Finding My Queen

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Chapter 14

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020


Sitting in my History class, my mind keeps drifting back to last night.


After telling everyone goodnight and making our way to my room, Cal was a complete gentleman. He told me to go ahead and get my shower and ready for bed first while he waited in my room for his turn.

To say I was nervous to walk out of the bathroom after I was done was an understatement, I could feel my heart about to jump out of my chest as I stepped out in my tank top and shorts.

Cal just gives me a reassuring smile as he stood up, grabbing his bag, and kissed my forehead on his way past me. I hopped into bed, unsure what was going to happen, did I want something to happen? I had questioned myself as I laid there waiting for him to be done.

Five minutes later, Cal walks out wearing a tight white shirt and basketball shorts, I could see the outline of his abs and the way his shorts hung low on his hips had me biting back a moan.

Cal growls, causing me to gasp as I look back up at his face. "Love, you need to stop biting that lip of yours, before you have me doing it myself." My mouth falls open as I look at him wide-eyed.

He just shakes his head as he chuckles and makes his way over to the bed, slipping in under the sheets, he turns the lamp on his side off and pulls me against him. "Don't worry love. I just want to hold you tonight as we sleep" he whispers, kissing the top of my head.

*Flashback over*

Coming out of my memories from last night, I sigh thinking of how much he truly does care for me, not wanting to rush me to fast.

I had woke up to him already up and dressed. He leaned down to kiss me and told me he would see me later on campus. He had to go to a faculty meeting before his first class of the day started.

Checking the time, I see that class is almost over, knowing I have a few more hours till I can see Cal, but even then we will have to still act professionally during class.

I feel my phone vibrate in my jacket pocket, pulling it out I smile seeing it's a text message from Cal asking me to meet him from lunch in his office, I reply, telling him I'll be there.

Now I hope the rest of the morning goes by quickly.


I'm walking down the hall towards Cal's office when I bump into Ashley going the same way.

Seeing Cal's door half open, I peek in to see if he is here yet or still in class. "Get in here, love" I hear his husky voice call out. Pushing the door all the way open, we walk in and see a beautiful table set up and both Cal and Malcolm standing by it waiting for us.

"Wow, what is all this for?" I ask, as I shut his door and walk over to him. As soon as I'm in reaching distance he grabs me by my hips, pulling my body against his. Leaning down, his lips skim over mine but I'm done with his teasing kisses as I wrap my arms around his neck and deepen the kiss.

He groans before pulling away, "I'm trying really hard to behave here, love. I want to make things special and take things slow" he whispers in my ear.

"But what if, I don't want to behave or even for you to behave? What if I want you to not take it slow? Wasn't you the one who said you needed to claim your mate before the end of the night on the 31st, in order not to lose your title and powers? I also don't want you to die, because of me" I whisper back.

Cal goes rigid, making me lean back so I can look him in the eyes, showing him how serious I am.

"I've had a lot of time to think and your right, why wait? We want each other, I want this, I want you. I want a life with you, forever and always" I tell him, my emotions coming to the surface as I feel the mate bond intensify by each passing moment.

"Ok, tonight. But I'm taking you back to the manor, where I plan on worshiping your body all night long. It's a good thing you don't have morning classes tomorrow or work for the next few days" Cal tells me, his voice husky sounding as ever as his eyes turn darker.


Lunch was amazing, Cal and Malcolm had ordered a lot of Ashley and I's favorite foods, spoiling us.

Now I'm in my last class of the day which is Professor Masters class. I'm doing my best to not have dirty thoughts so as not to torture Cal but it's hard when he looks as good as he does.

Just as I think that last thought, Cal looks over at me, his eyes dark and needy making my stomach twist in knots.

Looking back down at my laptop, I try to refocus on my work. We are to be doing another short story, this time it is of our choosing.

Getting back to typing, I've already had a lot of the story written as it has been flowing out of me, I zone back out as I watch the characters play out each scene in my head as I type.

"Victoria? Hey love, you zoned out again" I hear Cal whisper in my ear. I blink as the classroom comes back into focus. Looking around I see once again the class is empty of students and only Cal, Ashley, Malcolm, and Robert are in here.

Confused, I look at my laptop to see I have written my whole story within a class period. "She does that a lot when she gets passionate about a story. Will sit there for hours just typing, I've actually had a whole conversation with her and she doesn't even remember any of it" Ashley speaks up, laughing.

"Yeah, she started taping our conversations for me so I could hear what was said" I add like it's no big deal. "Ok, we will talk about this some other time. We should go" Cal tells me, helping me pack my things up. That's when I see Ashley carrying two overnight bags we use when we go on trips. "What's the bags for?" I ask confused.

"Did you forget about going back to the manor tonight? Cal asked for me to pack us bags" Ashley answers, sounding worried. "Wait you're going as well?" I ask looking from Ashley to Cal.

"Yeah, they will be on Malcolm's floor. It would be best during this first time when I mark you that there is extra blood around and same for Malcolm when he marks Ashley, it would be best for all of us to be at the manor" Cal explains. "Oh, I had just thought they had already done all that the other night" I confess, blushing hard.

Laughing, Cal wraps me in his arms, kissing me on my head before ushering us out of the classroom.


Robert drives a little way outside of town, pulling onto a gravel road, I watch as trees line both sides before opening-up to show a beautiful big old-style home or manor as Cal calls it comes into view, Robert hits a button that opens the gate and drives us on through and around a beautiful water fountain, coming to a stop at the front doors.

Getting out of the car, Cal takes my hand and leads me towards the front doors just as they open.

"Welcome home, Sir," a man says, bowing quickly. "Thank you, Ian. I would like to introduce Miss. Victoria Jensen and Miss. Ashley Nickels. They will be staying for a few days. Ladies this is Ian, he is the butler and runs things here at the manor" Cal informs us. I'm once again confused by what he means by staying a few days, I thought it was just tonight.

Cal gives my hand a light squeeze as we follow Ian inside. We are greeted by three women, who all bow when Cal comes in. "This is Tina she is the cook and also helps Ian with running things around here, and Maggie and Bethany are the maids" he introduces to Ashley and I. Before introducing us to them.

"Dinner is ready as well, Sir" Ian informs us, leading us into the dining room.

"Good, will Margaret be joining us tonight?" I hear Cal ask Ian. "Yes sir, she will be down soon" He replies before bowing once more and leaving us along.

"Who is Margaret?" I ask curiously, as Cal hands me a drink, and then takes a sip of his own. "She is a sweet older lady, who is helping us with a case that happened many years ago. She was the only witness, or at least the only one that has come forward. Anyway, she is staying here with us" he tells me.

Nodding my understanding, I enjoy my drink as we wait for dinner to be served.

Just as they start to bring the food out, in walks who I am assuming is Margaret.

As soon as our eyes lock on each other, she lets out a gasp, "you really are her" she whispers. Confused at what she is talking about, I look towards Cal for hopefully an answer. "You remind her of someone" is the only answer he gives.

Shaking it off, for now, we take our seats, ready to dig into all this delicious-looking food.

An hour later, and the wonderful dinner is over. Tina is truly an amazing cook, I tried not to eat a lot as I was becoming nervous about the main reason I was here. "Would anyone care for dessert?" Tina asks as Maggie and Bethany pick up our dinner dishes.

Cal looks at me before looking back at her "no thank you, Tina, but maybe later though. Wonder dinner as always" he tells her as he stands up, holding his hand out for me to take.

Taking our leave, he walks us out of the room and towards the staircase, walking us up to the top floor, which he says is his personal floor.

Cal shows me around his floor. He has an office, small kitchen, living room, a few extra bedrooms, and he even has a theater room. He finally comes to a stop at a closed-door. Turning to me, "are you sure about this Victoria? You can say no at any time" Cal murmurs running his fingers across my cheek.

"I want this, I want my first time to be with you" I whisper leaning into his touch. "Every time will be with me, love. Your mine and I'm yours, there is no one else" he growls, bring his hands down to grip my hips, pressing me against his hardness.

He opens the door and steps back, allowing me in first, his bedroom is enormous. The bed its self takes up a lot of room and comes up to my waist. Shit, it is really tall and I'm already short as it is, how the hell am I going to get up there, I think.

But what really catches my attention is the big beautiful window that covers a whole back wall.

"That faces the back of the manor, has an incredible view. I'm just sorry we missed out on the sunset tonight" Cal murmurs, walking up behind me and wrapping his arms around me. There is a lot more of his room to see, but now that we are touching, I could care less about the room.

Turning around in his arms, I stare up into his beautiful dark eyes, they look almost black right now. My heart is pounding as I go to unbutton his dress shirt, pulling it off him.

I'm shocked to see some hidden tattoos on his chest and some look to flow onto his back as well. Fuck he is muscular, I mean I knew he was but this is the first time I'm seeing him without a shirt.

"Your welcome to stare all you want love, I'm yours to look at," he says huskily in my ear. "Wow" is all I manage to get out, making him chuckle. "I will take that as a compliment" he grins, eyes sparkle with amusement.

I become anxious, unsure of what to do next, fuck I'm messing this up. He must see my nerves as he takes my hands in his "Victoria, it's ok. Would you like me to take the lead? I was just going to let you go at your own speed" he asks me softly.

Nodding my head, he walks us over towards the bed, he picks me up and places me on it, making I'm more leveled with his height. "Relax love, I've got you," he says, taking the hem of my shirt and pulls it over my head. Then gently pushing me until I'm laying down before he works at getting off my shoes and socks, I hear his shoes join mine, leaving him only in his dress pants now.

The bed dips as he crawls up my body, covering mine with his. He stares down at me with a smile, making me feel even more relaxed "you are so beautiful, love" he says before his lips seal on mine in a searing kiss.

I moan, opening up for him as his tongue swipes across my bottom lip, allowing him in as I feel one of his hand's tangles into my hair as the other runs up and down my body before stopping at my breast and skimming his fingers across, making me gasp at the tingly feeling.

My whole body feels like a livewire, every touch feels intensified. I arch my back trying to get even closer to him if that's even possible. I can feel his cock, heavy against me and I wish the rest of the clothes separating us would be gone.

Pulling away from me, either Cal has read my thoughts or he is thinking the same thing as he goes to unhook my bra, slipping it off and dropping it next to our other discarded clothes.

Groaning, his hands fly to my pants, undoing them fast then slipping them off, leaving me in only my lace panties. "Fuck, Victoria, you're killing me here with your sexy body" he growls as he quickly sheds his pants leaving him in only his boxer.

Cal's heated gaze trails up and down my body before coming back to my face. "I'm going to try and take you as slowly as I can, but my control is cracking by the minute, just by looking at you. I don't want to hurt you," he says as he breathes come out heavily.

Keeping his dark eyes on me, he pulls off my last remaining item of clothing, leaving me bare and open to him. Leaning down, Cal lets out a growl "fuck, Victoria, your scent is so damn addictive."

I gasp as I feel his warm breath against my core, then his lips as he leaves soft kisses, making my hips buck upwards.

Cal grips my hips tighter to keep control of my body as his kisses and licks become rougher.

"Cal" I moan loudly. "Tell me what you need love," Cal says with a hint of danger, his eyes burning into mine. "Please, I need more" I pant out.

Smirking, he sucks my clit hard into his mouth as I feel his fingers stroke up and down my pussy, teasing me as he pushes a fingertip into my opening before pulling back out, over and over again.

"Ple-please Cal" I stutter, trying to move my hips. Growling loud, he pushes one finger inside me, making me moan at how tight it feels with just one finger.

Moving his finger in and out slowly and I can feel how wet I have become. He starts picking up speed as he continues to suck and lick, pushing another finger in and then a third. Curling them up, he finds my G-spot, causing my whole body to shake as my orgasm rocks hard through me.

Coming down from my first ever orgasm, given by a man. I'm panting hard and can feel a sheen of sweat covering my body. Cal moves back over me, smiling as he leans down to kiss me, letting me taste myself on his tongue.

I move my hands down his body, wanting to finally feel his cock. my hand goes into his boxer and I gasp at how long, hard, and hot his cock feels. Cal groans against my lips while his hips jerk forward as my hand tightens around him.

"I need you, Cal. Take me, make me yours" I plead as I stroke him up and down. I can't even get my hand fully around his cock, he's so big.

He pulls away and stands, keeping his eyes on me he pushes his boxers off. I glance down and watch as he strokes himself.

Holy shit! he is big. How the hell does he plan on fitting that inside me? I wonder, nervously.

I keep looking at his cock as he climbs back onto the bed and covers me with his body again.

Cupping my jaw, he lifts my face to look at him. "I will go as slow as I can, it will hurt but soon will dull as pleasure replaces the pain. When we both climax together, I will bite into your neck, marking you as mine and sealing our bond. It won't turn you, that will come later when you are ready, ok?" He explains to me, watching me closely. My mouth goes dry as I choke out a quick yes, in response.

Keeping his hand on my jaw, he kisses me again, moving his other hand to glide his cock to my opening. Pushing himself in slowly until he hits my barrier, he pauses a second before pulling back out some, then thrusting back in quickly, breaking through as he goes all the way. Holding still, he allows me the chance to adjust to him as I cry out against his lips.

When I feel the pain dull, the urge to move increases. I can't help but moan, as I shout for him to fuck me.

"I'm not fucking you, Victoria. I'm making love to you, but trust me the fucking will come later once you are used to me inside you," Cal says, smirking, as he slowly pulls out again before pushing back in making me moan at the fullest I feel with his cock deep inside me.

His thrusting picks up speed, as I hang on to him, my nails digging into his back making him groan. "Fuck baby, your so damn tight, I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to last with you squeezing my cock like that."

Moving a hand in between us, he rubs my clit "I need you right there with me baby, fuck I'm getting close," he grits out, rubbing me harder.

"Cal," I scream, as I feel him push us both over the edge just as his teeth sink into my neck, marking me just as another orgasm overlaps my last one, once again rocking my body as both pleasure and pain shoot throughout me, sending sparks from my toes all the way up to my head as I feel our bond seal, making us as one.

My vision blurs as all sorts of emotions hit me at once and everything goes black.

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