Finding My Queen

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Chapter 13

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020



I have truly royally fucked up with Victoria this time, how the hell am I going to fix this?

I should just let her go. But I can't, I need her in my life, she is my world, she is embedded deep inside of me. No, I can't let her go. I need to fix this and fast.

I honestly hate myself, I hate that I had to compel her to sleep but when she saying all those things about me not wanting her because she thought I didn't want someone so inexperienced, that I thought she was a horrible kisser. It nearly killed me because she was way off the mark.

God, I'm so stupid, what the hell happened in my office, how the hell can I not remember? Now I'm kicking myself.

Looking down, I watch as Victoria sleeps peacefully, wondering what I'm going to do and say to make it up to her. Make her see this was my fuck up, not hers.

Minding link both Malcolm and Robert, I ask them to come over to Victoria's place and to bring me some extra clothes. I can't leave her alone, I won't do that again. But I also need to get to the bottom of why I can't remember what happened.

Ten minutes later, there is a knock at the door, I let Malcolm and Robert in. "Thank you, I didn't feel comfortable leaving her tonight" I murmur, taking the bag they brought me. "So what happened?" Malcolm asks, sitting down on the couch.

Sighing, I place my bag down and make my way over to one of the empty chairs. "That's a good fucking question. What happened Saturday in my office? Why can't I remember shit? Because from what Victoria said, I screwed this up and I need to figure out how to fix it" I groan, running my fingers through my hair in frustration.

"Where is she now?" Malcolm asks looking around. "Her bed, I had to compel her to sleep. I could read her mind and she was close to losing it. Her pain was so close to the surface and the things she was saying, were killing me. I'm hoping once she has slept that we can then talk. But I need to know what I did" I explain.

Malcolm and Robert share a look before glancing back at me. "Sir, you did go crazy. From what we could figure out, it had to do with the smell her scent becoming stronger because her hormone levels had increased. And her being your mate, signaled you to want to mark her, mate with her" Malcolm explains. "But there was still apart of you in control enough to get you away and mind link us for help" Robert finishes.

I feel myself relax some knowing I didn't physically hurt her but... "why I can't remember anything?" I ask. "When we were able to finally get you back to the manor, you had locked yourself in your office and before we could stop you, you had mixed alcohol with a potion, which ended up knocking you out cold. We would have been there when you woke up but there were some matters back at the kingdom we needed to deal with and we weren't sure how long you would be out for" Malcolm informs me.

We have been talking for an hour now, as Malcolm and Robert inform me of what has been going on back home. It seems that King Marcus and Queen Priscilla have caught wind that someone had found out about Victoria and they are looking to do something. What it is? We do not know yet but our spy is keeping us informed.

We stop talking when we hear the front door open and Ashley walks in. "What the fuck? Why are you three here, where is Victoria?" She screams.

Standing up slowly, "I had come here because I had made a mistake on Saturday. I was hoping I could talk to her about everything, but when she got home, we kind of got in an argument before she fainted. I had put her to bed but didn't feel safe leaving her alone" I calmly explain, stretching the truth some.

"Victoria fainted? God, I knew she had not been eating right. I think her last real meal was maybe Saturday" Ashley sighs, looking down the hallway towards Victoria's bedroom with worry. "She hasn't been eating?" I growl, causing Malcolm to grab ahold of me to stop me from lashing out.

Ashley turns back towards me, glaring. "Yeah, and it's your fucking fault. You know what? She was fine before you showed up but ever since you came here, Victoria hasn't been herself and it takes a lot to make her cry" Ashley says, throwing her hands up.

"But all of a sudden you come along and break her just like that, making her cry herself to sleep every night. My best friend has been through hell and back after losing both her parents but she is one of the strongest persons I know, and you broke her" she shouts again, making me flinch and hate myself even more.

"Can we compel her to shut up" Robert mind links, which earns a low growl from Malcolm, making me and Robert look at him with a questioning look. But then I see it in his eyes.

"Oh fuck. Ashley is your mate, isn't she?" I ask Malcolm through our mind link to which he just nods yes.

"Look, Ashley. I know I messed up but I need to make this up to Victoria somehow. Please she means a lot to me, it might be hard for you to see right now but Victoria and I have this bond and I can't just give her up. Please help me, I can't live without her" I pled.

She stares at me for what felt like hours when finally she lets out a sigh and relaxes some. "Ok, but there will be conditions," Ashley tells me. "Anything" I rush to agree.

"Ok, well I'm tired so can we finish this all later, I'll make sure Victoria is fine so you don't need to stay," Ashley tries to tell us but Malcolm jumps in. "Actually, if it is alright with you, I believe we will stay," he says, compelling her, to which she readily agrees before going on to her room to bed, leaving us out in the living room.


Being a vampire comes with lots of different perks. One being we don't need a lot of sleep, now while we do still sleep from time to time we can go without any as well.

After Ashley went to bed we stayed up, coming up with plans to help get me back on Victoria's good side as well as how Malcolm could go about claiming Ashley.

I had gone in to check on Victoria multiple times, making sure to touch and kiss her, in hopes to restart our bond. Malcolm doing the same with Ashley, trying to help their bond along.

Now we are in the kitchen, cooking breakfast as we wait for the girls to wake up.

We can hear movement in both of their rooms as we finish getting everything ready before we sit down and wait for them to come out.

Victoria comes around the corner first, looking freshly showered. It had taken everything in me not to climb into bed with her last night. And right now, I wish to take her back to bed as I get a look at what she has on.

She stops as soon as she sees us sitting at the table, causing Ashley to bump into her as she walks in behind her.

"Um, what are you doing here?" Victoria asks, looking at the three of us in confusion.

"Oh, they decided to stay last night, since you had fainted. They just wanted to be here just in case you or I needed anything. Wasn't that nice of them." Ashley answers gleefully for us before continuing.

"And why is it that you fainted, Victoria? Oh, maybe it is had to do with the fact that you have not eaten anything. Seriously, why would you do that, V?" Ashley scolds as Victoria goes from looking confused to remorseful.

"She is right, you need to eat. We made breakfast, so come sit and eat" I order, standing up to pull out Victoria's chair as Malcolm does the same for Ashley, making her blush.

Victoria walks over slowly before taking the seat I have out and allows me to push her in, I make sure to brush against her as I reach around her and pour her some coffee, causing her to gasp. I lean down so I can whisper in her ear, "we will talk once breakfast is done and before I need to leave for class, my queen."

Breakfast is mostly quiet as we all focus on our food, I can hear Victoria's heartbeat. It goes up every time I lean into her and brush my hand against her's, I know she is nervous about our talk as her thoughts are going wild with what I could want to talk about.

After breakfast, Robert takes his leave, saying he needs to run an errand and will be back after a while. He knows what it's like when you find your mate, he has been with his darling mate Anna, who happens to be a witch for over a hundred years now. So he knows it is best to give us all space now so Malcolm and I can talk and focus on our mates.

I stand and hold out my hand for Victoria to take, she hesitates at first but soon slips her hand into mine, allowing me to pull her up. I know Malcolm has Ashley's attention focused on him so she does not try and stop me as I walk Victoria back to her room.

I shut and lock the door, as I watch Victoria closely as she sits down on her bed. She is nervous, biting her lip and fidgeting with her hands. Walking over she doesn't notice as I sit down next to her until I place my hand over hers to stop herself from fidgeting anymore.

"Love, look at me please" I whisper. She hesitates again before bringing those beautiful green eyes up to me. Smiling at her, I can feel her nervous energy slowly fading away just from my touch alone.

"Let me start by saying how truly sorry I am about what happened in the office on Saturday, it was nothing you did. I had almost lost control of myself and took you without permission. Which would have caused things to go very badly and you would have been hurt" I explain.

"Please know that I do not ever want to hurt or scare you, so that is why I reacted the way I did, and I'm so sorry I left you alone to think the worse but I didn't trust myself" I continue, as Victoria sits listening to me quietly.

"After talking with Malcolm and Robert last night, I did remember that I had kept picturing you in that towel from early that morning and our kiss got a little too heated, causing your hormone levels to rise and your scent to become stronger" I keep talking, needing to get everything out in the open.

"There was still apart of me that was able to stop and call for help to get you out of there. But I was still only half in control, so when I had returned to the manor that day, I had ended up mixing a sleeping potion in with my alcohol and knocked me out cold. Which is why I still thought it was Saturday when I had shown up here last night" I tell her, letting out a sigh.

"Victoria, you must know, yo-your kisses? Oh, baby, they do me in and when your body is pressed up against mine? Fuck, as you now know, just the smell of your arousal has me close to tipping over the edge" I pled with her to understand.

"I did not want our first time together to be against the wall in my office. I promise that our first time will be in a bed with me going your speed. Again I'm so sorry, I hurt you that way, I didn't mean it, it's just with you being my mate and the bond between us growing, I just want you to be ready before we move further" I finish explaining, watching as different emotions cross her faces.

"You could smell my arousal?" She asks shyly as a blush creeps up her neck and onto her cheeks. She bits her bottom lip again, not able to look at me. I groan wanting to bit her lip, it feels like it's been forever since I've been blessed with her lips against mine.

"Yes, baby I could, and let's just say, I'm addicted," I reply, chuckling as she blushes a deeper red. "So, you were back at the manor this whole time, sleeping? You di-didn't need to go out and find someone else to help give you relief?" I can hear the pain in her voice and see tears threatening to fall.

"No" I growl causing her to jump. I curse myself, taking a deep breath to reel in my anger back in. "I'm sorry baby, I mean, yes, Malcolm and Robert had taken me straight back to the manor. And no, I didn't go to anyone. I slept the whole time, with only Malcolm and Robert coming to check on me when they weren't busy" I explain.

After a few minutes pass, I'm sweating bullets as I wait for her to say anything. "Ok, I believe you. I mean you did look worse for wear last night. Just promise, no more disappearing on me again. You said we are mates, which means we should be able to communicate with each other on issues" Victoria says, once again surprising me. I thought it would take some more begging.

"Really, you forgive me?" I have to ask. "I do to a point, you need to earn back my trust Cal. I've been hurt in my past but I can't keep living there, I need to live in the here and now. So please do take my kindness for weakness" Victoria explains. "Thank you, love. I promise, I will do better" I say, as relief washes over me.

Looking at the time, I see it's close to the time for my first class to start. I step out of the room so she can finish getting ready, and walk back out to the living room where I find Robert sitting. "Things went well?" He asks as I sit down.

I can't keep from smiling "yeah, went well. She has forgiven me but I still have to work on somethings, so she will trust me fully again. I know we have more to discuss later but right now I have a class to teach, and she has her classes to get to as well. I figured she could ride with us, and we can bring her back after classes are done" I tell him.

Looking around, "where are Malcolm and Ashley?" I ask, looking back at Robert, who has a big grin on his face as he nods his head down the hall towards Ashley's room.

He then lets out a chuckle, "I'm happy for you both, finding your mate is one of the greatest experiences one can have in our world" Robert says, as he stands up. I stand as well as I see Victoria walking into the room, ready to go.


After swinging by the coffee shop, we dropped Victoria off at her first class before heading over to my office to get today's lesson plans ready. I also need to go over some work from back home and make sure Victoria is protected from Marcus and Priscilla.

I had mind linked Malcolm to let him know but he was still busy with Ashley so I didn't want to interrupt too much. There is a lot to discuss so I understood he was going to need as much time with Ashley as I do with Victoria.

In between classes, I've been staying busy as I wait for Victoria's class to begin so I can see her. I'm making plans for when I go back home at the end of the month, which I need to discuss with Victoria as I know she will want to stay and finish her degree and graduate in May. I support this and I don't want to take all that she has worked so hard for away from her, but I want to make sure she has her say in everything when it comes to our relationship.

I'm going over the rest of the class plans for the week when Robert walks into my office. I had him following Victoria around, making sure nothing unusual happened to her. "I take it, there have been no issues?" I ask, shutting my laptop and grabbing my lessons for my final class of the day. "Everything was fine, no issues" he answers, following me on into the classroom, as students make their way to their seats.

Having Victoria sitting in class, looking her sexy self was a little unnerving. All I want to do was get her alone in my office and make out. Whoa, why do I sound like some horny teenager? I think to myself as I groan mentally.

I make it a point to walk around the room during my lecture just so I can walk by Victoria and brush up against her. I'm going restless as I wait to dismiss the class.

When class is finally over, I watch as Victoria takes her time to pack her things, while everyone else rushed off.

Picking up my things from my deck quickly, I walk over to Victoria's seat and wait for her to look at me, "Miss. Jensen, can I see you in my office please?" I say, making my voice dangerously low. Victoria whispers an ok, before following behind me.

As soon as she enters, I see her nervously look around. "Love, no need to worry. I'm just in here to grab the rest of my belongings then we will go. Robert went to bring the car around, I just didn't want you waiting outside" I explain, giving her a reassuring smile.

Once I'm done. I take Victoria's hand and lead her out, locking my doors before making our way to the car. There aren't very many people around but I still use my powers to easy Victoria's mind about being seen together. When we make it to the car, I ask Robert to stop by the pizzeria so we can grab some dinner to-go before heading back to her apartment.

Walking into the apartment we can hear laughter coming from the living room. Victoria looks at me confused as she makes her way in that direction. Following behind her, I almost run into her as she stops suddenly in the doorway, looking shockingly towards the couch where Ashley and Malcolm are sitting closely together, his arm wrapped around her shoulders and her hands placed on his leg.

Letting out a cough to get their attention, they jump, looking like kids who were caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar. Both Robert and I can't help but laugh at their guilty faces.

"Victoria, he-heyy yo-your home" Ashley stutters out, moving away from Malcolm a little. Victoria narrows her eyes towards them, she is quiet for a moment as she assesses them. "Your his mate, aren't you?" Victoria blurts out.

"Um, I, we... Yes, we are mates. After Cal took you back to your room this morning, Malcolm and I got to talking and he told me everything. I also know that you are Cal's mate" Ashley explains.

"And you're ok with this? You're not freaked out any that they are vampires?" Victoria questions further. "I mean at first a little, yes. They are vampires, after all, something we were always told was make-believe as kids, but now that we have talked, I'm not too freaked out, I actually feel safe and comfortable" Ashley answers, looking back at Malcolm giving him a shy smile.

Victoria is quiet for a moment and I can see Ashley is becoming uneasy by her silence. "Ok, that's all I care about. As long as your alright with this and he treats you right then I'm good, but if he ever treats you horrible at any time, he will have to deal with me" she threatens, sending a glare Malcolm's way.

"No worries my Queen, she will only be treated with love and respect" Malcolm saying, holding his hands up in surrender. "Oh my gosh yes, I completely forgot. What is this about you being a Queen? Do I have to call you Queen or My Lady now?" Ashley squeals, jumping up and down. "Um?" Lost for words, Victoria looks towards me for an answer, making me laugh at her cute innocent face.

"We can go over all the Royal protocol some other time, I think it would be best if we eat this pizza then call it a night. It's been a busy day" I order.

"Wait, you guys are leaving?" Victoria asks, looking panicked. "No, we will be staying here, Robert can take the guest room. If that's alright with you?" I question as Victoria shares a look with Ashley before looking back at me. She bites her lip again as she nods her head, shyly saying yes.

Grabbing her hand, we make our way to the kitchen, pulling out plates and drinks for all of us than sitting down to eat our pizza.

Once the pizza is gone and the kitchen is cleaned up, we say our goodnights and head on to her room for bed.

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