Wolves in the City

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Chapter 53

Envy’s POV

As I try to stretch out, I find it difficult. I have a warm body on each side of me. I touch each one and figure it is Lexington and Kol. I am shocked that Lexington let Kol stay in the bed. Harou normally has a fit if he tries to sleep with us. He likes Kol, but he does not want Kol to get too close to me. Little does he know that Kol has a big part of my heart. He is so sweet, loving, and protective towards me. I know it is not the same as Lexington and Harou, but it is an unconditional love that was not made by the Moon Goddess. It is just purely from him. Yes, he is a dog, but that does not make him automatically love me. We did bond right away, but that was also because Indigo sees him as her pup and loves him deeply as well. I love Harou so much, along with Lexington. They each have their own way that they love me, but I know the love for me is deep. I whisper and rub Kol, telling him to wake up and get off the bed. He groans, and it reminds me of Lexington when I wake him to let me go so I can get up. Kol turns his head to look at me and kiss his cheek. He reluctantly gets off the bed. I manage to move Lexington’s arm off of me so I can slide quietly out of bed. I notice it is dark from the slit in the blinds. I want Lexington to sleep. He has been getting so little. And the way he woke me up earlier was just wow. I love when he wakes me up like that. I prefer more than just me getting my pleasure.

I walk to the closet and grab a pair of black cargo shorts along with a black bra and panty set, along with a black t-shirt of Lexington’s I grab as well. Walking out of the closet, I head towards the bathroom to get a shower. I look over and see that Lexington is stirring, so I rush over and move a pillow for him to hug. I look at him and see a smile on his face as he sleeps. He is so handsome even in his sleep. He does not have that look that says I will tear your head off if you fuck me with when he sleeps.

I walk into the bathroom, closing the door as quietly as possible to not walk up Lexington. I reach the shower and turn on the water to get it to the correct temperature. I walk over and grab a towel to put on the rack near the shower. Brushing my hair so there are no knots before I wash and condition my hair. I brush my teeth and strip off my t-shirt and panties. I walk into the shower and wet my hair. I wash it, then put the conditioner in it so it can stay in while I wash my body and shave. As I am bent over, I do not hear the door open and close. I feel a pair of hands grab my hips, pulling me back into a hard chest. I giggle at this.

“Well, I see the big bad wolf has awakened from his slumber,” I say teasingly.

“I would still be slumbering if someone hadn’t gotten out of bed and left me alone,” he replies.

“I needed a shower after the events earlier, before I slept both times,” I say as I lean to the side and look up at Lexington in the eyes.

“True, but you should have woken me up to shower with you,” he says, pouting.

“I wanted you to sleep since you have not been getting much lately,” I say as I pull his neck so I can kiss his cheek.

“You are the kindest and considerate mate there is,” he states matter-of-factly.

I feel his hands rub up against my side and he leans down, kissing my neck. I feel his hard cock pressing into my back. I moan as he barely touches me. It is so erotic. My body starts to heat up. He steps back away from me some. I groan because he moves away, and he presses his hand on my back, pushing me forward. The next thing I know, I feel his cock enter my wet pussy in one fast movement. I scream out in pleasure as he slams into me. He grunts as he moves in and out of me. This is not going to be a long one, I can tell. He pounds hard into me. I have to use my hands to hold myself away from falling on the seat slamming into it. He grips my hips tighter as he moves faster. I start moaning loudly, moving back, meeting him thrust for thrust. I want his cock as deep inside me as possible. I love when he fucks me hard like this. This is pure fucking no lovemaking. Pure carnal sex. He grabs my hand and puts it to my pussy.

“Rub your clit and help me make you cum hard on my cock for me, baby,” he whispers as he pounds into me.

I rub my clit and I feel the pressure building up faster inside my abdomen. My legs start to shake as I move my fingers in circles around my clit. I hear him breathing harder as his cock swells more inside me. I know he is about to cum, so I hold my release so I can cum as he does. I love cumming on his cock as he coats my pussy walls with his cum.

“Fuck, I’m ready to cum. Are you close?” I ask him.

“Yes, I am about to explode inside you,” he says.

I let him start to cum as I release my wet hot juices on his shaft. We both scream each other’s names and he pumps even when he is done. He takes over, rubbing my clit as he pulls me back up against his chest to get the full extent of my orgasm completed. My legs are like jello. We stay like this for a bit with his cock still inside me, even though it has gone soft now. We are both panting like crazy. I know he is staying like this, so I do not fall. When our breathing is back to normal and I can stand on my own, I move to feel his cock slowly slide out of me. I turn to face him, grabbing his beard and pulling his head down for me to kiss him.

“Thank you for that, my love. I love when you have the urge to just fuck me senseless,” I tell him as I look into his eyes.

“You are welcome and thank you for letting me have my way with you. Your body is a temple I enjoy worshipping any way I can,” he says.

I blush at this. Turning back around, I grab the body wash and wash my body. I turn to see Lexington has turned on the other side of the shower and is washing. I love this shower. There are two shower heads, one on each side and a rain head in the middle. Also, there are jets on the walls for a full-body massage. He thought of everything; it seems. It is exactly as I would have done it. Turning off the water after I rinse my body and the conditioner out of my hair. I go to walk past him to get out of the shower. He grabs my arm, turning me around to give me a kiss. Goddess, he is the best. I can not believe that he is actually mine.

I grab my towel and dry off some. Walking over, I grab a towel, throwing it at Lexington as he exits the shower. He dries his hair and his body. I look around, noticing he didn’t bring clothes into the bathroom with him. He tosses the towel in the bin and walks out of the bathroom naked. I stand there just watching his nice round ass that is hard and muscular, along with his back muscles as they move as he walks. Shaking my head, I need to stop and get myself dressed. I will never get enough of looking at him.

As I walk out of the bathroom, he walks back into it. He is wearing dark blue jeans that I swear he pours himself into. I don’t know how he can be comfortable with them with his enormous cock. I love him in them, but I hate when females stare at the outline of his shaft. But I would never want him to change what he wears as long as he is comfortable. He hasn’t put on the shirt he has in his hand. I know he doesn’t put it on yet. As he has to trim his beard and mustache. He keeps it just long enough for me to grab and pull on it. I hear him turn on the water to brush his teeth and do his beard. I walk to my dresser to grab my socks out so I can put them on. Not caring to put on my shoes just yet. It is dark, so I am not planning on going anywhere tonight besides his office to read over the papers like he wanted me to. I hear the water shut off.

“Babe, I will be in the office after I let Kol out to do his business. Meet you there,” I shout to him as I walk out the bedroom door.

“Okay, my love, see you in a few minutes,” he shouts back.

Kol runs up next to me after I clear the doorway. I rest my hand on his shoulder as we walk to let him out. He is so tall and I know he has a few more inches to grow and he has more muscle mass to get on his body. He is already 150 lbs (68 kgs) and he has at least 30 more pounds (13.6 kg) to gain. At the rate he is growing, I will be shocked if he does not gain more than that. I also love the fact that he has tight lips, so he does not drool all the time. But I always keep towels around just in case he starts to drool or when he gets done drinking. I taught him to come to me or someone else when he drinks to whip his mouth of the excess water. Kol runs to the door as we approach it. One of the guards (Ben) at the door outside the door opens it. He is one of the regular guards and has learned the sound of Kol at the door to let him out. Kol runs out the door, heading to the yard to check out the perimeter before he does his business. This is something that he has taken on doing for himself. I did not teach him to do it.

“Thank you, Ben. Can you let him back in when he is ready, please?” I ask him.

“You are welcome, Luna. Yes, I will let him in,” Ben replies.

I walk back to the office and take a seat behind Lexington’s desk. I see the papers are right there in front of me about the Dark Ghosts MC/Pack. As I read over the papers, I hear Lexington walk into the office. He clears his throat. He looks around the room with a bit of confusion on his face.

“Where is Kol? I thought you were taking him out than coming in here,” he asks.

“He is doing his perimeter check than his business and when he is done, Ben will let him in,” I reply like it is no big deal as a shrug of my shoulders.

“Wait, what do you mean perimeter check and Ben letting him in?”

I can hear the confusion and concern in his voice. Then it dawns on me that he doesn’t know this is something that Kol does. When anyone besides me takes him out, he runs out and does his business, then ready to come back in.

“Oh, shit my bad. I forgot to tell you. Kol has taken it upon himself to do a perimeter check of the property before he does his business. It is not something that I taught him. About two months ago, he started doing this. So I just let him go about his ways and let him. I guess he wants to make sure everything is safe around the house. Indigo said he does it to learn the smells that are supposed to be there and if there is an unfamiliar smell, then he asks her about it. He has never had a smell that could not be explained other than what is supposed to be there. The only smell he does not like is that sulfur smell when Jessie or Cherry are near. Then he has serious issues. He does not try to attack, just growls and does not let them near me. He leans on me, pushing me backward away from them. Indigo says that is his first way to keep me safe but not to be aggressive,” I inform him.

“It is okay, babe. This is all new to me with a dog. I like how things are working out with Kol. He is such a wonderful dog. I like the fact that he is protective of you. I know you can take care of yourself, but with his senses, that is one thing that we lack in our human form. We have them as werewolves, but while in human form we tend to not recognize things that are dangerous that are just below the surface.” He replies. “Now down to business.”

“I started looking over these papers, and it seems to me that the Dark Ghosts have a problem with the possible intertwining of humans and werewolves. Do they not realize that they can not reproduce and it is not a big deal that they interact together? I am just wondering why you are having me look over these. You are the King after all.”

“I may be the King but you are the soon-to-be Queen. My father actually changed how things were done. At one time, it was the rightful heir that dealt with the punishments and running of the kingdom. Then he decided that it is both the King and Queen that will decide things. They are, after all, equals and both should have a say in how things are done. So I am going to do things the same way. I want you to be just as involved as I am. I know I am throwing a lot right at you and you are not even crowned yet, but I want you to help me decide what to do with this pack. Seems this needs to be dealt with before your coronation, which is in two weeks from now. That is if that is okay with you? I want you to be comfortable with this way of things going on from here on out. It is not just up to me. I want you involved.”

“Wow. I never dreamed it would be like this. I just figured that you would be making the decisions on the major dealings and possibly asking what I thought. Never in a million years did I even dream of being an equal ruler over the Kingdom. I am happy that you want me involved so much. I will gladly help you with this.”

“I knew you would accept. It still does make me happy that you did accept. Now with that being said, what do you think we should do about the Dark Ghosts? I personally think we should bring in the entire pack and lock them up and get answers from them.”

“Let’s not jump right in like that. I know they have done some very sinister things. There has to be some kind of explanation behind them acting this way. Don’t you think we should talk to the Alpha and find out what his reason(s) are before we lock people away? That is like accusing them of being guilty without all the actual facts of what is going on or has happened in the past. This way we can maybe reason with him before we take drastic measures.”

“See, this is why I am glad you decided to accept helping me. You think about what could have been and I am thinking of what is possible to happen. So we make a good team. I like your idea of talking to the Alpha. I know with you by my side I won’t fly off the handle and kill him right there on the spot.”

“You better not kill him on the spot. That will cause serious issues. And with them being in the city, I don’t want to put the human in any more danger than they possibly already are. I think we should invite them for a dinner the whole pack since they are all here in the city. Then we can sit and talk with the Alpha and if there are any others, we need to speak to they will be here already. But not in a threatening way.”

“That sounds perfect. I will send Bruce with a notice for them to come and have a meal with us and talk about things. I would love to see this resolved in a civilized way. As for that happening, if things go awry, then we have taken them out of the city and the humans are safe. We will be able to handle them better here if they do not accept the decision we come up with.”

“Sure, I think we should do it in two days’ time so that I can get the menu and the ballroom all set up for the packs to eat together.”

“Perfect. Now if you will kindly move that sexy ass of yours from my chair, I will get the paper written up and put the seal on it and send Bruce out with it to them.”

I slowly move out of the way to let him sit down. He chuckles at my antics while shaking his head. He pulls his phone out to text Bruce to come to the house. Writing up the paper and adding the seal makes it official that the King wants to see this Alpha and his pack. I look at him and he looks so serious. I just smile and walk out of the room to wait for Bruce to get there. Kol comes running up to my side as usual. I pat his head as I continue to walk. As I approach the living room, I hear the knock on the door. Kol stops and looks at me, then continues to walk towards the door. I follow and reach over him to open the door. Once he sees that it is Bruce, he backs away and sits down, letting him into the house.

“Good evening Luna. I am here to see the Alpha,” Bruce says as he walks in the house, patting Kol on the head.

“Good evening Bruce. Yes, Lexington is in the office waiting for you.”

Bruce walks down the hall to the office. I sit on the couch to relax. I hear Bruce walk back towards the front door.

“Good night Bruce, and be safe out there. Oh, yeah Bruce, if the Alpha agrees to the letter, please ask him if there is anything special they would like to eat, please. Then text me with the request.”

“Good night Luna. I will do that. I will also be safe, of course. Sleep well.”

I lean back on the couch as I hear Lexington making his way down the hall. Babe, come watch The Conjuring with me. I want to cuddle up next to you.”

“Sure, but let me grab a drink for us and some snacks.”

Lexington comes back with drinks and snacks for us while we watch the movie. He grabs the throw and covers us up with it as I snuggle into his side. Kol jumps up on the other side of me and lays his head on my lap. This is our normal way to relax and watch TV. We both love horror movies and this one is good.

A/N: The information about Kol with his weight and how he reacts towards getting Envy out of what he sees as dangerous situations are from my actual life experience with my Great Dane that I had some years ago.

So what do you think of how Kol goes and checks on things and makes sure Envy is safe at all times he is with her? How they all cuddle up on the couch to relax?

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