Finding My Queen

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Chapter 16

Friday, October 16th, 2020


Today has been the best so far. Classes are going by with no issues, I've been able to stay focused which I was worried I wouldn't be able to do.

I feel different but good different. This morning I woke up to Cal sliding inside of me, and what a way to wake up. I could definitely get used to sharing a bed with him all the time but then I remember he only has a few weeks left before he has to leave and go back home. This causes me to become depressed before Cal pops into my head, saying something sweet, causing my mood to go back up.

He had told me that once I was marked, my emotions would be all over the place at random times, as I would feel differently. So I'm thankful for Cal and his patients with me.

When we finally left his floor this morning I was debating on asking him for one more day of it being just us but didn't since he had already canceled one whole day of classes and it wouldn't be fair to the other students so I stayed quiet.

As soon as we entered the dining room for breakfast, Ashley was on me, making sure I was ok because she didn't want to believe Malcolm when he told her that I was. I laughed at her crazy protective ways and assured her I was in fact fine. She whispered that we would talk more about everything later when the guys weren't around.

Walking into the cafeteria later for lunch, I grab my food before finding Ashley, who is already sitting down with some of our friends. Going over, I join them and the topic of Halloween is brought up, everyone wondering what each other is planning on doing.

Halloween tends to always be a big deal around here and since this year Halloween lands on Saturday, the campus will cancel classes for the Friday before and the Monday after.

There are always lots of celebrations and parties happening around town for everyone to enjoy. Both Ashley and I are scheduled to work that morning but have off the rest of the day as well the next day.

Ashley and I still need to get our costumes, which is something we plan to do today after school. We know we most likely won't be going out that night since it will be Cal and Malcolm's last night here but we still need to dress up for work.

After lunch, we go our separate ways to our next class. And I will finally get to see Cal again. Rushing over to the Language Art building, I see I still have time before classes start. His office door is closed so I knock, and a few moments later Robert opens the door, allowing me to enter. He gives me a smile and quickly bows before he and Malcolm walkout, shutting the door as they go.

Walking over to Cal's desk, "There's my Queen, I've missed you" Cal murmurs pulling me down onto his lap. "I've missed you too, my King" I sigh, feeling relaxed, just by being near him. Brushing my lips against his, he grips the back of my head, letting out a growl as he deepens the kiss, taking my breath away as always.

"So what are your plans for after class?" He asks as he pulls away. "Ashley and I need to go shopping for our costumes," I tell him, playing with the buttons on his shirt. When there is no reply, I look up to see him looking at me in confusion.

"What?" I ask. "You're going out on Halloween? That's our last night here, I thought we were spending it together?" He asks worriedly. "Cal relax, please. I know it's your last night. I told you I was spending it with you but remember I still need to dress up for my shift as does Ashley" I answer, now confused as we have had this conversation before.

"Oh, that's right, I guess I just didn't think about you still needing to dress up that day as well. What are you thinking of dresses as?" he asks, finally understanding my reason for needing a costume.

We spend the next few minutes before class starts, coming up with some fun ideas for me to dress up as.

Giving Cal one last long kiss, I get up and slip out of his office and into the classroom using the connecting door, before anyone else has entered. Finding my seat, I go ahead and get out my laptop and start working, as if that was the reason for being early.

Soon others start showing up, paying no attention to me as they get their things ready for class, with Cal coming in as soon as everyone is here. He just instructs everyone to continue working on our stories and have them submitted by the end of the day.

I have finished my story on Wednesday so right now I'm just doing edits and reading it over again, to make sure it is to my liking. Cal pops into my head from time to time, saying how cute I look when I do a certain thing, making me laugh and I tell him to leave me alone since I'm working. He just laughs back and tells me, I could send my story in now because he knows it would be perfect, I just roll my eyes and blush at his compliment.

When class is nearing the end, he reminds everyone once again to get their stories submitted. Looking my way when he says it because I keep finding flaws and want to keep changing things up.

When class is over, and my story has been submitted. I take my time getting my things packed as he talks with some students who had questions. Looking his way, he tells me through our mind link, that it is safe to slip back into his office as he has used his abilities to make others not notice me.

I find Ashley, Malcolm, and Robert already waiting in the office when I walk in.

"You ready to go look at costumes?" Ashley asks, skipping over to me, excitedly. "Of course, do you have any ideas about what you want to be? Are we matching again or doing whatever?" I question.

She thinks it over a moment, "I'd say we just go and look around, see what we get the feel of, then we can decide" she suggests, I nod in agreement just as Cal walks in.

"So costumes, can we help pick them out?" He asks, smirking.

Narrowing my eyes at him, I wonder what he is thinking but he isn't letting any hints out. "What are you playing at, Masters?" I inquire, crossing my arms giving him a suspicious glare. He just winks, going over to his desk to pack his things up. "Let's go" he calls out, grabbing my hand as he walks out.


Looking around the costume shop, Cal, Malcolm, and Robert are having a little too much fun here. Trying on different masks and scaring us.

They are like kids in a candy store.

To get back at them for scaring us, Ashley and I have found the perfect matching costumes for us.

It's the one time a year, we can really get away with wearing a more revealing outfit.

We agree on the sexy cops duo costume, while the guys were off looking at things on the other side of the store.

We buy them before they could object, not letting them see. Letting them know the costumes are to be a surprise, so no peeking beforehand.

After leaving the shop, we stop by the diner to get some food to go and head back to our apartment to drop our stuff off and to grab some extra clothes before heading back to the manor for dinner.

Spending the night in with the best company, and lots of good food is the greatest way to end the day in my books.

I honestly can not wait for May to get here so I can do this every night with Cal.

Crawling into bed, I snuggle into Cal's arms, our legs hooking around each other's and my head laying on his chest.

As I'm falling asleep, I hear him whisper for the first time, "I love you, Victoria."

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