Wolves in the City

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Chapter 51

I look around at the pack members that are patiently waiting for me to do some magic. I walk over to the middle of the circle. I look towards the dummies and notice they have not put them in any particular order. I stare at the dummies and look at one specific one. I start to think that I want to shoot a fireball at the dummy. I glare at the dummy and a ball of fire shots right at the dummy and it goes up in flames. The pack members start to hoot and holler in happy noises. A smile spreads across my face. This is one of the first times I have had a specific object that I have wanted to burn. I look up at the sky and think about rain falling over the dummy. Water starts to fall from the sky and puts the dummy out.

I am so happy this is going well. There is so much still to try out. I turn around and look at the logs and whirl my hand in a circle. The logs all come off of the ground and start to go around in a circle. I use my other hand and twirl it around also and move my hand towards the logs. A line of leaves goes and dances around with the logs in a circle. It is a mini-tornado-looking. I slowly lower my hands as I think I want the objects back on the ground. The logs and leaves all fall to the ground. I hear some gasps like they are surprised. I turn in a circle to look at the pack members. They have a look of awe on their faces. I turn towards Lexington and Kol, looking at them both. Kol has sat up and is staring at me. I can see he has a look of confusion in his eyes. He slowly starts to walk towards me, looking at the dummies and the logs. It is like he is unsure of what might happen to him or the objects.

I lean down to pet Kol as he gets closer to me. He is looking up at me like he is asking for permission to be by my side. I whisper in his ear for him to go back to Lexington and stay there. He looks up at me and holds his head down and slowly walks back over to Lexington. As he gets to Lexington, he leans on Lexington’s leg and looks up at him. Lexington reaches down and pats his head and rubs his ears. I smile at the jester. It is so heartwarming to see that Lexington loves Kol almost as much as I do. Lexington looks at me and smiles. I can see how proud he is of my accomplishments. I have been practicing on a small scale so that there would be no harm to anyone. Now I am going to practice hardcore each day.

I all of a sudden throw my hands down hard and the ground ripples out from me in a circle. I made it so that everyone would not be expecting it. As I hoped they all bounce a bit, but it is not enough to harm anyone. A few fall to the ground. I smile and giggle at them all. They are all gasping with shock. It was a surprise to them all. Kol jumps up from laying down. He runs towards me. He is looking all around like there is some kind of danger. I crouch down and hug his neck so he knows everything is ok. I need him to get used to this. I reassure him so he does not stay scared. I whisper in his ear to help him calm down. He lets out a few low growls and whimpers, not knowing which he should do. Once I get him calmed down, I stand back up.

“I want to thank you all for this training area again. Thank you for all staying to observe the first real big tests of my powers. I have been practicing only doing small bits here and there,” I say to the pack members.

“That was so amazing to see Luna,” a little girl says to me.

I smile at her and nod, thanking her. I walk over to Lexington and Kol. I reach down, patting Kol’s head, and motion for him to stand. I use hand motions along with my voice to get him to do what I want. I have come up with my own commands. Lexington, Eli, Canagan, Draven along with two others know the hand commands. I don’t want just anyone to be able to command him. Kol stands and comes to my left side. I side hug Lexington on his left side. I am in between them both. This is our normal way to walk. I am protected from both sides. Granted, Kol is still learning and still a pup. He is getting better and better. I am so proud of him. He is like a sponge that just absorbs everything we teach him. I stand on my tiptoes and kiss Lexington on the cheek. He looks down at me. I see in his eyes a look of love and adoration as he looks at me. He smiles widely, pulling me to his side. His arm is wrapped around my waist. Lexington looks at everyone standing around.

“Okay everyone, we are going to go now. Envy needs to rest now. Thank you all again for sticking around to watch your Luna. Have a good day, everyone,” Lexington says to everyone with a wide smile.

Lexington pulls me along with him. Kol is right there in step with us. Lexington has had to learn to take smaller steps since he is over a foot taller than I am, and he has longer legs and strides. It was annoying at first when he wanted me to walk next to him and I couldn’t keep up with him when he walked. It would have to just about skip and take more steps faster at first. I am glad he figured it out. I love how observant he really is. He does it so slightly that you would never know. He can scan an area and not even show that he is doing it. His facial expression does not change. He keeps it emotionless, so he does not let on.

“So where are Canagan and Elizabeth today?” I ask Lexington.

“Canagan took Elizabeth to the office. He had some papers to review for the Russia deal that you so expertly finished for us. So she went with him to learn what he does. So if she wants to help him, she is able to,” he replies.

“I am so glad that she is doing that. I know we have our business that we will need to figure out if we want to keep doing it or just close up shop forever,” I say with a bit of sadness in my voice.

“You know that you do not have to stop doing the business. We can make it into an online business or even hire people to run the day-to-day sales down in Florida for you,” Lexington states.

“True, we can do both of them. We had talked a bit about it when we first moved here about doing it online. But we never talked more about it,” I state, half smiling. “We do not really do enough business to keep it open year-round. We mainly open during spring break time and the summer when there are more tourists. We had been talking about trying to expand into the internet world but never did it fully.”

“Well, we can get someone to write a program to do most of the work. Then we can get some of the pack members that want to work a few hours to do the packaging of the products and mailing them out each day. This way you do not have to give up your and Elizabeth’s dream,” Lexington replies smiling.

“I like that idea. I will have to talk to Elizabeth about this more in-depth. If she is on board, then we will do that. But if not then we will just close up shop. This is a joint thing for both of us,” I say, looking up at him as we walk to the house.

We walk into the house. Kol trots over to one of the many beds he has through the house. He plops down on it, rolling over onto his back. He is so cute when he does that. The beds he has pretty much outgrown them but he still thinks he can fit into them. I am planning on getting his own chair so he does not have to sleep on the floor all the time. He is so tall I want him to be comfortable. I know people will think I am crazy but it does not matter. He is our first pup.

I yawn and look over at Kol. He has already passed out. Lexington stops looking at Kol, also shaking his head. He thinks it is just as funny as I do that he sleeps like that. He is so comfortable here.

“Little Minx, you should go up and lay down for a bit. I know that has taken a lot out of you. I know what magic does to witches when they are learning so I can just imagine what it is doing to you. You are not using spells you are using your mind and body,” Lexington states matter-of-factly.

“Yea I am a bit tired so I will just lay down for a bit. I still have to do some work with Kol,” I tell him. “Want to come cuddle with me?”

“I would more than love to do that but I have some papers to go over in my office. There are some issues at the clubhouse. We are getting some harassment from another MC in the area that is new,” Lexington replies.

“Wait what? Are you serious? What is the deal with them? Is there anything I can do to help?” I ask him.

“I am not sure what is going on. I have some information that might help figure it out. Our MC has both humans and wolves so I have sent one of the guys to do some recon to see what the other MC is made up of. I know that some of the wolves still have issues with us having humans in our MC but they have to learn to get along with the humans. This Canagan and I thought would start towards us coming out to the human world about our existence in the future,” Lexington replies.

“That is a good idea. I like how you and Canagan are at the forefront of us eventually living in the world together. So I am going to go lay down then. Let me know what is found out please,” I say as I give him a soft kiss.

“Of course I will tell you. I just did not tell you yet since we didn’t have any information yet,” He replies.

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