Finding My Queen

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Chapter 9

Friday, October 9th, 2020


Sitting in my office after a shitty night sleep, I'm trying to focus on grading these papers during my free period but my mind keeps drifting back to Victoria.

Is she ok? Will she show up today? Will I have a chance to explain everything to her and will she understand me? As I'm throwing these questions around in my head, I miss the scent of Victoria coming my way until she storms into my office, slamming the door shut. "You're a fucking vampire" she shrieks, making me jump up in shock that she is even here right now and not by what she said.

She is breathing hard like she ran all the way here, under her eyes she has dark circles from the lack of sleep. Making me itch to hold and comfort her. She is wearing sweat pants and an old off the shoulder sweatshirt with what I can only guess was her high school logo along with UGG boots, her hair is up in a messy bun but she still looks beautiful as ever.

I actually like this comfy look on her, which makes me want to spend all day inside, snuggled up next to the fire drinking coffee or hot chocolate while reading books together.

Shit get you head together Masters, there is no time to daydream.

"Maybe you should sit down Victoria, please" I calmly tell her, moving around my desk slowly with my hands up as to show her I mean no harm.

"Sit down, sit down? That's all you have to say to me? I just stormed in here accusing you of being a vampire. Shit you should be calling the damn funny farm or some shit to come and take me away in a straight jacket, not telling me to sit down" she whispers yells as she continues to pace around.

"Your not crazy Victoria, far from it. Please just sit down and we can discuss this" I say, gesturing towards the couch. She sighs, nodding her head as she walks over and slumps down. I follow but don't sit to close so as not to scare her.

"Now what makes you think I'm a vampire?" I ask, hoping to see how she will react when I do come clean about my true self.

"I've started having dreams, they first started after we met. They were of vampires or more importantly of you being a vampire. I have these dreams every night, some scary, some not as much but, ugh I don't know what to think of all this" Victoria sighs, looking down, confused.

"I just don't understand, why me? Why is this happening to me? I'm nothing special, there are other more beautiful women out there, so why me?" She asks, her voice shaky.

I have to keep myself from growling again so as not to scare her. Why does she not think so highly of herself? Slowly I move my hand and place them on top of hers, feeling the spark from our bond run through me. Victoria must feel it as well as she gasps and tries to pull away but I'm not having that anymore and I tighten my grip.

"Wha-what was th-that?" She stutters. Smiling at her "that is our bond" I start to explain.

"Bond?" She jumps in asking. "Yes, our mate bond. We are soul mates Victoria, made for each other since even before you were born" I explain, taking a moment before continuing. "Please, let me explain everything first and keep an open mind, ok?" I ask, after a few moments, she gives me a tight nod.

"You are correct Victoria, I am a vampire. I'm the King of all Vampires, which makes you being my mate the Queen. I have been searching all over the world for centuries to find you, this month was my last opportunity at finding my mate, my Queen" I tell her.

"Had I not found you when I did or now if I do not complete the bond with you before the end of the month, I will be stripped of my title as well as all my powers and killed. I know this is a lot to take in and I wish I could truly court you but I am running out of time, you are running out of time" I stress.

"If you do not complete this bond with me, binding us together for the rest of eternity, you will forever feel as though something is missing and will never truly be able to give your heart and love fully to another" I finish saying, watching the different emotions races across her face.

After what feels like forever, my nerves are about shot. "Say something please. Telling what is going through your head right now" I plead.

"What all do you mean when you say to complete the bond?" She finally asks. Not the first thing I had expected her to ask as I sit stunned for words for a moment.

"Um, I- well. I would bite your neck, marking you, and then we wou-would um, we would have sex to finish bonding us to one another. Also, there is the thing of me turning you but that doesn't have to happen right away it's just the marking and mating that needs to happen before the end of the night on the 31st" I rush out. Why the hell does it feel I'm a teenage boy again? Get a grip man this is so not the time.

"Sex, we have to have sex?" she squeaks out. Again not what I was expecting her mind to go towards, I figured she would freak out about my biting her or the changing her into a vampire at some point, not sex. Unless...

"Victoria are- are you a virgin?" I carefully ask, there is no fucking way she could still be a virgin, right? I mean she is beautiful, any man would want her.

But watching as she shyly nods her head and whispered yes, has me sending a big thank you out into the universe for sending me this sweet innocent beauty for me to claim and love.

"Oh love, I promise I will be as gentle as I can every step of the way," I tell her grinning, as I lift her hands to my lips for me to kiss. She sways into me some, gasping at the feelings that are running through her.

I use my powers to make sure my office doors are locked so no one can walk in.

We just sit together, relaxing on the couch when I remember her earlier mention about dreams. "Victoria, may I ask about the dreams you have been having?" I asked cautiously as I remember she said some were scary and I would hate to scare her by making her remember them.

Victoria is quiet and I begin to think she won't talk about them at first. "As I said some dreams where scary and some not so much. Most of the beginning dreams I would have was of a man, which I'm assuming was you, just in my room at night watching me. All I could see was red glowing eyes and the silhouette of the person. Then one night I had a, I-I..." She begins but then starts stumbling over her words.

Watching her, I notice she is blushing and seemed uneasy. "What is it Victoria, you can tell me" I encourage her.

Looking down at her hands in the lap, "one night, I dreamt that I was at the Language Arts building, I was walking down the empty dark hallway, towards your office. You had asked me to stop by, anyways I could see there was a light on through the half-opened door and could hear noises coming from inside your office, um...moaning sounds" she says softly.

Closing her eyes, she clears her throat before continuing, "I could see from the door...three females laying on your desk, all naked. And I could see your silhouette, thrusting into the girl in the middle while you finger-fucked the other two" she tells me, her face red.

"I couldn't move, couldn't look away no matter how hard I tired. And it was as if it had been planned; as if you knew I was there because you soon looked up at me..." I can tell there are some parts she is leaving out, but I'm not going to call her on them.

"Um, anyway, you didn't stop as you watched me, you even turned the girl you was fucking around and whispered in her ear what I'm assuming was for her to look at me as well. And as you finished with her, you bite her neck before doing the same to the other two." Victoria finishes explaining.

I'm stunned by this dream of hers and can see she is uneasy about it as well almost to the point that she is in tears. "Victoria, please know that what happened in your dream, would never happen in real life. I would never fuck around on you. I may not have the best past when it comes to sexual partners, but I have not been with or felt the need to be with someone in a long time, and I mean a long time" I say, doing my best to hopefully reassure her worries.

We spend the rest of our day together talking and getting to know one another better, I can feel Victoria finally warming up to the idea of this, of us together.

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