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Fantasy Revealed

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Jill Green and her husband Oliver had a satisfactory sex life, but Jill had dark fantasies and wanted to play them out with her husband Oliver and maybe one other. She fantasised about bondage, pain, pleasure and fucking her husband with a black dildo. Their adventure on a holiday to Crete was going to take an unexpected turn.

Erotica / Fantasy
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The Proposition

We’d talked about this early on in our relationship. But that was maybe ten years ago at best. Back when we were both young and adventurous, especially where sex was concerned. It hadn’t come up in the conversation for a long time. But had suddenly made an appearance again late one night when we were sitting on the sofa relaxing after a long day.

There we sat, leaning back on the sofa, facing one another, a wine glass in my hand and a whisky in his. We started for some reason to talk about our fantasies. What deep, dark fantasies we still had, or new ones that we didn’t know we possessed before. Hidden in the recesses of our subconscious mind!

I sat there and stared at my husband of nine years. Oliver and I had enjoyed a lot of ups and downs in our ten years. He was still handsome and sexy as he neared his mid-thirties. As he talked about his more mild fantasies, I studied him over my wine glass.

Dark brown hair, gorgeous green eyes! He was in employment law but had that wild biker look that hinted he could be just a little bit dangerous. It was his smile that had attracted me to him in the first place. Just dripped sex appeal like you wouldn’t believe. I was lost in my thoughts when I heard him say.

“Threesome and Watch you fuck another woman.”

‘What?’ I splurted!

“Wait. Slow down. What did you say?”

I asked him, sitting upright just a little bit more. He shrugged, lifted his whisky to his lips, but before he drank, said.

“You heard me. I fantasise about seeing you fuck another woman. I fantasise about it a lot!”

He tilted the glass to his lips but kept watching me. I was a little stunned. I admit I’ve had this fantasy a time or two myself.

“You’re serious? You want to see me fuck another woman?”

He just nodded at me. “Yes. I do!”

He waited for a minute, the silence was deafening. I looked down into my wine glass, thinking.

Well? What do I think?

I wasn’t sure what to think. There was an opportunity that not a lot of women, especially wives, would know what to do with. I looked at Oliver. He was waiting to see what I would do. What would I say?

Taking a sip of my wine, I looked at him a little sideways.

“Well… I… umm…” I blew out a breath.

“I’ve thought about it. I admit I’ve fantasised about being with another woman, with or without you watching! In fact maybe more than one woman!”

There it was. Out in the open. On the table staring at us! At my admission, Oliver sat up a little higher.

“You’d do it?”

“Well, I didn’t say that, did I?”

“Come on. One time. You can pick the woman. I’ll just watch. I won’t touch her!”

I sat there, thinking about it. Were we really serious? Was Oliver negotiating with me about bringing another woman into our bed? Like he did in the boardroom? And why was I about to start laying out my terms?

Bringing my feet off the couch, I sat up and looked sideways at him. Did I want to tell him my whole fantasy? All the sordid details!

“Oliver, I think we need to talk about this. I’m game, but there are a few things that I’ve fantasised about too.”

Oliver swung off the couch and sat there, his whiskey in his hands, his eyes gleaming.

“Go ahead. Tell me!”

I looked straight ahead, not wanting to look at him, not while I was confessing my fantasies.

“I, well… God this isn’t easy… I want to be with another woman. I want to do all kinds of things to her. Have her do them back to me. But I want more than that. I want her to not only fuck me; I want her to fuck you as well.”

I stopped and looked over at him.

“I want to watch her fuck you in the arse with a strap-on while you lick me. Would you do that?”

We’d had anal play before! Oliver on me! Me on Oliver! But a strap on had never made an appearance before. If truth be told, what I wanted to see was more hard-core than just a strap-on up Oliver’s arse, but I didn’t think he was ready for that little confession. I didn’t know if I was either. I figured this was a good way to ease both of us into it.

I looked at Oliver, waiting for his answer. He took another slug of whiskey and then another. I could tell he was thinking about it. I could also tell he was getting turned on by the idea. Whether it was just the idea of me, him and another woman or what I had just laid on him, I wasn’t sure. All I knew was that the once slumbering monster in his trousers was now fully awake and wanting to have a vote on my proposition!

I figured I could up the ante a little; see if I could get him to my side of things.

Now that this was out, that we were telling each other our fantasies and seriously considering acting this one out, I wanted it! I wanted this one! All of it!

While Oliver thought things through, I slowly slid off the couch onto my knees. Slowly, I crawled over to him, kneeling between his legs. As I slid my hands up his calf’s and across his thighs, Oliver looked at me.

“Just keep going, baby. Don’t mind me!”

With that, I slid my hands higher up and grabbed hold of his belt. I slowly unfastened it and then set my fingers to work on the zipper.

Leaning down, I looked up at him and said just as my mouth was less than an inch above his groin.

“Just think about how hard you’d be watching me lick a pussy!”

Then I laid my tongue against his hard pants-covered bulge and licked my way up. Oliver groaned, and his cock twitched in his Calvin Klein’s!

Rubbing my face against his groin, I kept torturing him. I could feel him twitch and jump as my cheek rubbed against him. My tongue pushed against his balls, flicking up and down, reaching into his briefs my hand pulled out his throbbing member!

One of the things I love about Oliver is his cock! He’s just the right size for me!

Fitting snuggly into my pussy when fully aroused and right now he was as hard as I’d ever seen him.

The purple head was already oozing beads of cream. His veins pulsing along the length of him! Wrapping my hands around his phallus, I held him and then looked up at him again, saying.

“Just imagine me doing this to you while she licked me from behind!’

Pulling his straining cock to my mouth, I flicked my tongue around the corona!

“Or fucked me!”

Again my tongue covered his throbbing purple head, pressing down and up.

“Or helped me lick you. Would you like that, baby? Would you like two tongues on your cock? Two mouths around your dick?”

Without letting him answer, I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and slowly pushed down, taking only the swollen head into my mouth running my tongue around the coronal ridge. I sucked slowly, moaning as I felt him throb in my mouth. Up and down, my head bobbed, sucking only on his secreting crown.

Oliver groaned and thrust his cock up, trying to go deeper. My hands around the base of his shaft kept me in control of how deep and how fast!

Pulling my mouth off, I rolled my tongue around the head of his cock and then looked up at him again. His eyes were half-closed, his breathing rapid.

“Just imagine me licking your arse, baby, rolling my tongue over it. You know you like that.”

He grunted and nodded almost as if he was drunk.

“I’ll get you nice and wet and then I’ll guide her strap on cock into your arse and watch her fuck you!” Oliver groaned.

“Then I’ll slide down and take your hard cock in my mouth… just ... like… this!”

I wrapped my mouth around him and in one swift stroke had his entire cock deep in my mouth. My throat constricted, making me gag and I sucked hard and then pulled back only to ram my mouth back down! Oliver was grunting, fucking my mouth. His hands went to the back of my head and held on as I pumped up and down in his lap!

My moans were muffled as I sucked harder and faster. My saliva was running down his shaft, covering my hands, and his testicles. I wanted him to climax in my mouth!

I needed to feel how excited he was! The flat of my tongue stimulating his frenulum, (that little cum spot on the underside of his cock just under the V of his corona) as I fucked him with my mouth!

His cock was pulsing, getting harder and harder. I reached down with my hand and cupped his testicles, squeezing, feeling them tighten.

Oliver grunted out a few words that were unintelligible for the most part. I knew he was close. I sucked harder, faster, swallowing his cock whole. Just as the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat, I felt him throb, and then his cum was shooting down my oesophagus.

As I pulled off him, his cream coated my tongue, filling my mouth. I sucked, swallowing, squeezing his balls trying to pump out as much of his creamy seed I could. Oliver was thrusting up into my mouth, his hands pulling my hair. When the last drop had gone down my throat, I pulled my mouth off him and looked up.

“Is that a yes then, baby?”

All he could do was look at me, smile and nod his head.

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