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This is the story of Alexander Hemmings and Oliver Gray. One has a special ability but the other is special in a different way. Will you read to find out just how two polar opposites find themselves closer than ever?

Erotica / Mystery
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Chapter 1

It was futile, telling anyone. See, when I told my father about it, when I was six and my mother passed, he grounded me for bringing false pretenses to justify that her death was my fault. He sat down with me that night, crying his eyes out to inform me I was just trying to blame myself more than I already do. Was that true? Did I truly blame myself? A six year old with this kind of destiny? Of course I did! That was too much for such a small kid to bare, yet I’d been burdened with it. When I was fifteen years old, it struck again. There was this beautiful girl I’d known since childhood and we’d begun dating shortly after entering high school. She joined my mother, in death. Once I attempted to confide in my brother, he told me I was delusional, that I couldn’t accept that it wasn’t my fault.

No matter who I told, nobody believed me. They told me I was lying and trying to protect myself from the truth. From the harsh reality that I was just an unlucky boy. I wished that were the real reason these deaths messed up my head. My father forced me on Olanzapine, a medication that treats hallucinations. It didn’t help, as I was not seeing hallucinations. It was real. This.. This horrible thing I call my life.. It is real.

I am sure one would wonder what exactly I’m talking about. You see, I can see into the future. Sort of. No, I couldn’t predict small things. In fact, it wasn’t a prediction. It was... more of an oracle? There was only one thing I could see, though. Death. It wasn’t always clear. With my mother, an image of her appeared in my view. Her voice was soft as she spoke to me, her voice said she’d always be in my heart. Being a six year old boy, I was so confused. Dream? It was then my father sat my brother and I down, told me that she’d passed away. To this day, I still am not clear on how that is.

The girl that followed after. As I’d said, we were fifteen and honestly? We were quite in love for a few teenagers. We’d been together two years. Thinking back, it was quite odd how the time made up between each incident. Six and fifteen. Was there a connection? No, couldn’t be. She had this beautiful blonde hair that shone in the sun. My boring brown strands pale in comparison. Her eyes were this chocolate brown color and to be honest, made the stars look like the dullest balls of gas. We’d been very popular around school, the ‘power couple’ as everyone else called us. School was fun back then. We always said, after graduation, we’d get married. But.. that ended as you know. The vision with her was far more gruesome. Her physique appeared in a wedding dress, tears of joy filling her eyes. Then.. black. When her body showed again, that gorgeous white happiness was soaked in blood. I’d been on my way to school, you know. So, I even ignored my brother offering a ride and ran straight to her house. Of course, I’d been too late. She was gone. Got ran down by a drunk driver. The amount of blood was sickening...

I asked myself so many times. What good was this damn stupid power if I was doomed for my loved ones to die? Was it just to torture me? I begged whatever god there was to answer. Of course. I got nothing. After that, I just about went crazy. I’d told everyone about my power but not a single soul believed me. I lost all my friends, popularity, whatever reputation I had. Some even believed I killed her but I’d covered up my evidence. Didn’t they know it was a drunk driver? Not a single kind soul in this hellhole. Thankfully, I was a senior now.. So my torture would soon end. Whatever college I went to? They’d be told nothing. I wanted a shot at a normal life after this.

“Ally!! Wake up, bonehead. You’re going to be late for school!” This loud yell roused me from my dreams and I nearly screamed back. Damn, didn’t he know I hated that nickname? MAde me sound like a damn girl! Ugh, what a drag.

“Yeah, I’m comin’!”

I doubted I’d have a ride to school today, too. My father worked nonstop, and my brother was also a workaholic. Not that I minded. More freedom, ya know? Either way, I’d gotten up and made sure to shower first. So far, no visions. Good. Maybe that power wanted me alone and now that I am, it’s gone? Fantastic. Still, I couldn’t risk it. My plan? Don’t. Get. Close. To. Anyone. Maybe that’s why. I was fated to be alone.

Coming into the living room, I was wearing something simple as usual. Skinny jeans, a plain purple Tee, and a black hoodie. Everyday wear. I waved my brother, Anthony, goodbye and I slipped on my converse and grabbed my bag. The walk to school was always too short, especially since I passed her old, abandoned house. There was a slight smile from my lips as I waved to the vacant lot. “Good morning, Olivia..”

School was hard on me nowadays. Especially since Brad took over the ‘popularity’ as I’d been shunned. As I reached my locker, I suddenly found myself being smacked into it. Great. I was swift to turn and not face plant, when that ridiculous mass of blond hair came into view. Great. X2. The laughter bubbling from his throat only made me scowl.

“Aw man, you always get me goin’, little man! To think you used to be more well known and loved than me. Life has a funny way of fucking ya over, yeah? Well, not like everyone can all be crazy like you!” The boys surrounding him laughed. Oh fuck. I knew what this was. They wanted to ‘teach me a lesson’ for simply waving to Brad’s girlfriend, Sarah. She waved so I did the polite thing! Who knew that would get me killed?

My hands rose up to shield my face when my eyes widened. No. No, no. Another one? It was different. This time? I saw a man, no.. teenager? His hair was black as night, and his body was pretty buff for a student. Young teacher, maybe? There was a piece of the building under construction that fell and pierced the man with no remorse. That’s when I noticed, I was running. Full speed. I’d ditched those bastards and running full speed at the destination. I knew.. I knew I wouldn’t make it but why would I not try? My hands shoved the doors open, frantically looking until I spotted the familiar figure. My arms took no time to reach, and rank back with all my might. Though, he was strong. I’m sure he’d be pissed some random kid was latched onto him.

“What the fu-”

“Move! Please! That metal beam is going to kill you!!” I yelled with all my might, hoping he’d move and ask later.

I guess he was curious because he looked up, and swiftly yanked my into his chest before taking a giant step back right before a sharp beam crashed into the concrete. Whoa.. I would like to think I’d saved someone but.. no. HE saved ME. I know that if I didn’t go, he’d be dead but..

“You are reckless. I was exactly about two inches away. You, though. If I hadn’t moved you, you would’ve been killed. Are you trying to die?” His tone was a bit bitter, and even a little annoyed. I mean, I guess I would be too if a kid started hugging onto me. But, he was right.. I was the one in danger this time. There was a part of me, a very large part, that wished I hadn’t been saved. This torture was.. painful. I guess this guy must have realized it.. because his uncaring expression contorted into a look of a bit of pity. I can just tell he was planning to give me some form of sympathy, which annoyed me. Right as I opened my mouth to speak, he did before I could even get the chance.

“If you’re that suicidal, then do it at home so you don’t bother strangers with the mess you’re obviously going to make.”

My eyes couldn’t stop from snapping open as wide as they could. /WHAT/? Did this man really encourage a teenager to kill themselves? Now that I thought about it, he wasn’t necessarily a teacher. No, he had to be a student, right? His clothing style was quite odd if ya asked me. Ripped jeans and a dark blue muscle shirt, with a black cloth jacket barely hanging onto his muscled arms. Peeking from his neck was the beginning of a small tattoo spiraling downwards and disappearing underneath his dark clothes. His hair was a dark black color, as if it’d been touched by darkness to make it darker than most. Looking now, I noticed that his eyes were painted a piercing, bright green color. Jade green, was more accurate. Observing his features, there were a small piercing on his lip, next decorated his one of his nostrils then I could also see the peeking of a few sparkling, black different sized piercings littered up his ear from the lobe and towards the top of his ear. Jeez, how could one person have so many piercings? How’d they even allow this sort of ruffian into a high school? Oh well. It matters not. It had been a few minutes since I’d even attempted to speak. By time I gathered the amount of strength to offer an apology, I noticed he was gone. I failed to learn his name but maybe I’d see him around? After all, I seemed to have caused him trouble. I’d thought about going home but, no. I couldn’t. I couldn’t run away just because I was scared of this weird power of mine. Why couldn’t I just have a normal life? I just ignored that part of my day and went on with my classes. As it always was, my day was full of boredom, bullying, and being annoyed by the loneliness that surrounded me. By time this day was over, I all but collapsed on my bed for the rest of the day. I’d put more thought into that weird guy later. For now, sleep.


Hello! I hope you all enjoy this first chapter of Invulnerability. It may not be to your liking but I sincerely hope it’s good enough to read! I just might continue if people like it. If not.. well, I’ll just quit. Lmao. Anyway, comment if you want this to continue!! Have a good day everyone!

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