Finding My Queen

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Chapter 17

Saturday, October 17th, 2020


Waking up this morning I go to reach for Victoria with my eyes still closed.

Feeling her spot empty, I shoot up in bed, only to find her sitting towards the bottom of the bed looking at me. "What are you doing, love?" I mumbled, still half asleep.

Victoria is watching me closely, almost as if I'm a puzzle she is trying to figure out. "Did you mean what you said last night?" Her voice is just a whisper as if she is scared of what my answer might be.

I'm confused at first, wondering what she is talking about before it clicks that she was still awake enough to hear what I said. How could she even question that? I mean I know we haven't said those words yet. But she is my mate, my Queen, my love. And in just a short amount of time, she has become my everything.

"Yes, I meant what I said. I love you, Victoria. I'm not expecting you to say it back right now..." I start to say.

"I love you too" she shouts, lunging at me. Laughing I wrap my arms tight around her waist as she wraps her arms around my neck and straddles my legs.

"I was scared to say that I did out loud. I haven't actually said those words since my parent's death. I mean, Ashley and her family know that I love them but it just isn't the same" she confesses, taking a deep breath.

"There has always been a piece missing from my heart and I know I will never forget my parents have helped ease that ache that I've had for so long. So thank you, Cal, for loving me" I can feel her love and honesty pouring from her soul as she opens up her heart to me more.

Wiping away the tears that fall, I pull Victoria closer to me as she silently cries as I rub small circles on her back. I know now, I need to bring up who she might really be.

After a few moments, she pulls back giving me a small smile, wiping the rest of her tears from her face. "Thank you for allowing me in, I promise to do everything possible to make sure you feel only love," I tell her, leaning in to give her a quick kiss.

"I also really like my shirt on you" I admit when I look down at my shirt she is wearing. "I felt a little weird sitting here watching you sleep while wearing nothing so I grabbed the closest thing to cover-up in," she says shyly, blushing.

Just thinking of her naked body has me growling. Causing Victoria to quiver as she begins moving her hips, brushing against my hard cock. I can feel her naked pussy as just the tip of my cock enters her wet opening.

Groaning I grab her hips to stop her movements.

She whimpers in protest, still trying to move her hips as much as she can in my grip. "Please Cal" she cries out, pulling the shirt off.

Fliping us over, Victoria locks her legs around me, using the heel of her feet to push against my ass, trying to push me further inside her.

Cocking an eyebrow "who's in control here, Victoria?" I taunt, pulling back some. She whines before answering my question, "you are, Cal. My King."

"That's right love. Now, this is going to be quick, since we have some more things to discuss, in my office" I grunt, thrusting in and out of her fast while rubbing against her clit, pushing us closer to the edge.

One good thing about my vampire ability of speed, it helps in this quickie situation as I'm able to speed both myself and Victoria to a faster orgasm.


Showered and dressed, we make our way downstairs for a quick breakfast. I had mind-linked Malcolm earlier about needing to meet in the office to discuss somethings after breakfast and to make sure Margaret was there as well.

Walking down the hall towards my office, I became somewhat nervous about how Victoria would take all this. There was the possibility that her life was all a lie and who she thought her parents were, might not have been her real parents after all.

Stopping right outside the office, I turn towards Victoria. Debating in my head if this is a good idea or not. "Cal, is everything alright?" Victoria asks, her voice shaky with nerves of her own.

This is the right thing to do, she deserves to know, I finally decide in my head. "Victoria, what we are about to discuss is very important and I need you to keep an open mind" I explain. She must notice the change in my tone, as her body goes on alert, almost as if she has put up a protective shield around her, before giving me a sharp nod.

Opening the door, I allow her to go in first. As we enter, Malcolm, Robert, Ashley, and Margaret, who are all waiting, stand from their seats.

Shutting and locking the door, I then flip a switch, making the room become soundproof and stopping any devices nearby from picking up our conversations.

I direct Victoria to the empty seats at the head of the table, pulling out the seat to my left for her as Malcolm is to my right. "Please be seated" I order everyone else as I take my seat. Glancing around the table, my eyes landing on Victoria last, I can see the strong shield she had put up is slowly cranking as her nerves begin to surface.

"Victoria, this is going to be hard to say but please hear me out first," I say, watching as her eye goes wide with fear.

Continuing on as I take the folder Malcolm hands me, "there is a chance you are not who you think you are" I explain, as confusion now shows on her face.

"A little over 20 years ago, a baby was stolen, a Princess. The only child to Vampire King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa of Italy" I pause for a quick moment before continuing.

"Many people have done everything they could to find her but she had vanished, along with her nanny. When I first saw you in class and felt the mate pull, I had Malcolm and Robert dig up any research they could find on you so I could know who you were and how to go about the mating process with you" I tell her, knowing I need to just rip off the bandaid.

"They came back with the information of your parents passing away, but it was when Robert did further research with his team, that they came across some evidence that your parents were using fake identities" I explain, letting Robert take over with explaining what they had found.

"Charles and Darlene Williams or as you knew them as Darren and Erika Jensen, your parents. Were actually vampires fugitives, and if our assumptions are correct then you are the missing Princess that was kidnapped as a baby around the same time they had gone into hiding" Robert informs Victoria, handing her a picture of the people she knew as her parents that she loved and grieved over.

Laying the picture down on the table, both her and Ashley gasp as they look at the couple. "But they loved me, they were there for all my activities growing up, how-how could they be criminals?" She asks, not wanting to believe this could be true.

"My only guess would be that they wanted out of that life and wanted a family. I was able to pull past medical records and seen they were unable to conceive, so when they came across the chance to have a baby, they took it. I have no doubt that they loved you very much" he explains.

"So my parents or the ones who you think are my real parents, where are they? Have they been looking for me all this time?" She inquiries, causing me to flinch at the answer I'm about to give. "No love, they aren't looking for you. The day the kidnapping happened was also the same day that the Vampire King and Queen of Italy were killed" I say carefully.

"But they loved you so much and would have been so proud of how well you have done for yourself" Margaret cuts in. Making Victoria whip her head towards Margaret, look of shock on her face. "You knew them?" She asks in a whisper. Smiling, Margaret nods as she pulls out a folder from her bag, handing it over to Victoria.

Flipping it open, Victoria gasps, covering her mouth as she glances down at a stack of pictures. Glancing over, I see they are pictures of King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa holding their baby girl. Turning to the next page it is the same picture Margarita showed that day she arrived here. Victoria sees the resemblance right away as she glances from the picture up to Margaret and back again. "You-you were the nanny?" She asks. "Yes, sweet girl, I was" Margaret answers, as a small tear escapes the corner of her eye.

Pulling out her phone, Victoria is quiet as she looks for something. "After my parents, or well who I thought was my parents, died. I scanned all the pictures they had of us onto my phone and laptop, just to have them near me when I was having a bad day and missing them" she murmurs as she searches her phone.

Finally finding what she was looking for, she turns her phone to show Margaret. Giving Victoria a sad smile, "your mother worked so hard on that blanket for you, many nights I would stay up to help her get the stitching right. And she told me, your name came to her in a dream one night. Saying my sweet Victoria will one day be victorious in all that she does. You also have her eyes as well" Margaret says, as she looks at the pictures of a baby Victoria wrapped in the same blanket that has her name stitched on it, the same blanket from Margaret pictures.

"But you still need to find out if I am 100% their daughter, correct?" Victoria asks, looking at me for answers.

Hating that my answer might make her think I don't believe her, even when I do. I bite the bullet, "yes, we would still need to find out. More for those who would want to come at you as being some fake, we would need the proof to get your birthright back. But just know, whatever the test show, you are still my mate and I will love you no matter what" I rush out, hoping she will take it well.

"I understand, I'll do whatever needs to be done," she says, surprising me once again. "I will have questions though, but they depend on what the results say. So how soon can we do this?" she continues.

"That is very understandable for you to have questions, love," I tell her, taking her hand in mine. "What do we need to do about testing?" I ask directly towards Malcolm.

"We will need a sample of blood from each party involved. I have been in contact with the head of the Royal medical team and they have access to the vault where all the Royal bloodline samples are" Malcolm begins to explain, picking up his tablet and begins typing.

"They will be able to send a medical member here to take Victoria's blood, they will test it here as well and then we can have a side by side view of King Maxwell's sample next to Victoria's. They can be here by later tonight, and we can do the test first thing in the morning, does that work alright with the both of you?" Malcolm asks, looking up from his tablet.

Glancing at Victoria, she mind links me, telling me yes. "Yes, thank you, Malcolm" I answer.

Finishing up, Victoria and Ashley excuse themselves, saying they need to have a "private girl talk" and they will be back for lunch.

Margaret has taken a liking to help Tina out in the kitchen, so she leaves as well. Leaving myself, Malcolm, and Robert in the office to do more work.



After that intense meeting, I had to talk to Ashley in private. And was thankful that Cal was giving me the space to do so. He seemed to understand this was a lot to take in.

Since the weather was nice today, we grab another cup of coffee before heading outback. "Sure is a beautiful property" I murmur. "It is, I will miss it when the guys leave" Ashley agrees.

I go quiet, as I think of how to bring up to Ashley this idea I've been bouncing around in my head the past few days. Walking a little further from the manor, Ashley turns to me, giving me a concerned look "what's going on V?"

Looking around nervously to make sure we are in fact alone, "I'm thinking of going back with Cal when he leaves at the end of the month. I don't think I can handle being away from him for seven months, and I can still finish my schooling, just online. Then come back for graduation" I whisper, looking down at my coffee. I'm scared of hurting Ashley's feelings.

I feel her hand touch my arm. So chancing a glimpse, I look up to see Ashley grinning at me. "I was actually wanting to talk about that with you as well. I don't want to be away from Malcolm that long either and even with the phone and the occasional visits, it will still be hard. I can also finish my classes online as well." she tells me.

"But what about you taking over the flower shop for your parents?" I ask. Ashley just shrugs her shoulders, "they had always said if I ever felt that my life was going in a different direction then they would be ok, they just want me happy, want us both happy" she tells me.

"I think I always felt that I was never going to get out of this town, so the shop had become like my safety net, but now. Malcolm has become that for me" she explains, and I understand where she is coming from. I had always felt stuck here as well.

"So, we are doing this then?" I ask biting my lip nervously.

"Yep, let's not wait. Let's go get in contact with our adviser, I know she is working in the administration office right now, that way we can get things rolling before next weeks classes. Then we can surprise the guys" Ashley replies, hooking her arm with mine.

We make our way back to the manor and up to the floor, she is staying on with Malcolm.

Calling our adviser, Zoey just in time. She was able to get the paperwork started for us. We will just need to go into the office on Monday to sign everything. But we are halfway to being online students now.

And for the first time ever, we will be leaving the town we grew up in.

Once done, we go back down to the office to check on the guys and see if they are hungry for lunch. "Hey babe, do you think you could take a break for lunch?" I ask when we walk in. "For you love, I could take a break anytime," Cal tells me.

He stands from his chair but stops when he hears his laptop ping and glances back down at his screen.

I go to say something to Ashley but Cal cuts me off. "Love, do you have something you want to explain to me?" Cal murmured.

Looking back at him, I see he is still looking at his screen, eyes narrowed at what he is looking at. "Um, no idea, what?" I reply. "This email here is from the college and states that you are going to all online classes to finish your degree. What is this about?" Cal asks, finally looking at me.

I shouldn't feel nervous but for some reason I am. Biting my lip, my legs start to tremble as I think of something to tell him. Before I can open my mouth, there is a knock at the door, Robert hurries to see who it is and I hear Ian telling him that lunch is ready.

"Victoria" Cal growls, bring my focus back to him. He stands there looking all sorts of the Vampire King that he is, which is very scary and a turn on altogether.

"I would like to know, what is going on Victoria, why did I get this email?" Cal asks me again.

"I decided I wanted to finish out my classes online, so I can go back home with you. I don't want to be apart from you, and seven months is a long time" I rush to say nervously.

"Really?" Cal asks, shocked. I just nod, before looking at Ashley for help, I'm afraid he will tell me that I need to stay. "I will also be finishing my degree online as well" Ashley jumps in saying.

Cal looks back and forth between me and Ashley then shares a look with Malcolm and Robert.

"Well, it looks like we have a lot to do, so we can all go home," Cal says, coming around his deck and over to me.

He pulls me into him and smiles, as he leans in to kiss me then whispers I love you into my ear.


After lunch, I needed to go back to our apartment so I could change clothes for my shift at The Bean, Cal offers to drop me off and then pick me up later.

We had talked more over lunch and decided to just go back to Cal's kingdom earlier than planned. There was no reason to stay.

Malcolm says he will contact the professor to the class that Cal took over for, and compel him to come back. We also make plans to have dinner with Ashley's parents tomorrow to tell them the news.

When I get to work for my shift, I find my manager and let him know that my last shift will be next Saturday.

Work is busy like every other typical Saturday night, everyone enjoying their weekend.

So when midnight comes around, I'm ready to head back to the manor and fall asleep in Cal's arms.

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