Wolves in the City

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Chapter 7

I look over at Eli as she finishes pulling on her boots. I’m admiring how pretty she is today. Maybe today will be her day, she finds her mate.

“Eli I’m heading down to see what’s good to eat,” I tell her.

“Okay, Envy I’m right behind you,” Eli remarks.

As I am getting to the bottom of the stairs I can hear Lexington talking to someone. Well, at least I think it’s his voice since I’ve just heard it last night for the first time. It’s making me get a warm feeling on the inside right down deep inside me. I smell food that has already been cooked. Hmmm, wonder if Draven sent someone to cook and just didn’t tell me. He is always doing things like that so it really would not surprise me one bit. I can smell the bacon, mmmm I love bacon (who doesn’t I think to myself). I look back at Eli as she is right on my heels. She’s looking for something, maybe food too.

“What are you looking for Eli?” I ask her, tilting my head out of curiosity.

“I smell Donuts and Black Licorice they smell sooooo good, don’t you smell it?” She states

“Nope, I smell bacon!” I say shrugging my shoulders as I head to the kitchen.

Looking around I do not see any food or anything showing anything was cooked. Kinda strange since I can still smell that it seems like it was recently cooked. I figure I might ask Lexington or whoever’s voice that is about the food. I walk towards the source of the voice I hear. Opening the screened porch door. “Hey there,” I say out loud, not sure who I am addressing as their back is towards me.

“Hold on a second please” I hear a sexy voice say. “Oh hi, there Envy did you find the food in the oven?" He asks me as he turns. It is Lexington.

Looking at her Harou is going crazy in my mind. He wants and needs her so badly. I also need and want her so bad also. But I can’t just claim her like I want to. I need to take my time. It is one of the things I am on this call about with Draven.

“Oh no I didn’t was just seeing whose voice I heard but thanks for letting me know!” I lie to Lexington not wanting him to think I can’t cook for myself. “But thanks I will go see what it is.” I turn around and go back inside.

I do not know what it is about Lexington but I am so drawn to him and I do not understand why I feel this way. I can not let myself have any feelings for Lexington. He has a girlfriend. Albeit she is a bitch and what I can see is a slut with no manners. I don’t see what he even sees in her. I could never imagine the King of the werewolves to be with someone like that. I have no respect for her and if other werewolves do then I do not have respect for them. So I just need to keep my distance from Lexington. I do not want to have a bad vacation and I do not want Eli to feel she has to protect me from a werewolf. I just hope that I can keep my eyes off of him because he is the sexiest man I have ever seen in my life. He is the man I have been dreaming of my whole life. But he is taken and I do not come between couples. I have seen too much stuff happen when a person tries to get between a couple. Nine out of ten times it does not work. And that one time it does work the couple does not stay together anyways. So I won’t put myself in that situation at all ever. Draven would be so disappointed in me if I did something like that anyways. And I do not want to ever disappoint him. As I bring myself out of my thoughts I look at Eli who is plating our food.

“Oh look Envy I found where the food was stashed at,” Eli says happily.

“Yea I was about to tell you that Lexington said it was in the oven but since you found it great.” Should have known your super nose would have found it” I say as I giggle. I always tease her about her abilities. She doesn’t mind at all.

I see bacon, sausage (both patties and links), cheese omelets, pancakes, toast, and homefries. There is also apple juice, orange juice, milk, and coffee sitting on the counter. The smell is so good. I hope it tastes just as good as it smells. I grab two glasses and ask Eli what drink she wants. “Oh I’ll take some orange juice and coffee,” Eli says. I hand Eli her utensils. It is fake silver of course or it would burn her hands and mouth. I take her drinks to the dining room table and sit them down as I go back and grab myself my drinks. Eli brings our plates of food in and sits them down for us to eat.

“Oh my god this is amazing” I manage to mumble over the food in my mouth to Eli. “Who cooked this?”

“I have no idea but I am going to assume it was Lexington,” Eli says.

“Why would you assume it was him, I doubt he can cook” I state.

“Well, he is the only one I can smell that was in the kitchen the most recently,” Eli tells me a matter of factly.

I look at Eli with a look of amazement in my eyes. I know she has heightened senses but it still amazes me. I admire werewolves and vampires. They each have their own set of amazing abilities.

Vampires are not all the same though. Some have the power of seeing the future. Well, the future as it pertains to them. Others can cast powerful spells, some can read minds and they have other various abilities. I know this as I have met a few. Draven is one of the oldest and he is one of the three that have all the abilities a vampire can possess. He is also one of the three oldest vampires left alive. So I guess you could call him one of the ancient ones. He refuses to let anyone know his true age. He told me before that the reason he adopted me as he has seen his future and I am in it with him. He would never just adopt a baby without a reason and he still will not tell me all of why he adopted me, and what the future he sees. He just tells me not to worry I will find out when the time presents itself. So I just have to believe in what he tells me. I know deep down in my soul and heart that he is doing what he truly believes is best.

Werewolves, on the other hand, they can see, hear, and smell better than us humans. They have speed and strength that is just crazy and unreal. Shifting into a wolf is very interesting also. I’ve seen Eli do it a few times and her wolf is so beautiful. Her name is Zeva, she is dark brown with a white star on her chest and she has the most beautiful amber eyes. Zeva is a lot bigger than a normal wolf as all werewolves are. I have actually ridden on Zeva before because we were running from a few Rogue werewolves. Draven ended up killing them of course, he was protecting myself and Eli. But since that day right up until this trip we have always had men that follow us around. It is rather annoying too, let me tell you but I do understand that Draven worries about me. Guess that’s why he called Lexington to keep an eye on us. I shake my head to get out of my thoughts as I hear Eli starting to talk to me.

“Soooo what were you in your own mind about this time?” Eli asks me, looking at me with a serious look.

“Oh nothing much, I just don’t think I’m going to like the idea of having to be around Lexington is all,” I tell Eli. “I don’t know what it is about him but I am attracted to him in ways I’ve never been attracted to a man before. It is bothering me a lot. He has a girlfriend and I refuse to get in the middle of that mess right there. I don’t want to disappoint Draven trying to take a man from another female. That is not who I am. So it is bothering me.”

“Well, I do understand what you are saying as I know you so well. But I don’t see why you are so worried it’s not like you are going to do anything with him. He is just supposed to keep us safe is all. We don’t have to be “around” him really. You know I will protect you until my dying breath.” Eli tells me like it’s not a big deal. “We have given the slip to many of Draven’s guys so we can do the same to Lexington so nothing you need to worry about sis.”

“I know we have and we have gotten rather good at it at least for a bit anyway. They always find us.” I say laughing to Eli. “He is just too good looking and I can not help but stare at him. It’s actually kinda creepy I think. I know I would feel creeped out if someone stared at me all the time.” I sigh and go back to eating this delicious meal.

Eli pulls out a piece of paper and a pen from her jacket pocket. She lays it on the table spreading it out since it was folded.

“So I’ve jotted down a few things that we can do when we get to the Rally today. The first thing we have is the “Ride with a local”, which is just us going for a bike ride with locals to see things without having to ask about things. Sorta like a tour. Then there are “Opening Ceremonies” we can guess what that is. Then there is a “Street food throwdown” for a few days. So we get to try various vendors’ food. Of course, you know we will be checking out all the different bikes and the hot bikers of course. And we have to have a few drinks, not many since we will be driving.” Eli gives me the rundown of what we will be doing.

She is the organized one of us too. I’m just the type that goes with the flow. I hate to make plans. This trip is the only thing in a long time that I actually planned for. So I told her she can do the planning if she thinks we need to make plans while we are here.

“Ah-hem” Lexington clears his throat. “So what is this I hear about you checking out hot bikers?”

He’s giving me a look like I should not be even thinking about that. And I just look at him like what’s the deal. “Well excuse me but I am here on a vacation and I look at whomever I like,” I say sternly towards him. “I am not a taken woman and neither is Eli. So we can look all we want!” Lexington just shakes his head and walks into the kitchen grabbing him a plate of food and drink returns to sit with us.

“Do you mind if I sit and enjoy this food with your ladies?” Lexington asks softly.

“Not at all Lexington please sit,” Eli says excitedly. “So what time is everyone heading out to Sturgis this morning so we can be ready to ride?”

“Well, actually they all left about 20 minutes ago, I sent them ahead to get us all a spot to park and check things out first,” Lexington explains. “Draven wants you both safe so we are making sure it is safe for you ladies.”

“Oh well that isn’t a big deal Eli and I can actually take care of ourselves we don’t really need a babysitter,” I state. “Draven has made sure we know how to defend ourselves over the years since we were little girls. He always said that you never know when you will need to protect yourself in this crazy world we live in these days.”

“Well I told him I would keep you safe and that is exactly what I intend to do, I do keep my word when I give it. So if you will please let me do my job?” Lexington says in a soft but also stern voice. “So how do you like the food? I hope I cooked it to your liking?”

“Oh my god, it was you that cooked this wonderful spread of food?” I say shocked. “It is just perfect every bit of it. How did you know we would want this or even eat it?”

“Well, I figured that if it wasn’t something you wouldn’t eat then Draven would not have made sure that it was stocked in the house,” Lexington replies. “Now if it was food out in the cabins or the bunkhouse I would have second-guessed myself. But seeing that you are staying in the main house it would go as to mean this is what you prefer to eat. I hope that I have not made an assumption that was incorrect?”

“You are correct in assuming this is what we prefer to eat. Draven always makes sure we have what we like. He does not really worry about what others eat but will get a variety for them.” Eli pipes in with. “But Envy is the one that he will make sure is taken care of over everyone else.”

We all go back to eating this delicious meal that Lexington prepared. I keep looking up at him through my eyelashes to admire him in all his glory eating. He does not eat like a pig at least. He chews his food with his mouth closed. This man is going to be the death of me. I just can’t get enough of looking at him at all. When I see him look at me I look away quickly. I don’t want him to think I am interested in him. I can look but I can not touch. I have to remind myself of this over and over. Not that I have the actual guts to make a move on this god-like specimen of a man. I finish eating my food and get up from the table to head into the kitchen to put away what is leftover. As I am putting the food away I notice Lexington walk in and he walks so close to me that he brushes up against my bare arm. I feel sparks and get a warm sensation in the spot that we touched. I shiver from the feeling and look away from him so he does not see me blush. Eli walks in and sees me blushing and she gives me an all-knowing smirk. I glare at her to let her know to not open her mouth.

“So, Envy do you want to head out of here after we get this cleaned up?” Eli asks.

“Sure, I just need to go back upstairs and brush my teeth and check my face,” I reply.

“Check your face? What would you need to check your face for?” Lexington asks me while he tilts his head looking at me like I’ve lost my mind.

“Well, females check their faces to make sure their makeup is not messed up,” Eli replies before I can say something smartass to him. She knows me all too well.

“Oh okay well I can tell you that you do not need to check your face. It looks just perfect for me. No messed up makeup that I can see anywhere on your face.” Lexington says smiling at me shyly.

“Well thank you for saying that but I still will check for myself,” I replied to him.

I walk out of the kitchen and head up to my room. To brush my teeth and look and make sure that I’ve not smudged my eyeliner. I do my thing in the ensuite and walk out and meet Eli in the hall after grabbing my Oakley sunglasses and making sure I have my keys. Eli throws her arm over my shoulder as we walk down the hall, down the stairs, and out to our bikes. Where Lexington to waiting on his bike next to ours.

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