Wolves in the City

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Chapter 52

Lexington’s POV

I walk into my home office sitting at my desk. I pick up the papers that Bruce has dropped off for me about the new MC that has moved into town. Just as I had suspected, they are another Werewolf MC (Dark Ghosts). They are known for not liking the fact that humans are in my MC. They actually think they are ghosts and I do not know what they have been up to over the years. They travel the country and wreak havoc on other Werewolf clubs that associate with humans. I have been gathering evidence to bring them in to sentence them for their crimes. I am a fair King and will not pass judgment without facts and just cause. Now, according to this new report, I have the information that is needed to haul their asses in. I will give Envy all the information for her to go over it as well. She also has to agree to the sentencing. My parents changed how things were done when they became King and Queen. It used to be up to only the King or the Queen, whoever was the rightful ruler. But now it is shared equally. The King and Queen are both equal now. We have come out of the dark ages due to the fact that my parents wanted a change as well as the majority of the subjects. For the most part, we let the alphas handle their rules and punishments for their packs unless it is extremely bad. Then I will step in. Well, it used to be just me, but now Envy will also be involved. I have not informed her of this yet. I was not expecting to have to push her into so much so fast, but with the Dark Ghosts here, now it is time. We will have the coronation sooner so she can help me with the decisions on the matters of the Dark Ghosts. Now that I have reviewed this information, I am going to surprise my mate.

As I walk out of my office, I head to the stairs. I look over and see that Kol is still on his back, passed out. He is such a good pup. I never wanted a dog before, but having him has made me see things differently. I can understand why humans want dogs for pets. They show unconditional love towards their person or persons. I think he has a love for Indigo that is a son and mother bond. Harou took right to him, which surprised me. Harou has never really taken to domesticated dogs. The only ones having an issue with Kol are Jessie and Cherrie. I just can not put a finger on what is going on with the two of them. I am going to have to pull Jessie from being the Delta. He is still slacking and getting worse on the duties of the pack. So I will talk things over with the elders. This is one thing that has to be discussed with them. Yes, we pick the Beta, Delta, and Gamma. But to remove the positions other than by death, we have to have a good reason to give to the elders. With the way Jessie has been slacking and acting, I am sure the Elders will approve of me taking his ranking away. I really hate to do this. Jessie was always so reliable. Then one day he just changed and did a 180. I will go to the Elders tomorrow and talk this over with them. If they agree, then I will have to see how Canagan and Envy feel about Bruce being the new Delta. I will move Jessie down to Omega status. I feel horrible doing this to him. I have tried to talk to him, but he just says it is not a big deal how he is doing things since there is no threat to the pack.

I make my way up the stairs towards our room. I open the door as quietly as I can so I do not disturb Envy just yet. I want to wake her up with a surprise. I get a big ass grin on my face. I know she will not be expecting this. I slowly and quietly walk over to the bed. She is laying on the top of the sheets. She has taken off her jeans and is just in one of my t-shirts and her panties. My mouth starts to water as I look at her sleeping there. I feel my body start to heat up with excitement. Just looking at her makes my cock so hard. I have to make sure that when we are around others that I do not let my mind wander to the things I always want to do with her. I do not think that she would like other women to see my engorged cock showing through my tight jeans. Slowly I move Envy on her back so as to not wake her up. As I crawl on the bed, I slowly spread her legs apart. Slipping my fingers between her panties and her pussy, I slide them to the side. I slowly slide my finger between her folds. Rubbing her clit softly, I lean down and slip my tongue down her folds, licking up and down. I hear her moan and she tries to move her hips up. I lay my arm over her lower abdomen to keep her still. Licking her pussy is the most erotic thing right now. My cock is hurting as it tries to get harder in my jeans. The pain I feel has only ever happened with Envy. I lap at her pussy as she starts to leak her juices on my tongue. She tastes so sweet. I will never get enough or tire of how she tastes. I hear her start to moan in her sleep. She is still trying to move her hips, but I do not let her. I reach up with my left hand, sliding it up under the t-shirt she is wearing. I softly rub her nipple in a circular motion between my thumb and pointer fingers. Pinching slightly every so often. With this added action, I feel her body tense up. She groans loudly and moans even louder. I smirk as I continue the assault on her soaking wet pussy. I keep my eyes trained on her face, watching it contort with the pleasure she is getting. Slowly her eyes open as her mouth is agape when she realizes she is not dreaming this. It is actually happening. I do not let her move from the place I have her pinned to. She will cum for me before I let her even think about moving. She reaches down, rubbing her hand in my hair, and I see the grin of satisfaction on her face. Her back arches as she gets closer and closer to her climax. I move my right hand down slipping it between her folds removing my tongue from her opening and start to suck on her clit. I slip two fingers inside her with my hand facing up so I can run my fingers over her g-spot as I pump my fingers in and out of her.

“Holy fuck, Lexington, that feels so good. I want to cum so bad but don’t want it to stop,” Envy says in a low sultry voice.

“I don’t plan on stopping, baby,” I tell her as I briefly stop sucking on her clit. I give her a look of appreciation and go back to my pleasuring her.

I start to pound my fingers inside her, feeling her walls swell around my fingers. She is going to cum for me a few times before she moves. I feel her cum hard and her legs are shaking, but I do not stop. I slow down a bit to let her ride out her orgasm. Her legs stop shaking some, so I go back to running my tongue around her clit as I pull out my soaked fingers to suck her sweet essence off them. I pull them out, making them pop as I pull them out of my mouth. She tries to sit up.

“And where do you think you are going?” I ask her with a serious look on my face.

“I was planning on getting up and stripping you down to return the favor,” she replies matter-of-factly.

“Oh, no you do not. This is all about you, my love,” I tell her simply. “So lay back, you are about to cum one more time for me.”

She lays back as she knows I will not take no for an answer. I lean back down, grabbing her clit between my teeth and slightly pulling on it. She moans loud as I know she is sensitive. I move my left hand to her other nipple to give it attention this time. I know she gets even more excited when I play with her nipples. I roll my tongue over her clit as I pull on it. Her hand goes right to my head and starts to pull on my hair. I know I am now getting her almost to her max stimulation. I will make sure that she is fully stated today. I pinch and pull on her nipple as I tease her clit. Sliding my fingers up and down her folds, I tease her with her, expecting me to slip them inside her. I barely slide over the opening and she groans as she realizes they don’t enter her yet. I chuckle at her, then in one fast movement, I slide my two fingers inside her. I can feel how tight she has become after her last orgasm. So I add a third finger in to make her feel even more full. As I do this, she bucks. I pump my fingers slowly in and out. I look at her face and she has a wide grin and her eyes are closed. I pump faster with each thrust inside her, and she is a moaning mess. I rub her bud with my tongue harder and faster. I feel her starting to tense up, about to cum for a second time. I speed up my thrusting inside her and she screams out as she cums all over my fingers. I smile in satisfaction as I slowly pump in and out as she finishes. I kiss the insides of her thighs as I slowly stand up. I shift as my hard, throbbing cock aches inside my jeans. I crawl up and kiss her on the cheek and jump out of bed before she can grab me.

“Wait, what? Why did you get out of bed? Come back here,” she calls out.

“Nope, we are done for now. I am going to grab a shower and take care of this in my pants. Why don’t you relax and when I get done, you can shower and we can discuss the papers I went over before I came up to see you,” I tell her.

“Ugh, fine. I will wait. Not like I can get up and walk, anyway. You know when you make me cum so hard I can’t walk right away,” she replies with a pouting voice.

I walk over to my dresser and grab a pair of black boxer briefs and some basketball shorts. I look towards the door and see Kol is sitting at the doorway with one paw on the sides of the doorway. Like he was complimenting on coming in the room without being told her can. He has learned over the last months he is not allowed in the room when we are in compromising positions. Harou and Indigo both told him so he would understand. He is so well behaved for still being a pup. I smile at his antics. I look over at Envy and she is still laying down on the bed.

“Babe, Kol is at the door waiting to be called inside by you,” I tell her.

“Oh, I did not know he was there. Thank you,” she replies.

She calls out to Kol for him to come inside. She pats the bed for him to jump up and lay beside her. She cuddles with him as I walk into the bathroom. I grab my towel and place it next to the shower stall. I turn the water on to get just the right temperature as I undress. I am so glad to get these jeans off. I released my aching cock from its confines. I slowly start to stroke it as I walk into the shower. I can not wait to cum. I reach up, grabbing the body wash to use as lube. I pull on my length, stroking it. I tease the head of my cock with my fingertips, moving just over the head. I throw my head back as I tease it a bit more. When I can’t take the teasing any longer, I go back to jacking off my cock. I grunt as I shoot my load down the drain. I pull a few more times after I get done and make sure all the cum is out of my shaft. Now that I have taken care of that, I get my shower to clean up.

I dry off the pull on my boxer briefs and shorts. As I walk out of the bathroom drying my hair with the extra towel I grabbed as I walked out the door. I see my sweet mate is passed back out, cuddling up to Kol. He hears me walk out of the bathroom and looks up at me. He plops his head back down on the bed like he can’t be bothered by anything. I chuckle and walk over to my side of the bed. I lay down next to Envy and pull her off of Kol to cuddle up to me. Kol gives a bit of a growl and huffs as I move her off of him. I shake my head at him.

“Kol, you know she is my mate and not yours. You are her protector, yes, but she is still mine,” I tell him.

I know he understands me as Harou has told me he does. Kol looks at me, gets up and turns to face us, and lays back down. He places his head on Envy’s side and stares at me. He does this to try and show he is dominant. I give him a glare and a growl of my own and he whimpers a bit and looks away but keeps his head on her. But it is moved to her hips now. I lean over and pat his head so he knows I am not upset with his antics. I lay back down, kissing Envy on the forehead. I close my eyes for a few minutes to take a break from the outside world. When we get up in a bit, I will take her to the office and show her all the papers on the Dark Ghosts MC that I have had others gathering information for me over the years. I will also explain to her that she is to go over the information and form her own opinion on the matter and what action(s) she thinks should be done with them. I will also let her know at the same time that she is helping me in the matters of giving out punishments and other decisions since she will be Queen and we share these things equally now.

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