Finding My Queen

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Chapter 10

Saturday, October 10th, 2020


I never thought when I stormed into Professor Masters's office yesterday that he would actually admit to being a vampire, not just any vampire but the King of all vampires. And to tell me I was his mate, well that just blew me away.

Why was I not running? Not scared of him and what he said needed to happen to seal our bond? Was I really considering bonding with him? Yes, I was actually. Ever since my parents died, I had always felt that if I allowed someone else close, they would end up leaving me as well, which scared me. But to be bonded with someone for eternity would mean I would never be alone again.

And last night was beyond amazing. We had talked for hours about anything and everything. He told me more about himself and where he was from, and I told him more about my life with my parents before their deaths.

I honestly didn't want to be away from him, which he explained was partly due to the bond attraction. He had dropped me off at my apartment and walked me to my door, I was worried someone would see us but he made me feel relaxed and told me one of his many powers was to control what a person could and could not see, before kissing me goodnight. My lips were still tingling as I walked through the door, I was glad Ashley was not home right then to question me.

Getting up this morning I felt like I was floating on air as I began getting ready for my day of work. Then I become sad as I remember today is Saturday and there is a chance I might not see him this weekend.

We never really talked about making plans for the weekend when he dropped me off, just that he would see me at some point.

Walking back into my room after my shower, I jump when I see Cal casually relaxed on my bed. "Holy shit Cal, you scared me. How did you get in here?" I ask, confused as I tighten my grip on my towel wrapped around me.

It is still crazy to call him by his first name but he insisted while outside of class he didn't want any formalities between us.

"Good morning love, I wanted to see you before you went to work" Cal's husky smooth voice always sends a shiver throughout my whole body.

I watch as he stands from my bed and prowls over towards me, his long legs making smooth strides. I can feel my heart begin to race as he gets closer and I have to lock my knees to keep me from fall over.

The moment he is in front of me, he runs his fingers down my cheek causing me to lean into him. He leans down and brushes his lips against mine, teasing me with a ghost of a kiss.

Groaning, I grab ahold of the back of his neck, wanting to deepen the kiss. When I hear his phone beep, I pull away as he pulls his phone out of his pocket mumbling "fucking Malcolm" making me giggle.

Looking around the room I again wonder how he got in, as we are on the 4th floor so he couldn't have climbed and Ashley would have had to let him in at the front door, which would mean not only would she knows but so would others that live in the building.

"Don't worry love, I have my ways" Cal says, winking at me, as if he knew my thoughts, gasping I turn back around towards him "you can read people's thoughts can't you?" I question.

"Yes, but I have only read yours a few times. Only when you looked deep in thought or worried about something" he explains. "What else can you do?" I ask as he gives me a stunned looked "what?" I question.

Shaking his head, he grabs me by the hips, pulling me closer to him. Giving me a quick kiss, man I love his kisses and this is the most we have done anything so far.

"I'm just amazed at how well you seem to be handling all this is all. Anyways yes, I have lots of different abilities. Besides reading minds, I'm also able to compel a person, I have inhuman speed and strength, I'm able to slip past people unnoticed and I can also make a person forget I'm even there. I do also have the ability to heal a person with my blood, and some other things" he names off now leaving me shocked.

Giving me another kiss, "so that is how you got in here, going unnoticed, and what about the sun, I thought vampires couldn't be in daylight?" I ask. "Yes, and as for the sun problem? well, I have this handy ring that allows me to walk around outside with no issues, most vampires have one these days actually" he tells me, hold up his right hand, showing me his ring.

"Now I have an important question to ask you, will you please go on a date with me?" He then murmurs against my lips. "Tonight?" I ask, pulling away to look into his eyes.

"Well I know you are working today, and then I remember something about you going to the homecoming game with Ashley since she is one of the Homecoming Queen nominees, but would you be free later tonight, after all that is done?" he asks looking sheepishly.

"Yeah, I actually won't be going to the dance but will be helping Ashley get ready, then I will be free. Can we do something after?" I ask suddenly anxious.

"It's a date, just text me when you are done, I'll be at my office, doing some grading. Also, do you work on Sunday?" Cal asks, grinning. "Yeah, I work at ten that morning until six" I inform him. "Would you maybe be up to packing an overnight bag, or is that too soon?" He asks.

Before I can answer he tells me to think about it, and to let him know later, before giving me one more long kiss goodbye.

I spend most of the morning at work in what feels like a blur as I replay his words over and over in my head while asking myself, am I ready to take this next step with him already and lose my virginity? Is he really asking to have sex with me or is this something different? I mean why else would he want me to bring an overnight bag, if not to have sex? Ugh, I'm driving myself crazy with questions.

I'm finally pulled out of my thoughts by Ashley. As I walk into our apartment after my shift. "You ok V? You seem a bit out of it," she asks worriedly, as we sit down for a quick lunch.

I've just been staring off into space, still lost in thought. "Victoria, your starting to worry me, what's been up with you lately?" Ashley asks again.

Oh right I'm at home having lunch with Ashley, I remind myself.

"Ash, what I'm about to tell you has to stay between us, ok?" I whisper as she nods.

"I meet someone, and he asked to go on a date tonight" I rush out in a whisper as Ashley lets out a small squeal. "Victoria, that's awesome. Did you say yes? Does he go here? Do I know him? Who is he?" She asks, rapidly firing questions at me. "I did say yes, I guess you could say he goes here, and yes you have met him" I mumble looking down at my food. I can feel her gaze burning into the side of my head as she processes what I just told her.

"What do you mean by you could say that he goes here, he either does or he doesn't, so what is it..." She starts challenging, "oh my God, no why. Victoria you sly thing, it's a professor, isn't it?" Finally putting the pieces together when I don't answer.

"No way, which one? No, let me guess... It's the sexy hunk from the diner, right?" She pushes. I can only give a small nod, still staring at my food, to scared to look up. "Victoria, oh my gosh this is so exciting" she squeals, grabbing me in a hug.

Pulling away from her, I'm confused and she must notice. "What's wrong, are you not excited about this date?" She whispers. "You're not grossed out or think it's wrong that he is a professor and I'm his student?" I question nervously.

"What no, not at all V. You can't help who you fall for. And isn't he only here till the end of the month, why should it matter if he is a professor and you are a student? Don't worry about what others think, screw the haters as we have always told one another, remember?" Ashley shouts, glaring at me playfully.

She is right, why should I worry about what others think, but that still doesn't help me decide if I pack a bag or not.

Maybe I'll bring that up to her later since we need to get ready for the game. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm going to the game for Ashley, I'm going to support and cheer her on and hope she wins Homecoming Queen, she deserves it.


Getting to the stadium, it is packed but we find our reserved seats up close to the field just as the game is starting.

I cheer as our team scores another touchdown, leading us into halftime, ahead of the other team. Ashley had left a little while ago to get ready, leaving me with her parents and her older brother Jacob, who came back for the weekend.

Once the team is off the field, a crew begins setting up for the halftime show and Homecoming King and Queen crowning ceremony.

When all the king and queen candidates come out, Mama Tia grabs ahold of my hand as we wait patiently for the names of the winners to be called.

The wait is agony as the announcer takes his sweet time. "The winner for 2020 Homecoming King and Queen is... Ben Lyons and Ashley Nickels" he finally announces as the crowd all goes wild, screaming and clapping for them.

Once Ashley is back with us, we all give her hugs and congratulations as the rest of the halftime show is going on.

I'm actually enjoying myself at the game, that I don't even really think about Cal's invitation to stay with him tonight.

We end up winning the game and Mama Tia suggested we all go out for ice cream to celebrate. But I decline, wanting to stop by Cal's office.

Walking down the hallway towards Cal's office, I had stopped and got coffees for him, Malcolm and Robert as I knew they would also be here.

Seeing the door shut, I knock and wait. Smiling when I see Robert open the door and allow me in. "I thought you guys could use some coffee" I announce, handing each their cup.

"Thank you, love. How did the game go?" Cal asks, getting up from his chair, walking around his deck to me.

"Was good, we won and Ashley won Homecoming Queen. She went out with her family for ice cream, I'll meet her back at the apartment to help her get ready for the dance" I announce, hearing a growl come from Malcolm before he storms out with Robert hot on his heels.

Looking at the door confused, "did I say something wrong?" I ask. "I'm sure it wasn't you" Cal explains, going to shut the door.

As soon as the office door is shut, he is on me. Pushing me up against the wall, wrapping an arm around my waist, and another fisting a handful of my hair, his lips smashed against mine in a heated kiss.

I can feel his manhood pressing into me, oh fuck he feels huge. Groaning he slowly pulls away from my lips but keeps his body pressed to mine.

"I keep picturing you in that damn towel from this morning, it has driven me crazy with lots of dirty images. I know I told myself I wouldn't read your thoughts, but fuck the way you kept looking at me, all innocent and wet, and biting that lip of yours. I needed to know what you were thinking" he growls, kissing along my jaw and down my neck. I close my eyes and turn my head to the side, giving him more access to my neck.

But then when I feel the sudden breeze, my eyes fly open to see Cal standing on the opposite side of the room, breathing heavy, fist clenched and holy fuck his eyes, blood red.

I gasp, wide-eyed as my back hits up against the wall, the office door flys open, and in runs Malcolm and Robert. "Robert, get Victoria the fuck out of here, now" Malcolm yells as he slowly steps in front of me to block my view of Cal. I don't even see when Robert grabs me and speeds us out of the room.

When he finally stops I see we are standing next to my car. "My apologies, Miss, for handling you that way but I need to get you out of there before he did something he would end up regretting," Robert says as he steps back giving me room.

I'm still breathing hard, as my head spins, and the sound of my heart pounding in my ears. "Wha-what happened, is Cal going to be ok?" I pant out.

Robert gives me a strained smile but tells me he will be fine and that I should head on home.


I'm on autopilot, the whole way home as I try to figure out what the hell happened back in Cal's office.

When I get to my apartment to help Ashley get ready for the Homecoming dance, I know Ashley will be in here waiting for me, so I do my best to put a smile on my face and act like nothing is wrong.

But as soon as I enter, Ashley right away sees through my fake smile. "What happened?" She demands. "I'm not feeling up to talking about it right now Ash, but my date was canceled. I don't want to ruin your night, so can we please talk about it some other time?" I ask, feeling drained all of the sudden.

After reassuring her many times, she seems to understand that I'm not ready to talk so she drops the subject, staying clear of that topic, which I'm thankful for.

Ashley looks beautiful in her silver dress, I put her hair in a side fishtail braid with small flowers and pearls pinned throughout, and her makeup looks elegant and not too heavy.

Once done I give her a big hug and tell her to have fun and that I will see her in the morning. "Are you sure you are going to be ok? I can stay" she asks once more. "Girl, get your cute Queen self out of here and go have fun" I order, glaring at her playfully as I point towards the door.

After taking a much-needed bath, I slip into my comfy sleep shorts and old high school sweatshirt. Make myself some mac and cheese, and veg out in front of the TV for a while.

I haven't heard anything from Cal, or even Malcolm and Robert. So I can only hope everything is ok but I'm a little scared by what happened as well. Was he going to bite me if he hadn't stopped himself? What would have happened if Malcolm and Robert hadn't gotten there when they did?

I have a feeling it's going to be another long night with lots of unanswered questions.

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