Wolves in the City

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Chapter 6

Elizabeth’s POV

Damn it’s almost 9 am. I can’t believe we slept so late. I jump out of bed and go into Envy’s room. She always looks so peaceful when she’s sleeping. I know there is something going on with Lexington and Envy. I am not sure what it is but I will find out. I don’t know how someone can go from being so mad then all calm and sweet the next. Lexington did that last night well this early am towards Amber then to Envy. He did seem a bit attracted to Envy. I know she wanted to jump on him right there. That was kind of weird since she’s never acted that way before. She looked at guys before but her heart rate has never gone crazy like it did when she was near Lexington. And her just walking away was so unlike her. I just hope she doesn’t push him away, at least not while we are here for the two weeks.

“Wake up!” I say to Envy as I poke her side.

“Okay! Okay! I’m awake! What time is it” Envy squeals!

I tell her it’s 9 am, and if she wants to go to Sturgis she needs to get her lazy self out of bed and get ready. She almost falls out of the bed and I giggle a bit. While Envy is in the shower I grab her Harley jeans and one of the new t-shirts from one of the many Harley shops we stopped at on the way here. I grab her Harley boots also (they are her favorite pair). Placing the clothes on the bed and her boots below them I go back to my room to get myself ready. As I am walking to the room I smell a lot of breakfast food being cooked. Hmmm, wonder who is cooking all that?

Turning on the water in the shower I go and grab a set of lacy bra and panties that are red. Yes, I love to be all feminine in my undergarments, when in the bedroom I like to be all girly. But I do not want everyone to know that. I need to be on guard to help keep Envy safe. She may be able to fight but she would be no match for a werewolf. I have a feeling Amber is going to push Envy over what she is able to hold back. That might be why Draven asked Lexington to keep an eye on us. I mean I can keep her safe from a few but being here at this huge rally I know I can’t keep her safe alone. I love her to death but she has a temper that I have never seen in a human before. She refuses to back down from anyone. I thought Lexington was going to bite her head off when she went off on him. But then he stood between her and Amber. I wish I knew what that was about. I will be watching Lexington around her that is for sure. I don’t want him to break her heart. I can already see that he is wanted by the slut and I am sure by a lot more females. With all these females at this rally, I know they will get handsy with him. I already know if Envy likes him she is a very possessive woman. And she won’t go for any female touching what she wants. But that is if he is into her also. I hope he is. They would make the perfect couple. I know it’s rare for a human and werewolf to stay together as the werewolf generally finds their mate and that leaves the human in shambles. This is the reason I never let it be more than friends or friends with benefits with a human.

Envy is really the only human that I’ve been friends with all but like two years of my life. I have nothing against humans but I just do not have time for all the pettiness they seem to have in their lives. One thing that surprises me is that Lexington let a human come with the Pack. I guess I will just have to find out why. Speaking of Pack there sure are a lot of the Pack here. I am not familiar with the Pack because I just was not ever interested in the Kings Pack or daily life. Don’t get me wrong he is extremely hot. But I’ve heard my Pack members talking about how he is a no-nonsense werewolf. He is very hard on his Pack since he has to have the best since he is the King after all over all werewolves. And with what I heard last night I can almost believe that. But I can’t totally believe it since he did let that slut talk to him like she did. It makes me think they have a relationship going. And if that is the case I will make sure Envy is safe from him. If I have too I will get in contact with Draven and I know he will be here in just a matter of time. He won’t let anyone mess with Envy. Oh, so many thoughts are going through my head right now. I snap back to reality to finish my washing and shaving.

As I dry off my body I wrap the towel around me so I can dry my hair. I grab the hairdryer that is here already. As I am drying my hair I can hear Envy’s voice. I am not too sure what all she is saying but I can assume she has finally called Draven. If she hasn’t I will have to remind her she promised she would so he wouldn’t send his guys. This is funny because she should know no matter what he says she has a detail that is never too far from her. I am not really sure why he thinks she always needs guards near her but who am I to go against Draven. Especially since he is one of the oldest and most powerful vampires that are known to werewolves. I get done drying my hair and apply my makeup. I want to look good in case I find a good looking man at the rally that I want to take to bed. I do need to get laid so bad. It’s been almost a year. I’ve been so busy with the shop opening that Draven encouraged Envy and me to do it. Between making all the things we sell and running the place we just have not had the time to really just go out and enjoy ourselves. I hear Envy say goodbye so I decide to walk out so I can dress.

Envy’s POV

“Wake up!” Eli’s voice woke me up. My eyes felt heavy and like sand had been left inside them. My dream of Lexington was interrupted. Eli pokes my ribs.

“Okay! Okay! I’m awake! What time is it? I squeal.

“It’s 9 am you lazy goose. Time to get going if you plan on going to Sturgis today” Eli states

“Ugh yeah, I’m getting up. Going to grab a shower and get dressed.” I say.

I almost fell out of bed as I did not realize I was all wrapped up in my sheets. Something that is not normal. I guess my dream was more than I thought it was. I walk into the ensuite and look in the mirror. Holy shit my hair is everywhere. I brush out the mess before I reach in the shower to turn it on. I brush my teeth before I shower. The mirror starts to fog up so I get into the shower. I start to think about Lexington. What would it feel like to have his lips on mine? They looked so kissable last night. Having his arms around me as we kiss deeply. I run my hand slowly down over my tits and rub my nipples softly feeling them get hard. Playing with my nipple I take my other hand and rub down my body. I get down to my playground slipping my finger between my hot wet lips. My clit is swollen from me being so horny for Lexington. Rubbing over my clit in circles. Imagining my hands are Lexington’s, I feel the pressure starting to build up inside me deep down. I slip my fingers inside my wet pussy. It’s such a tight feeling. Moving my finger in and out I can feel my walls tighten around my fingers. I feel my hand getting warm from the climax that I had. I am a bit light-headed at the moment from my release. Oh my god, what is wrong with me? I never think like this about anyone. I have never had such a hard and intense let alone so fast of a climax in my life. What is it about him that is making me want him so much? It’s not like I’ve not been around other hot men before. Hell, all of Draven’s guys are hot and I never felt this towards any of them. I don’t understand this, I need to talk to Eli about this. She has been with guys before.

I finish washing my body and hair. I turn off the water and wrap the extra-large bath towel around me. Walking into the bedroom I see that Eli has pulled me out a new pair of acid-washed Harley jeans, a new Harley shirt we got the other day on the trip up here. She has my Harley boots that go just above my ankle. I go over and get a matching pair of bra and panties. They are black. I get dressed and walk into the ensuite and dry my hair. Normally I let it air dry but I need to put it in the hair wrap as I don’t want my hair all knotty and looking a mess. I put on mascara and eyeliner both being black, Blistex on my lips so they stay hydrated. Wrap my hair up and head to check on Eli.

“Hey, suga are you just about ready?” I ask Eli as I walk into her room. As I walk up to Eli’s ensuite she jumps. I don’t knock because I hear the hairdryer.

“What the hell Envy?” Eli screams. “You trying to make Zeva come out?”

“Noooooooo just seeing how close you are to being ready!” I bat my eyes at her. “I’ll just chill on the bed until you are done, suga.”

I look around the room and notice that the room is quite nice. I like the dark blue color on the walls and the light blue curtains just go so well together. I lay back on the headboard and grab my cell out of my pocket. “Guess I should call dad.” I think to myself before I get busy today. I don’t want him to get all paranoid and show up with an army to make sure we are okay.

“Hello, my little one!” Draven says. “How is it going up there so far?”

“Well, dad, it was great till we walked in the house,” I stated to him.

“What does that mean exactly?” Draven says, sounding pissed off.

“When Eli and I walked in the main house there were these two fucking sluts that started shit with us. Saying we needed to go stay in the bunkhouse. That Lexington has paid for everything. Of course the good ole cow remark.” I tell Draven.

“Who in the hell are they? They will pay for their insults and remarks!” Draven is now yelling.

“Dad, I took care of them for now. Then Lexington told them off when he got to the house after Eli and I were asleep. His big ass mouth woke me up. You know how much I hate to be woken up.” I say.

“Yes, little one I know that all too well. You have always been that way since you were a newborn. Waking you was always a nightmare.” Draven remarks. “So other than that how is the place so far working out for you both?”

“It’s pretty nice actually. I think tomorrow we will check it out totally but today we are heading into Sturgis.” I say to Draven. “Oh yes thank you for all the great food and drinks you have stocked for us.”

“Oh I’m glad you like the place I was thinking of buying it for a getaway,” Draven says. “Also I will be having someone to go out there every morning to check to see what needs to be restocked so you don’t worry about needing to get anything, also a cleaning crew. I am sure all the other places will be trashed every day. I know you two girls are not messy but not sure about the others with Lexington.”

“Thank you, daddy, you love to spoil me even when I don’t want it,” I say with a bit of sarcasm and giggle.

“As I always tell you. There is nothing too good for my little one and Eli” Draven says for the zillionth time to me. “Oh, little one I need to go seems Lexington is calling me. Bye loves you.”

“Bye, dad loves you more,” I say to him lovingly. I put my cell phone back in my pocket while still waiting on Eli. Eli always looks so elegant when she gets done with her makeup and even when her hair is in a wrap. Eli also is wearing Harley jeans, Harley t-shirt we picked up on the trip up here and the same ankle boots I have. I really hope that Eli finds her mate. She so deserves one. She is one of the kindest people I know. She would do anything for the ones she loves and calls friends. She’s going to make a werewolf a happy mate. I just love her so much she’s the closest thing to a sister anyone can get that’s not blood-related.

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