Finding My Queen

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Chapter 18

Sunday, October 18th, 2020


Sitting in my office this morning, I had to force myself to leave a naked sleeping Victoria, as I needed to get busy with sending emails to my personal assistant back home.

Needing to make sure everything would be ready for when we returned and also set up a moving team, to pack up and move all of Victoria and Ashley's things from their apartment.

When they told us yesterday they both were going to finish their degrees online and wanted to leave with us, I was beyond excited and was ready to get preparations going, right then and there.

Finishing up my last email just as Robert walks in. "The lab tech that the medical team sent, is set up and ready for Victoria." Nodding my head, I click send on my email, before heading upstairs to wake Victoria up.


Once Victoria's blood sample is taken, the lab tech gets started with the testing. Saying the results should be ready within an hour.

I decided to stay and watch but Victoria was too nervous to, I think all the information from yesterday is finally hitting her, that her life may have all been a lie.

We are planning on having dinner with Ashley's parents today, so Victoria went to make some dessert to take over.

"How are you doing, Sir?" Malcolm inquired, as we sit, watching the lab tech work. I trust all my employees but I wasn't wanting to take a chance on something going wrong with this specific test, not when it had to do with Victoria.

"I am hopeful that the test results will show what we all think. I'm just apprehensive about the conversation, I know she will want to know about who was behind killing King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa" I confess.

"Understandably, and we will be here for anything you may need. I know this will not be an easy conversation, but knowing Victoria so far, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Reminds me a lot of Queen Clarissa, I must say. And it seems the people, who raised her did a fine job, even if they were wrong to take her in the first place" Malcolm comments before we fall into an easy silence as we continue waiting.

Fifteen minutes have passed when Robert walks in, just as the lab tech announces that the test results are finished.

Walking over to him, we watch as he is moving different windows tabs around on his computer screen. Putting the blood sample of King Maxwell's up next to Victoria's.

After a few more agonizing minutes, while the lab tech places the samples on top of one another. He then turns to me as he points at the screen, "the results of Victoria's blood sample is, in fact, a match to King Maxwell's bloodline. Victoria is the late King Maxwell's and Queen Clarissa's daughter" the lab tech finally confirms, also handing me the printed results.

Letting out a breath, I didn't know I was holding. I feel relieved that I can finally tell Victoria. Thanking the lab tech, I leave Malcolm and Robert to pay him for his time and see him out, as I need to find Victoria and tell her the good news.

Speeding over to the kitchen, I find Victoria, chatting about some different recipes with Ashley, Margaret, Tina, Bethany, and Maggie.

As soon as I step into the kitchen, the conversation halts, and everyone but Victoria bows. As soon as she sees them doing this, her eyes go wide with shock, "I'm sorry, I didn't know I needed to bow" she rushes to say, getting up from her spot but I rush over before she can do anything.

Placing my hands on her shoulders to stop her, "Love, you do not have to bow to me" I reassure her, leaning down to kiss the top of her head. Before turning back to everyone and telling them to rise.

"Victoria, can I speak with you, please?" I ask, taking her hand when she nods her head. Stepping out the patio door, I walk us over to a couch that is next to the fire pit and pull her down to sit next to me.

I take out the results, taking a moment to gather my thoughts then hand the paper over to her. "These are the results... Victoria, it shows that you are in fact King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa's daughter" I confirm as she stares down at the paper in silences.

"I know you may have lots of questions, and I will tell you everything that I know. I'm also sure Margaret will answer any questions you may have as well" I insure her.

We sit in silence as Victoria process everything.

Finally, she turns towards me, eyes glimmering with tears. "Thank you, Cal, for everything you have done for me. All these years I have been living a life that was a lie and building walls around me when the two people that had raised and loved me had died. Then you come along and bring my world back into the light, showing me what love is, and now this... You, my love, my mate, my King, are incredible and I will love you for all of eternity" she says softly.

Wiping the tears from her cheeks, I pull her into me, crashing my lips to hers in a passionate kiss.

"And I love you, my love, my mate, my Queen, for all of eternity" I murmur when I pull back before giving her another quick kiss.

Standing up, I pull her up with me. "You ready to tell the others the news?" I ask. Victoria just nods her head quickly, jumping up and down, giddy with excitement before rushing back inside to Margaret.

"It's true, I'm King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa's daughter. I'm the baby, you are holding in the photos" Victoria cries happily, tears once again streaming down her face. "Oh my sweet child, I just knew you were her" Margaret cries, hugging Victoria tight.

I watch, giving them their moment as they cry together. Glancing towards the other girls, who are also silently crying as well. Then over to see Malcolm, Robert, Ian, Simon, and Theo have also joined us in the kitchen.

When Victoria and Margaret finally pull back from one another, "any questions you have, I will be more than honored to answer. But I believe you have dinner plans to get ready for" Margaret says, glancing at the clock.



After Ashley and I are changed and ready. I pack up the desserts we made, while Cal grabs one of his famous homemade wines he had brought from his kingdom. We make our way back into town and to Ashley's parent's house.

Pulling up to the beautiful two-story French-style home, I'm hit with memories of the many years spent here as a kid. I have is lots of fun memories here, but this had also become my safe haven after my parent's death.

Walking up to the house, Ashley opens the door and calls out to her parents that we are here. Walking out of the kitchen, Mama Tia rushes over, pulling us into a hug, before letting Papa Jim have his turn.

Ashley then introduces the guys, each giving Papa Jim a handshake while Mama Tia being Mama Tia, pulls them each in for a hug.

We have a nice dinner, and Ashley and I tell them about our plans, minus the whole vampire stuff of course. They take surprisingly well. It should not really shock me as much since they have always been supportive of what we wanted to achieve in life.

The guys answer all the questions Papa Jim and Mama Tia grill them about. On top of also telling the guys all sorts of hilarious and embarrassing stories of us growing up, it was all in all a good night.

I'll definitely miss them, but I'm excited to start my new life, and just happy that I get to continue this next ride with Ashley.

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