Wolves in the City

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Chapter 54

Two days later…..

Lexington’s POV

I wake up another morning with my mate missing from my side. I assume she is still helping to prepare for the Dark Ghost. She had me send some of the pack hunters over to Wisconsin to find a couple of wild hogs and some deer. I split the hunters up and sent some on our property to get the deers while I contacted the Alpha of the Breeze Pack that I know has enough land for us to get the hogs from.

The hunters came back from Wisconsin with four hogs. The others came back with six deer. I know she has more meat that she is planning on having cooked as well. We put the hogs in a pit to cook overnight. The deer will be made into burgers and sausages. I know she has a lot that she is planning. This will be the first gathering that she is putting together. I know she is nervous. From what I have been hearing from the other pack members that are helping her with the setup and cooking, she is doing a great job. They are so pleased with her.

I have tried to get out of them without using my Alpha tone what the setup will be and what other food will be there. They just tell me that the Luna said it is to be a surprise. I won’t press for more information as she told me the same thing last night and the night before. I know that no matter what it is she will make it perfect.

The pack should arrive around 4 pm. This way we can start to get to know the pack members and see how they will react to the humans that we have here at the pack. Some of them grew up here. I took in kids that were on the street when they were little as I could not let them just be out there in the cold with nothing.

This was when I had made my decision that one day soon we would come out to the human world. It won’t be right away, but I want the packs to get used to the idea and help me come up with some ideas on how we will proceed after we come out.

I get back to my office with Canagan in tow. We need to discuss what will happen if the Dark Ghosts start anything while they are here. We are keeping the humans away from them until it is time for dinner. This way, we can contain anything if there is a problem. The humans that are here are very helpful and the older ones are working out in the world. Some are in government positions while others just do their thing. They all have good work ethics. That is one thing that all werewolves have.

“So Lex, what is the reasoning behind bringing this pack into our pack? We know they hate humans and we have humans here.” Canagan asks me with a confused look on his face.

“Envy had the idea of bringing them here so we could talk to them to try and get out of them what the problem is. So she wanted it to be a civil meeting and have them all here so that if something happens, it does not happen in the city,” I tell him flatly.

“That is a good idea, but I still do not like this at all. I personally would have rounded them all up and thrown them in the cells and got the information,” Canagan states with a serious look on his face.

“That is exactly what I wanted to do. Then I talked with Envy about it and she came up with this. I want her to feel a part of things like my father did with my mothers. She is going to be in on the decisions of the pack and Kingdom,” I inform him with a smile on my face as I am thinking of what this means to the werewolf community.

“Yeah, I told her about how my father changed things so that the Queen and King both have a say on everything. So it is not left up to just the heir of the Kingdom. I have to agree with him that it is a good idea. This way, one person is not under all the pressure to come to a final decision,” I say to him.

“Oh, what did she say to that?” Canagan asks, raising his eyebrow.

“She was glad that I thought enough of her to want her to help me with this,” I replied.

“You know she will probably ask Elizabeth things also,” Canagan states.

“I figured she will. She does not know about pack life from what she has told me. Elizabeth’s Alpha didn’t let Envy hang out with the pack. Which I think was wrong. Especially since Envy knew about werewolves and vampires. So it would have hurt nothing. I could see if she did not know and Elizabeth wanted to bring her into the pack then. But that was not the case. I think when you go down to get Elizabeth’s things that you should have a chat with her Alpha about treating humans with a bit more respect,” I say looking him in his eyes.

“Oh, wow really. I would have thought that she would have been allowed since she knew about the pack. I will question him about this when I am down there. We are planning on going down in the next couple of weeks. Elizabeth wants her things in the house. I told her she could buy whatever she wants but she wants her things first. Then she will from there,” Canagan says while shrugging his shoulders.

“That sounds good. Draven has already had all of Envy’s things packed up. He has some movers that are going to pick it up and bring it up here. Do you want me to have him hold off and pick up Elizabeth’s things and just bring them all at the same time? I am sure they wouldn’t have a problem with that. Hell, Envy has waited this long for her things. What is another couple of weeks?” I ask?

“That would be great. Then we could just fly down and fly back instead of driving so we can get there and back sooner,” Canagan replies.

“I will call him later. I know he is planning on getting Amber to someplace in Europe. I think it is someone’s place in Romania,” I inform him.

“Wow, he still hasn’t sent her away yet. That surprises me.” Canagan says, with a bit of a shock in his voice.

“Yeah, he said the guy Mihnea is here to see about some kind of business he wants to invest in so when he travels back to his castle in Romania then Draven will take her then,” I reply as I look over some of the documents about the Dark Ghosts again.

“Hold up, wait a minute. Is that Mihnea Dracul?” Canagan asks, taken aback.

“Yep, same guy. Why?” I ask, looking at him puzzled.

“I have not heard that name in years. I thought he might be dead by now.” Canagan says.

“Nope, he is very much alive. He has moved to the states now. But still has his castle and his coven is still partly in Romania. Some are here with him. So he travels back and forth between both places a lot. Amber will be locked in the cells there,” I tell him.

“Well, at least we know that she won’t be getting out of that place anytime soon,” Canagan says. “I heard it is like Fort Knox there. It has some sort of labyrinth in the cells. So if you do not know where you are, then you won’t be able to find your way out along with so many traps.”

“Yeah, I have always admired that. I would have loved for that to be the case below our castle, but we do not have the area needed for that. And these days it would be easy to get the blueprints if we did that. So I just keep on admiring what he was lucky enough to have for centuries,” I say, shrugging my shoulders. “So the Dark Ghosts will be here soon. Are you and the guards prepared for anything that might happen?”

“Yes, they are all prepared and will await instructions. I hope you can work things out with them. I do not understand what the problem is they have with the humans,” Canagan states.

“Something has to have happened for them to do what they have done. They are not an enormous pack and they are also a newer pack. The previous Alpha was allowed to start the pack after his Alpha split the pack because of the difference in views on how the pack should be run. When Alpha Major’s father passed him the pack, that is when things went awry. So there has to be something there.” I say, with some confusion in my voice. “Let’s go see if we can help with anything left to do.”

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