, Kol, and I are all in the kitchen making the sides. Lexington has the guards go around the pack and let everyone know about Kol and that he is now a member of the pack. So they all know he is okay to be here. This way, the pack has time to come to terms with a normal canine is on the territory and not to be killed. He is to also be protected till he is better able to protect himself. There are so many beds for Kol but of course, he isn’t having it and lays next to me on the couch with his head on my lap as I cuddle up to Lexington while we all four watch TV after we eat and clean up.

“Little Minx, you know he is not sleeping in our bed with us right,” Lexington says flatly.

“Yes, I know,” I reply sadly.

“Harou will not deal with it well if he does. So to keep the peace, this is how it has to be,”

“I understand I will put a bed next to ours for him, so he is close to me,” I say.

Time skip…

It has been a few months now. The human never once came looking for Kol. He is now nine months old and fully grown in height. His back comes up to my waist. He still needs some more weight on him, but not too much. He is pure muscle. Kol is so well behaved and he sticks right beside me. The pack accepted him faster than I thought they would. He plays with the children and they all love him. He never wanders too far from me.

Lexington’s POV

“Canagan have you noticed in the last few months that Jessie is getting more lax on his duties?”

“Actually, yes I have. I am told he runs the borders only once a day now and that he is not even talking to any of the guards on duty. It is like he is being influenced by something. I have tried to talk to him but he just blows it off saying there are no threats, so what is the big deal.”

“I’ve spoken to Cherry, and she said he told her he did not have to do more than one run a day with no threats being made. She thought that was a bit off. I also noticed a smell of sulfur in their house.” Lexington says.

“Sulfur? Why would there be a smell of that in their house? That does not make sense at all,” Canagan replies.

’Yes. something is off for sure. I am going to have to do some research and see if Draven knows anything about this.”

“How is Kol doing with his training?” Canagan asks.

“What training? That dog is a natural Marcel along with myself who tried to attack Envy and Kol is not having any of that. He is actually rather strong for still being a pup. I can just imagine when he gets to full weight. He is a bit taller than the standard. He has met the max weight but still more muscle will come after he gets over a year. I researched so I could learn more about his breed.” I replied. “Envy made the remark though that he does not trust Jessie. Jessie tried to pet him and Kol let out a little growl and got between Envy and Jessie, pushing Envy back away from Jessie.”

“So then there is something going on with Jessie if Kol is picking up on it as well. We have to figure this out soon.”

“It is amazing that he does not need a leash. It is like he is glued to Envy’s side. Even at the office, he is right there..”

“So there is no need to worry too much about her safety. Well, more than what we would normally.” Canagan says.

“I still worry about her being my mate and Luna, of course. But I know that with Kol and Elizabeth by her side, she is almost as safe as with myself.”

“I got the papers returned for the Russia project. Now we just need to come up with a time frame to start the building. We need to start right after the snow melts so we can get the hotels built as soon as possible. I am glad they finally agreed. What made them change their minds and stop fighting us tooth and nail?” Canagan remarks.

“Yes, I was glad they finally agreed. That was all Envy’s doing for them to finally agree. That woman has a way about business and she made them see how beneficial it will be for the entire area that we are going to be building on over time.” Lexington answers back with pride in his voice.

“I am going to head to the house and spend some quality time with Envy. You should do the same with Elizabeth. I am sure she misses you as busy as we have been.”

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