Wolves in the City

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Chapter 8

Lexington’s and Draven’s phone call

I hear the girls heading down the stairs so I walk outside to finish my conversation with Draven. I don’t want Envy or her friend to overhear what I have to say and ask him about.

“Good morning Draven, I was calling to speak to you about a few things about Envy and her friend. I’d like to get a bit more background on these ladies!”

“Good morning Lexington, why would you need more information than I have already given you?”

“Well, I am pretty sure that Envy has told you about Amber and Katie! I have spoken to Amber and Katie already and have told them they are to stay away from Envy and her friend.”

“Her friend’s name is Elizabeth. I feel Elizabeth is also like my daughter, so please refer to her as Elizabeth when speaking of her.”

“Yes yes, of course, I wasn’t really sure of her name as I didn’t get to ask it last night when there was a bit of an argument.”

“Okay good, I am glad to hear that you will have that much more respect now that you know her name. So what more information do you feel that you need to have to complete this job that I have asked of you”?

“Umm well, there might be a bit of a snag in this job that you have asked me to do!”

“What do you mean a bit of a snag? I am not liking the sound of this from the tone in your voice. I hope for your sake it’s nothing that I am not going to like.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing. I know you said that Envy is a werewolf and you suppressed her wolf for her protection. Would you mind explaining to me why you felt the need to suppress her wolf?”

“Yes she is a werewolf and YES I would mind explaining why I did that to her. It is none of your business why I would go to that length to protect her. Just know it is for her protection along with all werewolves.”

“I am not liking not being let in on this especially since I am the King of all werewolves and I should know if there is a threat to my kind.”

“If I was to tell you then it would put you and all of your pack in harm’s way and I do not want to put you in that place. She is not in a pack so that will keep other werewolves safe.”

“But what about Elizabeth? She is a werewolf isn’t she in danger?”

“No, she is not. I can tell you that I do have some of my guys watching over them and have had them following them from here to there. Envy does not know but I know that Elizabeth smells them. She always knows when they are close. She won’t tell Envy as she wants Envy to enjoy this trip. So you do not have to worry about that. I just want her to think that I only have you keeping an eye on her. She will deal with that a lot better than knowing my guys are there also.”

“Okay well, it isn’t just me that will be keeping an eye on the ladies. I also have my Beta here to help me keep an eye on both of them. I would hate to be in a situation that I could only choose one to protect and of course, I would choose Envy before Elizabeth. Especially now that I’ve learned something I had no clue about before.”

“Hmmm, you think you learned something about Envy that I did not inform you of? How do you even think that is possible? I’ve told you all that you need to know about Envy!”

“Yes, there is something but I’d like to ask if you would be willing to take the suppression spell off of Envy so her wolf could come out?”

“There is no way in hell I would remove that spell at this time. That would not be a good thing for her nor you, I might add. But, why would you ask me that since I’ve already told you that would put a lot of others in danger along with Envy and yourself and your pack?”

“Well, the thing is that I need her to be her full self not just half of herself. I don’t know how to say this other than to just come right out and tell you flat out.”

“So then tell me flat out I want to know what could be the reason for such a request?”

“Okay, so Envy is my mate!”

“You have got to be kidding me right! How are you so sure she is your mate with her wolf suppressed? You shouldn’t even be feeling her wolf. Know one should for that matter.”

“Well, you are not a werewolf so you must not understand the “MATING BOND”, When a pair of wolves are to be mated, the wolves feel each other. It’s not that she needs her wolf to feel the pull but it is much easier. There is no mating bond between humans and werewolves so I can not just claim her like I would if she was with her wolf. This is why I am asking you to remove the spell.”

“Oh WOW, I am sorry but I can not remove the spell. I can not take the chance of her getting hurt.”

“Seriously Draven you are going to put this whatever it is over her happiness?”

“Yes, I am. You are going to have to find another way to get her if you believe that she is your mate. You will have to make an effort for her. This will also show me that you are truly the right man for my daughter and not just with her because of some BOND. You are not to tell her she is a werewolf or I will have your head on a platter. Do I make myself clear?”

“Damn Draven I knew you were a total dickhead but this is way past that. I never would have imagined that you would not want your daughter to be happy. She will be a Luna and a Queen. Isn’t being a Queen something all little girls dream of?”

“Technically no, they dream of being a Princess, and Envy is a Princess already being that she is my daughter. So she never had to dream of that.”

“Okay, so I guess since you won’t remove the spell then you won’t tell me what this pressing matter that you are keeping a secret about is then?”

“You are very perceptive and I like that about you Lexington. No, I am not going to tell you until the time is right and it is not the right time now. But I do suggest that you keep Amber and Katie away from Envy and Elizabeth, or it will be a very unpleasant time for all there as I will have to come and handle things myself. I do not want to intrude on my daughter’s first vacation without me.”

“But you feel that having her followed is not intruding on her vacation away from you? You are being informed of her activities and isn’t that one thing she would want to keep to herself and tell you if she felt the need to share it with you.”

“Contrary to what you are thinking my men do not give me play by play as to what my daughter is doing. They know to only tell me the important things. If I would have known about the two females who were saying things to Envy and Elizabeth last night I would have been there first thing this morning and taken care of them both. So as you can see my men know when to let me know something and when not too.”

“Yes okay, I can believe that. So I will make sure that Envy and Elizabeth are both taken care of.”

“Would you have any suggestions as to how I would approach Envy as I am not used to having to woo a female. Females tend to just chase after me and throw themselves at me. But from what I have seen Envy is not like other females. She did not even give me a second look last night.”

“HAHAHAHA Envy is special for sure. She has never looked at a man too much. Of course, she has checked them out being a female but I’ve had the most good looking and eligible men here at my mansion and they have all tried to woo her but she has never given them the time of day. She has been polite to them and gone out on dates but that is as far as it ever went. Envy is a very pure soul and pure body. So it will not be easy she will probably fight advances from you unless as you say this BOND has anything to do with her feelings. But I would prefer that you win her over on the human level.”

“But she isn’t just a human. She is a werewolf, pure, and simple. werewolves are meant to be together. Do you not understand this?”

“Okay, so just a little bit of information I will tell you but I will not give you more than what I am going to say now. Envy is not just a werewolf. She is a hybrid. And before you even get it in your head NO she is not a werewolf/vampire. That would be Elizabeth that is a werewolf/vampire hybrid. I can not tell you what Envy is a hybrid of that would also put you in danger. As I know you would look into it more.”

“OH MY GOD. What the fuck Draven. How can Elizabeth be a werewolf/vampire hybrid and I was not informed of this mating?”

“There was no mating of a werewolf and vampire so you can calm down right now. Elizabeth has my blood in her so she is a hybrid now. When she was a child she and Envy were attacked by some Rogue werewolves. Elizabeth protected Envy and she was pretty beat up and cut up.”

“So that still does not explain how she has your blood in her veins.”

“If you would let me finish explaining then you would know. This was before Elizabeth had her wolf. She was not old enough yet for her wolf to heal her. She was on the brink of death and I gave her my blood to keep her alive and heal her. We did not know what it would do to her as she hadn’t had her first shifting yet. I had to do something since she saved Envy’s life and I could not stand by and let her die since she put her life on the line for my precious daughter.”

“I am still not happy that I was never informed of this by Elizabeth’s parents or pack leader.”

“Her pack does not know this was done. I made sure to have her parents keep it between us. It was done at my mansion so there are no records of any of this happening. Do not fault any of them. I did not want it out that a vampire could heal a werewolf. This is something that Elizabeth and Envy both understand and have never told anyone. Now Elizabeth and I have a connection since she has my blood mixed with hers. I know when she is stressed, hurt and I can sometimes know what she is thinking. That is when she drops her defenses and lets me in. She has learned over the years to keep me out.”

“So what kind of side effects have happened because of this blood merger?”

“So far only what I have told you has happened. As you know sunlight does not bother her, she does have a bit more strength than a typical werewolf, her teeth are a bit sharper. She does not fly nor turn into a bat. HAHA. Her shifting isn’t painful at all for her. But I am not sure how this will ever affect her pups if/when she finds her mate. As I said this is a first-ever to happen.”

“Well, that is good to know about her abilities being more heightened. But the part of the pups that might make for a sticky situation. As the doctors will have to be informed of this as it might affect the growth of the pups or even make her where she can not have pups.”

“Elizabeth I am sure will tell her mate when she finds him and they talk about having pups. I will also make sure that she has the best doctors and researchers so that she will be ok. I love her so much. It is like she is my biological daughter because of our connection but I do NOT love her more than I love Envy. Envy will always come first. If I had to choose to only save one of them it would no doubt in my mind be Envy that I would choose to save. And I also want you to have that same mindset. Because Envy is destined to be something more than what she knows. And now knowing that you are her mate you will also be put into that destiny.”

“Draven, do you realize the predicament that you have put me into right now? I love Envy and of course, I would choose to save her over Elizabeth that is not even a question. But I am going to have to be letting the council know about Elizabeth at some point so this can be put into the books in case this happens again. They are going to want to study and poke and prod Elizabeth to find out her weaknesses and strengths. This is not a good thing for her. Why would you even think this would have been a good thing?”

“At the time I was not fully thinking. I knew my daughter was hurt and that her best friend was dying from keeping Envy safe. They were only children and that was/is the only friend that Envy has ever had. So I was not about to make my daughter suffer because of some damn Rogue werewolves. I will tell you this if I had to do it again. I would not hesitate to give her my blood. I do not regret it one bit and never will.”

“Oh, I understand I would do the same thing for my child. My children would never suffer if I can help it. With that being said is there anything that you can help me with to get Envy to look at me?”

“I can suggest that you just approach her with being kind and caring, not some overbearing brute. I have heard of the way you treat humans as well as werewolf females. And, I am not too happy with thinking that you will treat my princess like that. So best if you do not get confrontational with her, but she is the type that will push your buttons at every chance she gets. She does not take shit from anyone nor does she back down to anyone. It could be a werewolf, human, vampire, or any other paranormal and she would not care. She has a mouth on her that sometimes she does not know when to stop. Well, she knows she just chooses to NOT stop. She likes romance but not the all girly-girly type. She likes it simple and caring as she is not a girly girl.”

“Oh so I just need to be nice, caring, watchful, loving towards her and I should be fine then?”

“To be honest with you she has never had a boyfriend. I have always run them off. None were ever good enough for her and being that I could read their minds I knew what they were after and there was no way in hell I was going to let them take her purity from her for their selfish reasons. So I can not give you the best advice. Also from what she said to me, you will have a hard time with her because Amber told her that you are hers and my princess is not the type that will go after another woman’s man no matter his feelings towards her or her feelings towards him. So you might take a few days to get her to see that Amber is not really with you. That is about all I can help you with. But let me tell you that if you hurt my princess I will not hesitate to kill you. I do not care if you are the King of werewolves. I am still stronger than you so keep that in mind.”

“Draven, I want to thank you in advance for all this information that will help me to win over my Queen’s heart. I know it will be a challenge after the events of last night. Also is there anything else that I can do to help you out?”

“No Lexington there is not anything other than to take care of my princess and Elizabeth. And not let any harm come to them. And it might be in your best interest to keep Amber and Katie away from Envy. Also do not expect her to change for you as she will not. I brought her up to be a strong independent woman as her future was not clear in showing me that you would be involved in her life. So keep that in mind also.”

“Not a problem Draven you have a great day and if anything comes up please do not hesitate to contact me or Canagan.”

“I will keep that in mind. You also have a good day. Nice to hear from you.”

I hang up with Draven placing my cell phone in the back pocket of my jeans. I am at a loss because I just knew he would remove the spell off Envy when he heard I was her mate. But it is something really big that he won’t remove the spell. I for sure do not want her in danger nor my pack. I have to come up with a great way to get Envy to fall for me without her wolf for help. There has to be something that she felt last night when I was near her. I am regretting letting Amber and Katie come on this vacation. But I never in all my life thought I would ever find my mate. I am very excited about it as is Harou. I know this is going to be hard on my pack when I start to show an interest in her since as far as anyone besides Canagan and I know she is only a human and we are not allowed to have humans as mates. Well not really allowed. It is not something that has ever happened. All werewolves are Purebred but also have some hybrids. We can mate with some other paranormals and produce pups but it is very RARE for that to happen even. It is an old wives’ tale that if we bite a human they turn into a werewolf. My whole pack knows I am only interested in my mate. Least all of them besides Amber. She is the one that does not accept that she won’t be Luna/Queen. I already know she is going to put up a fight with Envy and try and manipulate Envy. I won’t move too fast but it is going to be very hard especially with Harou constantly wanting to mark Envy. Running my hands through my hair I shake my head trying to figure out exactly what to do and how to do it. Maybe I can get Elizabeth to help me out with Envy. She is her best friend after all and I am pretty sure that she will want Envy to be happy and I will damn sure make her happy and feel so much love that she has never felt before. She is my everything. I have never had to chase women before they always just come to me. So this is going to be a new beginning for me. I head into the house to have a nice breakfast with my future Mate/Wife/Luna/Queen and her best friend before we head off to Sturgis.

“So ladies are you ready to ride? Draven told me this is your very first bike trip and I am hoping it won’t be your last.”

“Yes, we are ready for this experience and have been looking forward to it for a long while now,” Eli says to Lexington.

“Oh does a cat have your tongue over there Envy?” Lexington asks me. He has a smile that reaches his eyes.

“No, I just did not feel the need to state again what Eli said.” I scowl at him giving him a deadpan look.

“Oh ok, well ladies I will lead the way if that is ok with you both since I already went into town yesterday to get a feel for it and what would be the best way to go.”

“Sure sounds good Lexington lead the way we will follow up behind you,” I state.

Envy’s POV

We all start our bikes and push back so we can head out down the driveway to the road that leads us to some fun times and partying. I am going to make the most of this trip. I can not wait to see all the different bikes that will be around. I am sure there will be a lot of custom bikes. I am not into custom bikes for myself but I like to look and admire them. As we are riding I am looking around at the views and I can not get over how pretty it is up here. I need to see about getting a GoPro so I can film this stuff in the future while we are riding. I wish I would have thought of that before we left Venice. I could have gotten some great footage. Oh well, I am sure there is a Best Buy in Sturgis I can go into and get one and whatever else I need to go with it. I might see about getting a few so I can get footage from the front and rear of my bike along with my helmet. Well, now that I made that decision I feel better. As I look back in front of me I notice that Lexington is pulling off the side of the road. Wonder what is wrong. Pulling off behind him both Eli and I. We turn off our bikes. Lexington turns off his bike also and gets off heading back towards us, while he reaches and gets his cellphone out of his pocket. Eli and I look at Lexington with our eyebrows furrowed.

“Is there something wrong Lexington?” I ask him.

“No, that was Canagan he wanted to let me know where they are parked and to have me tell you ladies that he has 3 spots for us. Elizabeth you will park next to him and Envy you can park next to Elizabeth then I will park next to you Envy. If that is ok with you both?”

“Well, I do not know what his bike looks like so I will have to wait till you let me know.” Eli states.

“Of course I just wanted to get a plan together before we got there so that this is a smooth day for you both. I want you both to enjoy yourselves to the max.” Lexington says.

“Sounds like a good plan. How much longer till we get there?” I ask Lexington.

“We are about 10 minutes outside of town. We will be parking at the Dungeon Bar on Main Street. So you will at least have a bit of knowledge of where we are heading even though you do not know exactly where that is. I understand that.” Lexington remarks.

I watch Lexington walk back to his bike. He has the tightest ass I have ever seen on a man. It is nice and round. It looks like a biteable ass too. I see the muscles in his arm twitch with each swing. I just want to run my hands all over that man’s arms and feel his muscles under my grip. When he was talking to me I noticed he has the prettiest hazel eyes with specks of gold by his irises. I almost got lost in his eyes if that is even possible but I wanted it to be possible. Stop it Envy you can’t be thinking of these things he has a girlfriend repeat after me HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. My little good angel is on my side but my little devil is not far behind her trying to get me to keep on. I shake my head hard and Eli notices and looks at me with a concerned look like something is wrong with me. I just look back at her and smile a weak smile not meeting my eyes. While I shake my head I am ok. I don’t want her to worry about me already.

Elizabeth’s POV

When we stopped to get the information from Lexington I noticed that Envy was watching Lexington with a look that I have never seen on her before. She is very attracted to this man. I really can not blame her for that. He is, after all, a very very hot specimen of a man/wolf. I’ve heard rumors about him over the years. Being the King of all the werewolves he has earned a reputation that he is very hard and does not take any shit from anyone. He’s not even been referred to as a kind and soft-spoken man like he has been today. He’s always been referred to as you cant talk to the man he only listens to what he wants to hear and when it comes to women he treats them even harder. Rumors have it he is single but last night that bitch Amber said they are a couple. So if that’s the case then I am sure that Envy is torn with her feelings. I see her shaking head and I can only imagine what turmoil her mind is playing on her at this moment. She would never go for a man that has a woman. Draven made sure we both knew growing up this was not acceptable. I give Envy a concerned look as to ask her if she is ok. She gives me a smile that does not reach her eyes so I know she isn’t ok as she is trying to convince me that she is. I also do not have the heart to tell her that humans and werewolves can not ever be more than just sex partners. It would destroy her and I won’t do that to her at least not now. I will have to break it to her when we leave from here. I want her to enjoy this vacation. As I look around we are pulling into Sturgis. I am awestruck with all the people and the amount of noise. Zeva is not happy about this at all. I am going to have to keep her pushed back and calm. She’s never liked a lot of noise and I did not even think of this.

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