Finding My Queen

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Chapter 15

Thursday, October 15th, 2020


I've been watching Victoria all night after she passed out from the intensity of her orgasms and me marking her had hit her hard.

Last night was the most remarkable night of my life as I finally claimed my Queen and watch her reach nirvana for the first time, knowing I was the one who brought her there, that I will forever be the only one to bring her to that high.

As soon as I marked her, not only could I hear but I could also feel her heartbeat as if it was inside my own body.

After she passed out. I cleaned her up and got her situated in bed and covered up before going in to take a quick shower, then joining her back in bed. As soon as I had laid down, she twisted around to get closer to me, even in her sleep, she is pulled to be near me.

I had spent all night watching her. Robert and a few others who have gone through the mating process had told me what might happen when I marked her. So I wasn't worried that she had passed out as her heart was still at her normal pace and her breathing had stayed even in her peaceful sleep state.

As the sun rose, I had mind linked Robert to ask that breakfast be brought up around nine.

I had also cleared both mine and Victoria's work and school schedules for today, I planned for us to spend all-day up here together.

Letting out a low groan I wrap my arm tight around her waist as she pushes her little ass against my already hard cock. She lets out a whimper as she grinds against me, her arousal drifting up, making my mouth water.

"Cal, please" Victoria whimpers. "Victoria, love, I don't want to hurt you. You're most likely are very sore from last night" I try to tell her but she grinds against me harder, her arousal becoming stronger and making it harder to resist her pleas. "Please Cal, I need you."

Rolling on to my back, I bring her with me, turning her over to face me as I lift her, making her straddle me. "I want you to ride me, baby. You control how fast we go this time," I tell her, raising her just enough for her to slide back down onto my cock. We both let out a groan as she pushing me inside of her tight, wet pussy.

Placing her hands flat on my chest, she begins moving up and down slowly, with each time she goes down, squeezing around my cock. Fuck she looks beautiful riding me, her beautiful breast bouncing in front of me.

My hands travel from her hips up to her breast, I squeeze them both before playing with her nipples, getting them hard as I grip them between my fingers. She moans loud, throwing her head back, her long hair swaying against my legs as she picks up her speed.

Sitting up, I take a nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around and lightly biting down. Then move and do the same thing to the other one. I can feel that she is close. Letting my fangs descend, I scrap them against her nipple very lightly which is all it takes for her to go over the edge and cum, screaming my name.

Holding her tight as she comes back down, I'm still hard inside her.

I flip us over so I'm on top this time. Pulling out slowly, making sure she feels every hard inch of my cock before pushing back in slow and hard. Each time her pussy tightens around me, not wanting me to pull out again.

I can feel myself getting close but I need Victoria there again with me. Reaching between our bodies I rub her clit as I pound into her. "Come on baby, cum with me this time" I growl, slamming into her.

Victoria arches her back, her pussy tightens around my cock as we cum, calling out each other names.

We lay in silence as we catch our breaths. Groaning as I pull free from her wet heat, I stand and pull her up with me, suggesting a shower as I walk us into the bathroom.

"Whoa, you weren't kidding about the view," Victoria says in amazement as she looks out the big window wall, that both the shower stall and big bathtub are next to.

Laughing at her cuteness, I step into the shower, turning on the water and adjust the temperature for us, then pull her in and under the big waterfall shower head with me.

"How are you feeling after last night?" I ask, running my fingers through her hair. "I honestly feel better than ever" she answers, smiling up at me. I can see the love flowing in her eyes and relax knowing I didn't hurt her too much.

"And I honestly can not wait to do it many more times," she says winking. "You are an insatiable woman" I laugh out, leaning down to kiss her. "Only for you" she moans against my lips.

Pulling back, I know we need to stop or I'll end up taking her in the shower and I don't want to hurt her. I grab the body wash and pour some on a washcloth then begin rubbing it around Victoria's body, getting her clean before doing the same with her hair. When she is clean she does the same to me.

Once finished, we step out, wrapping ourselves in towels. I see the time and know that Robert has been up to drop off our breakfast. I tell her to dress in something comfortable, before we walk into my small kitchen, finding everything there and ready for us to eat.

We eat in peaceful silence, just enjoying our breakfast and being near one another as we catch up on the news.

When we are done, I place everything back on the cart and outside next to the stairs for someone to come pick up.

Walking back in, I find Victoria sitting in the living room, waiting for me. "So I have cleared both our schedules for today, no work or classes, so we can just stay up here and enjoy each other and get to know one another more. I hope you don't mind" I say sitting down next to her.

"That is fine with me, I only had one class today, and I'd most likely end up very distracted by my very hot professor," she says teasingly as she snuggles against me. "Oh really, and do I know this very hot professor you speak of?" I tease her back. "Hmm, maybe. He is also the King of all Vampires I have come to learn, which is such a huge turn-on for me" she whispers in my ear.

We spend most of the day talking and had also moved into the theater room to watch movies and tv. Just spending this time enjoying one another's company.

Victoria ended up falling asleep against me during another movie we started watching after lunch. I knew she would have been very tired after last night and the morning's activities, so I let her sleep as I watched the movie and did some work from back home on my laptop. A King's work is never done, I thought to myself as I send off yet another email, answering more questions.

I had asked for dinner to be brought up for us and had checked in with Malcolm to see how it was going for him and Ashley. Robert also joined in during our mind link conversation, complaining of being bored to which Malcolm and I just laughed and said we would be out of hiding tomorrow.

When dinner had arrived, I wake Victoria up, we decide to just stay in the theater room to eat, allowing another movie to play as background noise as we chatted and ate.

When we were done eating, Victoria tells me, she is going to try out the bathtub, giving me a look full of heated lust. I tell her to go on ahead and I would be there soon as I take care of the dishes and put my laptop and paperwork back in my office.

Walking into my room, I begin undressing as I make my way into the bathroom. Stopping in the doorway, I stand there and just watch Victoria. Her back is to me as she stares out the window.

"Beautiful" I call out, she looks over her shoulder at me smiling before turning back to look out the window. "It is very beautiful" I hear her say.

Moving towards the bathtub I strip off my boxers then step into the tub, settling in behind her. Before pulling her back against me, "I was talking about you, beautiful" I murmur, kissing the mark on her neck.

"I've been thinking and I want to wait till May, after graduation for you to turn me" Victoria whispers keeping her eyes focused outside. "Since we have fully mated, before my time ran out, there is no reason to rush your turning. So if you are sure, then May it is" I answer, feeling my love for her grow as she has accepted us and wanting to do everything to ensure, that we do, have a forever together.

"What will we do when you return home?" She asks after a few moments. "Well, we can talk every day, whether it be over the phone, texting, or facetime. We can also now talk through our mind link bond" I inform her.

"I can mind link you now?" Victoria asks shocked. "Yeah, when I marked you, it opened up that communication for us, we can also feel each other emotions as well," I tell her, chuckling at the once again priceless look she has.

"Also, I will try to come back as much as I can to see you and during some of your long holiday breaks you could come and see me and get used to what will be your new home after graduation" I go on to explain.

"Can you teach me how to mind link?" She asks, giddy. Turning her around to face me, "ok, I want you to close your eyes and relax your body," I say, watching her every move. "Good. Now I want you to search your mind as you visualize me" I tell her, staying quiet for a few moments to allow her to focus.

When I see her smile, I know she has found me. Closing my eyes now, I'm able to find Victoria quickly in my mind, "Now Victoria, I need you to open your mind, and soon you will feel what I can only describe as a mental rope being tugged. When you do, reach out in your mind and grab ahold" I explain, watching her in my mind as she lifts her hand and grabs ahold of the rope, connecting our mind link.

Wanting to test it out, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met and I'm glad your mine, my Queen" I speak through my mind to hers.

Victoria lets out a gasp, letting me know that she heard my words. "Oh my God, it really worked, wow this is crazy," she says back in my mind.

"Now we will be able to communicate anytime, just search for me in your mind and once you have found me, we'll be able to talk. It will get easier with time" I explain.

"Now, I also need you to know that with you being the soon to be crowned Queen, I will have a security team watching over you, to make sure you are always safe. Your safety is my number one priority, and this is an order, I will not back down on this. So please don't fight me" I tell her, making sure she understands it isn't up for discussion. Placing her hands on my cheeks, she smiles and tells me ok.

Once we have finished watching the sunset from the tub, we get out and dry off. Victoria pulls me into bed where we once again make love before falling asleep, wrapped tight in each other's arms.

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