Wolves in the City

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Chapter 5

Canagan’s POV

Dammit, I have barely slept but maybe 45 minutes since I came to bed, Marcel has been driving me up the damn wall. He keeps saying “MATE IS CLOSE but I know better. I’ve not even felt any connection with anyone. I would have thought that if it was someone from the Pack we would have already connected. I think Marcel is just tired of waiting. I know that I am.

I get up and grab a quick shower. As I walk out of the bathroom I look at the clock next to the bed. Holy shit it’s only 6:30 am. What the actual fuck. I grab my Harley jeans, a black V-Neck t-shirt that fits me pretty snugly, and pull out some Under Armour boxer briefs that are black. I put on everything, grab my Harley boots, and my Cut. Walking past the dresser I grab my Oakley sunglasses and keys to my bike. I try to be as quiet as I can as I don’t want to wake anyone up. As I make my way down the hall I get the smell of Bergamot and Jasmine again. Hmmm, kind of weird to be smelling that since I’ve not been outside. Next thing I know Marcel is freaking out again screaming in my head mate, I tell him to shut up as our mate is not here. Pushing him to the back of my mind yet again, I make my way to the kitchen.

I look around and spot a Keurig Coffee maker. Oh, wonderful I hope there is coffee that is just plain ole black and not all fancy. I look in the cupboard and see among the various coffees Folgers Columbian Coffee. I grab one out and place it in the machine. Grab a coffee cup and place it so my coffee can be made. It takes no time at all. Man does Dravin know how to stock up anything and everything. But to be honest I would not expect anything less from him since he is making sure his daughter is being taken care of. The few times I have seen Draven he has always presented himself with the upper-class demeanor and looks but not in a snobbish way. He dressed in designer clothes of course. The only time Lex and I dress in designer clothes is when we have meetings with the humans. We have a wide array of Armani Suits, along with our A Lange & Sohne, Blancpain watches, also the Louboutins, which we leave the designer clothes mainly at the Penthouse at our office building as we don’t want road grime on them, as we ride our bikes more than we use the Limousine or other various vehicles we own. I drink my coffee and put the cup in the dishwasher.

I head outside to see who is awake since it is after 7 am now. Ugh, this can’t be happening, I see Amber and Katie are outside sitting in chairs on a porch of one of the cabins. They are the last two I want to see today. As I go to walk past them to get my bike they both get up and head towards me. Fuck my life I say so they can hear me. But, it does not seem to phase them one bit.

“Oh hey there Cana how is my man doing this morning?” Katie says to me trying to be sexy and shy.

“Jesus Christ Katie don’t start your shit first thing this morning!” I snapped at her. “I am not in the mood for your childish games.”

“Oh wow really Cana, why do you keep denying what is right in your face? You know we are meant to be together. If not then you would have never slept with me.” Katie snaps back. ” Werewolves do not sleep with someone they are not mated to if they are upper ranks.”

“Well, that’s the load of bullshit I have ever heard in my life,” I say while laughing. “We get horny just like anyone else. It’s not till we meet our mates that we only have sex with them forever. I would have thought that Amber would have explained that to you by now. Unless she lied to you of course. Now both of you just go back over there and sit back down.” I tell them as I walk toward a group of the guys.

“Hey, Bruce, what’s going on this morning?” I say shaking his hand. “Has everyone eaten that’s already up?”

“Hmmm it’s going, I think most have” Bruce replies. “Most of the guys are cleaning up their bikes so they look presentable since we already know Lex won’t have it any less. We need to represent."

We stand around bullshitting while the prospects clean the bikes. I hear Lex walking up and saying stuff to himself. Wonder what has him talking to himself that is unlike him. He usually talks things over with me so he does not look crazy talking to himself. Well, that is what he has said over the years. So it must be something very serious. I don’t say anything to him. I will wait until he speaks to me. I don’t want him to get upset. He already had drama last night and this morning.

“Okay, guys what time do we want to head to town?” I just say in general.

“Hmmm, maybe an hour or so” a few of the guys spout out.

“Okay sounds good to me, I know the prospects should be done by then” I reply.

Lexington’s POV

I roll out of bed at 7 am. Why am I awake at this hour? I didn’t get to sleep till almost 4:30 am. This is just my luck. The one day I can sleep in my wolf isn’t letting me. Harou is going to be the death of me until I can claim Envy. I have decided I will keep that she is my mate until after she gets her wolf. I am willing to wait for her as long as needed. I am sure if I let Draven know she is my mate he will remove the spell he has on her. I am for sure going to call him in a few hours to talk to him about it all. I know he is not going to be happy when I tell him about the things Amber and Katie said to Envy and her friend. I just hope he does not refuse to lift the spell. If he refuses I will just have to make Envy fall in love with me before she gets her wolf. She is just so perfect and it’s not because of the bond I already feel towards her. She is exactly what I have always dreamed of that I wanted in a mate. Her body is perfect with curves that are nice and soft just like I love, her eyes were driving me crazy last night. And the fierceness and attitude she has is perfect. I have never met nor had a werewolf or human ever stand up to me and not look away after before, she is the first. Envy is the perfect Luna and Queen.

I know there is going to be more fireworks between the two sluts and Envy. I am just hoping that Envy can hold her own if I’m not around. Which I do not plan on not being around. I plan on being around her constantly. I just hope she doesn’t think that it is because Draven has me keeping an eye on her. I just want her to like/love me for me and not only because of our mate bond. I’m pretty sure she won’t feel it since she doesn’t have her wolf. This is all new territory for me. There has never been anything like this for as long back as I’ve been told. I am at a bit of a loss since I just want to take her into my arms and kiss her with all the passion I have. The feeling of her soft lips against mine will be so amazing. I will slip my tongue into her mouth and ask for acceptance to go in and kiss her passionately. We will play for dominance and it will be interesting to see who wins. As I am rubbing my hands down her arms and up her waist to her very full tits I cup them through her shirt slowly rub my fingers lightly over her nipples to make them hard. I can’t wait to smell her as I know she already smells of Apple Cinnamon and that will be the icing on the proverbial cake. Rubbing my hands up and down her body feeling how soft her curves are and skin. Pulling her close to me so her tits press against my abs. I want to taste every inch of her sweetness. I feel my cock getting hard so I get out of bed and head to the shower.

Turning on the cold water so I can calm down. I don’t want to waste anything I can save to give to Envy. I step into the freezing water and I go limp. I wash and get out of the shower. I brush my teeth, trim my mustache and beard as I don’t want Envy to think it’s not taken care of. I do pride myself on being clean and trimmed. I also have to look halfway decent with all the human meetings I have to endure to keep a better income coming in for my Pack and the MC. I do love having the run of the city’s most exquisite hotels and nightclubs. Seems humans need to have a status bar set for themselves. I do have a few clubs that are not on the nice side. I like my Pack to feel they can fit in either place. As I come out of my thoughts I see that it is 8 am.

Guess time to get dressed. I grab my Harley jeans, a black V-Neck t-shirt, Harley boots, my doo-rag, Cut. I reach in the draw and pull out my Under Armour boxer briefs that are a dark blue (I usually go commando). I know being around Envy will end up getting hard. I can’t have my 10 inches growing down my leg for the other females to see and try to throw themselves at me. Which I have become accustomed to but now that has to stop since I have my mate. I get way too much attention and I’ve learned to ignore it over the years but I’m done with it. I don’t want Envy to ever think I am interested in another woman. That is the very last thing I want. As I walk out the door of the bedroom I grab my Oakley sunglasses and bike keys, I walk down the stairs and out the front door.

I spot Cana in the distance talking to some of the Pack. Walking over to him I am amused at how Katie is just sitting feet away staring and drooling over him. That is one stupid human. The only reason I let her stay around is I don’t need her to run her mouth that we are Werewolves. I deal with too many humans to have to end up trying to put a spin on anything that can affect my Pack and my Kingdom. I have hotels all around the world. The Press would have a field day with that type of scandal. Walking up to Cana I have a half-smile mixed with a smirk, shaking my head at him.

“Hey, cuz how’s everyone doing?” I ask Cana. “Seems like your girl still does not get shes is not getting her nails into you.”

“Yea I see her over there, I want to throw a towel at her to wipe her mouth,” Cana says as he laughs. “I’ve already had words with her this morning. But you seem to be in the same place I am in at the moment. At least mine is a bit too scared to try and confront me again after this morning unlike Amber does to you.”

“Yes, that is becoming a problem very much,” I replied. “Oh, but did you get a look at Envy and her friend? They are so both our types. I think we are going to enjoy this little job that Draven asked us to do.” as I am smirking at Cana.

“Oh really but what about your mate you are waiting for? And mine?” Cana says.

“Well, we can at least have some decent company and mature women to have a conversation with if nothing more,” I tell Cana. “I see nothing wrong with that.

“True and if they are even as little of our types as you say that for sure as fuck beats any of these whores chasing us around,” Cana remarks, with a half-smile.

“Okay since we are on the same page again, why don’t you all head into town and secure us a place! We will need 3 parking spots as I am sure the two ladies will want to ride their bikes into town.” I tell him so he knows to make sure to remember.

“Of course there will be spots right next to my bike” Cana remarks.

I head back to the house to make a nice big breakfast for Envy, her friend, and myself. I want to let Envy know I can actually do other stuff besides run the Pack, MC, all Werewolves, and my businesses. Well, the human side Cana and I own it 50/50. I go to the kitchen looking in the cupboards and refrigerator to see what all Draven has stocked. I decide I will make some cheese omelets, bacon, sausage, toast, pancakes, and home fries. I pull out all the ingredients along with apple juice, orange juice, milk, and make me a cup of coffee. I get everything made putting it in the oven to keep it warm while I wait for the ladies. I know they are awake and getting ready as I can hear them with my enhanced hearing and smell.

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