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The evil queens are just princesses who were never saved. This was the quote that described Danika Williams, she was broken and destroyed, so much so that she decided to become the bitch everyone wanted her to be. Jake Carson, the perfect boy next door, the mama’s boy and the man all mothers wanted their daughters to marry. He never imagined that he ever would be rough and authoritative with a woman, which was just not his style anymore. But with Danika Williams as his client, she is going to make him lose all his marbles. But with Danika being a spoilt bratty princess, he knew he needed to whip out the bad side which he seldom used but he would be lying if he says he doesn’t miss it. Sometimes he thinks she purposely acts like a brat just to get a reaction out of him. Game on, Princess.

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Chapter 1

Hey beautiful people,

Just a warning. This book is an erotica, which means 18+, so if you are uncomfortable with sex and adult shit, please don’t read my books. But if you are a nymphomaniac like me, go ahead ;)

Also guys, for the better understanding of the stories, I’d also like to give you the order in which the books should be read:

1)Nathaniel Lachlan

2)Aaron Riverwood

3)Landon Chambers

4) Danika Williams

{Also please read the author’s note:)}

Danika Williams

Everyone in the room stared at me as I smashed the third glass on the ground in anger. I hadn’t had proper food for 2 days, my mom who was a former Miss. Universe controlled my life since I was a child. Nine years ago, when I was only 18 years old, She wanted me to be Miss. Universe too but I was the runner up, which angered my mom, so much so that she didn’t let me eat for 5 days as a punishment.

People may think, just stop seeing her or block her out of your life.

Yeah, easier said than done, right?

But now I am a successful model, and I am proud of myself, but I hate my life. I hate the way my mother controls my life but I am not strong enough to fight her. I love her, she was the one in my family who cared about my life, maybe a little too much. She was mad at me after Landon Chambers broke up with me a few days back. She wanted me to secure my place with a rich man as it would help her reputation a lot.

But Landon and I weren’t compatible, yes the sex was great but my mom consistently made me say things to him, to secure my relationship with him which ended up driving him away from me.

I anyway, never could have spent my entire life with a person like Landon, he barely spoke and was never interested in my life. We were unhappy with each other.

I just wanted to eat food, but I can’t, I have been trained as a child to not eat unless my mother allows me to.

Even if I gain a pound, I have to lose it immediately by fasting.

“Ma’am, this is our last option, you’ve been getting kidnapping threats for a month now, and since that you’ve fired 30 bodyguards at the rate of one bodyguard per day.” Alison, my assistant explained with a quiet tone but I could hear the fear in her voice.

I sometimes wish I would get kidnapped, just to get away from my mother for a while.

“I don’t care, all these bodyguards are useless, and no one can protect me. Some have weird eyes, some have a weird voice, some of them have stupid hairstyles and most of them hit on me.” I reasoned irrationally, as Allison just stared at me, she wanted to say something but was too scared to point my mistake out.

“Well, the agency is really worried about you so they have managed to convince Jake Carson, to be your bodyguard and he is waiting outside to meet you.” She explained and my eyes widened. No, I don’t want Jake Carson to protect me and be by my side 24/7. I mean I’ve never met him, but I hear that he is an overtly sweet and nerdy guy who loves his mom.

Such a loser.

But some people also claim that he is a sight for sore eyes, which I don’t care about as my mom has made it clear, only to get involved with men of high status and money. She made me break up with the love of my life, Brandon, who was now the father of three beautiful children with a woman who stood by him.

I still miss him sometimes, but he was from a poor family, I didn’t really care but my mother did. Brandon hated my guts after I broke up with him, he told me I wasn’t strong enough to stand up for my love, and truth to be told, I wasn’t.

“Hello Ms. Williams, I am Jake Carson, I will be your bodyguard for a few months.” My head whipped behind to see the most beautiful man ever.

So the rumours were true.

I quickly closed my mouth when I realized I was drooling, I couldn’t help it as my eyes trailed down from his black hair, gorgeous godlike face, to his sculpted muscular body, underneath the black suit. He stood tall and looked like he could destroy anyone in a fight.

“I don’t want you as my bodyguard.” I announce as I roll my eyes at him and action Allison to get him out of here.

He smiled at me radiantly making me roll my eyes again, so the rumours about him being a good indistinctive Christian guy who probably goes home to his wife and family, says grace before dinner was also true.

“Miss. Williams, you don’t really have a choice here, I am sorry, we don’t get along yet, but I am sure as the time passes you’ll be comfortable around me.” He explains with that constant annoyingly gorgeous smile on his handsome face.

“I said no, get out! Do you know who I am? I am a supermodel, if I say I don’t want something, you listen to me, got it?” I snarkily bark at him but remember my mom warning me about wrinkles, so I make a straight face again.

“Allison and guys, will you excuse us for a minute, I need to talk to Ms. Williams alone.” My eyes widen at his words. Allison just nods at him and everyone leaves making me more furious.

I am so going to fire her ass.

And this guy. The audacity he has of not listening to a word I am saying.

“Okay Ms. Williams, I was warned about your high maintenance bitchy reputation but I didn’t know the case was this bad. So listen to me now, I will be good and sweet to you, if you behave well and listen to me.” I was fuming as he said those words with a calm face.

I walked up to him, to intimidate him, but the closer I got, realization dawned on me, he is a motherfucking giant. This guy is around 6’3-’4, because I was 5’9.

“I am calling up my boss and he is going to fire your ass right now, the nerve you have of coming here and talkin-” I yell at him with a thunderous voice but he cuts me off.

“Just call him, I don’t have much time.” He says arrogantly with a smirk plastered across his face. I was taken off guard with his sudden change in demeanour.

What the hell happened to the sweet innocent guy?

I quickly made a call and Charles picked it up in one ring, because he knew how impatient I was, “Hello Danika dear, what pleas-“

“Fire Jake Carson now!” I yell in the phone like the bitch I am.

“No dear, I can’t do that, we have already fired 30 bodyguards. Also Jake is not working for you, he is working with you. So you can’t order him around either, those were his conditions.” As soon as I hear his words, there is a click sound as he disconnects my call.

What is with people today?

“Are we done here?” He asks and I just roll my eyes at him.

“I don’t have to fire you, you will quit yourself, you have no idea how I am going to make your life a living hell. Also if you hit on me ever, you are not going to get anywhere with me as you are not my type!” I lie as I warn him but to my utter dissatisfaction he just smiles at me.

“That would have been too bad if I wanted you. But I have a type as well, you see.” He says as he closes the distance between us. My breath hitches as he bends down to my eye level. He had a hypnotizing masculine scent that filled my nose, as my eyes stared back into his chocolate brown ones.

“I don’t go for spoilt little brats that don’t have any manners to speak or behave. Everyone here may treat you like a princess and stand all your childish tantrums because they work for you but I won’t.” He warns me as my heart rate elevates with each and every word that comes out of his mouth.

“I- umm- I….I” I try to form words in my mouth but I can’t. I was too stunned to respond. No human has ever spoken to me like this. He tucks my hair behind my ear and I shudder with pleasure at his mere touch.

Oh shit!

He takes a step back and gives me his striking good boy smile, “I will see you at your house, Ms. Williams.” He says before giving me a curt nod and walking away. I try to catch up my breath and grab the first edible thing I see in sight, a chocolate donut.

I take a bite of it, finally.

My mother is going to kill me, but I need food to calm my nerves around this man.


Hello All You Beautiful People,

Yes, the first chapter is here but sadly, I won’t be updating this anytime soon. But I will once I am done with Aaron Riverwood. I hope you enjoyed the very first chapter, it’s not a great start but I will definitely improve as I write more chapters, don’t worry :p

Apologies to all those people who requested for Emily's book first. I need some time to work on a proper storyline for her but I will start writing that once I am done working on their characters.

Please check out The Billionaire Brothers Series.

Thank you so much for reading my book.

I love you guys!!


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