Wolves in the City

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Chapter 50

Envy’s POV

I can’t believe all these powers that just keep coming to light as the weeks pass. I know Draven said I had powers, but I just thought it was the one that shakes the ground all around me. Seems I was wrong about that. I have learned how to stop people in their tracks. I am able to wield fire, water, air. I have various ways I can do each one, so at least that is a plus. From the research I have been able to do, which is limited, others have had just one or two powers max. Draven did say that my father is a very powerful Angel so I might have inherited a portion of what he has. I need to practice more to get these better under control. I notice when I get mad my body does not feel right. I guess my body is fighting with itself. I just don’t want to hurt anyone. A lot of the pack has offered to help let me practice on them, but I just can not do that to anyone.

“Babe, are you busy?” Lexington yells out.

“No, just sitting here thinking about some stuff. What’s up?” I reply.

“I have a surprise for you. I need you to come with me. Bring Kol with you.” Lexington states.

“What kind of surprise do you have for me?” I question him.

“If I tell you then it will not be a surprise now will it?” He remarks.

“True. Okay, I am coming.” I reply with a smile.

I walk up to Lexington, and he wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me into him. He leans down and kisses the top of my head. As we walk, I don’t recognize where he is leading me to. I look up at him with a questioning look. He shakes his head at me, letting me know he isn’t going to give anything away. Kol prances right next to me with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. He looks like a goofball. He is so precious looking. He is the sweetest dog there is. Then he is also very protective of me over people he does not trust. I trust his judgment of people. I want to trust more than I should, but if he is hesitant about someone, then I take it that I should do the same.

Lexington reaches up from my waist, covering my eyes as we continue to walk. I lean against him as we keep walking. I trust him with all my heart, plus Kol won’t let anything happen to me. We continue to walk for at least another two minutes. When we stop, I feel Kol brush against my leg and lean on me. Lexington removes his hand and jesters for me to look around.

We are in a huge clearing. I did not know this was here. I see there are makeshift dummies, along with piles of wood and various other things. My mouth drops open, looking around.

“What is this area?” I question.

“I know the pack has offered to be there for you to practice your powers and you have told them all no thank you. You are so sweet for not wanting to possibly hard your pack. So we all came together and came up with the idea to clear a part of the land and set up things for you to practice on,” Lexington says with an enormous smile.

“Oh, wow, this is just amazing. Will you thank them all for me that helped you with this?” I ask him.

“No need for me to thank them. You can thank them yourself, as they are all here,” Lexington replies.

As I look around the perimeter of the area, I see the pack members walk out of the forest area. I have a gigantic smile on my face. I feel Kol’s weight slowly come off of my leg. I look down to see that he is in protection mode. I know he knows the pack members, but he still always lets it be known he is there to keep me safe. I smile and pat him on his head. Kol looks up at me, then at the pack members, then back at me again. I nod at him and he relaxes.

“Kol lay down, boy, it is okay. Stay.” I tell him.

He does as he is told and lays down. I walk up the clearing more and then look around at the pack members. I have an enormous smile on my face. I just love this pack so much. Mostly, everyone is so loving and caring towards me. There are a few of the females that still glare at me. Lexington has told me they are the ones that are Amber’s friends. So it is to be expected. I still do not treat them any differently than the rest of the pack.

“I want to thank you all so much for all the hard work that you have done with this area for me. It means so much to me. I will make use of this area for sure,” I tell them all.

“You are welcome, Luna. It is our pleasure,” Bruce speaks up for everyone. “Do you mind if we watch what you can do?”

“Of course you can watch. You are here, so no need for you to leave,” I say with a smile as I look at each person who is standing there.

I hear them all saying yes like it is an enormous deal for them to watch me. This makes me smile. I feel so proud to be their Luna. I walk around the area, checking it all out to see what is all there. I am amazed that they did all this. I never even thought of doing something like this. It just goes to show that my pack has some very out of the box thinkers.

I walk over to the dummies as I look at them. I notice they are flesh-colored. I touch it and it feels like human flesh. I look around with a shocked look on my face. Bruce runs over to me.

“We made these special for you. We wanted you to know what it will be to actually use your powers against someone. This way you can get your accuracy down,” Bruce says, smiling huge at me.

“Oh, that is amazing. What will happen when I finally can obliterate them?” I ask no one in particular.

“We have more already made, and we will make you more than you need them. We also have wood all ready to be replaced along with anything else that you will need. If you can think of anything else, just let us know and someone will make it happen for you,” Bruce tells me.

“If everyone will move back, I will give this a try. I do not want anyone to get hurt being so close as I do not know what will happen when I do this,” I say looking at the pack members giving them a smile.

They all look at me and nod while they walk to the outer perimeter of the new training area. They all seem to crouch down or sit on the ground. They must all be thinking this is going to be one good show. I just hope that nothing goes wrong.

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