Finding My Queen

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Chapter 12

Monday, October 12th, 2020


Waking up this morning when my alarm goes off, I feel like death but at least I didn't have any dreams. Maybe this is my mind's way of pushing Cal out so things can go back to normal? I think to myself.

Getting ready for classes, I don't put too much effort into my outfit. Not really giving a shit about what people think of me right now.

I walk into the kitchen and find Ashley sitting at the table eating breakfast. She eyes me warily as I grab a breakfast bar to go. I haven't really eaten anything since Saturday night, so I'm going to try and force something down, even though I'm not really that hungry.

"I'll see ya sometime later," I mumble, giving her a quick hug before rushes out so she can't question me.

My day passes by slowly, it's as if I'm walking through deep mud as everyone moves fast around me. I skip lunch, opting to just sit outside alone under a tree reading.

Now here I sit in his class, just wondering if he will end up ignoring me and if he plans to just go ahead and end whatever we had between us, which wasn't much. But Cal never shows up, instead, Malcolm has taken over for class, saying that Professor Masters is out ill today.

All throughout class Malcolm does his best to avoid looking my way, but when he does he gives me a sad smile before quickly turning away.

As soon as the class has ended, Malcolm rushes out, not even giving me a chance to talk to him.

Leaving me to feel even more defeated now. This is why I don't do relationships, I always fear my heart would end up broken in the end.

Needing to get to work for the shift I had promised to work for my co-worker, Heather. I rush back home to get ready before heading over to the coffee shop.

Thank flu to have something to keep me busy again, it's better than staying home and crying all night, I keep telling myself.


It's eleven by the time I get back home, I'm exhausted and ready for bed. I had skipped dinner as well and I had only had a few bites from my breakfast bar this morning before I felt like I was going to be sick. I have been pretty much living off of just coffee and energy drinks. I know it isn't healthy or safe to miss so many meals. But right now my heart and stomach are both just so twisted up, making it hard to even think about food.

Taking the elevator up to my floor, all I can think about is getting into bed and falling asleep.

What I did not expect was to find Professor Masters sitting outside my apartment door, looking worse for wear.

"What are you doing here?" I ask, stopping a few feet from where he is. He slowly glances up, making me gasp as I get a real good look at him. Cal really looks like he has been through hell, which makes me sad before I remember he did this to himself so I shouldn't feel too bad.

"We had a date for tonight scheduled, remember" his voice sounds so rough.

Shaking my head, I can't help but laugh at the arrogance he has. "What is so funny Victoria?" Cal growls, standing up to his full height. I watch him closely, his jaw clenched, hands in tight fists, eyes narrowed at me.

Raising my eyebrows, I cross my arms as I stare back at him, not backing down. "You are what's funny Professor Masters. You should probably leave, wouldn't be good to be seen standing outside one of your student's apartment doors this late at night" I say, standing my ground, as he flinches at my choice of name I call him.

Now if you would excuse me I'm tired and want to go to bed, I have classes tomorrow and need my sleep" I say, going to step around him, but he doesn't move to leave.

"What do you mean classes? It's Saturday night. So where have you been tonight?" he questions me, getting angry.

I look at him confused and shake my head, "No Professor, it is Monday night. You stood me up Saturday night after you went crazy on me in your office, and if you must know, so you will leave me alone. I was at work tonight" I hiss.

"What are you talking about Victoria, it's only Saturday, and what do you mean I went crazy on you in my office? I don't remember doing any of that" he growls back.

"Yeah well, it doesn't matter anymore. I've decided I no longer have the time for dates or relationships. I need to stay focused on my schooling so I can graduate in May and move on with my life" I say with as much confidence I can muster up, all the while inside I'm slowly breaking more.

He laughs, "Your right, Victoria. You don't have time for any other dates or relationships, because there is going to be no one else but me, you are my mate Victoria and while I agree with you on finishing school as being important, we will still be together and have dates together, just you and me, Victoria" he shouts, hitting his fist against my door making me jump.

"No..." I start to say more but he cuts me off, as he swings back around towards me, his eyes darker.

"No?" Cal growls out in a question as he steps closer to me, making me back up until I hit the wall. He cages me in, lowering his head down so he can look me right in the eyes.

"I'm afraid you have that wrong, my sweet little queen. You are my mate, we are going to be together, we are forever. I'm sure by now you have been feeling the mate bond more intensely, " he murmurs, but I'm not backing down from this.

"Fuck you and fuck this stupid mate shit. It stopped meaning anything to me the moment you tried to hurt me in your office. I'm obviously not right for you. Is it because I'm inexperienced? Never had sex, hell never even really kissed a guy before" I whisper shout.

"Was I that horrible that you had to pull away? Practically ran to the other side of the room to get away from me, then Robert speeds me out of your office to my car and told me to leave. I didn't hear anything from any of you Saturday night or on Sunday" I continue ranting. Obviously, not giving a shit about who hears.

"When I did see Malcolm in class today, all he said to us was you were out ill and he would be taking over. He had avoided me like I had some kind of disease. So since I ended up not working my 2nd shift Sunday night due to feeling all sorts of different emotions that I could not handle. I worked a shift tonight, because why would I still assume anything with you when you had been avoiding me" I yell at him, as tears once again run down my cheeks. I try to push him away from me but he doesn't budge.

Cal begins muttering something but I don't understand the language he is speaking in. I soon become very tired and as I begin to fall, I feel Cal catch me and lifted me in his arms then the sounds of my keys unlocking the apartment door.

Cal walks us through the apartment and into my room where I feel my soft bed as he lays me down. He pulls off my shoes and socks, then covers me up.

Leaning down he softly kisses my lips, and whispers, "sleep my queen" as I drift away into a deep peaceful slumber.

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