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Erotic One Shots

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A series of erotic short stories varying in theme. Includes everything from bdsm to vanilla, couples to threesomes, and dark to light. Please pay attention to the authors note before reading certain stories to avoid being offended thank you!

Erotica / Romance
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The Devil and His Dahlia

The Devil and his Dahlia

I sit kneeling in the Devils quarters in nothing but my panties waiting for his imminent arrival. My eyes are downcast just like he requests and for all I know he could be in the room already, waiting for me to crack and break the rules. Though after my punishment the last time I’m determined to keep my position perfect. However it has been hours, and the longer I wait the more tempted I am to take a little peek around me.
Eventually my curiosity gets the best of me and I glance around the room. Its dimly lit and gloomy but its still light enough for me to make out my surroundings. I’ve been here plenty of times before and I know what my fate is. One of these objects will be used on me and its up to me whether they are used for pain or pleasure.
My eyes flash over to the door as I see movement in my peripheral vision and I know I’ve made a mistake now. I quickly look back down to the floor, but not before I see his bright blue eyes illuminate with excitement. It becomes clear to me this is what he was waiting for. He wouldn’t hurt me unless I deserved it and breaking his rules gives him the perfect opportunity.

“Tsk, tsk, Persephone I thought you would have learned what happens to curious little girls the last time we were in here,” he says gently running his fingers from one shoulder to the other sending a delicious chill through my body. A warning of what is to come.

“I’ve told you a thousand times Hades. My name is Dahlia not Persephone,” I sigh closing my eyes and letting my head hang. I understand the devil needs a play thing but must he really call me by her name? I know the loss of her was hard on him but calling me her name only makes me feel pathetic and small. Like its not me that he wants. Yet I stick around like his pathetic pet hoping he will love me like he loved her.

Hades fists his hand in my hair guiding me into a standing position before backing me up against a wall. His hand grabs for my throat pinning me to the hard cool surface as his mouth trails across my jaw resting by my ear. His hot breath against my skin sends chills down my body and settles in my stomach.

“You still don’t get it do you little girl? I know exactly who you are flower and I’m growing tired of waiting for you to play catch up. We’ve gotten close to a break through but I’m going to need you to try a little harder love. Perhaps you just need another reminder,” he murmurs running his fingers across my chest and down my abdomen.

My pussy clenchs with desire as he slowly creeps towards my panties and I can’t take the torture any longer. I clamp my legs together desperate for any amount of friction lighting a fire in him just like I knew it would. His hand tightens around my throat and his teeth bite along my neck making my insides twitch for his hard cock.

“What did I tell you about denying me what’s mine,” he growls.

His fingers slide between my legs slipping past my panties and plunging into my core. The attention to my slick cave is exquisite although with the level of desire I’ve reached I’m desperate for more. I slowly grind my hips against his fingers causing him to pull out way too soon. I curse myself for my impatience and hope this little slip up hasn’t cost me my orgasm or worse.

“You are quite greedy today my sweet goddess. Do you need to be punished?” he asks slapping my face before pinching my cheeks together and forcing me to look at him. “Answer the question Persephone,”

I look into his bright blue eyes and swallow hard at the sight of the fire burning in his pupils. Fire is exhilarating and dangerous. Its unpredictable and unrelenting taking out entire towns through its fiery rage and Hades is no different. He pulls me to his chest and I squeeze my walls together tightly hoping for anything that will put out the flames flickering in my gut.

“Yes sir,” I whisper.

“Fuck I’ve missed you,” he says pulling my lips to his and attacking my mouth with his heated tongue. I return the kiss with gusto moaning into his mouth as he begins to take what he wants from me. I know I can never take her place but I can’t help but be grateful to be here with him now. He pulls away from the kiss too soon leaving my swollen lips lonely and craving more.

“Its time to play Persephone,” he states before bending down towards the floor and tossing me over his shoulder. Butterflies dance through my stomach as my imagination runs wild with all the possibilities. Pleasure or pain I’ll gladly accept his game and do my best to play according to his rules.

He sets me on my feet roughly bending me over a hard wooden table, giving my ass a hard smack. One at a time he takes my arms pulling them across the table and securing them to its leg with a rough rope. He presses his mouth below my neck trailing soft kisses and licks down my spine before giving my ass another hard slap.

He gently pulls my panties to the floor letting his fingers glide across my oversensitive skin. His hand snakes around to my mound slipping between my folds and rubbing my clit in slow circle. My insides twitch with need before he pulls his hand back smacking me on my pussy causing me to lose my balance.

“Seems like my Goddess is having a hard time holding still today. That’s okay baby I can help,” His hand skims down my right thigh to my ankle before grabbing it roughly and securing it to the leg of the table. His fingers move back up my leg, following the same path before crossing my ass and smacking it with another delicious slap. God I must be crazy for enjoying this shit.

“So delicate just like the little flower you are,” he says trailing his fingers down my other leg and dragging it to the other table leg securing it with more rope. I’m now spread eagle before him completely at his mercy to do with as he sees fit.

I close my eyes taking in a deep breath to prepare myself for whatever implement he so chooses. I whimper as he places his hands softly on each leg running his digits up my calves and over thighs before laying down another smack on my already burning ass. I yelp at the fire bubbling across my skin cursing myself for making a sound though it doesn’t seem to bother him this time.

“God you’ve always had such a fine ass baby. I just can’t help myself from taking a bite out of it. Is that what you want love?” he asks kneading my heated flesh in his skillful hands. Every one of his touches makes the swelling between my legs worse and I just can’t wait for him to rip open his slacks and plunge into me.

“Mmm,” I groan brushing my ass against his hand. My juices slip down my thighs as physical proof of the affect he has on me although that doesn’t seem to be enough for the king of the underworld.

“Answer the question Persephone!” he growls smacking my ass hard sending yet another burst of arousal through my tight core.

“Ah! Yes Sir!” I scream.

“Yes Sir what?” he asks delicately palming my buttocks.

“Yes Sir. Please bite my ass,” I’m quaking with anticipation praying to the devil himself that he will do just that. I don’t care much how hot he stokes the fire so long as he eventually whips out his hose and puts it out.

“Good girl,” he purrs in my ear.

His tongue slides against my back awakening every cell in my body before his teeth graze against my ass and clamp down on my sensitive flesh. I gasp as my pleasure cup is filled further and I close my eyes concentrating on not spilling a single drop. If I cum before he tells me to it could ruin everything.

“Shall we check how you’re doing?” he runs a finger up and down my folds before pushing it inside of me and swirling it around my walls. “Mmm just as I thought. Dripping wet and ready for me already. Is that true baby? Are you ready for me?” he asks pumping is finger in and out of my womanhood.

“Ahhh yes,” I groan setting my head on the table to let myself fully concentrate on the actions going on inside of me. In a moment so swift that my head spins he pulls his finger out of me and smacks my ass hard.

“Yes what!?” he growls.

“Fuck! Yes Sir!” I shriek.

“My, my, my baby you are slipping up left and right tonight. Where is your head at love? It wouldn’t be stuck with my brother now would it?” he asks.

My eyes flash open as realization dawns on me and I know I need to answer him before he assumes the worse. My time with Zeus was uneventful despite his attempts at stealing me away from his brother. I’ve been nothing but loyal to him although I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at least tempted. Zeus was sweet and soft offering me a place a refuge as if I would want to escape this fate.

“No Sir! My mind is you. My mind is always with you. I’m yours,” his skillful fingers skim across my ribcage before pinching my nipple between his fingers.

“You wouldn’t lie to me now would you baby?” he asks pulling on my hardening bud and rolling it between his finger and thumb.

“Huh uh. I mean no. Never Sir,” my insides grow hotter with each and every one of his touches and I’m desperate for my release. But I know he’s only getting started. This was a lesson after all and if I had grown to learn anything about Hades it was that he takes his lessons seriously.

“I sure hope so. But just in case I think I ought to remind you of what it is I can do for you. Sit tight baby. I’ll be back and then the fun can really begin,” he whispers into my ear putting me even more on edge. I only hope he doesn’t leave me in this explosive state for too long. My insides are ticking time bomb threatening to go off and I don’t think my muscles can take this position for too long.

Twenty minutes later I hear a shuffling around the room and I’m relieved he didn’t leave me here alone for too long. The butterflies continue flapping and I only hope he doesn’t go too hard on me today. I’m still recovering from the last time he went all out and I don’t know if I could handle that much pain so soon.

“What do we do with greedy girls?” My heart pounds against my ribcage, pulsing against the table and echoing in my ears. I gasp as I feel the soft swede of the flogger glide against my back and let out a soft moan knowing the pleasure that awaits me. He brings the flogger down on my ass leaving behind a delicious sting causing me to curse and squirm against my ties.

“You’re going to have to watch that mouth of yours flower or I will gag you. Do you understand?” the image of me bound and gagged before him plays through my mind and my legs squirm with the urge to clasp my thighs together. I know he expects an answer but I can’t help but push him a little further.

“Answer me!” he bellows swinging the flogger down on my backside once again.

“Please Hades. Fuck me,” I pant pressing my cheek against the grain of the wood and waiting for my next lash. He’s been soft today and though I’m still sore from the last time the temptation to be a brat is too sweet to resist.

“Is that what I asked you say?” he asks flinging the strands against my back.

“Ah! No sir. But I understand and I accept the consequences,” I hear the splat as he drops the flogger to the floor as well as the shuffling of his steps around the room. His feet come into view in front of me as he squats down to meet my eyeline. The smirk on his lips is hot as hell and I want nothing more than for him to use them on my entire body.

“Someone is topping from the bottom. But lucky for you I’m in a giving mood today. Open your mouth baby,” I do as he asks and he places the ball in my mouth wrapping the strap securely around my head. “Mmm that’s more like it. Flowers are meant to be silent,” he purrs pressing his lips to the ball gag and giving it a sweet kiss rather than me. I try to talk around the gag begging for him to take me but it only comes out as a pleading groan.

“I’m sorry baby but I can’t hear you. Now I want you to count as I bring this flogger down on you ten more times. Be a good girl and you’ll earn your prize,” I nod my head causing drool to slide around the gag and hit the table pooling at my cheek.

The sting of the flogger hits me hard and I mumble the word ‘one’ around the gag feeling the moisture between my thighs just at the mumble alone. Giving him complete control over me is such a turn on and I realize how much worse I’ve made this for myself. The implement stings against my skin eight more times and I mumble the number to my best ability each time. When I murmur what is supposed to be the word ten, I hear the sound of the flogger hitting the ground along with the zipper of his slacks.

His fingers dip down to my core slipping two inside of me with ease and I nearly combust just from the touch alone. I groan as his fingers explore me again and I beg through the gag for his hard cock.

“Oh baby your pussy is dripping wet for me. It would appear you do enjoy this after all. Have you been a good girl?” he asks thrusting his fingers further into me and curling them in a come hither motion. I groan my response tightening my walls around his digits.

“Do you see how ready you are for me?” His fingers leave my wetness with a chuckle and he glides them across my lips still wrapped around the gag. Though at this point I wish they were wrapped around something else.

At a slow torturous pace he runs his palm down my back before making it to my rear. His cock runs up and down my folds pressing into me slightly before running all the way up to my ass. I suck in a quick breath at the thought praying that isn’t his goal. My pussy is hungry for his cock and he knows it.

“Ah I have yet to fully claim this fine ass of yours,” he hums adding pressure to my tight back hole. I close my eyes and ball my hands into fists waiting for his intrusion. I’ve yet to experience that from anyone and the thought scares me beyond belief. “But I think we need to save that for another day. My cock craves your sweet pussy,” he groans slamming into my dripping core stretching me around him.

“Fuck you feel so good baby. Do you like my cock buried so deeply inside of you?” I groan out my response as he begins to thrust hard and fast inside of me. With each pump of his massive dick I find myself closer and closer to spilling over the edge. I mumble around the gag begging for my release though he simply chuckles smacking me lightly on my burning ass and continuing is assault.

My walls tighten around him and I’m not sure how long I can hold myself off. I could always cum without his permission earning yet another punishment. But he’s been good to me today so I find myself trying my hardest not to detonate around him until I’m told. For as long as I can that is. He slips the strap off my head with a chuckle and I spit the gag on the floor.

“Does my flower want to cum?”

“God yes. Please Sir let me cum,” I plead closing my eyes and biting my lip for support. He pumps into me a few more times before speaking the magic words that save me from disappointing him.

“Cum for me baby,” he growls smacking my ass and sending me over the ledge. I let loose of the monster inside me screaming as the orgasm floods my entire being taking me out of this world completely. On some level I’m aware of his thrusts finishing himself off but its nowhere near the front of my mind.

When he finally finds his relief spreading his seed inside me, he pulls out pressing his lips to my ass as he unties my quivering legs. I am blissfully repleate and as my feet touch back down the ground I find it hard to stand seeing as my head is still not on this planet. He unties my hands with ease before swooping me up in his arms in a bridal carry.

“Come now my love. Lets have a bath,” he whispers. I place my head on his chest fighting the urge to sleep. His lips press against my forehead and I know he actually cares. I may not be the goddess that was his first love but in this moment I know on some level he cares.

“Thank you,” I murmur nuzzling my head against his chest taking in his cool scent.

“Don’t thank me yet baby. I was kind this time because I know you weren’t ready. But I wasn’t kidding when I said its about time you came around to your identity. Once you’ve healed from the last time I won’t go so easy and by the end you will know who you are. But more than that you’ll know who you belong to as well,”

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